Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1222: Supreme Symbol Master

Chapter 1222: Supreme Symbol Master


Chapter 1222: Supreme Symbol Master

The figure had been seated beside the Pill River for over a month. During this period of time, his body was as still as a rock, and even his breathing had completely disappeared. The temperature of his body was icy, appearing just like a lifeless corpse.

This scene caused even Ying Xuanzi’s group to feel somewhat bewildered, and even less needed to be said for the ordinary Dao Sect’s disciples. After all, they had never witnessed such a situation. However, they were ultimately somewhat perceptive, and clearly understood that Lin Dong must not be disturbed. Hence, they sternly prohibited any ordinary disciples from entering the training platform.

This one month quietly passed amidst the uncertain and worried gazes of the many Dao Sect disciples. With the flow of time, everyone gradually began to felt something odd. Some of the sharper individuals could vaguely feel a mighty and vast energy stealthily gathering in the sky above Dao Sect.

This power was ethereal and without form. However, it caused one to feel an almost solid pressure. Only the strong Mental Energy cultivators could clearly feel the existence of this energy and were overwhelmed with shock.

Because it turned out that this power was actually vast and endless Mental Energy.

The tremendous amount of Mental Energy caused even the experts, who had come into contact with Reincarnation, to feel some fear in their hearts. That power was like an endless ocean. It enveloped the sky above Dao Sect, causing countless Dao Sect’s disciples to feel jittery.

The Mental Energy that pervaded the sky grew increasingly dense day by day. Occasionally, a low and deep rumble of thunder would emerge in the sky. The thunder seemed to contain a destructive ripple that caused one’s scalp to turn numb.

Ying Xuanzi and the others glanced at the sky before smiling bitterly. After which, their helpless eyes shot towards the human figure, who was seated like a rock beside the Pill River. This power, which even they had difficulty bearing, was clearly related to Lin Dong’s mysterious state. However, they did not know how long this would last. After all, the Mental Energy in the sky was a little overly terrifying. Should it go out of control, the entire Dao Sect would likely be reduced to ruins in an instant.

Despite being worried, there was clearly little they could do. All that was left was to continue waiting.

Ying Xuanzi and the rest did not think that anything unexpected would happen amidst this wait. However, something did happen to Ying Huanhuan during this period. This lass had greatly exhausted herself on the day they destroyed Yuan Gate. She had spent a couple of days recuperating after she returned in order to recover. Inexplicably however, the cold aura that emanated from within her body in the following month became increasingly dense. Everyone could feel her strength soar wildly as the cold Qi within her body grew denser. This rapid rate caused Ying Xuanzi and the others to be rather worried.

Such an uncontrolled rise had occurred only after Lin Dong had entered his mysterious state. It continued for half a month before it gradually slowed. The chill now caused one to feel a terrible discomfort. Hence, Ying Huanhuan had secluded herself on the ice lake at the back of a mountain over this period. Even Ying Xuanzi could only endure ten minutes of the cold Qi there before being forced to leave.

Ying Huanhuan’s transformation made Ying Xuanzi and the rest feel somewhat uneasy. The unease felt by Ying Xiaoxiao was even greater. She wanted to head to the ice lake to guard Ying Huanhuan a couple of times, but she was unable to endure the cold Qi. In the end, she was forcibly extracted by Ying Xuanzi.

These sudden changes gave Ying Xuanzi a huge headache. However, he was after all the sect master of Dao Sect, a steady man who did not panic. He could only seal off the ice lake and prohibit ordinary disciples from approaching. After which, there was not much else that he could do. The only thing left was to wait till Lin Dong awoke and take another look.

This wait continued for half a month or so before there was finally some activity.


The Dao Sect disciples continued their daily compulsory lessons and training. However, things were clearly different today. The weather had become rather stifling since morning, and the deep rumbling thunder was far more frequent than usual.

The sky had already become dark by afternoon. After which, everyone saw dark clouds surging over in the sky. An endless number of thunderbolts coiled about in the sky like lightning dragons as a frightening natural pressure spread.


Thunderbolts flashed and the entire Dao Sect was lit by lightning as if it was daytime. The Yuan Power in the area began to flare up.

All the strong individuals within Dao Sect wore grave expressions as they looked at the violence in the sky. The corners of their eyes twitched slightly. Such a lightning storm would likely turn even a Samsara stage super expert to dust in an instant.

The hearts of countless Dao Sect trembled with fear as they gazed upon the sky. After which, they hurriedly withdrew to a places where they could take shelter. The power of a human appeared exceptionally weak in the face of such a frightening might of the heavens.


The sound of rumbling thunder grew increasingly hurried. It seemed as though even the dark clouds could not cover the bright lightning. This scene was akin to millions of soldiers about to charge forward. Even the sky and land shook slightly.

The thunder seemed to gather and ultimately reach its peak. However, the place strangely became quiet the moment the thunder roared.

