Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1207: Outside Yuan Gate

Chapter 1207: Outside Yuan Gate


Chapter 1207: Outside Yuan Gate

A hundred miles from Yuan Gate.

Hundreds of Yuan Gate disciples were gathered on a mountain top. This was a guard post in front of Yuan Gate, and it was used to monitor every activity around the Yuan Gate vicinity. Of course, such a guard post did not exist in the past. After all, Yuan Gate were the ones on the attack and no one dared to attack them.

Of course, this was all in the past.

The current situation in the Eastern Xuan Region had undergone a drastic transformation within merely three days. This startling transformation was even detected by various empires which allied themselves with Yuan Gate. Hence, some of the wiser ones quickly withdrew their forces and stationed them within their own empires. In fact, they no longer dared to attack the other empires. After all, they were keenly aware that if Yuan Gate was defeated, even though it was impossible to wipe out all the empires allied with Yuan Gate, it was likely that the most vicious ones would still be destroyed.

Therefore, amidst this unstable situation, it was best to act a little more prudently and keep a low profile.

On that mountain top, those patrols were continuously scanning their surroundings with their sharp eyes. Occasionally, there would be some people scuttling around and checking on other places.

“What is that?”

Time passed by. Suddenly, someone let out an exclamation. The people around him immediately lifted their heads to take a look, only to realize that the distant sky seemed to have became much brighter suddenly. Meanwhile, there seemed to be countless individuals within that distant light.

“Oh no. Send the signal!”

The patrols’ expressions changed drastically while horror surged into their eyes. Immediately, a sharp screech was emitted from their lips.


A fiery red light shot out from within their hands before it finally burst in the sky. In fact, it was possible to spot it even from a hundred miles away.

After the signal was released, that light quickly swept over from the horizon. Only then, did they finally see the large number of humans within that light. Meanwhile, those people were all staring at them viciously with intense hatred in their eyes.

Swoosh swoosh!

Without any unnecessary words, countless attacks rained down from the sky. Instantly, the entire mountain peak was flattened by their wild and violent attacks.

The mountain peak was flattened. However, the figures scattered all across the sky did not stop. Instead, they headed straight towards the distant Yuan Gate. Soon after, in a few other locations, brilliant signal flares shot into the sky. Following which, those signal flares were all engulfed by the figures swarming over from behind.

The flames of vengeance came from all directions, surrounding Yuan Gate and allowing nothing to escape.


The headquarters of Yuan Gate.

Demonic aura lingered over the entire place. Meanwhile, it felt as though there were sharp ghost howls being emitted. At this moment, Yuan Gate was in chaos and countless figures were scuttling around. After which, they lifted their heads to look at that seemingly endless sea of people rushing over from afar.

It was virtually impossible to tell just how many people were coming.

Even though the eyes of these disciples were entwined with demonic aura, a trace of fear still flashed across their faces.


Countless individuals were now standing in the sky outside Yuan Gate. When they saw those Yuan Gate disciples, their eyes turned blood red immediately. Then, with a roar, tens of thousands of them charged straight towards Yuan Gate with red eyes.

“Humph, you are all courting death!”

An icy cold cry sounded from within Yuan Gate just as that group was about to attack. Soon after, a tens of thousands of feet large black cloth suddenly shot forth and swept across the place. After which, the bodies of everyone who came into contact with it were immediately corroded until only their bones were left. In fact, they did not even have the time to scream before they fell from the sky.

After experiencing such a fearsome obstacle, those red eyed individuals were all stunned as they backed off. After they recovered some of their senses, they quickly retreated. Then, they stared at Yuan Gate with fear in their eyes.

After what happened to those reckless individuals, the light figures behind them finally calmed down and they no longer dared to randomly charge forward. All of them stood in the sky, while they stared venomously at the tightly guarded Yuan Gate.

Suddenly, a commotion erupted amongst the light figures covering the sky. After which, a huge crack was formed before a large group from Dao Sect appeared. Their leader was naturally Lin Dong, Ying Xuanzi and the rest.

The surrounding experts all felt uplifted after this group arrived. Meanwhile, there was an additional trace of anger in their eyes when they looked at Yuan Gate.

Lin Dong was standing in the sky. When he saw the demonic aura covering Yuan Gate, he involuntarily shook his head. He did not expect that what was once the most powerful sect in the Eastern Xuan Region, had now became a demonic region.

“The three old dogs of Yuan Gate. Are you guys going to keep hiding even up till now?”

Lin Dong looked at the deepest part of Yuan Gate in an indifferent manner. Then, his voice, which was wrapped with majestic Yuan Power, rumbled across the sky like thunder.

“Outrageous. All of you actually dare to attack our Yuan Gate. You are all courting death!” An elder of Yuan Gate cried out sternly.

“Do you think that you are qualified to speak here?” Liu Qing glared at that elder. Suddenly, he widened his mouth before a dragon roar swept forward. The intense dragon might within the roar shattered the space and ruthlessly charged towards that Yuan Gate elder.

However, a black light suddenly flashed from the deepest part of the sect just as that dragon roar was about to break into Yuan Gate. Soon after, it shattered that dragon roar.

“Haha, you are quite capable indeed. You even managed to get experts from the Dragon tribe to assist you.”

Three black lights shot out from the deepest part of Yuan Gate after the dragon roar was shattered. After which, they appeared in the sky. The person on the right had fair baby like skin and silver hair. The one on the left wore a black robe and had clear smooth skin. However, his hands were exceptionally pale.

