Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1214: Fighting the Devils

Chapter 1214: Fighting the Devils


Chapter 1214: Fighting the Devils

Yuan Power surged as the demonic aura whistled forward.

A large purple-gold dragon, Darkness Saint Tiger, and Celestial Demon Marten crouched at three different locations. Meanwhile, brutal and terrifying auras were emitted from their large bodies, while the searing heat in their eyes could melt their opponent’s desire to fight.

The three great heads of Yuan Gate were staring at the three of them, who had transformed into three fearsome beasts. Promptly, the expression in their eyes changed. This was because given their eyesight, they were naturally able to tell that the Lin Dong trio’s auras had surged rapidly.

Typically speaking, after a demonic beast returned to its actual form, its fighting strength would surpass that of a human at the same cultivation level. Moreover, the dragon, tiger and marten that the three of them had transformed into, were clearly no ordinary demonic beasts.

“Obstinate fools. I want to see what you guys can do today!”

Those three great heads were startled by the aura of the Lin Dong trio. However, they quickly chuckled. After all, their own strength far surpassess that of the Lin Dong trio. Together with the Cosmic Evil Devil King’s body, it was clearly no mean feat for the Lin Dong trio to turn things around.


However, it was evident that the Lin Dong trio did not want to waste their time talking to the three great heads. Immediately, the Darkness Saint Tiger, which was transformed by Little Flame, let out a deep roar. Then, that tiger roar seemingly turned into a solidified sonic wave, before it reverberated across the place.


After he roared, Little Flame dashed forward. His huge body seemingly penetrated through space, before his large shadow enveloped the Cosmic Evil Devil King. Then, he opened his mouth and roared, before he fired a black and white energy light beam. With a loud ‘boom’, that light beam shot straight towards the Cosmic Evil Devil King.

However, just as the light beam was a thousand feet away from the Cosmic Evil Devil King, demonic aura came rolling over. Then, they transformed into a light curtain that completely blocked the light beam.

However, right after his light beam was blocked, Little Flame had already charged over together with monstrous ferocious aura. After which, he used his tiger mouth, which was packed with dense sharp teeth that were seemingly able to rip through space, to ruthlessly bite the Cosmic Evil Devil King.


Demonic aura surged across the body of the Cosmic Evil Devil King. Promptly, demonic storms gathered on its fist. After which, it delivered a punch towards Little Flame.

That devil swung its fist. However, before it landed on Little Flame’s body, purple-black light suddenly came sweeping over from in front. After which, a huge purple-black crescent moon came whistling over before it slammed heavily against that fist.


A cold glint flashed across the eyes of the three great heads of Yuan Gate. Promptly, demonic aura suddenly surged on the devil fist, before its hand turned into a blade. In fact, its five fingers were just like incomparably sharp devil spears. Following which, demonic aura surged before that devil blade forcefully penetrated the purple-black crescent moon and headed straight towards Little Flame without a drop in its momentum.

An ancient dragon roar suddenly resounded across the place. Following which, an enormous dragon claw covered by purple-gold dragon scales, suddenly tore through space before it ruthlessly clashed against the sharp long blade formed by the devil palm.

Creak creak.

A deafening metallic sound spread, before sparks flew and a violent energy assault wave spread. However, the purple-gold dragon claw was forced to retreat continuously, while purple-gold light flickered and blocked the erosion from the demonic aura.

With the dragon claw blocking the devil palm, Little Flame’s huge body took the opportunity to leap forward. Then, he used his cold and menacing tiger mouth to mercilessly bite the Cosmic Evil Devil King’s arm. Immediately, a sharp creaking sound appeared, before black blood swiftly flowed down the devil arm. It seems like Little Flame did not hold back at all.

“You are courting death!”

The intense pain emitted from the devil arm caused the three great heads of Yuan Gate to cry out furiously. Promptly, they used another devil arm to grab Little Flame’s huge body, before they tossed him away violently.

Bang bang!