This silence continued for a mere instant. After which, everyone’s pupils shrunk as they watched the thunderclouds in the sky being brutally torn apart. An earthshaking roar suddenly resounded over the sky while resplendent lightning seemed to conceal all other light in the area.

Countless hundred thousand feet large thunderbolts charged out from the clouds in the sky like ferocious lightning dragons. After which, they turned into a lightning waterfall that descended from the sky and headed straight for Dao Sect.

This scene shocked countless Dao Sect disciples so much that their complexions turned deathly white.

The lightning dragons seemed to fill the sky and engulf the land as they descended. In the short span of several breaths, they had already reached the sky ten thousand feet above Dao Sect. At this moment, with the light from the lightning, some Dao Sect disciples saw the figure, which had been seated beside the Pill River for almost two months, slowly stand up.

The figure lifted his head and watched as the thunderbolts swept towards him. His skinny figure appeared exceptionally small in the face of these massive thunderbolts. However, the terror in the hearts of the Dao Sect disciples instantly disappeared when they saw this figure.

They ultimately believed that as long as this figure existed, their Dao Sect would never fall. This was an almost blind faith.

Such faith was crazy and irrational, but they never doubted it.

Countless lightning dragons started to gather together. As thunder rumbled, the lightning dragons became a surging sea of lightning that brought with it an armageddon like power.

Lin Dong lifted his head. The sea of lightning was reflected in his pitch-black eyes. His body moved and directly appeared in the sky. After which, he allowed the frightening lightning sea to envelop him.

Gasps erupted from within Dao Sect at this moment. However, these gasps quickly stopped. This was because they saw the descending sea of lightning suddenly come to a halt ten thousand feet from Dao Sect. At this distance, it was already possible for them to see the destructive power contained within it.

“Quick, look!”

An exclamation suddenly sounded and countless pairs of eyes shot over. They saw waves suddenly rise from the center of the lightning sea as lightning slowly accumulated. Moments later, it turned into a ten thousand feet large lightning throne. A skinny figure holding a scepter stood on it before taking a seat.

At this very moment, the figure was akin to the emperor of lightning. All of the terrifying thunderbolts were at his beck and call.

The figure on the lightning throne gently waved his scepter, and the armageddon like sea of lightning swept downwards. After which, it gradually shrunk in front of countless pairs of eyes. Finally, it turned into a huge thunderbolt river, which was tens of thousands of feet in size, and slowly flowed in the sky above Dao Sect.

Everyone’s eyes involuntarily widened when they saw that the frightening sea of lightning appeared as tame as sheep in Lin Dong’s hands as disbelief filled their faces.

After dealing with the frightening lightning sea, the figure slowly stood up from the lightning throne. Subsequently, he gently spread his hands.


The vast and mighty Mental Energy, which had flowed in the sky above Dao Sect for two months, abruptly surged downwards in a frantic manner as if it in answer to the call of someone. Finally, it rushed into Lin Dong’s body.

Lin Dong’s body was like a bottomless pit as the frightening Mental Energy poured into him. He did not feel any discomfort. Instead, his face had a faint intoxicated expression on it.

Within a short couple of minutes, the vast and mighty Mental Energy, which had frightened countless people in Dao Sect, was completely absorbed by Lin Dong.

When the final bit of Mental Energy flowed into Lin Dong’s body, warm sunlight came pouring down from the dim sky. In the end, it enveloped the entire Dao Sect.

Countless pairs of eyes looked towards the sky where a figure quietly hovered. Although he simply stood there, the many experts from Dao Sect could not detect his presence no matter how hard they tried to sense him. It was the same as when the Fourth Seat King had appeared back then. He was clearly there, but they were unable to feel his presence.

“What powerful Mental Energy… it is unexpected that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy has already reached such a frightening level.” Ying Xuanzi looked at the figure in the sky and let out a soft sigh after a long while.

“If I am not wrong, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy has likely already advanced into the legendary Supreme Symbol Master level. This fellow… is really a genius.” The blind elder sighed. He specialized in Mental Energy and naturally understood just how terrifying Lin Dong’s current level was.

A Supreme Symbol Master could compete with a Reincarnation stage expert!

“That lightning river possess extremely pure lightning power. It is extremely useful in tempering one’s Yuan Power and physical body. This act of Lin Dong has blessed our Dao Sect.” Chen Zhen gazed upon the bright lightning river and involuntarily chuckled.

Ying Xuanzi also smiled and nodded. Soon after, however, worry rose in his eyes. “It’s fortunate that Lin Dong is finally out. Otherwise, we really will not know what to do about Huanhuan.”

“What has happened to Huanhuan?”

The figure in front of them slowly appeared in a ghost like fashion after Ying Xuanzi’s voice sounded. As Lin Dong looked at the former, he frowned and asked.