Meanwhile, there was a man wearing white robes standing between them. The colour of his eyes was a mixture of black and white, appearing just like Yin and Yang. Moreover, they looked so deep that one would feel as though one was falling within.

Their demeanor was exactly the same as three years ago. Therefore, who else could they be other than the three great heads of Yuan Gate?

Lin Dong’s eyes paused on the three of them. Meanwhile, there was extremely rich murderous desire surging within his eyes. After all, he had been looking forward to this day ever since he was chased out of the Eastern Xuan Region three year ago…

In order to prepare for this day, he had lingered between life and death many times over the last three years.


Lin Dong let out a deep breath. His aura also gradually changed as he exhaled. If he was like a sheathed sword in the past, as of now, this sword was completely unsheathed.

His sharp aura seemingly penetrated the clouds.

Little Marten and Little Flame also slowly clenched their hands. Meanwhile, there was endless ferocity flashing in their eyes.

Standing within Yuan Gate, the Tian Yuanzi trio also detected Lin Dong’s transformation. Immediately, their pupils hardened slightly before the expression on their faces grew a little solemn. Regardless, they had no choice but to admit that the current Lin Dong was no longer that puny Dao Sect disciple from three years ago…

“Back then, I should have spared no expense to kill you.” Tian Yuanzi sighed.

“Don’t tell me that you actually held back at that time?” Lin Dong smiled. Meanwhile, his tone was full of ridicule. Back then, the three great heads of Yuan Gate had attacked together in order to deal with him, a mere disciple of Dao Sect. If Qingzhi had not penetrated through space and rescued him, it might have been impossible for him to escape.

Tian Yuanzi narrowed his eyes, before a cold glint flashed across his eyes. Then, he casually said, “There is no need to be so proud of yourself. You might have escaped back then, but it will be the same after we finish you off now.”

“Perhaps you three old dogs will be the unlucky ones this time around.” Lin Dong softly said.

“Arrogant creature! Do you think that you are the only one who has improved after three years? I shall let you witness the enormous gap between the both of us!”

Ren Yuanzi’s face darkened. Then, his body moved before the empty space fluctuated. Finally, he appeared directly in front of Lin Dong and extended his large hand. Meanwhile, an exceptionally dense Reincarnation ripple spread.

“Reincarnation stage?” Beside him, first elder Zhu Li and the rest were all startled when they detected this ripple. They were just about to intervene when Lin Dong stopped them. Then, he waved his hand before a black shadow shot out from his sleeve. After which, it transformed into a black figure in front of him. That black figure was holding onto a black long blade. Meanwhile, he stared indifferently at Ren Yuanzi, who was heading towards him with a hand containing a Reincarnation ripple. Finally, without any hesitation, that black figure swung his black long blade forward!

There were no frightening fluctuations when that black long blade swung forward. However, Ren Yuanzi’s eyes suddenly shrunk. That was because he felt an extremely dangerous sensation within his heart.


While he was feeling uneasy, that black long blade flashed before it heavily slashed onto his palm. After which, that incomparably mysterious Reincarnation ripple was actually slashed apart by that black long blade. Finally, that blade pierced his flesh, causing fresh blood to splurt.


Ren Yuanzi cried out miserably. Promptly, he quickly pulled back. The space itself became distorted before he quickly retreated back into Yuan Gate. Finally, his eyes looked at the black figure in front of Lin Dong with some fear lingering in them.

“Be careful. There is something strange about that creature.” Tian Yuanzi stared at the black figure in front of Lin Dong and slowly said.

Ren Yuanzi clenched his teeth. Immediately, green and white flashed across his face. After all, he did not expect Lin Dong to serve him such a humiliating blow right after he attacked.

“This little fellow came prepared.” Di Yuanzi, who had yet to speak, suddenly said in a dark and cold voice.

“Came prepared huh?”

Tian Yuanzi smiled faintly and said, “In that case, we should deliver our surprise too.”

He gently swung his sleeve after his voice sounded. Following which, the space around him quickly became distorted. Then, black fog surged and there seemed to be a blurry figure slowly walking out from within the distorted space.

This commotion was naturally discovered by Lin Dong’s group. Immediately, they frowned gently. This was because it was possible for them to detect an extremely strange ripple from that distorted space.

Sha sha.

A foot slowly stepped out from within that distorted space. After which, the black fog entwined around him gradually faded, revealing a skinny figure. That figure was wearing a black robe and his entire body was shrouded in darkness.

“Since so many people from Dao Sect are here, all of you should meet an old friend.” The expression on Tian Yuanzi’s face became even more insidious as he smilingly said to the members of Dao Sect.

Pale hands were extended from deep within that figure’s sleeves. After which, that figure slowly removed his hood in front of countless pairs of eyes. After he removed his hood, a handsome yet pale face appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Who is it?”

Lin Dong looked at that foreign figure, only to be slightly startled. Though this person was clearly a stranger, Lin Dong detected a familiar scent from his body.

A commotion suddenly erupted from behind. Lin Dong turned his head, only to see that Ying Xuanzi’s face had suddenly turned pale. The latter pointed his finger at that figure while disbelief filled his eyes.

“You… you… Zhou Tong, you are still alive?! How is this possible!”

Zhou Tong?”

Lin Dong’s heart trembled violently. Then, he stared in bewilderment at that figure. It turns out that man was actually the most dazzling Dao Sect disciple one hundred years ago, someone who even comprehended the Great Desolation Scripture… Zhou Tong!

Didn’t he die at the hands of Yuan Gate?!