Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1224: Clear Sky after a Snowstorm

Chapter 1224: Clear Sky after a Snowstorm


Chapter 1224: Clear Sky after a Snowstorm

A farce had ended in this manner. All the disciples from Dao Sect looked at one another, before they turned to glance at the person standing in the sky. Only then, did they finally scatter. Although they did not really understand what was going on, it was likely that the Flame Master must have done something overboard to cause the usually collected martial senior Lin Dong to lose his temper...

However, they had a simple thought in mind. Regardless of what happened, anyone in Dao Sect will always support Lin Dong.

“The cold aura on your body has not disappeared. You should spend some time quietly training and avoid fighting with others.” Standing in the sky, Lin Dong looked at Ying Huanhuan, who was still emitting a cold aura from within her body, before he said.

Ying Huanhuan nodded. Promptly, she softly said, “However, you must promise me never to lash out at the Flame Master again. Though that is only his avatar, his actual body will definitely come in the future.”

She was also worried about Lin Dong. After all, she was well aware of the strength of the Flame Master. In a genuine fight, Lin Dong would surely get the short end of the stick. Moreover, the Flame Master represented a group of people, the most terrifying group of individuals even during the ancient times.

“I was indeed a little reckless this time around.” Lin Dong sighed. He was indeed a little reckless this time around. However, when he realized that the Flame Master had quietly awakened the dormant Ice Master’s strength within Ying Huanhuan’s body, without giving them any prior warnings, he was involuntarily outraged. Moreover, the real reason why he was so upset was because the Flame Master had acted behind his back. After all, he trusted the Flame Master and this was the reason why he allowed the latter to follow them. However, the latter did something sneaky behind his back and his actions had genuinely crossed a line.

He knew that the Flame Master and the other Ancient Masters had grand ambitions and they wanted to protect this world. Meanwhile, Lin Dong also respected them for that. In fact, no one else could match their contributions to this world. From a certain point of view, what they did to Ying Huanhuan was not a mistake. In fact, in their opinion, only after the Ice Master fully awakens, would it be possible to save this world.

However, Lin Dong did not wish for Ying Huanhuan to become a foreign and icy person because of this. Nonetheless, he also knew that it was the responsibility of the Ice Master. Furthermore, there was no way to distinguish between Ying Huanhuan and the Ice Master. Hence, she had no choice in this matter and there was no way she could avoid this duty as well.

Lin Dong was not acting selfishly when he wanted Ying Huanhuan to reject this duty. He only wanted the perfect solution. After all, if he had the ability to shoulder this duty, there wouldn’t be a need for Ying Huanhuan to transform. Moreover, this world would also be saved.

Even though Lin Dong knew that this method might seem a little naive, he was willing to pay any price to do so. After all, he had experienced numerous life and deaths situations, and despite suffering numerous injuries along the way, he had slowly walked towards this goal. As such, he hoped that he could gain their acceptance when the time came.

Before that, he wanted to try his best to protect her voice and her smile. Ultimately, he was still a mortal man with feelings.

When Ying Huanhuan saw the complicated emotions on Lin Dong’s face, she descended into silence. Promptly, she used her pretty icy blue eyes to look at the bustling and lively Dao Sect. Immediately, she became a little absent-minded. Then, her delicate finger pointed to a distant square before she smilingly said, “Do you still remember? In the hall competition three years ago, that was the place where we fought for the very first time.”

“Aye. After that, you were ruthlessly spanked by me.” Lin Dong smiled and said.

A faint flush surfaced on Ying Huanhuan’s face. Then, she chided, “At that time, I should have asked every senior and junior from my Sky Hall to beat you up.”

“The seniors and juniors from my Desolate Hall are not afraid of you.” Lin Dong involuntarily laughed. Suddenly, he realized that his mood had improved. Those past memories brought warmth to his heart.

“Alright, you should go and recuperate first. You should not come out in a state like this.” After his mood improved, Lin Dong waved his hand towards Ying Huanhuan and said.


Ying Huanhuan was well aware of her own body’s condition. After all, if she did not suppress this cold aura, it would be quite harmful towards the ordinary Dao Sect disciples. Therefore, she promptly smiled towards Lin Dong before she waved her small hand and said, “Don’t lose your temper again.”

