Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1210: Devil Emperor Lock

Chapter 1210: Devil Emperor Lock


Chapter 1210: Devil Emperor Lock

“This is…” When Lin Dong’s eyes landed on Zhou Tong’s body, his pupils promptly shrunk. After which, intense shock surged within his eyes.

Contrary to expectations, Zhou Tong did not possess a body made up of flesh under his black robe. Instead, there wasn’t any blood or flesh at all, and there was only a black skeleton. Moreover, Lin Dong could see many densely packed mysterious black lines on the skeleton and those devil lines were entwined around Zhou Tong’s bones. They were just like maggots in one’s bones and they could not be removed.

Furthermore, Lin Dong was able to see his organs, which were beating within his black skeleton. However, these organs were all completely black in colour. Clearly, they were completely eroded by the demonic aura.

However, what shocked Lin Dong the most was Zhou Tong’s heart. It was a pitch black heart, which was beating at an extremely slow pace. Moreover, that black heart was filled with endless evil.

No one could have imagined such a frightening scene below a complete human head.

Meanwhile, one could see a complicated set of meridians within that strange body, and there was silver light coursing within those meridians. It was the strength of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol.

Those meridians were the only things within Zhou Tong’s body, which had yet to be eroded by the demonic aura. It was also the reason why he was still able to use the Spatial Ancestral Symbol.

Black devil lines entwined around Zhou Tong’s body and they vaguely formed an extremely evil devil lock. It was precisely this devil lock that reduced Zhou Tong to his current state.

“Is this… Devil Emperor Lock?” Yan’s exclamation suddenly sounded within Lin Dong’s heart.

“Devil Emperor Lock? What is that?” Lin Dong frowned and hurriedly asked.

“During the ancient times, this was a vicious technique created by the Yimo Emperor, the only one who could match up to my owner. As long as this thing was placed on a person’s body, he would gradually lose his mind and even his Yuan Spirit would be sealed within his body with no means of escape. In fact, even a Reincarnation stage expert would not be able to escape. Back then, those Yimo were afraid that certain Reincarnation stage experts would enter Reincarnation. Therefore, they placed the Devil Emperor Lock on those Reincarnation stage experts that they captured and destroyed them once in for all.”

“A technique created by the Yimo Emperor? It’s even able to end the life of a Reincarnation stage expert?” Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk while shock filled his heart.

“This technique is extremely cruel. First, they would slice off the person’s flesh, before they would erode all his organs with demonic aura for ten years. After which, they would use the devil body as a lock and end all chances of life.” Yan said in a solemn voice. “Although this Devil Emperor Lock is not as complete as the ones seen during the ancient times, it is definitely not something that an ordinary Yimo king can create. It seems like Yuan Gate must be in cahoots with Devil Prison.”

“Those bastards!” Fury surged within Lin Dong’s eyes when he heard this. It’s no wonder Zhou Tong used his final consciousness to beg Lin Dong for death. It was likely because he was unable to endure the torture anymore.

“Yan, is there still a way to rescue martial senior Zhou Tong?”

“Anyone who has had the Devil Emperor Lock placed on him will definitely die. In fact, they can’t even enter Reincarnation. However…” Yan paused for a moment before continuing, “Zhou Tong is a little different since he possess the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, his Yuan Spirit should be under its protection, and it should not have been completely eroded by the demonic aura.”

“If you can destroy this devil body, it might be possible to rescue his Yuan Spirit…”

Destroy this devil body?

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes.


The conversation between Lin Dong and Yan might seem like a long one, but it took place in Lin Dong’s heart and was over in an instant. Following which, many exclamations sounded from behind Lin Dong. A silver light had began to flicker on one black glove covering that emotionless Zhou Tong’s hands. Following which, the space behind Lin Dong became distorted, before an extremely sharp wind pierced towards his throat.


Resplendent lightning glow erupted from Lin Dong’s hand. After which, a palm clashed with that silver light while lightning arcs danced and blocked the Spatial Strength.

Lin Dong jerked his body before he appeared behind Zhou Tong. Then, Yuan Power surged before a wild and violent palm wind, which was accompanied by dragon roars, ruthlessly smashed onto Zhou Tong’s body.

Clang clang clang!

However, after receiving Lin Dong’s wild and violent attacks, Zhou Tong’s black bones merely emitted some sparks. It turns out that such attacks were unable to deal much damage to his black skeleton.

Boom boom boom!

Zhou Tong quickly turned around. Then, silver light surged before an incomparably sharp palm wind whistled forward. Finally, he clashed head on with Lin Dong. Following which, many wild and violent palm winds were formed before the space around the both of them were shaken until it cracked.

Another ruthless bout had occurred. Violent Yuan Power surged as the both of them quickly retreated. However, it was obvious that Lin Dong had the upper hand in this fight.

Regardless, the strength of two Ancestral Symbols definitely exceeds that of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol in Zhou Tong’s possession.


At a far distance away, Tian Yuanzi let out a cold snort when he realized that Zhou Tong had fell into a disadvantage. Promptly, a black glint flashed across his eyes before Zhou Tong’s body trembled. Soon after, Zhou Tong suddenly pressed his hand downwards before a mysterious ripple swiftly spread across the land. After which, everyone realized that the land beneath him was turning barren at a rapid pace.

“Great Desolation Scripture?!”

