Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1208: Zhou Tong

Chapter 1208: Zhou Tong


Chapter 1208: Zhou Tong

Zhou Tong?!

A commotion that could not be restrained suddenly erupted amongst the disciples of Dao Sect. Their faces were pale as they looked at the figure in the distance. Meanwhile, disbelief filled their eyes.

“How is this possible?!”

Ying Xiaoxiao also exclaimed in shock. She clenched her hand and muttered, “Senior Zhou Tong was clearly killed by Yuan Gate one hundred years ago. How is it possible… that he is still alive?”

Beside her, Ying Xuanzi trembled continuously. Meanwhile, the expression in his eyes were changing rapidly. Clearly, the emotions in his heart were far too intense. It seems like the current scene had a huge impact on him.

When Lin Dong looked at the disciples from Dao Sect, who had burst into an uproar, he frowned slightly. Promptly, a somewhat solemn expression appeared in his eyes. A hundred years ago, the position that Zhou Tong enjoyed amongst the disciples of Dao Sect was approximately the same as his current position. In fact, when Lin Dong first entered Dao Sect, he even regarded senior Zhou Tong as his target deep within his heart.

Along the way, he broke many records set by Zhou Tong and gradually made a name for himself in Dao Sect. This was because he did not wish for there to be an obstacle in his training journey that he could not surpass.

Every generation would have its own legend. Clearly, a hundred years ago, Zhou Tong was the legend in Dao Sect. This person had also comprehended that extremely profound Great Desolation Scripture and led the disciples of Dao Sect to fight against Yuan Gate during the Great Sect Competition. Finally, he even charged up to Yuan Gate alone. Although he was eventually killed, he left a significant mark on the Eastern Xuan Region and his name was forever imprinted in the hearts of all the Dao Sect disciples.

However, as of now, this former legend of Dao Sect had once again appeared alive in front of them. Moreover, he was now on the opposing side of their Dao Sect… At this moment, it felt as though their faith had crumbled, as the originally spirited Dao Sect disciples were all beginning to feel disheartened.

“He is indeed martial senior Zhou Tong.” Beside him, Ying Huanhuan slowly said. Her pretty icy blue eyes stared intently at the distant figure, with a complicated emotion in her eyes.

Previously, she was also an ardent fan of martial senior Zhou Tong.

“Zhou… Zhou Tong? You are still alive?’ Ying Xuanzi stared intently at that familiar figure. Meanwhile, his voice was trembling slightly.

“Haha, what a moving scene. Ying Xuanzi, this is the disciple whom you were the proudest of, a legend in the hearts of countless Dao Sect disciples. However, as of now, he is siding with my Yuan Gate. Don’t you think this is comical?” Tian Yuanzi laughed faintly and said.

“Why?” Ying Xuanzi’s body trembled as he cried out sternly.

Zhou Tong’s lips moved upon hearing that explosive cry. However, he did not utter a single word.

“You… you traitor!” Ying Xuanzi’s demeanor seemed to have became a lot older at this moment. Beside him, Ying Xiaoxiao hurriedly supported him. Meanwhile, the Dao Sect disciples behind, who were originally raring to go, were all dumbstruck when they saw this scene.

Lin Dong involuntarily frowned when he saw this unexpected scene. His sharp eyes stared intently at Zhou Tong. A moment later, he slowly said, “Martial senior Zhou Tong, I believe that the current you is no longer the real you, am I right?”

Zhou Tong’s body seemed to have stilled for a moment. After which, his eyes turned towards Lin Dong. Though he did not speak, there seemed to be a ripple deep within his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter why you have became like this. We, the disciples of Dao Sect will never forget the martial senior Zhou Tong who dared to charge up to Yuan Gate all by himself for the sake of Dao Sect. Moreover, I believe that you are definitely not acting out of your own volition.” Lin Dong’s somewhat hoarse voice slowly spread, gradually suppressing the chaos amongst the Dao Sect disciples. Immediately, many disciples began to regain their composure. After all, given martial senior Zhou Tong’s character, how was it possible for him to stand on the side of Yuan Gate. There was definitely something amiss!

Zhou Tong continued to stare at Lin Dong. A long while later, a gentle breeze blew over, causing his long hair to drift. After which, tears began to fall on his handsome face, while his body shook violently. It looked as though he was struggling against something. After which, an extremely hoarse and indistinct voice was emitted from his mouth.


There was endless despair within his hoarse voice.

Ying Xuanzi’s body stiffened. He looked at the struggling Zhou Tong before he came to a sudden realization. With a fearsome expression, he stared at Tian Yuanzi and roared, “What have you done to him?!”

Tian Yuanzi frowned as he glanced at Zhou Tong. Then, he snorted coldly before he shook his sleeve. After which, Zhou Tong’s struggling body slowly stilled. The emotions that had just rose on his face gradually faded away and he looked just like a zombie, that was being controlled by someone else.

“Your disciple has an exceptionally tough mind. Even after he was eroded for a hundred years, he is still able to retain a trace of consciousness. Haha, actually I didn’t do much. It’s just that I was unwilling to see such a good seedling go to waste. Therefore, I decided to change his allegiance from Dao Sect to my Yuan Gate.” Tian Yuanzi laughed.

Ying Xuanzi was outraged and even his face became distorted. Never did he imagine that this disciple, whom he was the proudest of and whom he viewed as his own son, was actually being tortured by Yuan Gate for the past hundred years!

“I will murder you!”