Little Flame’s body rubbed against the ground, leaving a ten thousand feet deep scar. In fact, a mountain was even shattered in the process. However, the instant Little Flame stabilized his body, a ferocious glint appeared in his eyes. Then, he stomped his tiger foot before he once again charged forward with a ferocious aura.


Little Marten flapped the tens of thousands of feet large bat wings behind his back. Meanwhile, the purple-black light in his palm squirmed before they transformed into a purple-black spear. Following which, his body rushed forward with lightning like speed, before he launched a frightening sharp attack towards the Cosmic Evil Devil King.

The purple-gold dragon that Lin Dong had transformed into, roared towards the sky. Following which, purple-gold light vaporized all the demonic aura within ten thousand feet from him. Then, his sharp dragon claw, which was covered by purple-gold dragon scales, tore through space and crazily swiped at the Cosmic Evil Devil King.


Up against the ferocious attacks from the three of them, the Cosmic Evil Devil King released a wild beast like roar. After which, it clenched its devil fist, before surging demonic aura transformed into a ten thousand feet large devil totem pole. As it waved that devil totem pole, the land beneath cracked, forming several ten thousand feet large deep cracks.

Four massive figures clashed violently. The huge tiger bit with his sharp teeth, while the Celestial Demon Marten flapped his bat wings, before purple-black spears shadows penetrated through space and rained down from all directions. Meanwhile, the huge dragon released a deep roar, before he swung his massive dragon claws, which were powerful enough to destroy mountains.

Nonetheless, despite being surrounded and attacked by the three of them, the Cosmic Evil Devil King did not give in. Instead, each time it swung the devil totem pole in its hand, it would force one of them back.

In terms of strength, it was obvious that the three great heads of Yuan Gate were superior. However, the Lin Dong trio were no ordinary experts as well, and each of them had their own unique abilities. Moreover, all of them were extremely brutal and were even willing to risk their lives in a fight. Hence, even though injuries continuously appeared on the Lin Dong trio’s bodies, the Cosmic Evil Devil King also suffered some significant injuries due to their maniacal attacks.

The land cracked whenever the fight went, and their surrounding space became distorted. This fight was so intense that it felt as though this part of the world was on the verge of collapsing.

This part of the world had clearly became extremely chaotic. The entire place was enveloped by the demonic aura while distant battle cries shook the sky. Meanwhile, countless powerful experts from the Yuan Destruction Alliance clashed violently with those devil corpses. At this juncture, owing to the bloodlust, all of them had clearly lost their minds. Hence, powerful Yuan Power surged before they mercilessly charged towards those devil corpses.

Occasionally, there were some figures falling from the sky. Some of them were devil corpses, while the rest were experts from the Yuan Destruction Alliance. After all, when these two frightening meat grinders clashed, countless individuals would be pulverized every second.

At a short distance away, Ying Huanhuan clenched her hand. Following which, hundreds of sharp ice picks shot out from her hand, before they penetrated hundreds of devil corpses. Then, cold aura spread before many frozen devil corpses fell onto the ground and shattered into ice shards.

Nonetheless, there were far too many devil corpses here. Furthermore, thanks to the nourishment from the endless demonic aura, those devil corpses would usually climb to their feet again unless they were completely shattered like what Ying Huanhuan did. Therefore, even more devil corpses charged towards Ying Huanhuan after she finished off the ones in her vicinity.

Swoosh swoosh!

Sharp sword auras suddenly swept over from all directions. Following which, those devil corpses which were charging towards Ying Huanhuan, were all hacked into pieces.

Ying Huanhuan turned her head upon seeing this. After which, she saw a white clothed beauty standing behind her. The latter exchanged glances with her using her calm and collected eyes. After which, the both of them turned their heads away simultaneously.

The devil corpses once again came surging over like floodwaters. Although these devil corpses were unable to hurt the both of them, they had to try their best to destroy as many as possible in order to lighten the burden on others. Therefore, the both of them gradually moved closer to one another.

