Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1213: Dragon, Tiger, Marten

Chapter 1213: Dragon, Tiger, Marten


Chapter 1213: Dragon, Tiger, Marten

In that case, let’s fight.

The moment these words left Lin Dong’s mouth, three powerful unsheathed-blade-like auras abruptly shot into the sky in a bold and ferocious manner. Their rippling auras directly blasted away the spreading Demonic Qi.

The three of them stood in the air. Their eyes were ice-cold as they locked onto the huge Cosmic Evil Devil King in front of them.

“Ha ha, you really do not know your limits. Even if the three of us were to fight separately, we will still be able to destroy you three brothers a dozen times over. Even less needs to be said now that the three of us have fused with this Cosmic Evil Devil King. Yet, you three still dare to seek revenge for your past humiliation? How comical. Ha ha.”

The three strange faces on the Cosmic Evil Devil King laughed out loud as they felt the battle intent from the Lin Dong trio. The three piercing laughters joined together and spread. It was filled with ridicule and disdain.

The three of them had already truly advanced to the Reincarnation stage. Furthermore, they had merged their flesh into this Cosmic Evil Devil King. Although this did not allow it to regain its full power, it was definitely no longer something that an ordinary Reincarnation stage expert could stop. Moreover, the Lin Dong trio were merely at the Samsara stage. Such strength was insignificant in their eyes.

“Once we finish off you three brothers, not a single person here will be able to escape. Ha ha, Lin Dong, ah Lin Dong, you are still under the delusion that you will be able to massacre our Yuan Gate without realising that the three of us have long been waiting here for you. You have brought all these experts that rebel against our Yuan Gate. This will allow us to finish all of them off. At that time, who in this Eastern Xuan Region will dare to resist us?”

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent as he looked at the three strange laughing faces on the Cosmic Evil Devil King. Both of his hands slowly tightened. Bright purple-gold light spread from within his body as dragon roars resounded in the sky.


Little Flame also unleashed a frightening tiger roar at this moment. The Devouring Tiger Army not far behind him suddenly sat down after his roar sounded. Soon after, monstrous black light swept out from their bodies as a huge black light barrier covered them while a terrifyingly baleful aura spread.

Monstrous black light galloped in the sky. Finally, it was absorbed by Little Flame. His originally metal tower like body immediately swelled at this moment. Black and white tough tiger fur grew on the surface of his body, while a frighteningly brutal aura unfurled.

Little Flame’s strength was only at the Samsara stage. However, the Devouring Tiger Army was closely bound to him. He gathered the strength of a thousand in a single body. Adding the top tier bloodline of the Darkness Saint Tiger tribe flowing within his body, the strength that he unleashed would likely force even someone like first elder Zhu Li, who had come into contact with Reincarnation, to temporarily retreat.

Little Marten also rose into the air as Little Flame unleashed his full power. A piercing howl dashed into the clouds and boundless purple-black energy spread. A pair of ten thousand feet large bat wings seemed to blot out the sun as they extended behind him. Purple-gold patterns covered the bat wings, giving off a trace of noble and ancient aura.

Little Marten was an expert who had touched Reincarnation. Together with his extremely pure Celestial Demon Marten tribe bloodline, his fighting strength was also extraordinary.

“Let’s fight!”

Little Marten gave off a terrible aura as his roar suddenly resounded across the sky. The auras of the trio were now tyrannical to the limit.

“Ha ha.”

The three great heads of the Yuan Gate laughed loudly. Soon after, the huge Cosmic Evil Devil King rushed forward. The land shook and monstrous Demonic Qi swept forth like a storm.

Little Flame’s tiger eyes turned crimson. He clenched his large hand and a huge divine hammer appeared. Nine cauldron symbols flashed with dazzling light on the hammer. After which, he took the lead and charged forward. The divine hammer in his hand turned into a ten thousand feet large hammer shadow that shattered space as it ruthlessly smashed towards the huge Comic Evil Devil.


Purple-black light gathered in Little Marten’s palm. After which, a river like black stream of light shot out. This stream was filled with a mighty force.

Purple-gold light exploded from within Lin Dong’s body at this moment. Three thousand purple-gold dragon tattoos rushed forward, transforming into a purple-gold dragon claw that was ten thousand feet in size. After which, it brazenly swung forward.

The three of them attacked together using their true strength. The shock waves that erupted at that instant seemed to want to turn the entire area upside down.

“Evil Devil Shield!”

However, the three great heads of Yuan Gate merely laughed coldly in the face of the the trio joining hands. Demonic Qi churned and turned into a ten thousand feet large black shield in front of the Cosmic Evil Devil King. The shield was covered with twisted devil faces and sinister Demonic Qi.

Bang bang bang!

The three powerful attacks practically arrived together. After which, they ruthlessly blasted the large black shield. An earthshaking sound appeared and the land below continuously crumbled.

The residual energy waves gradually scattered. Some cracks appeared on the large black shield, before it slowly disintegrated. However, the attacks from the Lin Dong trio were completely blocked.

“Is this all that you have grown in the last three years?”

The three faces on the Cosmic Evil Devil King laughed in an odd manner. Subsequently, the Cosmic Evil Devil King took a step forward. Its enormous body displayed an extremely frightening speed. In a flash, it had already appeared behind Little Flame. Its demon arm, which was covered with demonic symbols, clenched tightly. Subsequently, a punch containing a devastating force mercilessly smashed towards Little Flame.


With a terrifying force attacking him from the back, Little Flame also roared towards the sky. A terrible aura surged as black and white light swept outwards, turning into an enormous black and white light tiger around his body. With a loud tiger roar, tiger paws tightly grasped the divine hammer and directly clashed with the Cosmic Evil Devil King without shrinking back.


