Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1206: Time To Gather; A War Is About To Arrive

Chapter 1206: Time To Gather; A War Is About To Arrive


Chapter 1206: Time To Gather; A War Is About To Arrive

Within merely three days, the atmosphere within the Eastern Xuan Region unknowingly began to change in various mysterious ways. Those experts, who had been hiding from the experts of Yuan Gate, begun to leave their hiding places. After which, they headed towards Dao Sect, the only other super sect left on the Eastern Xuan Region besides Yuan Gate.

The commotion and effectiveness of the “Yuan Destruction Alliance” had far exceeded the expectations of Ying Xuanzi’s group. Hence, they were a little stunned when they saw the number of experts flooding towards their Dao Sect.

Ultimately, it seems like they had underestimated the hatred created by Yuan Gate in the Eastern Xuan Region.


The mountains outside Dao Sect were packed with humans. A noisy din gathered together and shot towards the clouds, causing this spacious mountain range to become as noisy as a bustling marketplace.

Furthermore, there were still light figures occasionally streaking across the sky. Meanwhile, many of them had powerful auras. Clearly, all of them had one thing in common as their eyes were all filled with intense hatred.

Their sects were destroyed, their martial brothers were killed, and they were forced to live like fugitives. Every single one of these occurrences was sufficient for them to become sworn enemies of Yuan Gate.

Buzz buzz.

As more and more powerful practitioners headed over, the Dao Sect’s sect guarding formation began to tremble. Finally, the light barrier slowly scattered. Following which, vast and powerful Yuan Power fluctuations spread like floodwaters.

Swoosh swoosh!

Countless figures rushed out in all directions. Finally, they hovered in the sky. Their agglomerated aura was vast and mighty. Meanwhile, every Dao Sect disciple was wearing a confident expression even though they knew how powerful their opponents were going to be.

When those experts, who had originated from the other vanquished super sects, saw these Dao Sect disciples, all of them sighed secretly. Compared to Dao Sect, the disciples from their super sects were indeed a little lacking. It’s no wonder Dao Sect was the only super sect in Eastern Xuan Region who was able to survive repeated invasions from Yuan Gate.


A monstrous ferocious aura suddenly soared towards the sky while everyone was sighing emotionally. The intensity of that aura caused countless powerful experts to be stunned. They quickly lifted their heads and saw a black cloud rushing out from within Dao Sect. Subsequently, a group of men stood in the sky and did not move at all. In fact, they were breathing as though they were a single entity. Meanwhile, their intense and brutal auras seemingly transformed into a ten thousand feet large tiger above them, and it looked exceptionally fearsome.


Those powerful experts all had a drastic change in their expressions when they saw this formidable army. Promptly, fear flashed across their eyes. Clearly, they realized just how powerful this army was.

“Is this army from Dao Sect? Why haven’t I heard about it before?”

“It is rumoured that this army was brought back to Dao Sect by Lin Dong and they are extremely powerful.”

“Lin Dong? Could it be that Dao Sect disciple who was forced to leave the Eastern Xuan Region three years ago?”

“Heh, who else could it be? However, unlike back then, he is no longer an unknown little kid. Three days ago, the first elder of Yuan Gate led an army to attack Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, and Lin Dong hurried over to reinforce the latter. In the end, none of those old bastards from Yuan Gate managed to escape.”

“He’s so powerful? Dao Sect is truly blessed. Back then, they had Zhou Tong. Now, they got Lin Dong. Truly...”

“The reason why Dao Sect dares to attack Yuan Gate is largely because Lin Dong has returned. Moreover, he even brought back a group of extremely frightening helpers… This time around, those three bastards from Yuan Gate have finally met their match.”


Many private conversations suddenly erupted after that ferocious group showed up. Following which, many peoples’ eyes were filled with surprise and curiosity. Clearly, within a few days’ time, Lin Dong’s name, which was once famed across the entire Eastern Xuan Region, was unearthed again.


After the Tiger Devouring Army appeared, many rays of light subsequently shot out from behind. After which, they stood in the sky. They were Ying Xuanzi, Lin Dong, first elder Zhu Li and the rest.

The din in this place died down immediately after Ying Xuanzi showed up.

“Everyone, I believe that we are not strangers. My Dao Sect would like to express our sympathy towards the painful experiences that all of you have been through over the past year. However, in the past, our Dao Sect could barely protect ourselves and we were unable to lend a helping hand. Therefore, I hope that everyone will not bear a grudge because of this.” Ying Xuanzi surveyed the mountain range before he cupped his hands together. Then, his low cry resounded across this mountain range.

“Sect master Ying Xuanzi is too polite. All of us were far too short sighted. Against such a calamity, if we had joined forces in time, we would not have landed in this state.” At a short distance away, a large group of men were standing in the sky. Leading that group, was a withered and skinny green clothed old man, with a large green sword on his back. Meanwhile, extremely sharp sword auras were being emitted by him. At this moment, there was a bitter expression on that elder’s face.

“Sigh, sect master Mo.” Ying Xuanzi looked at that green clothed old man and sighed.

“Who is he?” Lin Dong glanced at that green clothed old man. The latter was extremely powerful and it was obvious that he was an ultimate expert who had stepped into the Samsara stage. Moreover, the sword aura circling him was quite formidable. Clearly, he was no ordinary individual.

“He is the sect master of Blade Sect, Mo Jian. However, as of now, Blade Sect has already disappeared and I’m afraid that they are all that is left.” Standing beside him, Ying Huanhuan softly replied.

