Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1212: Grand Devil Feast

Chapter 1212: Grand Devil Feast


Chapter 1212: Grand Devil Feast

The entire area darkened rapidly at this moment. Demonic aura permeated the sky, while an evil and chilly aura spread, causing the expression of countless powerful individuals to change.

Lin Dong stared at the changes occuring in front of him with a solemn expression. Then, he directed his attention towards the interior of Yuan Gate. At that area, low and deep explosion noises were still being continuously emitted. In fact, the disciples of Yuan Gate exploded into a bloody fog one after another, before demonic aura crazily surged out from within them.

It turns out that the three great heads of Yuan Gate were actually this cruel. In order to finish off Lin Dong’s group, they were actually willing to sacrifice most of their Yuan Gate members!

“Be careful, under the ground...” Ying Huanhuan went to Lin Dong’s side. Then, her pretty icy blue eyes stared at the cracked ground. At that spot, she could feel an extremely majestic demonic aura.

Deep black light slowly swirled within Lin Dong’s eyes as if they had transformed into black holes. Soon after, his eyes looked through the many layers of devil-like creatures before his expression changed drastically. That was because he saw countless devil figures suddenly breaking out from beneath the ground before they popped up like wild beasts.

“What is that?”

Little Marten exclaimed. The demonic aura rose from beneath the ground before countless figures floated into the sky along with them.

Everyone looked over and saw many terribly damaged figures. Meanwhile, their bodies were exceptionally sturdy and they vaguely resembled a human’s body. However, their extremely evil auras allowed everyone to understand what they were.

“They are Yimo!” First elder Zhu Li cried out in a deep voice. There were actually so many Yimo hidden under Yuan Gate?

“No, they are all Yimo corpses and they should be dead Yimo. However, it seems like the three great heads of Yuan Gate managed to use some techniques to control them.” Lin Dong shook his head. These Yimo did not have much intelligence in their eyes and they were all filled with bloodlust and violence. In fact, they looked like murderous corpses that were being controlled.

“During the great world war back then, most Yimo were killed and purified. Hence, not even their corpses remained. It is unexpected that there are actually so many of them hidden under Yuan Gate. It seems like Yuan Gate must have been collecting Yimo corpses over the years.” A chill rose on Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face as she said.

“Be careful. Though these Yimo corpses may not possess the same strength as they did back when they were alive, one should not underestimate them.”

Lin Dong nodded. Currently, the scene in front of them felt akin to a miniature version of the ancient great world war. In fact, those experts from the ancient times had perhaps faced a Yimo army, which far surpassed this in terms of numbers and strength.


Those Yimo roared ferociously towards the sky, before they stared at the experts in the sky with their sunken eyes. Soon after, they rushed forward like a horde of locust and charged towards the countless experts in the sky from all directions.

“Everyone, let’s attack together. Kill those Yimo and destroy Yuan Gate!”

Sect master Mo Jian from Blade Sect cried out sternly. Soon after, incomparably sharp sword auras whistled forward and directly hacked hundreds of devil corpses. Their momentum was startling.


Mo Jian’s attack immediately lifted the morale of the experts from the Yuan Destruction Alliance. After which, they quickly suppressed the fear that had rose within their hearts. Following which, Yuan Power surged before attacks came raining down from all directions. Meanwhile, those devil corpses fell from the sky like birds which had lost their wings. However, soon after, even more devil corpses charged out from beneath the ground.

There were many experts from the Yuan Destruction Alliance. Hence, the first wave of devil corpses failed to gain much of an advantage. However, this situation began to change as the

demonic aura came spluttering forth.


A few clusters of huge demonic aura surged towards the sky. After which, dozens of skinny devils suddenly charged out from within. Though they were small in build, the density of their demonic aura far surpassed the devil corpses from before. Evidently, these devil corpses were all Yimo Generals when they were alive, which were strictly speaking equivalent to Samsara stage experts.

Currently, although their strength had significantly weakened, their auras were still extremely frightening. They endured the majestic storm like attacks and charged into the large army of the Yuan Destruction Alliance. After which, demonic aura spluttered out before many powerful individuals were killed instantly.

With those powerful devil corpses acting as the vanguards, the devil corpses behind also began to surge over. After which, two torrents collided, before demonic aura and Yuan Power gushed forth manically. It was an extremely frightening sight to behold.

“Sect master, all of you should go and lend a helping hand. Stop those powerful devil corpses.” Lin Dong glanced at the chaotic battle in the sky. The stronger Yimo General devil corpses were on a rampage and they created many openings on their defensive line. As such, if the situation was not brought under control, it would be extremely easy for their forces to be scattered by the large devil corpse army behind.


Ying Xuanzi nodded with a grave expression. He waved his hand before he led many powerful experts from Dao Sect and charged forward. Then, he blocked some of the devil corpses, which were tougher to deal with.

“First elder Zhu Li, big brother Liu Qing, Huanhuan. All of you should keep a close eye on the current situation. Should powerful devil corpses show up, you guys will have to intervene and deal with them.” Lin Dong stared at the demonic aura churning across the land. He could sense that there were even stronger devil corpses below, which had yet to show themselves. Clearly, Yuan Gate was well-prepared for today and if they were careless, it was likely that many powerful experts from the Eastern Xuan Region would end up being buried here.


First elder Zhu Li and the rest were also well-aware of the gravity of the situation. Promptly, all of them nodded solemnly.

“Those three old dogs from Yuan Gate are gone. They are the most troublesome ones.” A fearsome glint was glimmering within Little Marten’s eyes as he cried out in a low voice.

Lin Dong surveyed the place and realized that the three great heads of Yuan Gate had unknowingly vanished. This caused him to frown slightly. Those three old dogs were indeed extremely troublesome to deal with.


