Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1211: Rescue

Chapter 1211: Rescue


Chapter 1211: Rescue

Resplendent light rays spread across the sky and it looked like the sun had just risen. This caused numerous individuals to involuntarily narrow their eyes. However, despite the stinging pain, they still forcefully endured the pain and stared intently at the sky.

After all, everyone wanted to know who would emerge victorious in the fight between two legends of Dao Sect.

Ying Xuanzi was staring intently at the sky. Given his strength, he was naturally able to clearly see the scene occuring within the wild and violent energy pillars. Hence, he personally saw that massive energy light pillar, which looked like a pillar that could support the sky, smashing violently downwards before it landed on Zhou Tong’s body.

The frightening energy within was such that even an expert who had touched Reincarnation could not withstand it!


Wild and violent energy crazily struck Zhou Tong’s black skeleton like floodwaters. Following which, the space around him was shattered. Soon after, many slight cracks began to stealthily appear on his black skeleton.

Crack crack.

Those cracks may seem small, but they created a domino effect. Soon after, many cracks began to appear on that sturdy devil body, which had repeatedly thwarted Lin Dong. Within a short period of time, the cracks spread all across Zhou Tong’s body.

Evil and viscous demonic aura was emitted from within the black skeleton. However, they were completely vaporized by the terrifying energy.

As the demonic aura continuously vanished, a smile slowly appeared on Zhou Tong’s face. After which, the wild and violent energy descended before his body was finally blown apart.

The light pillar whistled forth before it finally landed on the distant ground. Immediately, the land rumbled and shook, before a hundred thousand feet large deep ravine was violently formed. It turns out that the entire mountain range was forcefully flattened.

Countless pairs of eyes shot towards the sky. After which, they coincidentally saw the moment where Zhou Tong’s body was completely destroyed. Promptly, their hearts shuddered. Was the victor finally decided?

A faint black fog lingered around the spot where Zhou Tong’s body was destroyed. Meanwhile, no life was emitted from within and it seemed like Zhou Tong had perished.

Countless Dao Sect disciples sighed bitterly as they watched this scene. Meanwhile, all of them had mixed emotions in their hearts. Although Lin Dong emerged victorious, they were unable to rejoice. Instead, the hatred and fury they felt towards Yuan Gate became even more intense. After all, if it was not because of those Yuan Gate bastards, why would Lin Dong attack Zhou Tong and be forced to kill his fellow martial brother?

Tian Yuanzi stared at the sky from afar with an insidious expression. Meanwhile, a black glow was glimmering within his eyes.

Standing in the sky, Lin Dong was also staring at the cluster of black fog. Promptly, he clenched his hand tightly before he began to feel somewhat anxious. According to what Yan said, Zhou Tong’s Yuan Spirit should be able to escape as long as that devil body was destroyed. However… was his final attack too powerful and it ended up destroying Zhou Tong’s Yuan Spirit as well?

“Don’t worry. Let’s wait first… he is protected by the Spatial Ancestral Symbol and should not be so fragile.” Yan’s voice sounded in Lin Dong’s heart. However, Lin Dong could hear the doubts in Yan’s voice. Clearly, even Yan was not absolutely confident that Zhou Tong had survived.

Although Lin Dong felt a little anxious in his heart, he knew that fretting over this matter would be of little use. Hence, he gradually calmed his heart before he stared intently at the cluster of drifting black fog.

The cluster of black fog drifting in the air showed no other activity. However, just as Lin Dong was about to lose control, his pupils suddenly shrunk. That was because he saw a silver ray of light suddenly appearing within that black fog.

Moreover, it was vaguely possible to see an extremely weak golden light within that silver light. After which, that silver light wrapped around that weak golden light and began to flee from the black fog.

“Humph, trying to escape?”

However, a cold glint suddenly flashed across Tian Yuanzi’s eyes just as the silver light appeared. Then, he formed a seal with one hand and coldly cried, “Devil Emperor Lock!”


The drifting black fog suddenly unleashed frightening demonic aura. Then, they directly turned into countless black rays of light and shot forward. Those light rays entwined around each other and vaguely formed an extremely evil devil lock. That devil lock entwined around the silver light in an attempt to seal it again.

“Lin Dong, act now. If the Spatial Ancestral Symbol is once again sealed by the Devil Emperor Lock, it will be impossible to salvage Zhou Tong’s remanent Yuan Spirit!” Yan’s anxious voice suddenly sounded in Lin Dong’s heart.

Lin Dong acted immediately after Yan’s voice sounded. Although he did not know what was going on, he knew that it was something that was extremely detrimental to Zhou Tong.

“Sizzle sizzle!”

Black light and lightning glow seeped out from Lin Dong’s arm the moment he moved. Within a short instant, his arm had transformed into a black lightning like liquid. Then, he swiped his hand before he forcefully penetrated the evil devil lock and grabbed the silver light.

Tian Yuanzi’s expression became gloomy upon seeing this. Immediately, he changed his hand seal before the Devil Emperor Lock changed its target and tried to erode Lin Dong’s arm.

“Get lost!”

With a cold expression in his eyes, the strength of the two great Ancestral Symbols suddenly erupted from his arm. After which, that majestic force directly shattered the Devil Emperor Lock.

Back then, the reason why Yuan Gate was able to plant the Devil Emperor Lock on Zhou Tong was because they had already captured him. However, right now, Lin Dong was brimming with energy. Moreover, he possessed two great Ancestral Symbols, the Ancestor Stone and many other powerful divine objects made to resist the Yimo. As such, Tian Yuanzi must be dreaming if he wants to use the Devil Emperor Lock to deal with Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s liquidized arm quickly retracted from the Devil Emperor Lock. Waving his sleeve, a warm white light shot out and wrapped around the Devil Emperor Lock.

