Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1216: Ancestral Symbol Eye

Chapter 1216: Ancestral Symbol Eye


Chapter 1216: Ancestral Symbol Eye

Lin Dong sat in the air as a deep pitch-black hole like eye opened between his brows. A black hole seemed to be rotating inside the mysterious eye. Moreover, it also contained lightning, giving it an incomparably mysterious appearance.

The black hole was unfathomably deep and the lightning crazily berserk.

The two ancient and incomparably vigorous energies saturated the eye.

It was an Ancestral Symbol Eye formed from the power of two Ancestral Symbols!

“Lin Dong, although you control two Ancestral Symbols, the overwhelming might of an Ancestral Symbol Eye made from the power of the two is far too great and difficult to control. I’m afraid that the current you can barely activate this technique!” Yan hurriedly cried out when he sensed the fluctuation in Lin Dong’s body.

Normally speaking, one could only use the Ancestral Symbol Eye after attaining a certain exceedingly high level of mastery over the Ancestral Symbol. For example, the Devouring Master had unleashed the Devouring Eye and nearly managed to kill the extremely terrifying Ten Seat King. Of course, Lin Dong was also well aware that even though he had activated the Ancestral Symbol Eye, its strength could not match the Devouring Master’s. However, he did possess an advantage that the Devouring Master did not have. It was the additional Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol on top of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

The Devouring Eye of the Devouring Master contained extremely pure Devouring Power. This Ancestral Symbol Eye of Lin Dong’s, however, merged both the powers of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. Although this made it very hard to control, its power would be relatively astonishing.

Lin Dong naturally understood this. However, the current situation no longer allowed Lin Dong to give any more consideration to this matter. The three great heads of Yuan Gate were no ordinary characters. Currently, the three of them had used a strange method to merge with the Cosmic Evil Devil King. Ordinary Reincarnation stage experts were no match against such power. The reason the three brothers could endure until now, was because of their many techniques. Despite this, Little Marten and Little Flame were seriously injured. If he did not unleash this trump card, the situation would likely become extremely dire.

This battle was just as intense as the one from three years ago. However, the Lin Dong trio were no longer only capable of escaping. They now possessed the trump cards and ability to turn the situation around.


Lin Dong gently exhaled a breath of white air. His eyes glanced at the injury ridden Little Marten and Little Flame. At this moment, the both of them were still overflowing with ferocity. However, a trace of fatigue had appeared in their eyes. They had gone all-out in this brutal struggle against the three behemoths.

Despite this, none of them showed any signs of giving up. The three great heads of Yuan Gate were indeed very strong, but the Lin Dong trio refused to allow the scene from three years ago to repeat itself no matter what.

“I know.”

Yan ceased speaking after hearing Lin Dong’s calm and emotionless voice. He was aware of the latter’s character. No one could changed Lin Dong’s mind after the latter had made his decision.

“I am the big brother amongst us three brothers. I already allowed them to be wronged three years ago. If I am still unable to beat the three great heads this time, I really won’t have the face to continue being their big brother…”

Lin Dong smiled. After which, his eyes gradually became cold as they slowly turned towards the Cosmic Evil Devil King. The expressions on the three strange faces were currently changing as they stared at him.

“Old dogs, it has been three years. It is time to repay your debts.” Lin Dong looked at the three great heads. The Ancestral Symbol Eye between his brows grew increasingly deeper as his complexion paled at an alarming speed.

“In your dreams!”

A deafening laughter was emitted from the three great heads. However, the expressions on their faces had become rather grave. They could feel the frightening and dangerous aura emanating from the eye between Lin Dong’s brows. Moreover, they were no longer at their peak condition. Lin Dong’s act of wreaking havoc in their body in addition to Little Marten and Little Flame’s desperate attacks had expanded a rather substantial amount of their energy.

Although they were not at their best, the three great heads still possess great self-confidence. They did not believe that they would actually lose to the Lin Dong trio in this extremely powerful combat form of theirs!


Surging Demonic Qi crazily swept out from the body of the Cosmic Evil Devil King. Many wild beast like roars were also emitted as the viscous Demonic Qi frantically gathered within the demonic hand of the Cosmic Evil Devil King.

While the viscous Demonic Qi frantically converged, the Cosmic Evil Devil King’s body gradually shrunk. While it shrunk, an exceedingly frightening ripple began to scatter from its demonic palm.

The expressions in the eyes of the Little Marten duo changed when they sensed the Cosmic Evil Devil King’s actions. They could feel that these three great heads were also planning on using a trump card of their own.

Monstrous Demonic Qi churned. Compared to the wild and violent mannerism of the three great heads, Lin Dong appeared extremely calm. Not even the slightest Yuan Power fluctuation could be detected around his body.

Lin Dong extreme calmness caused one’s heart to leap.

