Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1217: Killing the Three Great Heads

Chapter 1217: Killing the Three Great Heads


Chapter 1217: Killing the Three Great Heads

A dazzling radiance akin to the scorching sun erupted from the spot where the Cosmic Evil Devil King exploded. The surrounding overflowing Demonic Qi immediately melted away at an astonishing speed like snow that had touched lava.

The radiance lasted for over a dozen minutes before gradually fading. After which, countless anxious eyes hurriedly shot over.

Only half of the huge devil’s body remained on the ground. Black devil blood flowed from it, emitting a faint stench in the process.

The originally incomparably strong Cosmic Evil Devil King was completely lifeless at this moment.

“We won?” The countless powerful individuals from the Yuan Exterminating Alliance in the distance were initially started before an earthshaking cheer erupted.

The nearby Little Marten duo also wore startled expressions. Light flickered around their bodies as they began to turn back to their original forms. However, their eyes were filled with caution as they stared at the Cosmic Evil Devil King’s corpse.


In the sky, Lin Dong suddenly threw up a mouthful of blood, and his already pale face became even paler. His aura was extremely weak.

“Big brother?” The Little Marten duo hurried over upon seeing this. Little Flame grabbed Lin Dong and repeatedly cried out with a voice that was full of worry.

Lin Dong shook his head slightly. His pitch- black eyes were glued to the unmoving devil corpse. Subsequently, both of his eyes narrowed a little.

This action were inconspicuous, but it was still captured in Little Marten’s eyes. The latter understood Lin Dong well. Immediately, Little Marten’s eyes tightened. Dense energy ripples were once again emitted from his body as he protected Lin Dong behind him.

“Second brother?” Little Flame was slightly startled.

“These three old dogs are not completely dead yet.” Lin Dong was exceptionally weak, and even his voice had become rather hoarse. This was the first time he had pushed himself to such a state after obtaining the Devouring Master’s inheritance.

Little Flame’s expression changed drastically upon hearing this, as his body suddenly tensed.

“But they are not far from that final step.” Lin Dong patted Little Flame’s shoulder. After which, he looked at the Cosmic Evil Devil King corpse below with a sneer in his eyes and said, “Why? Weren’t you very impressive earlier? To think that you would actually play such tricks now. Aren’t you afraid of losing all the face of you three Yuan Gate behemoths?”

There was no reaction from the devil corpse. Not even the slightest ripple was emitted.

The sneer in Lin Dong’s eyes grew even wider upon seeing this as he gently waved his hand.


Little Marten also laughed coldly and made a grasping motion with both of his hands. Purple-black light condensed into a huge purple-black crescent in front of him. With a flick of his finger, the crescent penetrated through the void and ruthlessly dashed towards the devil corpse.


Just as the crescent was about to strike devil corpse, a flash of black light finally shot out from within and sent it flying. As the crescent was blown away, the black light turned into three human figures. They were the three great heads of Yuan Gate. However, their expressions were even paler than Lin Dong’s. Their eyes were dull gray and their auras were extremely frail.

The three great heads looked at the Lin Dong trio in the sky above with steely green faces, while their eyes rapidly flickered.

“Three old dogs. To think that the esteemed three great heads of Yuan Gate will also learn to play dead like a dog.” Little Marten looked at the three of them and ridiculed. His tone was extremely harsh.

The faces of the three great heads twitched as they venomously stared at the trio. In the next moment, their bodies moved and they turned into black light which shot towards the ground. From the looks of it, they were trying to escape.

“Trying to flee?”

However, Little Marten merely sneered in response to their actions. He stomped his foot and purple-black light swept across the surface of the ground, sending the three of them bouncing back.

At this moment, the strength of the three great heads had clearly declined. They were unable to even contend against even Little Marten.


The three great heads were bounced back. Before they could do anything else, Lin Dong waved his hand and an ancient stone tablet whizzed forth. The tablet expended and turned into a huge stone tablet that was tens of thousands of feet in size.

The stone tablet floated in the sky. After which, a clear buzzing exploded from it. Light gathered at the bottom of the tablet and turned into an ancient formation that violently suppressed the three great heads.


Under the light of the Great Desolate Tablet, the three great heads felt an intense pain in their bodies as if they were pincushions that was being pierced by countless needles, causing them to shriek. They looked at the descending Great Desolate Tablet as fear surfaced in their eyes. They knew that they would really die if they were crushed by the Great Desolate Tablet.

“Lin Dong, do you truly believe that the three of us do not have a final trump card? Must you really take things so far?” Tian Yuanzi’s expression was volatile as he sternly cried out.

Lin Dong had an indifferent expression. He was completely unaffected. The rate at which the Great Desolate Tablet was suppressing the three became increasingly quick.

“Fine. Bastard, since you wish to destroy the three of us, everyone here shall accompany us to the grave!” Savage expressions rose in the Tian Yuanzi trio’s eyes after seeing that Lin Dong did not intend to show any mercy at all. They exchanged glances and violently clenched their teeth.

“In that case, let all of us die here!”

