Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1220: Flame Master

Chapter 1220: Flame Master


Chapter 1220: Flame Master

The red haired man stood in front of Ying Huanhuan. His golden robes was noble looking, while his handsome face appeared warm and gentle. Meanwhile, when he stared at Ying Huanhuan, a warm ripple rose within his eyes.

Ying Huanhuan felt a little uneasy at the manner in which that man was staring at her. Promptly, she took two steps back before she glanced quizzically at him and asked, “Who are you?”

The red haired man was startled. However, he quickly recovered and laughed, “Little junior sister has yet to fully awaken.”

When he mentioned this point, he paused before he continued, “I am the Flame Master.”

After he spoke, other than Lin Dong, everyone’s expression changed. Following which, many pairs of eyes were filled with shock as they turned to stare at that red haired man.

Flame Master? One of the eight legendary Ancient Masters?

To most people here, the name Flame Master merely existed in legends. Therefore, they had only read from some ancient texts that described how powerful this top-tier expert from the ancient times was.

During that ancient great world war, countless Yimo would immediately shudder in fear upon hearing his name. However, this legendary top expert had currently showed up in person in front of them. Hence, how could they possibly remain calm?

“Flame Master?” Ying Huanhuan was startled upon hearing this name. Then, she used her pretty eyes to glance at him before she took another two steps back. Finally, she shook her head and said, “I am Ying Huanhuan, not the Ice Master.”

“You will be sooner or later.” The Flame Master smiled nonchalantly before he said.

When she heard his words, a cold aura surged onto Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face. However, even before she could speak, a human figure had already walked over from behind before he stood in front of her.

“The Flame Master has arrived. It has been a long while since we met.”

Lin Dong looked at that somewhat familiar figure standing in front of him, before a smile appeared on his face. After all, he was loosely acquainted with the Flame Master. Back when he first entered the Chaotic Demon Sea, he had barged into the mysterious magma realm and found the latter in a slumber. Back then, Lin Dong even took a Divine Flame Tablet from the latter.

“It’s you?”

When the Flame Master saw Lin Dong, who was standing in front of him, a tinge of shock flashed across his face. Although he was in a slumber back then, he could still detect Lin Dong’s actions within the magma realm. However, back then, Lin Dong was no different from an ant in his eyes. Therefore, he never expected Lin Dong to become so powerful after only a few years.

The Flame Master’s eyes were glimmering as he scanned Lin Dong’s body. Meanwhile, the shock in his eyes grew even denser. It was a long while later before he sighed, “Did you obtain the Devouring Master’s inheritance?”

Lin Dong nodded. Given the Flame Master’s abilities, it was not difficult for the latter to spot this.

The Flame Master descended into silence. Meanwhile, there was a complicated expression in his eyes. Back then, the Devouring Master ignited his Reincarnation in order to protect them. However, he had to sacrifice his own life in order to do so. As of now, since his inheritance was already given to Lin Dong, it was likely that the Devouring Master had truly perished from this world. This caused the Flame Master to involuntarily feel a little upset.

While the two of them were talking, Ying Huanhuan was slightly startled as she stared at the figure standing in front of her. Promptly, the cold chill on her face gradually faded away, before a slight arc was lifted on the corner of her lips. Is he jealous? This is truly a rare sight.

With slight joy in her heart, Ying Huanhuan extended her icy hand before she gently held Lin Dong’s hand.

The icy cool sensation suddenly transmitted to Lin Dong’s hand startled him. However, he quickly recovered his senses, before a smile appeared on his face. After which, he gently held that icy cool hand and slowly increased his grip.

Their actions were naturally seen by the Flame Master. The latter frowned immediately. Then, he hesitated for a moment before calling out, “Little junior sister.”

“You should call me Ying Huanhuan. I prefer that name.” Ying Huanhuan shook her head slightly before she softly said.

Lin Dong’s heart shook upon hearing this. This lass had finally became so understanding. After which, when he saw the Flame Master’s expression, he involuntarily asked in his heart, “Yan, what is going on with the Flame Master? You’d better not tell me that he and the Ice Master were a couple.”

“Cough…” Yan coughed dryly and said, “The Ice Master likes to be alone. How could she possibly have a lover? However, someone like her is extremely attractive and the Flame Master always had a crush on her. Nevertheless, despite his efforts, she remained unmoved.”

“So it is a one-sided crush.” Lin Dong came to a sudden understanding. He never expected that this renowned legendary figure, whose name was passed down since the ancient times, had actually failed in romance. It seems like the Ice Master was indeed a proud and arrogant person.

The Flame Master remained nonchalant after hearing Ying Huanhuan’s words. Instead, he stared at Lin Dong and said, “In that case, I’ll listen to you. I will address you as such after you return to being the Ice Master.”

Lin Dong frowned. That was because he realized that the Flame Master was looking at him with a slightly peculiar expression. In fact, it seemed like it contained a trace of pity. This caused Lin Dong to feel a little irritated in his heart. Why did this fellow immediately conclude that Ying Huanhuan would transform into that darned Ice Master?

Although Lin Dong was irritated, for some unknown reason, his heart also became depressed. As that mysterious emotion surged into his heart, it caused him to involuntarily tighten his grip over Ying Huanhuan’s hand. Promptly, the latter seemed to have detected his action as well. Immediately, she lowered her pretty eyes before she curled her hand and grasped Lin Dong’s hand.

