Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1225: Chat

Chapter 1225: Chat


Chapter 1225: Chat

“Big brother Lin Dong!”

Su Rou’s surprised cry broke the quietness in the mountain forest, while joy filled her young and pretty face.

“Senior brother Lin Dong.”

The Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples also hurriedly cupped their hands together and greeted him. Lin Dong was the benefactor of their Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Moreover, the reason that they could have their revenge was also entirely because of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smiled at them. After which, his eyes turned towards the aloof lady in a white dress. The latter shifted her gaze away when she saw him look at her. The hand that held the sword scabbard gripped with a little more strength as faint green veins appeared on her fair skin.

Su Rou looked at the both of them and laughed. “Big brother Lin Dong, do you have something to say to senior sister? We’ll go ahead first and wait.”

Su Rou quietly waved her hand after speaking and led the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples to walk past Ling Qingzhu.

A trace of panic was finally revealed in Ling Qingzhu’s normally clear eyes after seeing that Su Rou and the others were about to leave. She hurriedly reached out in an attempt to grab Su Rou. However, the latter playfully dodged her. After which, she waved her hand at Ling Qingzhu, “Senior sister, there is no need to hurry. We still have time so you can slowly chat.”

The young lady was already laughing in a lovely voice after her voice faded. She led the disciples from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace out of the mountain forest. After which, her laughter gradually became distant.

The mood within the forest once again turned to silence after Su Rou and the rest left. Ling Qingzhu remained where she stood. Her graceful and enchanting figure possessed some extremely tempting curves. Her dress was like snow and her fine black hair was loosely tied together. She had an extraordinary demeanor.

Although she had initially panicked a little, her mental fortitude was relatively strong, hence she very quickly regained her calm. Her expression was as still as the water in an old well. However, her slightly faster than usual breathing partially exposed the current state of her heart.

“It’s not very nice of you to simply leave without saying goodbye, is it?” Lin Dong slowly walked forward amidst this silence as he looked at the woman before him and said.

“We have already imposed on you for many days. Dao Sect has many internal affairs to deal with. By leaving quietly, we will be able to reduce some of your trouble.” Ling Qingzhu replied.

“Is this really the case?” Lin Dong stood in front of Ling Qingzhu. His gaze was fixed on her face, a face which appeared extremely beautiful despite being covered by a veil. Suddenly, he sighed and said, “It… has already been eight years since we met, right?”

Both of them had met in the small Great Yan Empire. At that time, she was a pride of the heavens who stood high above, while he was merely a weak young man from a small family, who was struggling through numerous challenging experiences.

At that time, he could only look up to Ling Qingzhu when he saw her aloof and beautiful face. It was the first time he had met such a beauty, and his heart would naturally beat more rapidly like an ordinary person. However, he was aware of the gap between the both of them. He had to admit that even he felt a little ashamed in his heart when he met Ling Qingzhu back then.

However, things changed with the passage of time. Eight years later, the former young man was now standing at the peak of this continent. Perhaps, only he understood in his heart just how much hardship he had experienced over this period of time. Nevertheless, he had never regretted anything.

Ripples involuntarily rose within Ling Qingzhu’s clear eyes when she heard Lin Dong’s words. She slowly lifted her head and her pretty eyes looked at his young face. Eight years ago, there had still been some immaturity on his face. However, Lin Dong’s eyes remained passionate and stubborn even when her sword had been placed at his throat.

“After eight years, our status seemed to have changed. Congratulations, you have surpassed me.”

Ling Qingzhu slightly pursed her red lips. Soon after, she softly mocked herself. “Teacher told me that my proud character is akin to a lotus on the tall mountains. However, this is practically an aphrodisiac to men. This is because the thing that a man loves to do the most, is to subdue a tall mountain that they cannot reach. As for you... you have been thinking of how to subdue me since the very beginning, right?”

“However, you are indeed very strong. Given your current strength, it will be very easy to subdue me.”

Ling Qingzhu stared at Lin Dong. Her eyes were slightly red and her face contained a look of self-mockery. How could Lin Dong understand the emotions in her heart? She was aware of the first impression she had given Lin Dong. At that time, the searing passion and stubbornness in the latter’s eyes made her understand that she had become his target, like a wolf cub looking up at a sunflower on a tall cliff. Hence, he had to overcome all the obstacles in his way and did his best to progress.

Many years had passed since then. When they met again, the young man was already very different. Although he had yet to reach a level that could shock her, she began to pay attention to this figure due to the relationship between them. After which, they met in the Unique Devil Region. When they were at the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond, ripples finally emerged in her usually calm heart.

The blood-soaked figure’s valiant struggle during the earthshaking fight at Unique Devil City had caused her heart to shiver a little. However, she managed to suppress it with the extraordinary strength of her heart. She ultimately ended up as an onlooker whose heart was beating the most rapidly, and did not lend him a helping hand. It was not because she did not wish to, but because she believed that he would not simply fail in such a manner. She believed that he would be truly powerful the next time he returned to the Eastern Xuan Region.

