Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1219: Fourth Seat King

Chapter 1219: Fourth Seat King


Chapter 1219: Fourth Seat King

That black figure’s faint laughter spread across the sky. Though his voice was soft, it managed to overwhelm the cheers from countless experts.

Hence, their cheers came to a halt immediately.

Many pairs of shocked eyes turned to look at that black figure, who was standing on a mountain top. After which, countless experts began to circulate the Yuan Power within their bodies, while caution filled their eyes.

“May I know who you are?” Ying Xuanzi stared at that mountain top before he asked in a solemn voice.

Lin Dong was also staring intently at that black figure. Following which, he involuntarily clenched his hand. Judging by his previous words, it was obvious that he was a Yimo. Moreover, he likely possessed a high status.

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes were icy cold. She said in a chilly voice, “A secretive coward. You must be a shady person.”

First elder Zhu Li and the rest began to gather around them. After which, all of them stared cautiously at that mysterious black figure.


That black figure smiled. After which, he slowly lifted his head. Thanks to the illumination from the sunlight, an exceptionally pale and youthful face appeared. However, his face looked exceptionally feminine. Meanwhile, his long eyes were completely pitch black and they looked like the bottom of a dark and evil deep abyss.

At the same time, there was a brown devil symbol between this young man’s brows and that devil symbol extended to the corner of his eyelids. It made him look a little more ghastly.

“Oh yes, I forgot. The current you does not know who I am. Haha, let me introduce myself. Devil Prison, Fourth Seat King…” That person smiled before he said.

“Fourth Seat King?”

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk before his expression turned grave. After which, he grabbed Ying Huanhuan and pulled her behind him. Meanwhile, he continued to stare intently at that black figure. He had previously encountered the Devil Prison Tenth Seat King in the shattered space and the latter’s frightening strength made a deep impression on him. Henceforth, since the person standing in front of him was ranked even higher than the Tenth Seat King, it was likely that he must be exceedingly powerful as well.

“Haha. Initially, I thought that Tian Yuanzi’s group would be able to finish off all of you. Unexpectedly… Sigh, trash will always be trash. To think that our Devil Prison actually spent so much effort on them.” The Fourth Seat King smilingly said.

Lin Dong stood emotionless while Devouring Power circulated rapidly within his body. After which, he devoured the surrounding Yuan Power and swiftly refined them.

“Are you Lin Dong? It is rumoured that you have obtained the inheritance of the Devouring Master… In that case, Tian Yuanzi’s group did not die in vain. After all, even at my prime, I could not defeat the Devouring Master. Hence, his heir must be no simple individual as well.”

The Fourth Seat King turned his attention towards Lin Dong. Then, he gave a faint smile before he said, “Are you trying to recover quickly so that you can fight me?”

Lin Dong smiled faintly and said, “Did you come all the way here just to spew nonsense?”

“Haha, I was indeed planning on getting rid of some threats. This is especially the case since I was able to meet the Ice Master reincarnator. How fortunate. If I kill you here, I believe that there will be no need for the second world war, am I right?” The Fourth Seat King looked at Ying Huanhuan before he said with a grin.

“Why don’t you come and give it a try?” Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face was icy cold. Meanwhile, a murderous glint flashed across her beautiful eyes.

“If you were the real Ice Master, I would have fled already. Unfortunately…” The Fourth Seat King shook his head and spoke regretfully.

Lin Dong stared at the Fourth Seat King. A black glow suddenly surged in his eyes before the world that he saw became slightly altered. However, the body of the Fourth Seat King seemed a little blurry.


The instant Lin Dong detected this anomaly, a tinge of shock flashed across the eyes of the Fourth Seat King. He stared at Lin Dong and laughed, “You caught me. It’s no wonder the Tian Yuanzi trio were defeated by you.”

“That is not his actual body.”