The Tian Yuanzi trio suddenly pressed their palms against each other as each spat out a mouthful of black blood. After which, their eyes swiftly dimmed as their bodies swelled at a frightening speed.

“Quickly withdraw.”

Lin Dong shouted in an alarmed voice when he saw this.

“Tsk tsk, it’s too late. All of you shall die!”

Ferocious expressions surfaced on the faces of the Tian Yuanzi trio. Soon after, black liquid flowed out on the surface of their bodies and they ultimately self-destructed with a ‘bang’.


Indescribable Demonic Qi crazily unfurled from the bodies of the three. Everything within a ten thousand feet radius was instantly flattened. Little Marten and Little Flame spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as their bodies catapulted backwards.

Lin Dong shook his sleeve at the critical moment. The Mysterious Divine Palace appeared and surrounded him. However, the Demonic Qi assault was far too frightening. The Mysterious Divine Palace did not last for long and rapidly dimmed under its power. Finally, it returned to Lin Dong’s body.

Lin Dong was immediately exposed to the Demonic Qi assault when the Mysterious Divine Palace disappeared. At his current condition, he was no longer able to withstand such an attack. All he could do was to clench his teeth and forcefully maneuver the Yuan Power in his body to block the attack.

However, he suddenly felt an icy aura wrap around him just as he prepared to forcibly resist. A slender and cool hand gently embraced his waist and his body shot backwards.

Wind rushed by Lin Dong’s ear. He opened his eyes and saw long ice blue hair drifting in front of his eyes. Ying Huanhuan held him with one arm while her other hand swiftly formed many seals. A frightening chill swept out from her palm and turned into many large ice shields in front of them.

Bang bang!

However, the ice shields were shattered by the Demonic Qi assault the moment they were formed. Nevertheless even more ice shields were created. This resulted in the air being filled with sounds of ice shields being shattered. In the meantime, Ying Huanhuan retreated with Lin Dong, dodging the attack of the Demonic Qi.

However, it was evident that the shock wave from the self-destruction of three Reincarnation stage experts had far exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. Even though Ying Huanhuan had intervened, the Demonic Qi assault still very quickly caught up to them.

“Move aside!”

A cold shout suddenly sounded from behind just as the Demonic Qi assault wave was about to catch up to the both of them. Ying Huanhuan hesitated briefly upon hearing this, but she quickly grabbed Lin Dong and moved to the side.

A stunning white clothed figure rushed over from behind as they moved out of the way. First elder Zhu Li, Liu Qing and many experts followed closely behind. Frightening Yuan Power surged and formed a ten thousand feet large Yuan Power light curtain in front of them.

Demonic Qi was like a torrent that smashed heavily onto the Yuan Power light curtain, causing the latter to shake violently. The faces of many experts paled. Subsequently, an explosive cry sounded as vast and mighty Yuan Power surged out.

Boom boom boom!

Demonic Qi continued to batter the Yuan Power light curtain. Although the light curtain continued to shake, the combined strength of the many experts finally managed to block the assault wave.

Everyone sighed in relief after the Demonic Qi assault gradually weakened and the Yuan Power light curtain slowly disappeared.

“Are you alright?”

Ying Huanhuan hurriedly looked at Lin Dong after the danger was resolved. The latter’s ashen face caused her voice to possess an additional trace of anxiety.

Ling Qingzhu and the others gathered around Lin Dong. Their eyes were somewhat worried.

“I’m fine. I just a little exhausted.” Lin Dong smiled and shook his head. His ashen face and weak body however, was unconvincing. Everyone usually saw him as an unkillable cockroach. No one had ever seen him in such a weak state.

The blood covered Little Marten duo hurried over from afar. They sighed in relief after seeing that Lin Dong was rescued. Little Flame wiped off the blood on his face and surveyed the area before he said, “Are those three old dogs completely dead?”

Lin Dong also wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth. He frowned as he looked at the Demonic Qi world. He was just about to speak when a ferocious loud laughter resounded over the sky.

“Ha ha, it is too early for all of you to be happy. Although the three of us have self-destructed, the Demonic Qi has already completed the Demon Feast World. Ha ha, this is a world of Demonic Qi from now onwards, and all of you can forget about escaping. Obediently stay here and allow the Demonic Qi to erode all of you!”

That ferocious laughter echoed and gradually disappeared. After which, the auras of the three great heads of Yuan Gate finally vanished completely.

The expressions of Lin Dong’s group slightly changed upon hearing the vicious words left behind by the trio before they died. The group hurriedly turned their heads and saw that the demonic corpses fall one after another from the sky. Waves of Demonic Qi surged from their bodies and started to spread.

“Look above you.”

A grave expression surfaced on Ying Huanhuan’s face as she softly said.

Lin Dong hurriedly lifted his head upon hearing this. A thick Demonic Qi light barrier, which one could not see through, extended in the sky. Subsequently, the entire place was covered by it.

It was also possible to see countless strange demonic symbols wiggling on the Demonic Qi light barrier. This light barrier seemed to have cut off all connection between this place and the outside world.

Everyone’s faces gradually paled when they saw this scene.