Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1221: Quiet Willow Silent Wind

Chapter 1221: Quiet Willow Silent Wind


Chapter 1221: Quiet Willow Silent Wind

As Lin Dong was unable to get rid of this leech that had suddenly latched onto them, he felt quite helpless. However, from the way that things had played out, it was clear that the Flame Master was not going to leave Ying Huanhuan’s side. Hence, since he could not change his mind, he could only accept it temporarily. After all, the world was becoming increasingly chaotic and those Yimo, who had been in hiding for tens of thousands of years, had finally revealed themselves. Moreover, Ying Huanhuan’s identity as the Ice Master reincarnator was also exposed. Therefore, it would be very troublesome if more powerful Yimo came after her. As such, with the Flame Master as a free helper, it was likely that they would be much safer.

With this thought in mind, Lin Dong decided to stop fretting over it. As of now, Yuan Gate was destroyed and it was pointless to continue lingering in this place. Hence, after a brief chat, the large army began to move before they hurried back to Dao Sect.

The Yuan Destruction Alliance, that was temporarily formed, had obviously served its purpose. Hence, many powerful practitioners bade each other goodbye and left. Lin Dong did not try to stop them as well. Although it would greatly boost the strength of his Dao Sect if they were able to retain such experts, Lin Dong was unwilling to do so. After all, the reason why he liked Dao Sect was because he felt that this sect was worthy of his protection. Hence, if a large number of foreign experts were to suddenly join, it was inevitable that Dao Sect’s culture would change and this was something that Lin Dong dreaded.

Hence, he would rather Dao Sect progress steadily and gradually become stronger. Moreover, he did not want to risk the possibility that the essence of Dao Sect may change after it received such an influx.


Countless bright and glittering pairs of eyes greeted Lin Dong’s large group when they returned to Dao Sect. After which, earth shaking cheers soared to the clouds and one could even hear them from five hundred kilometres away.

Every Dao Sect disciple was so excited that they ran out of Dao Sect with red eyes. After all, many of their martial seniors and juniors were killed by Yuan Gate in the last year. Despite so, they could only suppress the hatred within their hearts, clench their teeth and watch as Yuan Gate continued to act in a haughty fashion. In fact, they could only cower within their sect guarding formation. Moreover, even on rare occasions where they left the formation, they would constantly be on tenterhooks as they did not dare to expose the fact that they were Dao Sect disciples.

All of this finally began to change when that travel-weary young man returned to their Dao Sect.

His figure was still straight and tall. However, there was an additional determined look on his youthful face. After being absent for three years, he once again shouldered the heavy burden of their entire Dao Sect. It was exactly the same as what happened three years ago back at the Unique Devil Region. At the very last moment, he showed up and heroically reversed the situation all by himself.

Upon his return, Yuan Gate, who had suppressed Dao Sect until the latter could not lift its head, finally began to retreat. Finally, he gathered troops, charged up to Yuan Gate and settled the score once in for all.

Although the disciples who had stayed behind in Dao Sect did not get to witness that soul-stirring fight with Yuan Gate, they all believed that their Dao Sect would soar under his command!

Ultimately, that man did not disappoint them. With him in command, he eventually returned triumphantly with the results that they were hoping for.

Although Dao Sect had produced a number of outstanding disciples since its establishment, everyone knew that Lin Dong had far surpassed every single one of them.

Certain individual’s names were destined to go down in the annals of history.

The celebrations within Dao Sect lasted for five entire days. Over this period of time, news that Yuan Gate was destroyed spread rapidly across the Eastern Xuan Region. After which, the celebrations began to spread from Dao Sect to the rest of the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

As such, the entire Eastern Xuan Region erupted into an uproar.

The war that Yuan Gate started affected the entire Eastern Xuan Region. In fact, countless sects were reduced into ashes due to Yuan Gate’s iron hooves. Moreover, even though they hated Yuan Gate, all of them could only hide like mice. In fact, no one expected that the once mighty and invincible Yuan Gate, which looked down on everyone else, would actually fall so swiftly, just like how one had no time to hide from thunder after one saw a lightning bolt. Moreover, they were thoroughly destroyed.

While the entire Eastern Xuan Region was in shock over the collapse of Yuan Gate, Dao Sect’s reputation soared to its peak. After all, even a faction as powerful as Yuan Gate was ultimately finished off by Dao Sect. Therefore, which other sect in the Eastern Xuan Region dared to compete with them?

Currently, most of the super sects within the Eastern Xuan Region were destroyed by Yuan Gate and the old power structure was destroyed. Amongst the super sects, only Dao Sect and Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace remained standing. Therefore, it was clear that these two super sects would stand to reap the most benefits after this chaotic war ended.

As Dao Sect’s reputation soared to its peak, Lin Dong’s name also spread across the entire Eastern Xuan Region. After all, everyone clearly knew who was the deciding factor in this counter attack. In the past, Dao Sect was constantly suppressed by Yuan Gate. Therefore, Lin Dong was definitely the main reason why Dao Sect was able to reverse the situation and destroy Yuan Gate instead.

Moreover, thanks to Lin Dong’s growing repute, everyone in the Eastern Xuan Region came to know of the Great Yan Empire. At this moment, it was likely that no other empire in the Eastern Xuan Region would dare to offend this once inconsequential low ranked empire.