Reality had turned out exactly as she had envisioned. However, when he truly stood in front of her in an incomparably dazzling manner, she began to feel that he was somewhat foreign. The wolf cub from back then had finally arrived in front of the sunflower atop the tall cliff.

However, this was merely a kind of subjugation.

Perhaps, he would never have thought that the girl from back then, who was as high up and untouchable as a fairy in his eyes back then, would unknowingly use such an undetectable method to pay attention to his once lowly self.

She had never uttered his name even when her teacher questioned her incessantly.

Even though she was aware that he did not have any status, she mysteriously headed to the small Great Yan Empire after he left and paid her respects to his parents in a gentle manner that she had never shown before.

Even though she was aware that he did not lack her attention, she still quietly remained in Dao Sect until he got through his crisis, before she finally left in a silent manner.

She was aware of Ying Huanhuan. Back then in Unique Devil City, she had witnessed what this girl had done for him. The latter dared to love and hate. This character caused Ling Qingzhu to be a little envious. However, the two of them were ultimately different. Ling Qingzhu was a lotus flower that kept to herself, hiding everything deep within her aloof heart that no one could touch.

Perhaps, it was because of this that Lin Dong ultimately had the mentality of trying to subdue her as opposed to the pure feelings that she wished for.

Lin Dong was startled as he looked at the red-eyed Linh Qingzhu before him. At this moment, Ling Qingzhu was displaying a weakness that he had never witnessed before. The outer shell-like aloofness and indifference seemed to have finally completely melted away, and he could now sense the waves surging within the latter’s heart.

Lin Dong was quiet. A moment later, he finally slowly extended his hand in an attempt to wipe off the tears on her face. However, she lightly dodged him and wiped them off herself. Her expression once again became indifferent. It was as if the earlier scene had been an illusion.

“It is not that I wish to subdue. My thought process was rather simple in the past. It was to let you look at me in a different light. I only wished to prove that your opinion of me in the past was wrong.” Lin Dong was quiet for a moment, before he softly sighed. His tone was gentle.

Ling Qingzhu turned her head slightly, but did not look at him.

“I was also aware of the gap between us back then. Even though such a thing had happened, I also understood that I was a mere toad lusting after the meat of a swan. However, a lowly toad like myself did have a little ambition. I hoped that when I could finally stand in front of you again, I would be able to face you directly instead of looking up at you like back then.”

“I… at that time, I only wished to stand before you as an equal.” Lin Dong slowly said.

Ling Qingzhu’s delicate figure shook slightly upon hearing Lin Dong’s words. After which, she slowly turned her head and looked at Lin Dong. At this moment, a smile had already emerged on the latter’s face. However, this smile was filled with fatigue. He had similarly strived for many years for that simple desire.

Ling Qingzhu gently clenched her hands.

“I say all this only because I hope to let you know that I am not like what you have imagined; wanting to completely subdue you and enjoy the perverted joy from such a subjugation. I merely wish… to be your equal. Do you understand? Otherwise, I would not have immediately hurried to Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace the moment I heard that there was trouble.” Lin Dong said in a hoarse voice. A long time ago, he really did wish to surpass her. However, did he really not feel any other emotions besides that? This was something that he was well aware of in his heart.

Ling Qingzhu gently bit her red lips. A long while later, she lightly nodded. A faint acknowledgement was heard from under the veil.

Next, the both of them became silent. However, this silence no longer had the stifling feeling that was present at the start. Ling Qingzhu stood there in an elegant manner as she lowered her head and looked at the longsword she was holding in her hand. Although her demeanor was as aloof as before, there was an additional trace of liveliness compared to before.

Giggles suddenly sounded from afar, causing Ling Qingzhu to be startled. She lifted her head to look at Lin Dong and said, “I am going to return to Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.”


Lin Dong was dazed. “Has Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace been rebuilt? Everything should be okay right?”

“Yes. Although teacher died, the many elders in the palace had fortunately only sustained severe injuries, and are now mostly recovered. However, I am now the new palace master.” Ling Qingzhu nodded and said.

Lin Dong sighed softly in his heart. Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace had undergone a drastic change during this period of time. The palace was destroyed and the palace master had died. All responsibility had fallen onto Ling Qingzhu. However, she had never shown any weakness or complaint, but instead quietly shouldered these burdens. At times, this strength really made one’s heart ache.

“Take this jade. Shatter it if you encounter any problems and I will immediately hurry over.” Lin Dong handed over a piece of black jade and said.

Ling Qingzhu hesitated for a moment. Finally, she received it and gently held it in her hand. A faint warmth emanated from it.

“In that case… I will take my leave.” Ling Qingzhu glanced at Lin Dong and said.


Lin Dong smiled and nodded. However, Ling Qingzhu had only taken two steps when a voice suddenly sounded from behind. “Wait! He still wishes to ask you why you possess the fluctuation of the Symbol Ancestor.”

This sudden voice caused Ling Qingzhu to be stunned. After which, she turned around, only to see a light figure drifting out from Lin Dong’s body. Next, Lin Dong’s face turned completely black.