“Haha, I didn’t expect… that even the Flame Master has showed up. However, from your appearance, it seems like this is not your actual body.” An indifferent laughter was transmitted from a short distance away, just as emotions were churning within Lin Dong’s heart. Then, he saw that the Fourth Seat King was looking at the Flame Master, who had just arrived, with a faint smile.

After he heard those words, Lin Dong glanced at the Flame Master. Only then, did he realize that there was a faint glow being emitted from the latter’s body. From the looks of it, it seems like his actual body did not arrive. Instead, just like the Fourth Seat King, he had created an avatar using his formidable powers, which was now stationed far away from his actual body.

“Wouldn’t you have fled already if my actual body came?” The Flame Master looked at the Fourth Seat King, before he waved his hand and continued, “Get lost.”

Although the Flame Master appeared extremely gentle in front of Ying Huanhuan, he revealed the might and domineering pride that belonged to one of the eight Ancient Masters, when he faced the Fourth Seat King.

“Heh, just a fellow avatar. Do you really think that I am afraid of you?” An ugly expression flashed across the Fourth Seat King’s feminine face before he chuckled.

The Flame Master stared indifferently at the Fourth Seat King. Following which, a crimson glint flashed across his eyes before the entire place became searing hot. In fact, even the clouds in the sky had turned bright red.


A loud sound suddenly reverberated across the sky. After which, everyone lifted their heads before they were all stunned when they saw that a flaming meteorite had unknowingly appeared amidst the clouds. After which, it streaked across the sky before it ruthlessly smashed towards the Fourth Seat King.

The instant he made a move, the Flame Master demonstrated his terrifying prowess. He was indeed worthy of being one of the eight Ancient Masters.

A brutal glint flashed across the eyes of the Fourth Seat King when he saw the Flame Master’s attack. However, there was also fear deep within his eyes. Clearly, he did not dare to slight the Flame Master.

Majestic and viscous demonic aura suddenly swept out from within the body of the Fourth Seat King. Then, he clenched his large hand before the demonic aura transformed into a demonic sea that floated in the sky.


The flaming meteorite ruthlessly crashed into the demonic sea and stirred monstrous demonic waves. Promptly, a crimson colour began to spread and even the demonic sea could not extinguish it. Instead, the demonic sea began to melt at a frightening pace as the sea of flames spread.

A pale expression flashed across the face of the Fourth Seat King. Promptly, his body moved. The next time he appeared, he was already standing behind Ying Huanhuan. Following which, he fired a punch filled with demonic aura towards the latter.


As Lin Dong was constantly keeping an eye on that fellow, the instant he made a move, Lin Dong swung his sleeve before his Sky Devouring Corpse, which was holding a black long blade, immediately appeared behind Ying Huanhuan. Following which, he hacked his blade downwards.


The Fourth Seat King’s hand, which was filled with demonic aura, extended forward and clashed with the Sky Devouring Corpse’s black long blade. Immediately, sparks flew. Nonetheless, although he managed to obtain the upper hand, his attack was still blocked by the Sky Devouring Corpse.

All of a sudden, hot flames surged out from beneath the ground and transformed into a flaming fist, before it ruthlessly struck the body of the Fourth Seat King. After which, flames surged before the Fourth Seat King was sent flying by more than ten thousand feet.

With a somewhat pale expression, the Fourth Seat King forcefully stabilized his body. Meanwhile, his eyes were filled with a dark and gloomy expression. When he looked at the Flame Master and Lin Dong, who were protecting Ying Huanhuan, he knew that he could no longer succeed.

“Flame Master, all of you shouldn’t be so proud of yourself. You guys won the previous great world war only because the Symbol Ancestor ignited his Reincarnation. Without the Symbol Ancestor, do you guys really believe that you can win the second great world war?” The Fourth Seat King said in a cold voice.

“I know that since you people have been in hiding over all these years, you people must have something planned. Currently, it is true that I am unable to spare the time to do something about it. However, you people had better be careful. This is because…”

The Flame Master smiled faintly and said, “The Lightning Master has awakened and he is currently scouting the world looking for you people. Therefore, all of you had better hide well. I’m afraid that it won’t be so easy to escape once he finds you.”

The eyes of the Fourth Seat King shrunk slightly. Then, he chuckled, “The Lightning Master huh? So what if he has awakened? I’m afraid that a single Ancient Master can hardly do anything to us!”

“Is that so?” The Flame Master was noncommittal.

The Fourth Seat King snorted coldly. It was pointless to say anything more at this juncture. Hence, he immediately waved his hand before his body gradually became illusory. Finally, he vanished.

“Flame Master, just you wait. In the next world war, my Yimo tribe will definitely destroy your plane.”

The Fourth Seat King’s cold and dark voice continued to reverberate across the world after he vanished.

The Flame Master’s expression did not change. After which, he turned around and looked at Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan before he said, “Let’s go.”


Lin Dong was startled. He looked at the Flame Master with a strange expression before he said, “Are you planning on following us?”

The Flame Master gave a faint smile. However, his eyes remained focused on Ying Huanhuan as he said, “Her identity has already been exposed. I will remain by her side until she completely awakens.”

After which, he did not say anything more as he directly shut his eyes and began to recuperate.

Lin Dong’s face immediately darkened upon hearing this. Damnit, is he really going to follow us all the way?