Sizzle sizzle!

Under the illumination from the white light, a sizzling sound erupted from within the Devil Emperor Lock. After which, it was purified rapidly. Within a couple of minutes, it had vanished.

Lin Dong secretly sighed in relief after he saw that the Devil Emperor Lock was destroyed. After which, he cast his venomous eyes towards the gloomy looking Tian Yuanzi, before murderous desire surged in his eyes.

The light on Lin Dong’s arm gradually disappeared before his arm returned to normal. Then, he slowly opened his palm. After which, one could see a silver light glimmering within, while an ancient ripple was being emitted. It was the Spatial Ancestral Symbol.

The silver light shook gently at this moment. After which, the glow became even more intense. Then, an extremely weak golden light slowly rose from deep within that silver light. It was Zhou Tong’s remanent Yuan Spirit.

Though Zhou Tong’s Yuan Spirit was protected by the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, he was still severely injured. As such, the golden light was extremely dim and not even the slightest fluctuation was emitted.

“His Yuan Spirit has taken too much damage. Let me keep him in the Ancestor Stone and nourish it. With his cultivation level, it should not be difficult for him to recover his physical body as long as his Yuan Spirit is still around.” Yan said.


Lin Dong nodded. After which, a warm white light shot out from within his body before it wrapped around the Spatial Ancestral Symbol and the weak golden light. However, the golden light suddenly shook just as Yan was about to take him away. Following which, the golden light left the Spatial Ancestral Symbol before he entered the white light alone.


Lin Dong was slightly startled upon seeing this.

“Martial junior Lin Dong, all along I was protected by the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. However, I was still eroded by the demonic aura. The Ancestral Symbols are natural divine objects and they despise the demonic aura. As of now, I am unable to use them. You are extremely talented and possess multiple Ancestral Symbols. Hence, the Spatial Ancestral Symbol will be of much greater use in your hands…”

While Lin Dong was stunned, an extremely weak and soft voice was suddenly emitted from within the white light. After which, that voice transmitted into Lin Dong’s ear.

“Martial senior Zhou Tong.”

Lin Dong hurriedly spoke after hearing this. However, the golden light had already dimmed. After which, it was brought into the Ancestor Stone by Yan. Hence, Lin Dong could only stare at the Spatial Ancestral Symbol in his hand with a frown.

“Lin Dong, what he said is correct. Currently, he has already been eroded by the demonic aura. Although the Ancestral Symbol was always protecting him, the Ancestral Symbols have their own rules. Therefore, trying to forcefully take control of them will only wound up hurting both parties.” Yan said.

Lin Dong hesitated for a moment. Although an Ancestral Symbol was an extraordinary object, Lin Dong already possessed two of them. As such, they were no longer as alluring as before. Moreover, this was something that belonged to Zhou Tong and he felt that it was somewhat inappropriate to take it.

However, being indecisive at this moment made him look like a hypocrite. Hence, he nodded and said, “I will keep the Spatial Ancestral Symbol for now. However, I will hand it back to martial senior Zhou Tong after he has been purified.”

“That’s up to you. Moreover, you should be wary of those fellows from Yuan Gate. For some unknown reason, I feel that something is amiss.” Yan nodded before he quickly said.

Lin Dong’s pupils hardened. He immediately nodded before he kept the Spatial Ancestral Symbol into his body. After which, his body moved and appeared in front of Ying Xuanzi before he said, “Relax, it’s still possible to save martial senior Zhou Tong.”

Joy finally rose on the faces of Ying Xuanzi’s group after they heard this.

“What should we do now?” Little Marten leaned over and asked. Meanwhile, a cold glint was glimmering within his eyes when he stared at the three great heads of Yuan Gate. In fact, it seemed like the murderous intent in his eyes were so dense that it had solidified.

Lin Dong did not reply. However, he similarly cast his attention towards the interior of Yuan Gate, which was permeated by demonic aura. Then, a cold chill rose in his eyes.


Standing above Yuan Gate, Tian Yuanzi smiled faintly when he detected their line of sight. Then, he said, “What a fascinating battle. It seems like there are new legends being born in every generation. Lin Dong, it seems like you have surpassed Zhou Tong.”

“Old dog, it’s your turn next.” Lin Dong stared at Tian Yuanzi without any emotion.

Tian Yuanzi smiled. Meanwhile, the insidious expression in his eyes grew even denser. After which, he glanced at the large number of experts from the Yuan Destruction Alliance before he nodded and said, “Even though you managed to rescue Zhou Tong, it doesn’t really matter. He has already served his purpose. Next… I will let all of you have a taste of the Devil Feast.”

Black light suddenly surged from the eyes of the three great heads after Tian Yuanzi’s voice sounded. After which, the three of them formed some hand seals before three demonic lights erupted from their bodies. Meanwhile, those demonic lights connected the sky to the ground.


Black demonic aura spread across the sky and land. Immediately, the entire world darkened while chilly winds blew. Soon after, countless sharp miserable howls suddenly sounded from within Yuan Gate. Everyone looked over only to realize that the bodies of the Yuan Gate disciples were currently exploding. Then, their flesh and blood merged with the dense demonic aura, which was drifting across the entire place.


The land below suddenly split apart as the demonic aura permeated the land. Soon after, viscous demonic aura spread before some terrifying creatures began to slowly crawl out from beneath the ground.

This part of the world descended into a sea of demonic aura at this moment!