Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1209: Lin Dong VS Zhou Tong

Chapter 1209: Lin Dong VS Zhou Tong


Chapter 1209: Lin Dong VS Zhou Tong

After the final silver glint within Zhou Tong’s eyes was eroded by the gray light, his expression slowly stiffened, before it slowly dissipated. Finally, he became completely emotionless. At this moment, he was basically a zombie.

When Lin Dong saw Zhou Tong’s transformation, he involuntarily clenched his fists. Meanwhile, frightening murderous desire accumulated within his eyes.

Standing behind him, Ying Xuanzi also trembled continuously. A moment later, he waved his hand, before he shut his eyes and said, “Lin Dong, please send him off.”

Lin Dong nodded before he focused his attention on the emotionless Zhou Tong, who was standing in front of him. At this moment, it was possible for Lin Dong to detect the latter’s frightening strength. In fact, the latter did not lose out to top experts like first elder Zhu Li and the rest, who had touched Reincarnation. Moreover, Lin Dong was able to detect a familiar ripple from within Zhou Tong’s body. It was the Spatial Ancestral Symbol.

Zhou Tong, who possessed the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, was likely able to take on a top-tier Reincarnation stage expert. This was similar to Mo Luo as the latter was also able to perform such a feat. However, Mo Luo had reached the pinnacle in terms of his mastery over the Blazing Ancestral Symbol. Hence, Lin Dong wondered how well Zhou Tong was able to control the Spatial Ancestral Symbol.

Nonetheless, although Zhou Tong was extremely powerful, Lin Dong was also no pushover. After all, Lin Dong possessed two great Ancestral Symbols and he had also touched Reincarnation. Furthermore, his Mental Energy cultivation was at the initial Symbol Grandmaster level. As such, even if Mo Luo went all-out, he would still find it difficult to defeat him. Therefore, it was perhaps a little naive of Tian Yuanzi to try to use Zhou Tong to defeat him.

His Sky Devouring Corpse might be extremely formidable, but Lin Dong had to use it to deter the three great heads of Yuan Gate. Moreover, he wanted to fight personally. After all, only through a fight, would he be able to find out what exactly happened to Zhou Tong. Moreover, he wanted to see if there was any remaining hope as he wanted to rescue the latter.

Lin Dong glanced at the interior of Yuan Gate, before a thought passed through his mind. Following which, the Sky Devouring Corpse, which was holding onto a black blade, rushed forward and stood right between him and Yuan Gate. With the Sky Devouring Corpse stationed in this location, unless the Tian Yuanzi trio attacked together, it would be impossible for them to break free. However, if they attacked together, the countless experts from his “Yuan Destruction Alliance” would also instantly erupt. This was likely something that even the Tian Yuanzi trio were wary of.

The eyes of the Tian Yuanzi trio flashed when they saw Lin Dong’s action. However, they did not do anything. Only Ren Yuanzi stared at the Sky Devouring Corpse with a dark and icy expression. Clearly, he had not forgotten that he was previously wounded by that Sky Devouring Corpse.

“Relax, we are still waiting to see a good show between two martial brothers. Naturally, we will not intervene.” Tian Yuanzi chuckled. However, there was a dark glint flashing deep within his eyes.

Lin Dong glanced at him indifferently before he completely ignored him. After all, words were pointless at this juncture. After he resolved this matter, none of those three old dogs would be able to escape!

“Martial senior Zhou Tong, please pardon me.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards Zhou Tong. After which, his aura abruptly soared while the glint in his dark black eyes gradually turned sharp.

At this moment, Zhou Tong had clearly lost his mind. Hence, he did not react to Lin Dong’s words. Instead, a faint silver light spread from within the surface on his body, causing the space around him to become distorted.


The space became distorted. Then, Zhou Tong took a step forward. With a single step, he seemingly teleported as he appeared right behind Lin Dong at an extremely fast pace. Following which, silver light flashed within his palm, appearing just like an extremely sharp spatial light blade, before he ruthlessly pierced towards Lin Dong.


Lightning suddenly erupted before a scepter filled with lightning glow shot forth. Then, it clashed heavily against Zhou Tong’s hand. Following which, sparks along with a clear metallic sound spread.


Zhou Tong’s body moved after his attack was blocked. He seemingly teleported again as he appeared instantly at Lin Dong’s top right side. Then, he flicked all ten of his fingers. Immediately, the space itself became distorted before numerous silver lights came raining down from all directions. It turns out that they were all sharp spatial light blades that were formed using Spatial Strength. Though they looked dazzling, they were so sharp that they could shred a Samsara stage expert’s body.

With a flash, Lin Dong quickly withdrew. Then, he placed his palms together before a black hole rapidly grew in front of him. After which, it devoured all the spatial light blades that were rushing towards him.

Lin Dong suddenly charged forward the instant the spatial light blades were completely devoured. Then, the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand was accompanied by rumbling lightning, as numerous scepter images containing extremely wild and violent winds enveloped every fatal spot on Zhou Tong’s body.

Sizzle sizzle.