Cold aura was circling around Ying Huanhuan. She waved her jade like hand before a few hundred devil corpses were frozen instantly. After which, she involuntarily looked afar. At that spot, there were extremely violent ripples being emitted, and it was considered as the most fearsome battle in the region.

Ying Huanhuan looked at that spot before she frowned slightly. Currently, the Lin Dong trio were risking their lives in an all-out fight with the three great heads of Yuan Gate. It was a valiant and tragic fight with fresh blood spurting everywhere.

“Let me go and assist him.”

When Ying Huanhuan saw that the purple-gold dragon that Lin Dong had transformed, was sent flying by the Cosmic Evil Devil King’s devil totem pole, a cold glint flashed across her pretty eyes. She was just about to make a move when a cool hand pulled her back.

“What are you doing?” Ying Huanhuan asked in a displeased tone.

“You should not join such a fight. This is a matter concerning them, three brothers. He will be displeased if you go.” Ling Qingzhu released Ying Huanhuan’s hand before she slowly said.

Ying Huanhuan’s body stilled upon hearing this. She was just about to open her mouth to retort, when she suddenly recalled Lin Dong’s character. She knew that even though Lin Dong may appear warm and friendly on the surface, he was extremely proud in his heart. Three years ago, he was forced to withdraw from Dao Sect and flee the Eastern Xuan Region by the three great heads. This was something that he was most definitely ashamed of. Now that he has returned, given his character, he would definitely want to get back at the other party. In fact, it was precisely because of this that he did not use his formidable puppet and instead relied on his two brothers alone.

It was just like what Ling Qingzhu said. Lin Dong would be displeased if she chose to help him in such a fight.

“A stupid prideful fellow! He deserves to suffer!”

Ying Huanhuan looked at the miserable fight in the distant, where blood was spluttered all over the place. Then, she gently clenched her teeth before she involuntarily roared furiously. Soon after, cold aura surged around her before she directly charged into the devil corpse army. Whenever the cold aura swept by, the devil corpses would turn into ice. Moreover, it was clear that she was much more ruthless than before. Clearly, she wanted to vent the fury in her heart on these pitiful devil corpses.


The black devil totem pole was accompanied by frightening demonic aura as it swept across the place. After which, it ruthlessly slammed onto the Darkness Saint Tiger, who was charging towards it. Immediately, that tiger emitted a painful moan through his mouth. However, a fearsome glow continued to glimmer within his eyes. Then, he opened his ferocious large mouth before he bit the arm of the Cosmic Evil Devil King. After which, he jerked his tiger head and forcefully ripped a huge bloody hole on that devil arm.

Purple-black light came sweeping over from all directions. Then, wild gales surged before a ten thousand feet large spear came directly piercing towards the Cosmic Evil Devil King’s chest with lightning like speed.


That incomparably sharp spear could even penetrate a top expert, who had touched Reincarnation. However, it merely managed to pierce halfway through the body of the Cosmic Evil Devil King.

A dragon roar closely followed. Then, that tens of thousands of feet large purple-gold dragon claw clenched into a fist, before it ruthlessly punched the ten thousand feet large spear. Immediately, an energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye, suddenly spread.

The ten thousand feet spear finally penetrated the Cosmic Evil Devil King’s chest with help from that powerful blow. After which, it exited through the devil’s back.


A sharp roar filled with intense pain was suddenly released by that Cosmic Evil Devil King. After which, a brutal expression appeared on the three strange faces.

“You three bastards. How dare you injure my Cosmic Evil Devil King. Do you know how much effort it took to repair it?!”

A sharp roar sounded before frightening demonic aura suddenly swept out from within the Cosmic Evil Devil King in all directions. Following which, the three great heads of Yuan Gate cried out in a stern voice, “Playtime’s over. You three bastards shall die now!”

The Cosmic Evil Devil King suddenly opened its fearsome large mouth. Then, a frightening swirl was formed within before an indescribable demonic aura surged. Finally, the scent of death emerged from within its mouth.

“Cosmic Evil Devil Abyss!”