As of now, her conduct bore some resemblance to the way that fiery young girl acted three years ago. Promptly, Lin Dong felt some warmth in his heart. After which, he nodded and sent Ying Huanhuan off with his eyes. Immediately, the latter transformed into a ray of light before she rushed back to the back mountain.

The smile on Lin Dong’s face finally scattered bit by bit after Ying Huanhuan was gone. Clenching his hands tightly together, the expression in his eyes changed rapidly. It was a long while later before he released a deep sigh.

He was able to stop the Flame Master this time around. However, what about the next time? If things truly developed like what the Flame Master said, after his actual body arrived, the Chaos Master, Darkness Master and the other Ancient Masters would soon follow behind. At that time, would he still be able to protect Ying Huanhuan?

At that time, which Ancient Master would believe him if he claimed that he could shoulder Ying Huanhuan’s burden? Though he was quite powerful now, there was still a huge gap between him and those peak experts from the ancient times like the Flame Master.

“Yan… do you think that I can surpass the Ice Master?” Lin Dong felt a little lost as he asked.

“Did you think that you would have made it this far three years ago?” Yan smiled faintly and said.

“However, I lack the confidence that I can protect her after those Ancient Masters arrive, and I doubt that I will be able to convince them that I am qualified to shoulder her burden.”

Yan was quiet. The Ice Master was exceptional. In fact, even his owner, the Symbol Ancestor, was full of praises for her. As such, trying to be on par with her was going to be an extremely difficult task.

“It is not impossible to convince them to acknowledge you.” Yan was quiet for a moment before he suddenly said.

“Do you have a way?” Lin Dong hurriedly asked in a startled fashion.

“I do. However, I do not know if it will work.” Yan paused before continuing. “Moreover, it also depends on someone else… ”


“Ling Qingzhu.”

“Ling Qingzhu?” Lin Dong was startled. Then, he asked in a lost tone, “What has it got to do with her?”

“I do not know the specifics. However… I sensed a ripple from her body that only my owner possessed.” Yan spoke in a solemn voice.

“Symbol Ancestor?” Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk. His heart was filled with uncertainty. How was Ling Qingzhu related to the Symbol Ancestor?

“I do not know why she would possess a fluctuation that only my owner possessed. However, you can go and ask her yourself.” Yan said.

Lin Dong frowned before he shook his head. Ultimately, he was doing all this because of Ying Huanhuan. Hence, it was unfair to Ling Qingzhu if he asked her for help. As such, there was no way he could bring himself to ask her.

“Forget it, I will think of a way by myself.” Lin Dong sighed.

“It’s up to you. However, this is the first time I have ever encountered a situation like this. It is truly a waste to give it up…” Yan muttered to himself.

Lin Dong shook his head and ignored him. Meanwhile, he felt a little irritated in his heart. After regaining a short moment of peace, various unexpected situations had popped up. If only things would remain as peaceful as before.

With these troubling thoughts in mind, Lin Dong slowly descended from the sky. He was just about to leave when a voice was transmitted from a short distance away. Immediately, he lifted his head before he saw Ying Xiaoxiao swiftly walking towards him.

“Martial senior Xiaoxiao.” Lin Dong smiled towards Ying Xiaoxiao and said.

“I am no longer worthy of this form of address from you.” Ying Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at Lin Dong. Given his current strength, he was more than qualified even if he wanted to become the sect master.

“That’s right. I came to tell you that your friends have left for the Demon Region while you were in a seclusion. However, they set up a spatial formation before they left. Therefore, you will be able to reach the Demon Region in a couple of days if you wanted to.”

“Little Marten and the rest have returned to the Demon Region?” Lin Dong was startled. However, he quickly nodded. The Eastern Xuan Region was currently in a peaceful state and they ought to return to the Demon Region. Moreover, they still had to take care of their Four Titans Palace. Furthermore, given Little Flame’s character, it was obvious that the Demon Region was more suited for him.

“Moreover...” Ying Xiaoxiao suddenly paused before continuing, “Previously, Miss Ling Qingzhu led the final batch of members from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace and left Dao Sect. They should be heading back to Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.”

“Has she left?” Lin Dong was dumbstruck. Promptly, a complicated emotion appeared in his eyes, while an unknown emotion rose in his heart.

“The Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace’s disciples have left one after another during this period of time. At their initial rate, they should have all been gone one month ago. However, for some unknown reason, their speed subsequently slowed down. Moreover, Miss Qingzhu remained in Dao Sect for a month and only left with some members recently.” Ying Xiaoxiao glanced at Lin Dong with a strange expression before she said.