Lin Dong glanced at the Fourth Seat King, before he secretly sighed in relief. The Fourth Seat King in front of them was not his actual body. Instead, this fellow was actually able to create such a powerful avatar despite being at an unknown distant land. His strength was truly frightening.

“Although this is merely a devil body avatar, it’s more than enough to deal with all of you.” As if he was aware of Lin Dong’s thoughts, the Fourth Seat King shook his head before he said.

Lin Dong chuckled before he stared at the Fourth Seat King and said, “There is no need to put on a brave front. The reason why you Yimo have been hiding in this world is because you guys are afraid of something. Otherwise, given your characters, you people would have came forward and took over the entire world already.”

“The reason why you do not dare to reveal your actual body is likely because you are afraid of something. Let me guess. You are afraid of the other Ancient Masters, am I right?”

The smile on the Fourth Seat King’s face seemingly froze for a moment. Then, he stared at Lin Dong before he softly said, “What a clever man...”

“However… what can you do even if you know about it? It is not a difficult task for me to kill all of you now. Moreover, those fellows are all in a slumber. Hence, who is going to find out about what is going on here?”

The Fourth Seat King stared sadistically at Lin Dong. Meanwhile, icy cold murderous desire slowly flowed within his eyes.

“It’s too easy to sense a powerful demonic aura like yours… If you really dare to act openly, why would you need to spend so much effort to groom Yuan Gate?” Lin Dong smiled faintly and said.

“It is just that I want to see humans kill each other and enjoy the show.”

The Fourth Seat King slowly lowered his hands. His indifferent eyes looked at Lin Dong before he said, “Alright, let’s stop spewing nonsense. Since you are so confident in yourself, let’s give it a try.”

“Great Desolation Scripture!”

Lin Dong’s foot suddenly stomped on the ground after his voice sounded. Then, a mysterious ripple spread before the land began to tremble violently. After which, mighty energy surged before they continuously poured into Lin Dong’s body.

“What a cunning little brat.”

The Fourth Seat King involuntarily smiled when he saw Lin Dong’s decisive move. However, his smile was filled with murderous desire. The reason why Lin Dong spoke with the former was because he wanted to buy time to regain his strength and prepare his attack.

“However, this will only strengthen my desire to kill you!”

After the Fourth Seat King’s voice sounded, his body had already appeared at a short distance away from Lin Dong. Meanwhile, his body was just like a wisp of black smoke.

“Kill him!”

After he approached, countless experts from the Yuan Destruction Alliance roared out in anger. Soon after, earth shaking Yuan Power attacks came whistling forward before they enveloped the Fourth Seat King.


However, the Fourth Seat King’s body was just like a phantom as he directly drifted past the attacks, that permeated the sky. In fact, not a single attack managed to touch him.

Just as the Fourth Seat King penetrated through the many attacks in the sky, monstrous chilling aura suddenly spread. Following which, Ying Huanhuan suddenly formed a seal with her delicate hands, before cold aura quickly agglomerated into ice and snow. Then, they flew towards that figure with lightning like speed. In a short instant, that figure was turned into a ice statue.

“Be careful!”

After that ice statue was formed, a cold cry suddenly sounded from behind Ying Huanhuan. After which, a sword glow erupted before it ruthlessly pierced the empty space in front of her.


When that sword glow hit the empty space, a metallic sound sounded. Sparks flew before a figure appeared in a phantom like fashion. It was the Fourth Seat King. At this moment, he was using two fingers to pinch the tip of a sword. Then, he gently smiled at Ying Huanhuan and Ling Qingzhu.


All of a sudden, light covered the sky. Promptly, the Fourth Seat King gently frowned. Lifting his head, he suddenly realized that an extremely huge and complicated formation had unknowingly appeared in the sky.

“Is that… the Ancient Universe Formation?” The Fourth Seat King looked at this somewhat familiar looking ancient formation, before his pupils hardened.