Just as Lin Dong was planning to search for the three great heads of Yuan Gate, a monstrous demonic aura suddenly swept out from beneath the ground. After which, a couple of devil figures slowly walked out from within the demonic aura.

“Damnit, such formidable demonic aura. Could it be that those devil corpses were Yimo kings when they were alive?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander stared at the few devil figures that had just emerged from that monstrous demonic aura, before he said.

The demonic aura gradually disappeared. Soon after, six devil figures appeared. However, in contrast to the other devil corpses, their bodies were relatively well preserved. Meanwhile, there was evil demonic aura surging within their eyes and one could vaguely feel a faint pressure from them. Clearly, they were most likely Yimo kings when they were alive.

The six devil figures set their evil eyes on Lin Dong’s group after they showed up. Clearly, they realized that the latter’s group were the strongest individuals around.

“Let’s attack.”

First elder Zhu Li said in a deep voice. Though those Yimo kings became much weaker after their death, an ordinary Samsara stage expert was still unable to deal with them. Hence, they were the only ones present who could block those devil corpses.


However, even before they could make a move, those six devil figures had already roared towards the sky. Then, demonic aura churned as the six of them came rushing over.

“All of you should be careful.” Lin Dong glanced at Ying Huanhuan and Ling Qingzhu before he softly said.

“We will leave the three great heads of Yuan Gate to the three of you. Find them and finish them off. After all, we can only end this fight by finishing them off.” Ling Qingzhu nodded. Though her voice remained cold and collected, she paused for a moment before adding, “Be careful. I will come and assist you if you run into any problems.”

Ling Qingzhu did not wait for a reply after uttering those words as her delicate figure rushed forward immediately. Then, she let out a lovely cry before sharp sword glows surged. After which, she stopped one of the devil figures.

Lin Dong gave a gentle smile as he looked at Ling Qingzhu’s figure. After which, he felt a chillness radiating into his hand. This was because a jade like smooth hand was holding onto his hand. Turning his head around, Ying Huanhuan’s beautiful icy blue eyes immediately entered his sight.

Ying Huanhuan did not say anything. She merely held Lin Dong’s hand before she gently gripped it. Soon after, she let go of his hand and rushed forward. Immediately, monstrous cold aura surged and even the evil demonic aura was frozen.

After she left, only Little Marten and Little Flame remained by Lin Dong’s side. They looked at each other before they all saw an extremely intense fierce glint within each other’s eyes.

“Next, let us three brothers fight those three old dogs.” Lin Dong laughed.

“Three years ago, those three old dogs took advantage of the fact that Grandpa Marten had not recovered from his injuries. This time around, Grandpa Marten shall collect back that debt!” Murderous aura filled Little Marten’s handsome face. He had always been extremely ashamed of what happened three years ago. Back then, he was the strongest one out of the three of them. With his personality, he naturally felt that he must do his best to protect Lin Dong and Little Flame. However, he never expected that Lin Dong, whose strength was far inferior to his back then, was the one who ended up protecting them instead.

Little Flame grinned. His grin was exactly the same as three years ago. However, there was monstrous ferocity surging within his current grin.

The three brothers stepped on the empty space. Meanwhile, the fearsome aura that permeated the place was so powerful that even the demonic aura did not dare to approach them.


The land below also began to tremble violently. After which, the Lin Dong trio saw that amidst the viscous demonic aura below, a ten thousand feet large devil figure was slowly climbing out from the deepest part of the hole.

Demonic aura raged across the sky.

A humongous devil figure, which was wrapped by demonic aura, slowly surfaced. It looked just like a giant monster and it was completely black in colour. Meanwhile, it had four large devil arms and it did not have any eyes. Instead, there was only a ferocious large mouth packed with sharp black teeth on its face. Meanwhile, demonic aura was also being spat out from its huge mouth like floodwaters.

The Lin Dong trio looked at this monster, before their pupils all hardened in the process.

“Lin Dong, be careful. That is the Cosmic Evil Devil King and it is the strongest type of Yimo. Back then, the Yimo Emperor’s stead was a Cosmic Evil Devil King. Moreover, the strength of that Evil Devil King is equivalent to a true king who has passed two Reincarnation Tribulations!” Yan’s solemn voice sounded.

“Equivalent to someone who has passed two Reincarnation Tribulations?” Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk, while his heart was filled with shock.

“Although this Cosmic Evil Devil King is merely a corpse, it is being controlled by the three great heads of Yuan Gate. Therefore, it is likely that even an ordinary Reincarnation stage expert would be no match for it.”

With a grave expression in his eyes, Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath. He didn’t expect the three great heads of Yuan Gate to have such a powerful ace hidden up their sleeves.


While Lin Dong’s heart shuddered, he saw demonic aura slowly squirming on the large face of that Cosmic Evil Devil King. Soon after, the faces of three individuals appeared. Then, they stared at the Lin Dong trio in the sky, before they used their transformed voice to laugh out loud, “Lin Dong, like I said. Even after three years, the three of you are still ants in my eyes!”

“Now, do you still have the courage to attack?”

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold as he stared at the Cosmic Evil Devil King. After which, an arc was lifted on the corner of his lips. Meanwhile, a searing heat slowly surged within his dark black eyes.

“It is quite powerful indeed. However, this makes defeating them even more worthwhile, am I right?”

As he spoke, Lin Dong turned his head and looked at Little Marten and Little Flame. Meanwhile, it seems like the two of them were gradually turning mad.

“Are you guys ready for an all-out fight?”

The Little Marten duo parted their lips into a smile. With a fearsome expression in their eyes, they solemnly nodded their heads. After all, they had been waiting for this day for three years!

“In that case…”

Lin Dong slowly clenched his fist, before a sharp aura surged towards the sky.

“Let’s fight!”