Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1231: Darkness City

Chapter 1231: Darkness City


Chapter 1231: Darkness City

The tens of thousands of large mountains were so vast that they even exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. Moreover, even with Chen Gui, someone who was familiar with the terrain, leading the way, it was still two days later before they finally left this area.

Standing outside the area where tens of thousands of large mountains stood, Lin Dong glanced at the many untouched mountain ranges that seemingly cut across the sky. Then, he involuntarily sighed softly, before he circulated his Mental Energy and left a spatial stamp at this area. By doing so, if he wants to come back here in the future, he could use the spatial stamp that he left behind to directly tear the empty space and reach here. It would be much more efficient than before.

“Brother Lin Dong, we have only reached the edge of the Northern Xuan Region. The headquarters of Darkness Palace is located in Darkness City, which is in the middle of the Northern Xuan Region. Therefore, we will need a couple of days in order to reach that city. I wonder if we will be in time for the worship ceremony.” Chen Gui looked into the distance before he spoke in a worried voice.

“One day is enough.” Lin Dong smiled faintly. Unlike the mountain range, the Northern Xuan Region was not covered by extremely frightening dense Yuan Power fog. Therefore, he was naturally to unleash his full speed and it was likely possible for them to reach Darkness City within a day.

“In that case, let’s hurry. The palace master is gradually being isolated by the elders. Meanwhile, those who are loyal to her, are either being quietly eliminated or are prevented from returning to Darkness City through various means. Clearly, they are planning to make a move and force her to give up her position during the worship ceremony.” Chen Gui sighed.

Lin Dong nodded. He mused for a moment before he said, “Brother Chen Gui, those two old monsters who have stepped into the Reincarnation stage, are they the strongest ones in Darkness Palace?”

It was likely that their journey to the Darkness City was not going to be a peaceful one. In that case, given Lin Dong’s character, he naturally wanted to find out about his opponents’ strength in order to prevent any mishaps from occuring.

“According to what I know, those two lords are indeed the most senior individuals within our Darkness Palace. However, you should also know that our Darkness Palace has a very deep foundation and it has existed for thousands of years. Therefore, even I am not certain as to whether there are anymore fossil like old monsters hidden deeper within.” Chen Gui pondered for a moment before shaking his head. It was likely that even those elders from Darkness Palace were unsure about this. Therefore, even much less needs to be said about him.

“Darkness Palace is no ordinary sect.”

Standing beside him, Ling Qingzhu suddenly said softly, “Our Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace also has a long history. Hence, I obtained some information regarding Darkness Palace from some ancient texts.”

“The founder of Darkness Palace should be the second owner of the Darkness Ancestral Symbol. Moreover, the Darkness Ancestral Symbol is different from the other Ancestral Symbols. The other Ancestral Symbols were scattered all across the world as their various masters fell into a slumber. Subsequently, they were obtained by other experts. However, it is different for the Darkness Ancestral Symbol. Ever since the Darkness Ancestral Symbol fell into the hands of the second generation and he founded Darkness Palace, the Darkness Ancestral Symbol has always remained within Darkness Palace. It is a heirloom that has been passed down even until today.”

“Oh?” A tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He had the most in depth understanding of the Ancestral Symbols. Once such a divine object appeared, it will definitely attract many experts and it was no simple task to keep an Ancestral Symbol. One example would be the Lightning Emperor. As he possessed the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, he was ultimately targeted by the Yimo, resulting in the destruction of his Lightning Cave. If not because he had powerful techniques and was able to seal that Yimo king, and create a Thunder World to hide the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, it was likely that the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol would have been scattered and obtained by someone else.

As such, it was a difficult task for Darkness Palace to continue passing down the Darkness Ancestral Symbol from one generation to the next. This also indicated how powerful Darkness Palace must be. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to do this.

“Let me see. From the second generation, the Darkness Ancestral Symbol has been passed down five times and Qingtan should be the sixth owner of the Darkness Ancestral Symbol.”

Ling Qingzhu glanced at Lin Dong and said, “Since Darkness Palace was able to keep the Darkness Ancestral Symbol for so many years, they definitely possess some secret techniques. However, it seems like Qingtan has not mastered such techniques. Otherwise, there is no way those elders would dare to force her to give up her position.”

“Therefore, we must not let down our guard this time around.”

Lin Dong focused his eyes, before he nodded. It seems like he had underestimated Darkness Palace previously. After all, the Northern Xuan Region was nearly as vast as the Eastern Xuan Region. Yet, Darkness Palace was undoubtedly the overlord of this entire region and there was no other faction that could threaten their dominance. This was completely different from the Eastern Xuan Region, in which there were many factions standing at the top. In fact, from another point of view, this reflected the strength of Darkness Palace.

“Nevertheless, I would like to witness the strength of the Northern Xuan Region’s overlord.”

Lin Dong smiled. Although Darkness Palace was no ordinary faction, he did not fear it at all. After all, with his current strength, he was definitely an elite of this world. As a Samsara stage expert who had touched Reincarnation, as well as a Supreme Symbol Master, which was comparable to a Reincarnation stage expert, an ordinary Reincarnation stage expert stood no chance against him. In fact, only those Reincarnation stage experts who had experienced one Reincarnation Tribulation, could match up to him.

Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to find an expert at this level in this world. If there was, he was most likely an extremely old fossil like existence who had lived since the ancient times, like Qing Zhi...

Chen Gui secretly sighed in relief when he saw Lin Dong’s calm expression. As of now, there was no way he could tell what Lin Dong’s strength was. However, from the way he managed to easily kill two elders from Darkness Palace, Chen Gui knew that Lin Dong had definitely reached quite a terrifying level. As such, perhaps Lin Dong is the only one who could help Qingtan now.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong waved his hand and ceased speaking. Immediately, a thought passed through his mind, before mighty Mental Energy subsequently lifted everyone up. After which,, the space around them gradually became distorted. In the next moment, everyone vanished simultaneously and they were already fifty kilometres away the next time they appeared.


Unlike the Eastern Xuan Region, the Northern Xuan Region did not possess many different empires. Most of the land in this region was managed by the branch palaces that was established by Darkness Palace. A branch palace was equivalent to the king of an empire and there was an extremely complicated bureaucracy beneath it. From this point of view, the management of the Northern Xuan Region by Darkness Palace, was better than the way the Eastern Xuan Region was managed. It’s no wonder Darkness Palace could continue to remain as the overlord of the Northern Xuan Region.

Although there was a huge distance between the tens of thousands of large mountains and Darkness City, the travelling time was greatly reduced as Lin Dong was able to tear the empty space apart. Therefore, by next day morning, they had already arrived at the outskirts of Darkness City.

Standing on top of a mountain, Lin Dong looked into the distance. Then, he saw a massive city which stretched on endlessly, located in the area in front of where the mountain and the river crossed each other. It appeared like a half exposed body of a large ancient beast, which was hidden underground and quietly laying low.

The entire city was black in color, and it gave off a solemn and heavy feeling. Meanwhile, in the sky above the city, a humongous darkness light barrier enveloped around the entire city.

On the light barrier, were countless rotating symbols. Meanwhile, mighty ripples, which could not be described with words, spread and caused the empty space to show signs of distortion.

Looking from Lin Dong’s angle, it was possible to see over a dozen incomparably large city gates. At this moment, large lines of people were queuing outside the city gates, before they slowly streamed into the city. The size of the crowd was extremely startling.

This city was undoubtedly the largest one that Lin Dong had ever seen. Given its size, it was likely that this city could easily accommodate tens of millions of people. Hence, the Darkness City was indeed worthy of being the headquarters of Darkness Palace. It was extremely grand and it was no wonder that an intense fight had broke out within Darkness Palace, over the position of palace master. After all, the palace master of Darkness Palace was basically the overlord of the entire Northern Xuan Region. With a flip of his palm, he would be able to control the lives of countless of people.

“The worship ceremony is a grand event held by our Darkness Palace once every three years. Regardless of their size, every faction in the Northern Xuan Region must come and pay tribute. If someone does not come, the members of Darkness Judgement Hall will be knocking on their doors the very next day to punish them.” Chen Gui looked at the vast crowd outside the city before he said.

“That Darkness Judgement Hall doesn’t sound like a decent place.” Lin Dong frowned upon hearing this. Meanwhile, fury involuntarily rose in his heart. After all, there were so many places that lass could go, yet she chose to go to such a bloody and dirty place.

When he realized that Lin Dong was outraged, Chen Gui could only smile bitterly. Since the latter killed hundreds of elite Yuan Gate disciples back at the Unique Devil City, his tactics were also quite bloody. Yet, he become extremely furious when he heard that Qingtan was doing the same.

“Brother Lin Dong. Due to the worship ceremony, the security of Darkness City will be at its tightest. Moreover, the palace master has been restrained and those elders should have control over the entire city. It is likely that we will be discovered if we enter from the city gates.”

“Since we cannot enter from the city gates, we will just directly rip the city guarding formation and enter.” Lin Dong said nonchalantly.

“That formation was set up by the first palace master of our Darkness Palace. If you forcefully tear it apart, it is likely that you will immediately alert the powerful individuals in the city…” Chen Gui said helplessly.

“Although that formation is powerful, it is a difficult task to stop me.” Lin Dong smiled and said, “Brother Chen Gui, both you and Mu Sha should follow me into the city. Everyone else should remain outside.”

“Aye.” Chen Gui nodded. After all, they were of little help even if they entered the city. In fact, they may even end up becoming a hindrance instead.

Lin Dong waved his sleeve. Then, a faint silver light scattered from his hand before it wrapped around the four of them. Soon after, the space around him slowly became distorted, before the four of them disappeared out of the blue.

Chen Gui felt his head become giddy. However, by the time he recovered, loud noises promptly swarmed him. He opened his eyes and saw that the four of them were already in the sky above the Darkness City. Behind them was the black light barrier, which was still enveloping the city. However, it did not react to their entry.

“Incredible.” Chen Gui sighed. As a member of Darkness Palace, he naturally knew just how powerful that formation was. Yet, Lin Dong could enter as he pleased. His abilities were truly terrifying.

Lin Dong smiled. Although he had yet to refine the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, it was still possible for him to use some of its strength. Therefore, it was not difficult to get past this formation.

Chen Gui looked into the distance and he turned his attention towards the middle of Darkness City. Suddenly, countless black lights suddenly rose towards the sky and they looked just like grand fireworks.

His expression gradually turned grave when he saw the black lights.

“The ceremony has begun.”