“There are also sect master and elders from other vanquished super sects. They managed to escape from Yuan Gate, but they did not dare to show themselves until now.” Standing on the left of Lin Dong, Ling Qingzhu surveyed this sea of people before she spoke in a somewhat ethereal and pleasing voice.

“It’s all thanks to you. If we can band them together, we will have a much higher chance of defeating Yuan Gate.” Lin Dong gave a heartfelt praise. If their Dao Sect was to fight to the death with Yuan Gate alone, it was likely that they would end up with a pyrrhic victory even if they could succeed.

“This is also because you led us to a huge victory three days ago. Otherwise, these people would not dare to show themselves. In fact, they would rather leave the Eastern Xuan Region than to oppose Yuan Gate.” Ling Qingzhu shook her head and said.

“If we do not properly organize this group of people, I’m afraid that this ‘Yuan Destruction Alliance’ might only end up becoming a burden.” Ying Huanhuan said in a faint voice.

“Miss Huanhuan is right. These people are indeed powerful. However, if their strength cannot be controlled, it would only end up becoming a burden.” Ling Qingzhu glanced at Ying Huanhuan and nodded.

Lin Dong nodded as well. After which, he exchanged glances with Ying Xuanzi before he slowly stepped forward. Every pair of eyes swiftly turned towards him the moment he did so. In fact, a small uproar vaguely erupted. It was likely that all of them recognised him.

“Friends from the Eastern Xuan Region, I believe that all of you know why we have invited you guys here. The war started by Yuan Gate has impacted the entire Eastern Xuan Region. Many super sects were destroyed and their members were killed. It’s likely that everyone here shares the same attitude that Dao Sect holds towards Yuan Gate.”

Lin Dong looked around him, before a stern expression flashed across his eyes. That aura caused even the sect master of Blade Sect, Mo Jian, to feel secretly startled. Then, Lin Dong’s deep voice reverberated across the sky.

“However, everyone should also know how powerful Yuan Gate is. Hence, there is only one way to get rid of this cancer. That is to band together and combine our forces.”

“Our Dao Sect has sworn that we will never coexist with Yuan Gate. Today, our Dao Sect will leave our base and fight to the death with Yuan Gate. If anyone shares the same desire, our Dao Sect will naturally regard you as an ally. However, if anyone secretly creates obstructions and affect my Dao Sect’s desire to destroy Yuan Gate, I, Lin Dong will regard that person as a member of Yuan Gate!”


A fearsome glint suddenly flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes after his voice sounded. Following which, monstrous purple-gold light swept forward, before thousands of purple-gold dragon symbols appeared. Then, they directly transformed into a massive tens of thousands feet large purple-gold dragon claw. After which, that claw swung forward, before the land collapsed immediately, leaving a deep gully that stretched on for a hundred thousand feet. Moreover, it even directly split a mountain into two, and it was an extremely terrifying sight.

A loud sound rumbled continuously across the sky, while dust spread on the ground. Countless experts below were staring at Lin Dong, who now looked like a battle deity filled with a frightening and ferocious aura. Immediately, shock surged into their eyes, while cold sweat dripped down from their foreheads.

Compared to Ying Xuanzi, this young man acted in a much more fearsome and formidable manner.


A monstrous tiger roar followed, as the Tiger Devouring Army roared towards the sky. Immediately, dense ferocity covered the sky and blotted out the sun, causing Lin Dong to look even more menacing.

The entire sky gradually became silent. Even those formidable former sect master and elders from various super sects were intimidated by Lin Dong. As such, none of them dared to speak up.

When Ling Qingzhu looked at Lin Dong, who managed to intimidate countless experts from the Eastern Xuan Region with a single sentence, a faint arc slowly lifted on the corner of her lips. Who could have imagined that this man, who was a tender and weak youth many years ago, would grow by such an extent. In fact, it was not an exaggeration to claim that the current Lin Dong was the number one individual in the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

“Young brother Lin Dong is right. Yuan Gate destroyed our sect and we are arch enemies with them. Our goals are all aligned. Hence, there is no way we will pose any obstructions. If anyone here dares to do so, I think that none of us will let him off.” Sect master Mo from Blade Sect gradually recovered his senses. Meanwhile, the fear in his eyes retreated as he cupped his hands together and laughed.

“Sect master Mo is right! As long as we can destroy Yuan Gate, our Great Desolate Palace will follow young brother Lin Dong’s every command!” At a short distance away, an extremely skinny old man also cried out in a deep voice. This person was the sect master of Great Desolate Palace and he was also a well known expert in the Eastern Xuan Region.

After the two of them spoke up, many cries of agreement followed. Instantly, the emotions of countless individuals surged, before their hatred towards Yuan Gate converged together.

Ying Xuanzi watched this sea of people in front of him, who were now completely stirred up, before he quietly sighed in relief. After which, he turned to look at Lin Dong, before a tinge of satisfaction flashed across his eyes.

“Thank you sect masters.”

Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards the two sect masters. After which, he slowly withdrew his monstrous brutal aura before he said, “Since everyone shares the same goal, the Yuan Destruction Alliance will thus be formed. Everyone can decide to leave or stay after this matter is resolved.”

“And now…”

Lin Dong’s voice paused, before his eyes looked afar. Then, his eyes swept across the sea of people scattered across the mountain range. All of their eyes were filled with hatred towards Yuan Gate.

Lin Dong slowly lifted his hand. In the next instant, rich murderous intent surged into his eyes.

“Let’s go! Today, we shall destroy Yuan Gate!”

Earthshaking roars resounded across the sky and the mountains began to tremble. After which, Yuan Power surged before countless people rushed forward. After which, a monstrous torrent swept across the sky.

The decisive battle with Yuan Gate had finally arrived.