Ying Xuanzi suddenly roared, before vast and mighty Yuan Power erupted. Then, he directly shot forward before incomparably sharp attacks smashed towards Tian Yuanzi with lightning like speed.

Tian Yuanzi smirked upon seeing this. Then, he said, “Zhou Tong, your teacher can no longer control himself. Why don’t you, his disciple, teach him how to behave himself.”


Zhou Tong shot forward after that voice sounded. Then, he directly appeared in front of Ying Xuanzi in a phantom like manner. Swiping his hand, the space in front of him became greatly distorted. In fact, it seemed like the formless space had solidified under his palm.


Ying Xuanzi’s sharp attacks heavily clashed against that distorted solidified space. Then, he was actually sent flying. Soon after, Zhou Tong took a step forward, before his body strangely appeared in front of Ying Xuanzi. Following which, he pressed his finger forward before the tip of his finger seemingly penetrated through space and directly pressed towards Ying Xuanzi’s forehead. His technique was extremely ruthless.


Ying Xiaoxiao and the rest behind had a drastic change in their expressions when they saw that Ying Xuanzi was in danger after merely two bouts.


That finger, which contained a silver glow, looked just like a sharp sword. However, just as this sharp attack was about to land on Ying Xuanzi’s forehead, a vast and mighty Mental Energy suddenly agglomerated into a curtain of light on his forehead.

Although this Mental Energy light curtain only blocked that attack for an instant, just as that finger was about to break through the curtain, another long finger with a black glow also rushed over from behind. After which, it clashed heavily against Zhou Tong’s attack.

Creak creak!

The two glowing fingers clashed. Shockingly, no overly violent energy assault waves spread. However, the space around those fingers seemed to have collapsed at this moment.


Two figures trembled before they both took over a dozen steps back.

“I see… so the Spatial Ancestral Symbol is in your hands.”

Lin Dong glanced at Zhou Tong in surprise after he rescued Ying Xuanzi. When they clashed previously, Zhou Tong had made use of the strength of the Spatial Ancestral Symbol. Moreover, this strength was even more powerful compared to what Ren Yuanzi used a couple of days ago. Clearly, the Spatial Ancestral Symbol did not belong to Ren Yuanzi. Instead, it belonged to Zhou Tong.

Zhou Tong did not reply. His eyes merely looked at Ying Xuanzi, who now looked much older. Meanwhile, there seemed to be pain and bitterness, which could not be described with words, hidden deep within his eyes.

“Sect master, the current Zhou Tong is already under their control.” Lin Dong sighed softly and said.

Ying Xuanzi clenched his hands tightly. A long while later, he slowly nodded. With a hoary expression, he said, “I was too reckless.”

When Lin Dong saw Ying Xuanzi’s demeanor, he felt upset as well. Promptly, he quickly lifted his head and cast his cold and stern eyes towards the Tian Yuanzi trio before he said, “Sect master, you can be rest assured that I will make them pay a hefty price.”

“I will leave everything to you.” Ying Xuanzi nodded. He also understood that he was unable to handle the situation with his current strength.

“Haha, unless you finish off Zhou Tong, I’m afraid that he would not allow you guys to attack my Yuan Gate.” Tian Yuanzi laughed in a faint voice. “There are so many experts from the Eastern Xuan Region present today. It looks like we will all get to enjoy a huge internal fight within Dao Sect.”

“Old dog, you can be rest assured that you will suffer a fate worse than death once I capture you.” Lin Dong gave Tian Yuanzi a ferocious smile. His eyes were cold and stern.

“Is that so?”

A murderous intent flashed across Tian Yuanzi’s eyes. Soon after, he waved his sleeve and said, “Zhou Tong, this is Lin Dong, the one who succeeded your reputation in Dao Sect. Amongst your past accomplishments, none of them managed to surpass his. Today, let him witness your abilities. Of course, it’s best if you can kill him as well.”

However, Zhou Tong did not move when he heard Tian Yuanzi’s words. Instead, a faint silver glow crazily flickered within his eyes.

“Humph, are you still thinking of resisting now? You must be dreaming.”

Tian Yuanzi snorted coldly upon seeing this. He clenched his hand before a grayish aura covered Zhou Tong’s eyes, swiftly eroding the silver light within.

Zhou Tong’s body trembled violently and his head was quickly filled with perspiration. He clenched his teeth before blood seeped out, causing him to look exceptionally fearsome.

“You old dog!”

A furious glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw that Tian Yuanzi had forced Zhou Tong into such a state. His body moved and he was just about to attack when the space in front of him became distorted. Then, Zhou Tong appeared and stopped him.

The gray aura wildly eroded the silver glint in Zhou Tong’s eyes. Lin Dong could feel that the remaining consciousness in the latter was being rapidly erased.

“Lin… martial junior Lin Dong…”

Zhou Tong widened his mouth as the silver glint in his eyes made its final struggle. His hoarse and indistinct voice contained a pleading tone.

“Please promise me… you … you must kill me!”

Lin Dong looked at Zhou Tong, who was once the pride of their entire Dao Sect. When he saw that he was being tortured so terribly, fury erupted within his heart before murderous desire crazily surged within his black eyes. A moment later, he inhaled a deep breath and slowly clenched his hand. His low voice was filled with brutal murderous desire as it resounded across the sky.

“Martial senior Zhou Tong, you can be rest assured that I will make those three old dogs pay for all the pain that they have given you!”

“Thank… thank you.”

A pleased smile appeared on Zhou Tong’s face. After which, the silver glint within his eyes also disappeared completely.