In the period that followed, some of the super sects tried to rebuild their sect. However, their strength and reputation were far lacking compared to before. Moreover, all of them were quite wise and they continued to maintain great respect for Dao Sect. In fact, all of them insisted that Dao Sect should become their leader. After all, after witnessing Dao Sect’s frightening strength, it was clear that none of them dared to oppose them.

However, Dao Sect remained non-committal. After all, they were not as ambitious as Yuan Gate, which wanted every sect in the Eastern Xuan Region to submit to them. In fact, the only thing that they wanted, was to protect their own sect and settle some scores.

Regardless, the once chaotic Eastern Xuan Region that was fraught with conflict, gradually calmed down. After the celebrations, there were many essential tasks waiting to be completed. In the future, this region will become even livelier and shine brighter than before.

In contrast to the uproar in the outside world, Dao Sect, which was now the most dazzling faction in the Eastern Xuan Region, quickly began to calm down after the initial joyous celebrations. Although the entire sect was still busking in a relaxed and confident atmosphere, the crazy celebrations of the past had gradually died down. Meanwhile, they continued to recruit and train new disciples as per the old rules. However, even after repeated attempts to clamp down, the number of practitioners seeking to join them continued to grow.

Lin Dong was walking leisurely within Dao Sect. Occasionally, some Dao Sect disciples would scurry past him before some flushed young female disciples would glance at him with curiosity and embarrassment. Meanwhile, he would also hear disciples shouting his name, ‘martial senior Lin Dong’ from afar. It was an extremely lively sight.

With a gentle smile on his face, Lin Dong nodded at those Dao Sect disciples. As he looked at those Dao Sect disciples, who were looking at him with excited and even reverential eyes, his typically tensed heart also began to relax, as though he was relieved of a great burden. The sensation that he felt now was exactly the same as when he first joined Dao Sect three years ago.

Lin Dong had experienced far too many life and death situations during these past few years. At times, he would feel quite tired as well. However, he knew that he could not afford to stop. After all, he was carrying far too many things on his back. Hence, if he had stopped, it was likely that Dao Sect would have been reduced to rubble by now. Meanwhile, the brilliant smiles of his martial seniors and juniors would also cease to exist. In fact, even his clan and his parents would have perished during the war.

At times, in order to protect something, one must pay a price. Fortunately, Lin Dong had never regretted his decision since the beginning.

With an extremely relaxed attitude, Lin Dong walked onto a training platform. After which, he sat down beside a Pill River. Currently, there were many Dao Sect disciples sitting down and training quietly a short distance away. They were absorbing and refining the Yuan Power within the Pill River.

A lazy and peaceful atmosphere permeated this place, causing Lin Dong to feel like skiving off.

Ten days had passed since the destruction of Yuan Gate and Lin Dong had already made a complete recovery. Meanwhile, over the last ten days, he allowed himself to completely relax and he ignored everything that happened in the outside world. Whatever chaos, whatever aftermath, whatever Yimo… all of them were temporarily placed aside.

Ying Xuanzi and the rest appeared to be aware of Lin Dong’s intentions. Therefore, they did not disturb him at all during this period of time. Instead, they allowed him to leisurely roam around Dao Sect all day round. As such, he became quite an interesting sight within Dao Sect.

Lin Dong sat lazily beside a Pill River. His eyes looked at the flowing Pill River before he fell into a daze. It was a long time later before he felt a little tired. Then, he slowly shut his eyes before darkness covered his sight…

Though darkness covered Lin Dong’s sight, the sight within his heart remained extremely bright and clear. In fact, he could clearly sense the entire Dao Sect and even every disciple within. Meanwhile, he could feel their great excitement and pride.

Their heated emotions caused a boiling warmth to appear in Lin Dong’s heart. It was as warm as the sun.

This sensation was extremely comfortable.

As it was very comfortable, Lin Dong’s body stopped moving…

Seated on a training platform, time quickly flew by. Those Dao Sect disciples, who were quietly training, ended their training and saw that Lin Dong’s figure had remained as still as a rock. When they looked at his relaxed back, their eyes suddenly became absent-minded. In fact, they felt as though his back had merged with the world, and it was impossible to touch or to detect him.

Some private conversations spread as many disciples felt absent-minded. Finally, an increasing number of disciples hurried over. Then, all of them looked at that figure with shock in their eyes.

As the commotion slowly grew, it eventually attracted Ying Xuanzi and the rest. Then, they looked at Lin Dong, who appeared to have stopped breathing. In fact, it seemed as though even the Yuan Power and Mental Energy within the latter’s body had stopped flowing. Immediately, their expressions became exceptionally solemn. After all, they were extremely experienced individuals. Hence, even though they did not know what was going on, they knew that Lin Dong had obviously entered into a profound and mysterious trance.

Bitter training was the foundation in one’s cultivation journey. However, there were occasionally some lucky individuals who were able to experience a eureka moment that was equivalent to a decade of bitter training. At this moment, Lin Dong seemed to have entered a profound and mysterious trance. Hence, even though they did not understand what was going on, they knew that this was very important to Lin Dong.

Therefore, they began to dismiss the many disciples and empty out the training platform, in order to prevent anyone from disturbing Lin Dong.

On a mountain top within Dao Sect, the Flame Master was staring from afar at that skinny figure seated on a training platform. Meanwhile, a faint divine light was glimmering within his eyes, while a tinge of shock stealthily flashed past the deepest part of his eyes.