Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1223: Furious Fight against the Flame Master

Chapter 1223: Furious Fight against the Flame Master


Chapter 1223: Furious Fight against the Flame Master

On a mountain behind Dao Sect. A ray of light streaked across the sky before Lin Dong and Ying Xuanzi appeared on a mountain top, which was now emitting a frightening cold aura. Looking past the rich and dense forest, one could see an azure clear ice lake at that spot.

“Sigh, you should go and take a closer look. The cold aura within her body is becoming increasingly terrifying and even I cannot approach her.” Ying Xuanzi looked at the distant ice lake, before a painful expression flashed across his eyes. Then, he sighed softly.

Lin Dong nodded gently. Without further ado, his body moved before he appeared at the edge of that ice lake. He cast his glance and saw that there was an ice lotus in the middle of the ice lake. Meanwhile, a pretty figure was seated quietly within that ice lotus, while her long icy blue hair flowed down and filled the ice lotus.

At the moment, there was a dense chill being emitted from that graceful figure. Meanwhile, that chill was extremely intense and even the surrounding air showed signs of freezing. It was exceedingly overbearing.

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly. Then, he took a step forward before his body appeared in front of the ice lotus in a phantom like fashion. At the same time, there was a faint black glow undulated on his body, which devoured and took care of the overbearing cold aura that was trying to erode his body.

Seated on the ice lotus, Ying Huanhuan had fallen into a deep slumber. Her pretty eyes were tightly shut and her beautiful face was now slightly pale. Occasionally, her delicate figure would tremble and she looked so fragile that it would cause one’s heart to ache.

Frightening cold aura continuously gushed out from within her body. Lin Dong had sharp eyes and he could tell that as the cold aura continuously surged from within her body, the colour of her originally icy blue long hair grew even richer.

All of a sudden, Ying Huanhuan’s delicate figure trembled intensely. Following which, she subconsciously bit her lips, while she knitted her brows tightly. It looked as though she was trying to resist something and there was even a terrified expression on her brows.

Lin Dong felt his heart ache when he saw this. His expression turned gloomy immediately as he spoke in his heart, “Yan, what is going on? Wasn’t she doing fine previously?”

“The strength of the Ice Master appears to be awakening quickly.” Yan was silent for a moment before he said.

“Why?” Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk slightly before he promptly demanded in a deep voice. There was a reason behind everything. Previously, Ying Huanhuan had been suppressing the strength within her body. Therefore, unless some unforeseen circumstances had occurred, why would there be such a drastic change now?

Yan hesitated upon hearing this.

“Why?!” Lin Dong once again demanded. Meanwhile, there was an additional trace of anger in his voice.

“It might be related to the Flame Master.” Yan laughed bitterly and said.

“Flame Master? What has he done to Huanhuan?” Lin Dong’s expression changed, while fury rose within his eyes. That fellow was indeed up to no good!

“He might not have done anything purposefully. After all, he is the Flame Master and possess an aura from the ancient times. Therefore, after he approached Ying Huanhuan, his aura would act as a magnet that would draw the Ice Master’s strength, which lies dormant within Ying Huanhuan’s body.” Yan said.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?!” Lin Dong asked furiously.

“Initially, I thought that Ying Huanhuan would be able to handle it. I never expected something to go wrong so quickly.” Yan laughed bitterly and said.

“The Flame Master should have known that by approaching Ying Huanhuan, his aura would stir the dormant strength of the Ice Master within her body, am I right?” With an extremely ugly expression, Lin Dong slowly said.

“Well… he should have known about this.” Yan nodded and said.

Lin Dong slowly retracted the fury within his eyes before his face became calm once again. However, Yan, who knew Lin Dong extremely well, knew that the calmer this fellow was, the greater the fury within his heart.

Lin Dong extended his hand and gently stroked Ying Huanhuan’s bone chilling icy blue long hair. After which, he suddenly turned around. With a dark and gloomy expression, he rushed off. In the next moment, he directly appeared in the sky above Dao Sect. Then, he surveyed his surroundings, before he locked his eyes onto a mountain, that was at a short distance away. Finally, a dark and solemn furious voice resounded across the sky, “Flame Master, come out now!”

