Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1228: Tens of Thousands of Mountains

Chapter 1228: Tens of Thousands of Mountains


Chapter 1228: Tens of Thousands of Mountains

The Xuan Region was divided into four regions. North, south, east and west. Every region was extremely vast and all of them were distinct worlds. Moreover, although all four regions were on the same continent, they were extremely far apart. Furthermore, the Xuan Region had tens of thousands of mountains that meandered from the south to the north, appearing like a huge crouching dragon, and it split the four regions apart. In addition, trying to navigate through these tens of thousands of huge mountains was not something an ordinary expert was capable of.

The Eastern Xuan Region and the Northern Xuan Region were separated by those mountains, and even fairly skilled individuals had to take two to three months in order to cross this border. Moreover, this was on the assumption that they were lucky enough not to run into the various ferocious demonic beasts within these mountains.

Moreover, those tens of thousands of large mountains were covered by fog, that was formed from natural Yuan Power, all year round. Therefore, if an unskilled individual tried to cross through, it was likely that he would only wound up getting lost before he will become one of the countless set of white skeletons within those large mountains.

Even Lin Dong was a little troubled by this journey. Fortunately, he was extremely powerful now and he could still tolerate it. However, when he thought about how that lass girl Qingtan had travelled all the way from the distant Northern Xuan Region to look for him with

her puny strength, he involuntarily felt a heartache.

As Lin Dong wanted to find Qingtan as quickly as possible, he boldly charged through the tens of thousands of large mountains. After which, he roughly gauged his direction before he and Ling Qingzhu immediately travelled at full speed. Their efficiency naturally exceeds that of an ordinary person.

Nonetheless, no matter how efficient they were, it was impossible to travel through the tens of thousands of large mountains within a short two to three days. Furthermore, this was something that Lin Dong knew as well. Therefore, after rushing at the initial stages, he gradually regained his cool. After all, he knew that it was pointless to be anxious at this moment.

They had a relatively peaceful journey over the past two days. Along the way, Ling Qingzhu merely followed quietly behind Lin Dong. After all, she had a cold character and even when facing Lin Dong, she had little to say. However, perhaps he was mistaken, but Lin Dong clearly felt that Ling Qingzhu’s typically clear and bright eyes seemed to have became a little absent-minded compared to before.


Amidst the foggy mountain range, a bonfire was burning. Meanwhile, a beautiful lady wearing a snow white dress was sitting quietly beside the bonfire, while her longsword leaned on her body. Occasionally, her clear and bright eyes would glance at the distant darkness.


A faint rushing wind sound appeared in the distance. After which, a figure appeared beside the bonfire. Then, Lin Dong patted off the dead leaves on his body before he smiled at Ling Qingzhu and said, “The fog is far too dense. I’m afraid that we can’t travel at night. Therefore, let’s camp here for tonight.”

The natural Yuan Power in these large mountains would become increasingly dense at night. Due to this fog, even one’s Mental Energy would be obstructed. Therefore, the Lin Dong duo chose to stop travelling at night.

Ling Qingzhu merely acknowledged softly.

Lin Dong looked at her. Only then, did he realize that she was using one of her snow white hands to grill meat over the bonfire. This discovery caused Lin Dong to be stunned. After all, he had only saw Ling Qingzhu’s cold and ethereal moments. However, when he saw a fairy like beauty like her doing such a mundane task… even if that grilled meat was a little burnt…

At the same time, Ling Qingzhu seemed to have detected Lin Dong’s gaze as well. Immediately, her face became a little red. After which, she withdrew her jade like hand silently, before she gripped the longsword leaning on her body.

Lin Dong laughed. Then, he sat down beside the bonfire, before he pointed at the grilled meat and asked, “Is this for me?”

Ling Qingzhu did not reply. All she did was to lower her head and look at the longsword in her hand.

When Lin Dong saw this, he directly extended his arm and took that grilled meat. After which, he took a bite, before he muttered to himself, “A little burnt.”


A cold gleaming sword was suddenly unsheathed from a part of its scabbard. Immediately, that sharp aura even caused the bonfire to dim significantly.

Lin Dong’s hand stiffened slightly. After which, he looked at Ling Qingzhu, who was playing with her longsword with her head lowered. Even up till now, her expression had hardly changed. Finally, he involuntarily laughed, “But it’s pretty delicious.”

After Lin Dong spoke, he quickly swallowed the grilled meat into his belly. Then, he wiped off the grease on the corner of his lips and said, “It’s truly a rare treat to be able to eat grilled meat cooked by you. If it was eight years ago, I would have definitely said that this was impossible.”

Ling Qingzhu finally lifted her head after hearing his words. She glared at him and said, “Don’t say such spiteful words. As of now, you are no longer that young man eight years ago, who had to hide and endure in order to deal with Lin Langtian. Your accomplishments have been earned through your own hardwork and effort. Although I never said this before, I do respect you. This is because I know that if I was in your shoes, I wouldn’t be able to do some of the things that you did.”

Lin Dong stared in shock at Ling Qingzhu. The light from the bonfire illuminated her gorgeous face, which was covered by a veil, causing her to look extremely alluring. Then, he involuntarily parted his lips, before a rare prideful and satisfied sensation emerged from deep within his heart and extended to his limbs. After all, it was truly difficult to get the arrogant Ling Qingzhu to utter such words.

“Are you admitting that you have misjudged me in the past?” Lin Dong recovered his senses before he immediately tried to push his luck.