Due to the great disturbance here, many pairs of eyes in distant chaotic battlegrounds involuntarily shifted over. Everyone present was well aware that the most critical fight was the one between the Lin Dong trio and the three great heads. The losing side would definitely be dealt a fatal blow.

“What terrifying Demonic Qi.”

The eyes of first elder Zhu Li, Liu Qing and the others hardened slightly while graveness filled their faces. They could feel just how frightening the attack of this Cosmic Evil Devil King was. If they were the ones in Lin Dong’s shoes, it would be impossible for them to stop such an attack.

“I wonder if Lin Dong will be able to receive that attack…” They looked to the opposite side of the monstrous Demonic Qi, where Lin Dong was quietly sitting in the air. Worry flashed across their hearts.


After shrinking to a thousand feet in size, the Cosmic Evil Devil King finally stopped. Viscous Demonic Qi slowly flowed like a river on its demonic palm. Even space itself gradually collapsed under this viscous Demonic Qi river.

“Ha ha.”

The three great heads laughed towards the sky. Their laughter was filled with brutality. Murderous aura gathered into their eyes and an explosive cry suddenly reverberated across the sky.

“Ten Thousand Devil Hell River, Devil Erodes All Things!”


A loud rumbling sound suddenly emerged from the viscous Demonic Qi River. After which, it whizzed forward. It was accompanied by earthshaking Demonic Qi that crazily charged towards Lin Dong like a tsunami.

The land seemed to tear apart wherever the Demonic Qi River passed.

That momentum not only caused the expressions of the Little Marten duo to change. Even Ying Huanhuan and the others in the distance subconsciously tensed up.

Countless pairs of eyes gathered to this spot. The other battlegrounds appeared inconsequential at this moment. If Lin Dong was defeated at the hands of the three great heads, the situation would likely become extremely disadvantageous to them.

The Demonic Qi River surged. In the short span of several breaths, it was already on the verge of engulfing Lin Dong. The latter’s body suddenly shook slightly. Paleness began to spread on the latter’s face at a frightening pace, and even his hands began to turn white.

In contrast to this paleness that had invaded his body, the Ancestral Symbol Eye between his brows gradually became brighter and deeper.

“Ancestral Symbol Eye, Devil Purifying Light!”

A weak voice was softly emitted from Lin Dong’s lips. After which, his eyes were gradually shut, and the Ancestral Symbol Eye between his brows suddenly widened. A palm sized black ray of light stealthily shot out.

The ray of light and the mighty Demonic Qi River were like a firefly and the moon. However, it did not hesitate as it shot forth. In a flash, it had already penetrated the void and charged into the Demonic Qi River.


The tremendous Demonic Qi River, that was moments away from crashing into Lin Dong’s body, suddenly froze at this moment. The water was only half a foot from Lin Dong’s face. However, it was unable to fall any further.

Buzz buzz.

A buzzing sound was emitted from within the Demonic Qi River. After which, everyone felt a strange ripple emerge from within the Demonic Qi River. The mighty Demonic Qi River immediately melted away at an astonishing speed, while the incomparably evil Demonic Qi scattered in all directions.

In a short few seconds, the Demonic Qi River, which even a Reincarnation stage expert could not block, had strangely disappeared.

“How is this possible?!” The original brutal faces of the three great heads turned rigid at this moment. Shock and disbelief bubbled in their eyes as they watched this scene.


A tiny ray of light shot out from where the Demonic Qi River had faded and headed straight for the Cosmic Evil Devil King in front of their stunned eyes.

Terror surged in the eyes of the three great heads when they saw the ray of light rushing towards them. After witnessing just how terrifying this thing was earlier, they clearly did not dare to ignore it.


The Cosmic Evil Devil King roared towards the sky. At the same time, the Demonic Qi totem in its hand furiously smashed towards the tiny ray of light.


The light ray hit the Demonic Qi totem. Many cracks immediately began to spread on it. In an instant, the totem pillar, which contained majestic Demonic Qi, burst apart.

The ray of light continued its charge forward like a hot knife through butter. In the end, it shot into the huge body of the Cosmic Evil Devil King in front of the startled eyes of the three great heads.

In the sky, the deathly pale Lin Dong slowly opened his eyes. The Ancestral Symbol Eye between his brows quickly disappeared. He looked at the terror-filled faces of the three great heads as a faint smile surfaced on his face.

“You have lost.”

Many bright cracks suddenly appeared on the huge body of the Cosmic Evil Devil King. After which, radiance burst out from the cracks.

The three great heads had horrified expressions. They watched as Lin Dong slowly lifted his hand and lightly clenched it.

The titanic body of the Cosmic Evil Devil King suddenly exploded the moment Lin Dong’s hand was clenched!

Demonic Qi pervaded the sky, while the miserable screeches of the three great heads resounded within this Demonic Qi world.