This sudden roar caused everyone in Dao Sect to be startled. After which, they lifted their heads and saw the gloomy looking Lin Dong, who was now standing in the sky. This was the first time they ever saw Lin Dong lose his temper till this extent.

Ying Xuanzi and the rest also hurried over, before they exchanged glances with each other. Clearly, they did not know what was going on.

A fiery glow flashed on the distant mountain. After which, a figure appeared directly across Lin Dong in the sky. Subsequently, that figure frowned slightly and asked, “What is it?”

“You know what you have done. Yet, you dare to question me?!” When he saw the Flame Master’s nonchalant attitude, the fury within Lin Dong’s dark black eyes grew, before he coldly chuckled.

The Flame Master glanced indifferently at the back mountain of Dao Sect, which was now covered with cold aura. Then, an unknown expression flashed across his eyes before he said, “There are some things in this world that you cannot hide from. Right now, you are merely trying to deceive yourself.”

“Aren’t you too much of a busybody.” Lin Dong coldly said, “Dao Sect does not welcome you. Leave!”

“I will not go anywhere before she awakens.” The Flame Master shook his head and said nonchalantly.

“Awaken? Do you think that she will still be herself after she awakens? I want Ying Huanhuan, not the Ice Master!” Lin Dong shouted sternly.

“You are far too selfish.”

The Flame Master frowned and said, “Do you know the weight of the burden on her shoulders? The Yimo are still hiding in this world. Furthermore, it is not as if you do not know how powerful they are. If another world war begins, many lives will be lost and we will all need her to rescue us. At that time, if she remains as Ying Huanhuan and everything in this world falls into the hands of the Yimo, do you really believe that the both of you can escape unscathed?”

“She is unable to carry such a heavy burden. If someone must carry it, I will take her place!” Lin Dong clenched his hands tightly before he said in a deep voice.


The Flame Master glanced at Lin Dong. There was a faint trace of derision in his eyes as he said, “On what basis? Just because you have obtained the Devouring Master’s inheritance? This burden is something that even the Devouring Master himself cannot carry even if he was alive. Therefore, what gives you the right to utter such words?”

“Moreover, if this burden is so easy to carry, do you think that we will need someone like you to do it?!”

“Whether I have the qualifications to do so is not up to you to decide.” Lin Dong shook his head and he ceased speaking. However, the stubborn glint in his eyes remained unmoveable.

“What an arrogant brat. Since you dare to make that claim, allow me to try and see if you are qualified!” When the Flame Master saw this, he coldly said. Meanwhile, fury rose within his heart.


After he spoke, the sky behind him suddenly became crimson red. After which, he stomped his foot. Immediately, flame like crimson Yuan Power swept forward, before they transformed into a large fiery palm, that ruthlessly smashed towards Lin Dong.

A cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw the Flame Master’s attack. However, he did not budge. Instead, thunder clouds began to gather in the sky above him. After which, a ten thousand feet large thunderbolt came whistling downwards like a lightning dragon before it ruthlessly clashed with that large fiery palm.


A terrifying assault wave spread and even space itself became somewhat distorted when those two clashed.

Though Lin Dong’s body was shaking, he did not step back. Instead, a stern expression surged within his black eyes. The Flame Master was indeed powerful. However, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had advanced to the Supreme Symbol Master level. Together with the fact that his Yuan Power cultivation had touched Reincarnation, it was clearly impossible for the Flame Master to suppress Lin Dong with his avatar.

“If you do not leave, I will destroy your avatar!”

Lin Dong was clearly infuriated by the fact that the Flame Master had attacked him suddenly. Immediately, he waved his sleeve before a glow whistled forward. After which, it swelled rapidly in the sky and eventually turned into an incomparably large ancient formation.

“Ancient Universe Formation?” When the Flame Master saw that ancient formation, his pupils hardened. Clearly, he knew about it.

Mighty Yuan Power and Mental Energy suddenly whistled out from within Lin Dong’s body. Then, they transformed into two light pillars before they charged into the Ancient Universe Formation. The formation subsequently rotated before the two energies gradually merged together. Meanwhile, waves of frightening ripples slowly spread.