Ying Huanhuan and the rest exclaimed in shock when they saw this familiar scene. Then, the expression in their eyes became complicated. After all, they didn’t expect that even though Zhou Tong was being controlled, he was still able to unleash the strongest martial arts of their Dao Sect’s Desolate Hall.

“With this being the case, martial senior Zhou Tong, let us compete and see whose Great Desolation Scripture is stronger!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were glimmering. Then, he suddenly formed a seal with both of his hands. After which, he pressed his hand towards the ground before a low cry was emitted from his mouth, “Great Desolation Scripture!”

The rate at which the land was turning barren rapidly surged. Everyone could see that the desolate aura was spreading rapidly across the land. Within a couple of breaths, the land within thousands of kilometres was reduced into a wasteland. This overbearing martial arts caused many onlookers to feel a little fearful.

Standing in the sky, the two of them continued to maintain the same stance, with their hands directed towards the ground. Though everything looked calm on the surface, everyone could feel an extremely violent ripple flowing through the air.

This violent ripple was the most prominent beneath the ground. Everyone could sense the land shaking after all the energy in the ground within thousands of kilometres, had gathered to this spot. After which, the energy was being bitterly contested by the two of them.

Lush green grass grew at the area between the two of them. Those grass were filled with strong vitality, and they looked extremely glaring amidst the desolate land.

Ying Xuanzi, Ying Xiaoxiao, Ying Huanhuan and the other members of Dao Sect watched this scene anxiously. Right now, their emotions were extremely complicated. This was because they were aware that this was a match between the two most outstanding disciples of Dao Sect in the last hundred years.

In the hearts of the Dao Sect disciples, one was a former legend while the other was a newborn legend. However, out of these two legends, one of them must emerge victorious today.

Buzz buzz!

The barren land continuously trembled and it felt as though there was an earthquake. Meanwhile, one could vaguely spot some light seeping out from beneath the ground. It turns out that extremely violent energy below was about to erupt.


At this moment, Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air before he stared at the distant Zhou Tong. Then, a smile surfaced on his face before he said, “Martial senior Zhou Tong, perhaps I shall emerge victorious in this fight.”

Two black holes were suddenly formed within Lin Dong’s eyes after he uttered those words. Meanwhile, there was also black light surging from under his palms. Finally, they transformed into two huge black holes as well. After which, Devouring Power spluttered from them.

The land finally collapsed at this moment. After which, a tens of thousands of feet large energy light pillar erupted just like a volcano eruption, before it shot towards the sky. In fact, even the clouds were forcefully shattered.

After Lin Dong forcefully dragged out the energy from beneath the ground, another light pillar also shot out from below Zhou Tong. However, his energy light pillar was only half as thick as Lin Dong’s.

Clearly, he was no match for Lin Dong when it came to absorbing and devouring energy. After all, Lin Dong’s Great Desolation Scripture together with his Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s overbearing suction force far outclassed him.

When they saw the face off between the two of them, countless exclamations erupted. In fact, Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest clenched their hands tightly, while joy surged onto their faces.


The tens of thousands of feet large energy light pillar lingered in the sky but it did not stop. A whistle sounded before it penetrated the empty space and headed straight towards Zhou Tong.

While this frightening energy light pillar was charging towards Zhou Tong, black holes suddenly appeared around him. Then, wild and violent Devouring Power surged and tore the empty space apart, leaving Zhou Tong unable to use his Spatial Ancestral Symbol to dodge that attack.

Since he was unable to dodge, a gray glow promptly flashed across Zhou Tong’s eyes. Then, he stomped his foot before the huge energy light pillar lingering around him also whizzed forward. It looked just like a pillar that could split the sky, as it collided violently with that incoming energy light pillar, which was at least twice its size.


A deafening sound reverberated across the sky. In fact, one could clearly hear that sound from five hundred kilometres away. As the frightening energy assault wave spread, it actually overturned the large armies from both sides.

The experts from both factions, who could endure this assault, stared intently at the point where the two energy light pillars clashed. At that spot, the empty space continuously shattered.


While they were staring intently at that spot, their pupils suddenly shrunk. Then, they saw a light figure suddenly rushing out from within the light pillar. Following which, a low roar sounded before a massive black hole began to grow from beneath his palms. Twirling both of his hands, he forcefully merged the two light pillars together.

Lin Dong grabbed the nearly hundred thousand feet large energy light pillar. Meanwhile, the veins on his arms began to squirm like dragons. After which, he used every ounce of his strength to lift it up before he ruthlessly smashed Zhou Tong!

The energy light pillar came whistling downwards. Immediately, the land within a hundred thousand feet radius collapsed.

Tian Yuanzi’s expression was slightly altered when he saw the frightening momentum behind Lin Dong’s attack. He moved his hands and was just about to activate Zhou Tong’s full strength to counter that attack, when he suddenly realized that Zhou Tong’s body refused to budge.


Tian Yuanzi was startled. After which, he saw that a faint silver glint was flashing within Zhou Tong’s grayish eyes. Meanwhile, the latter’s body was trembling violently. Clearly, he was using all his strength to resist Tian Yuanzi.

Although Zhou Tong only managed to resist for a brief moment, it was more than enough. By the time the silver glint in Zhou Tong’s eyes were forcefully eroded, the frightening energy light pillar had already smashed onto his body. Soon after, a relieved colour appeared on his originally emotionless face.

Martial junior Lin Dong… it’s your victory. Thank you.

He muttered softly in his heart as the frightening light pillar completely enveloped him in front of countless pairs of eyes.