Up against Lin Dong’s fearsome counter-attack, Zhou Tong began to wiggle his body. Then, the space around him became distorted before he actually dodged all the scepter images, that were targeting every fatal spot on his body. Furthermore, he managed to dodge each attack precisely, something that even Lin Dong could not accomplish. It seems like the Spatial Ancestral Symbol was indeed profound and mysterious.

The two figures in the sky had fought for over a dozen bouts within a couple of breaths. Though their attacks were both exceptionally fearsome, they were all easily dealt with by the other party. The intensity of this fight caused many onlookers to turn solemn. After all, it would likely be hard pressed for them to find anyone in the entire Eastern Xuan Region who could match up to them.

“I didn’t expect martial senior Zhou Tong to be so powerful.” Ying Xiaoxiao commented with a grave expression as she watched the battle between the two in the sky.

“This is only the beginning.”

Ying Huanhuan said softly. One of them had both the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, while the other possessed the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. In a genuine fight, there was no way an ordinary Samsara stage expert who has touched Reincarnation, could match up to either one of them.

“Hopefully Lin Dong can finish off Zhou Tong. Otherwise, if he ends up being controlled by Yuan Gate again, the latter will likely be in a state worse than death.” Ying Xiaoxiao sighed. Meanwhile, there was fury within her sad expression.

“I will make them pay the price this time around.” A cold glint was flowing within Ying Huanhuan’s pretty icy blue eyes. Yuan Gate’s act had stirred the murderous desire in her heart.


A dragon roar suddenly sounded in the sky. Lin Dong pulled back before thousands of purple-gold dragon light tattoos rose around him. Then, they directly transformed into a tens of thousands of feet large purple-gold dragon claw. Finally, that claw swiped furiously at Zhou Tong.


Zhou Tong moved before he appeared in another part of the sky. Then, a pair of hands wearing sharp black gloves extended from his sleeve. After which, he clenched both of his hands before the space in front of him rapidly became distorted. In the blink of an eye, the space itself transformed into a ten thousand feet large spatial blade.


Zhou Tong gripped his large spatial blade tightly. Following which, he slashed it down furiously and directly hacked at the purple-gold dragon claw heading towards him.


An unusually deafening sound spread. Soon after, resplendent silver light emanated from that large spatial blade. Immediately, an indescribable sharp aura was emitted that was sharp enough to even cut space itself.

The large spatial blade slashed the purple-gold dragon claw. After which, everyone was stunned when they saw that the huge dragon claw was actually split into two. Moreover, the wound was as smooth as a mirror.

“The Spatial Ancestral Symbol is indeed extraordinary.”

When Liu Qing saw this scene, his expression became extremely grave. He had also mastered the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill and he naturally knew how powerful the dragon formed from the dragon light tattoos were. Furthermore, Lin Dong possessed the Primal Dragon Bone and this would further boost the might of the already formidable Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill. However, Lin Dong’s attack was still slashed apart by that large spatial blade. As such, this left Liu Qing in a state of disbelief.

“Zhou Tong is indeed extraordinary. However, you should not underestimate young brother Lin Dong as well. Even I cannot figure him out now.” First elder Zhu Li was staring at the sky as he slowly said.

Liu Qing nodded. Although he was only one step away from the Reincarnation stage, he was still able to smell a dangerous scent from Lin Dong’s body.

The large spatial blade slashed the purple-gold dragon claw apart. After which, Zhou Tong took another step forward and prepared to attack. However, a light figure suddenly shot out from behind the purple-gold dragon claw. In a flash, he appeared in front of Zhou Tong. Then, a fist wrapped with glimmering purple-gold dragon scales and traces of Reincarnation ripples ruthlessly smashed towards him.

This attack was far too sudden. Even Zhou Tong’s body froze for a moment. However, just as Lin Dong’s purple-gold punch was about to land on Zhou Tong, his body suddenly became blurry.

The fist penetrated through his afterimage and missed. Nevertheless, Lin Dong’s expression did not change. Instead, the instant Zhou Tong’s body turned blurry, he twirled his hand. After which, a huge black hole was formed before Devouring Power suddenly erupted and directly shattered the empty space behind.

After the empty space was ripped by the black hole, a figure hidden within that empty space was now revealed.


Thunder clouds gathered in the sky, before an extremely huge lightning dragon charged downwards ferociously. Lin Dong clenched his hand, before that lightning dragon transformed into a stream of liquidized lightning and wrapped around his arm.

Everything happened in a split second. After the thunderbolt descended and Lin Dong grabbed hold of it, he immediately appeared in front of Zhou Tong, who had been dragged out by the Devouring Power from his black hole.

Without any hesitation, Lin Dong’s arm, which was wrapped with liquidized lightning and looked just like a thunderbolt that penetrated the sky, tore through the distant space and smashed towards Zhou Tong.

Lightning glow rapidly magnified in front of Zhou Tong’s gray eyes. At this juncture, even though he possessed the Spatial Ancestral Symbol, he was no longer able to dodge this attack.


That lightning arm finally landed on Zhou Tong’s body. After which, a muffled sound appeared, before Lin Dong’s entire arm penetrated Zhou Tong’s chest. Lightning erupted and the black robe on the latter was turned into ashes almost immediately.

However, after the black robe on Zhou Tong’s body disappeared, Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk. Following which, shocked exclamations erupted from behind.

“This is…”