When Ling Qingzhu saw that Lin Dong was trying to push his luck, she felt that the situation was a little comical. After all, she saw how fearsome and courageous the latter was when up against powerful foes like Yuan Gate. However, this was the first time she ever saw him acting in such a childish manner. Nevertheless, when she saw Lin Dong’s childish actions, a gentle expression surged into her cold eyes. Finally, she nodded her head gently and satisfied Lin Dong’s attempt to push his luck.

When he saw this, Lin Dong involuntarily laughed out loud. It seemed like he was in quite a good mood. Upon seeing this, Ling Qingzhu helpless glanced at him before she stopped speaking. After which, her body moved before she leapt onto a tree. Then, she sat down, shut her eyes and went into a training state.

On the other hand, Lin Dong leaned on a tree trunk before he stared at Ling Qingzhu. After which, he slowly shut his eyes before he started to recuperate. He realized that something was different about Ling Qingzhu ever since they entered these great mountains, and she was no longer as unapproachable as before. Meanwhile, with regards to the Zenith Sensing Art, Lin Dong never brought up that topic again, while Ling Qingzhu never took the initiative to ask as well. In fact, it appeared as though the both of them did not know about that matter.

With regards to this situation, Lin Dong was not disappointed by it. In fact, it seemed like he felt relieved deep within his heart.

The mountain range with tens of thousands of mountains was extremely vast. The Lin Dong duo continued to venture deeper into the mountain range. Though there were many demonic beasts in this mountain range, and some of them were exceptionally powerful, they were largely comparable to those top experts in the Demon Region. Hence, the Lin Dong duo were not disturbed by them. Clearly, the demonic beasts in this mountain range were able to detect just how powerful they were, and knew that it was best not to provoke them.

Even though they were not disturbed by demonic beasts, the Lin Dong duo finally came to a stop after travelling for five days. This was because they realized that they were lost…

Lin Dong was standing on top of a large tree, while his eyes looked into the horizon. However, the dense, almost viscous Yuan Power fog drastically reduced his visibility. If not for the fact that Lin Dong still had his Mental Energy, it was likely impossible for them to continue their journey.

Lin Dong shook his head helpless. Then, he rushed down the tree and shook his head towards Ling Qingzhu and said, “There is no other choice. All we can do is to try walking around randomly. If that doesn’t work out, I will use the Spatial Ancestral Symbol to directly tear the empty space apart. Although I do not know where that will lead us to, it is ultimately better than randomly roaming around here.”

As the both of them were skillful and bold individuals, they did not follow the prescribed path to travel through these large mountains. Instead, they chose the shortest and most direct route. It was also why they ended up in this predicament today.

Although they were in a little trouble, it would not give them too much of a headache. After all, if they were truly stuck, Lin Dong could borrow the strength of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol and tear the empty space apart. However, since he had never been to the Northern Xuan Region, it was naturally impossible for him to directly tear the empty space and head over there.

Of course, it might be a different story if he could completely utilize the strength of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. However, the Spatial Ancestral Symbol belonged to Zhou Tong and the latter had yet to fully awaken. Moreover, Lin Dong could not bring himself to refine the Spatial Ancestral Symbol.


Ling Qingzhu nodded. She quickly walked forward before Lin Dong followed closely behind. Then, they furrowed their brows as they observed their surroundings.

The both of them continued travelling for half a day in this manner. However, the surrounding Yuan Power fog showed no signs of scattering and this caused them to feel somewhat helpless. Lin Dong was just thinking about whether he ought to use the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, when the both of them suddenly came to a halt. After which, their eyes contained some surprise and joy as they looked towards their right.

A delicate small figure was running miserably within the dense fog. Currently, her body was riddled with injuries. As she ran, fresh blood continuously dripped down from her body and dyed the ground red.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

As she ran, rushing wind sounds closely followed behind. After which, over a dozen black figures quickly followed behind. Meanwhile, dark and cold murderous desires were spreading from within their bodies.


A black light suddenly rushed over from behind before it mercilessly shot straight towards the leg of that figure in front. A painful cry sounded before that figure in front tumbled miserably. After which, she hurriedly supported her body. Then, her eyes were filled with despair as she looked at the dozen over figures, who had appeared in front of her with lightning like speed. Finally, she clenched her teeth and said, “You traitors. The palace master will never let you off!”

“She can’t even save herself. How can she possibly deal with us?” Among the dozen over black figures, one of them chuckled and said. Soon after, a ferocious glint flashed across his eyes before he threw a palm forward. Immediately, vast and mighty Yuan Power smashed ruthlessly towards that delicate small figure.

When she saw this, that young lady’s face turned ashen while despair filled her eyes. However, at her most desperate moment, a rushing wind sound suddenly appeared. After which, a skinny figure appeared in front of her in a phantom like fashion, before that sharp attack vanished with a wave of his sleeve.

This sudden development caused everyone to be startled. The young lady looked at the man in front in a startled manner. After which, she saw the latter turn around, before he smiled at her and said, “Little girl. If I help you to get rid of them, will you guide us to the Northern Xuan Region?”

The young lady immediately rejoiced upon hearing this. Soon after, she appeared to have recalled something as she hurriedly said, “Elder, thank you very much. However, could you also rescue my big brother Chen Gui?”

“Chen Gui?”

The man in front was startled when he heard that somewhat familiar name. Soon after, with a tinge of shock, he asked that young lady, “Are you from Darkness Palace?”