The ripples radiating from the merged energies even caused the Flame Master’s pupils to harden.

“You are skilled indeed.”

The Flame Master placed both of his hands gently together. Following which, a crimson colour swiftly surged within his eyes. After which, his surroundings quickly turned scorching hot, while a bright sun slowly rose from his body.

When Ying Xuanzi and many members of Dao Sect saw that these two individuals, who typically did not interfere in each other’s matter, were fighting, all of them were greatly startled. Wouldn’t the two of them end up destroying the entire Dao Sect if they fought here?

The two people in the sky looked at each other with cold eyes. In the next moment, mighty energy surged as they prepared to fight.


However, a cry suddenly sounded just as the both of them were about to fight. Immediately, cold aura gushed towards them from all directions before a beautiful figure appeared in front of Lin Dong. Then, she spread her arms before she blocked Lin Dong. After which, with some anger in her pretty eyes, she stared at the Flame Master and coldly said, “What are you trying to do?”

The Flame Master looked at Ying Huanhuan, who was protecting Lin Dong, before he was slightly startled. Then, he tightened his fist before relaxing. Finally, he turned his head away and said in a faint voice, “Like I said, I will not leave until you awaken.”

“You!” Lin Dong gritted his teeth.

Ying Huanhuan turned her head. She used her icy cool hand to grab Lin Dong’s arm before she softly said, “Can you please calm down first?”

Though her voice remained as cold as always, there was also a pleading note to it.

Lin Dong looked at her before he finally sighed. After which, the light formation in the sky gradually disappeared before his Yuan Power and Mental Energy returned to his body.

A smile emerged on Ying Huanhuan’s face when she saw that Lin Dong had stopped. After all, she knew Lin Dong’s character extremely well. The latter was usually calm and determined, and he would calmly handle any situation that he encountered. However, as of now, he had lost his usual cool due to anger. This was an extremely rare occurrence and Ying Huanhuan clearly knew why.

“Thank you.” She softly said.

“Why are you saying this?” Lin Dong shook his head. He looked at Ying Huanhuan and said, “Have you suppressed the cold aura within your body?”

“If I don’t suppress it, the both of you would have torn the entire Dao Sect apart.” Ying Huanhuan helplessly said.

“Do you really think that I do not know how to control myself.” Lin Dong smiled and said.

“Why don’t you let me handle this matter?” Ying Huanhuan glanced at Lin Dong before she asked for his opinion.

Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before nodding. Ying Huanhuan smiled upon seeing this. She turned her head before she used her pretty icy eyes to look at the Flame Master. After a brief moment, she said, “Flame Master, I know what you are trying to do. Nevertheless, the current me is not the Ice Master that you are acquainted with. Moreover, I don’t care about what happens in the future. As of now, I am still Ying Huanhuan.”

“If you want to stay here, please retract your aura.”

The Flame Master looked at Ying Huanhuan’s stern eyes. Promptly, he let out a long sigh and said, “You… you should be aware of the exact situation.”

“The Lightning Master has awoken. Subsequently, the Darkness Master, Chaos Master and the rest will show up one after another. At that time…”

Ying Huanhuan lowered her pretty eyes and said, “Well, it’s not happening now, is it?”

The Flame Master was quiet. Moments later, he seemingly smiled as he continued to stare at Ying Huanhuan’s beautiful face. Then, he said, “How unexpected. Someone like you who is so abnormally calm and rational, would actually end up having such feelings for a man.”

Although he was smiling, there was a deeper meaning behind his words.

“That is because I am Ying Huanhuan.” Ying Huanhuan softly replied.


The Flame Master shook his head. Then, he turned around and left, waving his hand in the process. “I will do as you say and try to retract my aura.” Following which, after his voice sounded, his body disappeared as he hurried towards a distant mountain.

Lin Dong stared in silence at the Flame Master, who was now disappearing into the horizon. After which, he slowly clenched his fist. Ultimately, this was all because he lacked sufficient strength. After all, if he had sufficient strength and was able to shoulder that burden, he could allow her to smile as happily and carefree as before. Moreover, at that time, who would dare to object?