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. He naturally knew what Ying Xiaoxiao was implying. During the past month, he had descended into that bizzare trance. Therefore, the reason why Ling Qingzhu stayed behind was likely because she was worried about him. Now that he had successfully left his seclusion, she had also left quietly.

However, her character remained the same as before. Moreover, she was completely different from Ying Huanhuan. The latter did not hide her love or hate, and she was even willing to risk her life to force Ying Xuanzi to show himself in order to protect him back at the Unique Devil City. Though it might appear willful, it was in fact her way of expressing her love. However, Ling Qingzhu did not reveal anything. She would keep any emotion she felt deep inside herself, and would never mention it to anyone else. Only those who were close to her, could sense the fiery heat encompassed within her icy cold heart.

“I wanted to ask… what do you plan to do about Huanhuan and Miss Qingzhu?” Ying Xiaoxiao stared at Lin Dong and asked.


Lin Dong moved his lips but was unable to say anything. Meanwhile, there was a complicated expression on his face and he lacked his usual decisiveness. After all, there was no way he could easily explain such a matter.

Ying Xiaoxiao sighed. However, she did not press on. Instead, she said, “You should go and send her off. She shouldn’t be far.”

Lin Dong nodded. He was just about to turn around and leave, when Ying Xiaoxiao suddenly recalled something, “Wait, during these past two months, your parents also sent you a message. They want you to do something for them.”

“Do something?” Lin Dong was stunned. What would his parents ask him to do?

“Aye. Your parents asked you to head to the Northern Xuan Region and bring Qingtan back once you have the time.”


Lin Dong’s heart involuntarily shook upon hearing that name. Immediately, an exceptionally warm and gentle expression appeared on his face. He wondered how that stubborn little lass, who always gave him a headache, was doing now.

When Lin Dong thought of that lively smiling young lady wearing a black dress, holding onto a black sickle three years ago, his heart felt warm. It has been three years since he last saw her, and he really missed that little lass.

“Aye, understood. I will bring her back as soon as possible.”

Lin Dong nodded. Qingtan was the little princess in their family whom both his parents and himself doted on. Therefore, there was no telling how many tears their mother had shed ever since she left home. Since he had returned, he should find the time to head to the Northern Xuan Region.

Lin Dong did not linger on after his laughter sounded. He waved his hand towards Ying Xiaoxiao before his body moved. After which, he left Dao Sect. Ying Xiaoxiao sighed helplessly as she stared at his departing figure.


Dozens of disciples from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace were travelling quietly within the mountain forest outside of Dao Sect. A lovely and outstanding lady wearing a white dress was at the front. Meanwhile, there was a veil covering her face. However, her figure, which was outlined by her clothes, was perfect and alluring.

Su Ruo was walking behind her. Meanwhile, she occasionally turned around and used her large eyes to look at that increasingly blurry Dao Sect. Finally, she involuntarily asked softly, “Senior sister, are we going to leave just like this?”


A faint voice was emitted from under Ling Qingzhu’s veil. It seems like there were hardly any emotions in her voice.

“At the very least… we should bade goodbye to big brother Lin Dong before leaving.” Su Ruo suggested.

Ling Qingzhu glanced at her. She seemingly smiled before she spoke in a gentle voice, “Why do we have to care about this.”

“But… but senior sister, the reason why you stayed behind in Dao Sect during this period of time, was because you want to see if he has successfully completed his training…” Su Ruo bit her lips and said.

Ling Qingzhu’s footsteps paused. Following which, the sword scabbard in her hand gently knocked Su Ruo’s small head before she said, “If you continue to spew such nonsense, I will confine you when we return.”

Su Ruo’s small head shrunk and she did not dare to speak anymore.

“She is right. Since I brought all of you back to Dao Sect, at the very least, you should come and say goodbye before you leave, am I right?” A laughter was suddenly transmitted from the front. Ling Qingzhu’s jade like hand, which was currently holding onto her longsword, immediately stilled. After which, she slowly lifted her head before she saw a skinny figure in front of her, who was now leaning on a large tree at the end of the forest. Meanwhile, that man was looking at her with a smile.

A faint light penetrated the forest and shone on his body. That warm sunlight evoked the sensation that one felt when one saw a clear sky after a snowstorm.