At this moment, vast and mighty Yuan Power and Mental Energy swept out from within Lin Dong’s body. Finally, they poured into the Ancient Universe Formation. Immediately, that formation rotated before a light pillar shot downwards and headed straight towards the Fourth Seat King.

The light pillar streaked across the world instantly. When he saw this attack, the Fourth Seat King hesitated for a moment, before he immediately turned around and pulled back.


Though that light pillar missed, it did not disappear. Instead, with a sharp turn, it once again went after the Fourth Seat King.


When he saw that the attack refused to give up, the Fourth Seat King let out a cold snort. Then, he gently placed his hands together, before he suddenly pulled them apart. Immediately, a enormous black light shield was formed.


The light pillar ruthlessly smashed against the black light shield. Immediately, frightening assault waves spread, causing the ground below to collapse.

The Fourth Seat King took a few steps back quickly before he finally came to a halt. Then, with an indifferent expression, he stared back at Lin Dong, who was currently staring at him. Finally, a faint smile appeared. Meanwhile, viscous seemingly solidified demonic aura slowly surged on his palm.

“You still have tricks up your sleeves even after experiencing that intense fight. You are quite capable indeed.”

“Nonetheless… despite so, you will not be able to change today’s outcome.”

The Fourth Seat King once again charged forward after his words sounded. This time around, he headed straight towards Lin Dong. Meanwhile, the murderous desire in his heart caused one to shudder.

Lin Dong stared at the Fourth Seat King, who was rushing towards him. With a wave of his sleeve, a black figure also charged forward. After which, a black long blade slashed downwards furiously. Moreover, that blade glow seemingly cut through the empty space.

That blade glow was extremely powerful and even the Fourth Seat King felt so. However, what took Lin Dong by surprise was that he did not dodge. Instead, he allowed that black blade to fall before it subsequently penetrated his body.

Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk abruptly upon seeing this scene. Suddenly, he shouted, “Huanhuan, be careful!”

Lin Dong turned around after he cried out loud. After which, he saw that the Fourth Seat King had appeared in front of Ying Huanhuan in a phantom like fashion. It turns out that he was after Ying Huanhuan all along.

“Haha, you are not that important compared to the Ice Master.”

The Fourth Seat King ridiculed Lin Dong. After which, his hand suddenly reached towards Ying Huanhuan.

With a dark and cold expression, a thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind before a sharp light pillar came rushing down from the Ancient Universe Formation and headed straight towards the Fourth Seat King.


However, the instant Lin Dong made a move, the land beneath Ying Huanhuan collapsed. Following which, before Lin Dong’s light pillar could reach her, a lava fire pillar erupted from the ground and stood in front of Ying Huanhuan.

The Fourth Seat King’s palm landed onto that lava fire pillar. Immediately, his palm turned red. After which, his expression changed drastically, before his body moved as he tried to retreat.


However, the moment the Fourth Seat King pulled back, a hand covered with lava shot out from within that lava fire pillar. After which, it ruthlessly slammed against his chest.

The Fourth Seat King flew backwards. He staggered rapidly on the empty space before he finally stabilized his body. Then, with gloomy eyes, he stared at that lava fire pillar.


This lava fire pillar, which appeared out of nowhere, also caught Lin Dong and the rest by surprise. After which, they stared at the fire pillar. As the lava fire pillar gradually died down, a tall figure slowly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

He was a fairly tall man and he was wearing golden robes. His hair was fiery red in colour and they looked like flowing lava. Meanwhile, just his presence alone caused the temperature in this part of the world to rise.

Lin Dong looked at this figure, before he suddenly focused his eyes. After all, he was a little familiar looking...

Amidst stares from the crowd, that red haired man slowly turned his head around. Immediately, a youthful, handsome yet stern looking face was revealed. At this moment, he did not look at anyone else. Instead, he merely looked at Ying Huanhuan, who was standing behind him. After which, warmth surfaced in his eyes before he gently smiled and said, “Little junior sister.”