The surrounding space shattered as the two collided. Little Flame’s body was sent flying backwards. Fresh blood seeped out from the tiger paws that were holding the divine hammer. It was clearly a little too much for him to clash head on with this Cosmic Evil Devil King, an entity that contained the combined power of three great heads of Yuan Gate, with his current ability. If it was not because he had obtained the essence blood inheritance of the Darkness Saint Tiger and had became stronger, it was likely that he would not even have been able to receive this single attack.

The three great heads of Yuan Gate seemed to have seen through the fact that Little Flame was the weaker link. Hence, they did not change their target after Little Flame was forced back. Their huge body moved to once again deliver a killing blow.

“Purple Moon Slash!”

However, Lin Dong and Little Marten would naturally not allow them to carry out their plan. Little Marten was the first to attack. He clenched his hand and an incomparably large purple crescent formed in the sky. His fingers were lowered and the purple moon penetrated through the void and sped towards the Cosmic Evil Devil King.


A sharp cry was emitted from the three faces on the Cosmic Evil Devil King. After which, the Cosmic Evil Devil King turned around and threw a punch. Surging Demonic Qi swept forth as the punch was directly delivered onto that incomparably sharp purple moon. As Demonic Qi surged, the purple moon was shattered with a single punch.


Having blasted apart the purple moon with a single punch, the huge and sinister maw of the Cosmic Evil Devil King opened. A beam of viscous Demonic Qi swept out with lightning speed and headed straight for Little Marten.

However, the moment that Demonic Qi light beam that contained astonishing destructive power shot out, a huge circular black hole spread in front of it. It devoured the Demonic Qi light beam with a gulp.

However, the Demonic Qi contained within the light beam was not to be underestimated. The circular black hole rapidly swelled after devouring it. In the end, it exploded apart with a loud sound. Soon after, a Demonic Qi light beam that was much weaker than before escaped. Nevertheless, it was blocked by Little Marten.

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened slightly after seeing that the attack from this Cosmic Evil Devil King had managed to penetrate the black hole formed by Devouring Power. The combined might of these three great heads of Yuan Gate was indeed quite frightening.

“Attack together!”

Brilliant purple-gold light gathered as waves of ancient dragon roars rippled from within Lin Dong’s body. Endless fighting intent seemed to surge within his pitch-black eyes. He would see today if the three of them together would be able to beat the three great heads of Yuan Gate!

Little Marten and Little Flame howled as Lin Dong’s cry sounded. After which, they circulated the power within their bodies to the limit. Three light figures that gave off ominous auras rushed forward. Incomparably berserk attacks came pouring down like rain, enveloping the Cosmic Evil Devil King.

The Cosmic Evil Devil King unleashed waves of deafening howls in the face of the combined attacks from the trio. Demonic Qi surged like an ocean and blocked the trio’s attacks.

This fight was undoubtedly problematically earthshaking. The land crumbled and space distorted wherever the battle was. Each time Yuan Power and Demonic Qi clashed, a tornado would rise. Those demon corpse and practitioners caught in the resulting aftershocks hurriedly pulled back.

Boom boom!

The Cosmic Evil Devil King did not reveal any fatigue despite facing the crazy attacks of the Lin Dong trio. Demonic Qi churned on without end.

“Ha ha ha ha.”

The Cosmic Evil Devil King’s giant fist sent the pouncing Little Flame flying, while piercing voices that now had a different pitch continued to spread. The three strange faces were filled with ridicule.

“Lin Dong, is this all you have? The Demonic Qi in this Devil Feast World world is infinite, and these demon corpses will rise again even after defeat. However, there will be fewer and fewer people left in your Yuan Destruction Alliance. Ha ha, as more time pass, everyone here will not be able to escape!”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened when he heard these words. He saw the defeated demon corpses once again charge forward fearlessly after being eroded by Demonic Qi. On the other hand, the Yuan Destruction Alliance had suffered increasingly greater losses. If it was not for first elder Zhu Li, Ying Huanhuan and other peak experts, the situation would be much more dire.

“Lin Dong, we must indeed swiftly finish off this fellow. Otherwise, those demon corpses will grow stronger and stronger.” Yan’s grave voice sounded.

Lin Dong had a grim expression. He slowly nodded as his eyes looked towards Little Marten and Little Flame nearby. Scarlet light flashed within their eyes.

Little Flame’s body suddenly began to swell at a shocking speed. Black and white light spread as indescribably berserk undulations rippled outwards.

A terrifying tiger roar sounded. A large black and white tiger that was equal in size to the Cosmic Evil Devil King surfaced in the sky from the black and white light. An ancient fluctuation permeated the sky.

Evidently, the present Little Flame had already revealed the true body of the Darkness Saint Tiger. This was his strongest battle form as a Demonic Beast.

Purple light also emerged from Little Marten’s body. After which, his ten thousand feet large bat wings rapidly grew. Subsequently, they crossed in front of him and covered his body. Light seemed to seep out from the cracks.

The bat wings were finally opened. A layer of purple-black armour had appeared on Little Marten. Strange purple-black symbols stealthily spread on his bewitching face as long purple-black hair scattered downwards. He appeared like the king of the dark night amidst the moonlight backdrop.

A dragon roar sounded as purple-gold light blossomed. A hundred thousand feet large purple-gold dragon coiled in the sky, while an indescribable ancient and pure dragon aura spread and filled the area.

The Cosmic Evil Devil King stood on the ground while overflowing Demonic Qi surrounded it. The sky above it was occupied by a titanic purple-gold dragon, a Darkness Saint Tiger and a Celestial Demon Marten.

This battleground had already become a little out of control.