Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1205: Yuan Destruction Alliance

Chapter 1205: Yuan Destruction Alliance


Chapter 1205: Yuan Destruction Alliance

Yuan Gate’s attempt to destroy Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace failed because of the arrival of Lin Dong’s men. Nonetheless, despite their failed attempt, Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace was turned into ruins. Moreover, their palace master died from serious injuries, while all their elders were severely wounded. Hence, Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace was currently at its weakest moment.

“You should bring the disciples from your Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace and follow me back to Dao Sect. You guys can’t stay in this place anymore. After all, if Yuan Gate launches another sneak attack, the disciples of your Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace will definitely suffer terribly.” When he realized that the current Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Place lacked the ability to protect itself, Lin Dong decided to ask for Ling Qingzhu’s opinion.


Ling Qingzhu hesitated for a moment after hearing this. If they were to simply head to Dao Sect now, it would feel as though they were imposing on them. Therefore, even though she knew that what Lin Dong proposed was the ideal solution, she inevitably felt a little resistant in her heart.

“You are now the palace master of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.” Lin Dong glanced at her before he slowly said.

Ling Qingzhu clenched her hand tightly, before she promptly nodded her head. Currently, she had to think on behalf of the disciples of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Therefore, she had to be willing to swallow her pride.

“Go and instruct them.”

Lin Dong watched the ruins in front of him and sighed softly. Within a few days, a super sect, which once towered over the Eastern Xuan Region, was nearly exterminated. As such, it was likely that Ling Qingzhu was also feeling extremely terrible in her heart.

Lin Dong turned around and left after uttering those words. After which, he sat on a mountain top and observed the scene after the news spread. This caused the disciples of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace to feel a little upset.

“Are you asking her to follow us back to Dao Sect?” A cold aura approached Lin Dong from the side. After which, Ying Huanhuan sat elegantly beside him. Her hands supported her cheeks while her pretty eyes looked at the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples, who were currently cleaning up the mess.


Lin Dong nodded and smilingly asked, “Do you mind?”

“I am not so petty.” Ying Huanhuan rolled her eyes. After which, she stared at the ruins in front of her and muttered, “Actually, I can empathize with her. This is because I was also carrying the burden of the entire Dao Sect before your return. After all, Yuan Gate has countless powerful individuals and the three great heads had yet to make a move. Hence, I was also worried that should I fail, the many disciples from Dao Sect would also wound up just like them…”

“During the past three years, I was missing you badly. However, I also had to do my best to protect Dao Sect…” Ying Huanhuan folded her long legs. Her pretty snow white face was lowered to her knees. Meanwhile, a heartbreaking frailness rose onto her pretty face, which was now covered by cold frost.

“I was afraid that I would not be able to hang on until your return. Or perhaps… by the time you returned, Dao Sect would have been destroyed and I would have been forced to become another person.”

Lin Dong stared in shock at the girl seated beside him. Evidently, she had a hard time over the last three years. However, did any of them here have an easy time? Three years ago, she was a lively and cute girl, the little princess that all disciples from Dao Sect cherished. She could have fun everyday without any worries. However, soon after, the lives of every Dao Sect disciple fell onto her delicate shoulders. Just by thinking about the heavy burden that she had to carry, one’s heart began to ache.

“It has been tough on you. However, now that I am back, let me carry that burden. I am extremely thick skinned and I specialize in dealing with these things.”

With a warm expression in his eyes, Lin Dong extended his hand and gently rubbed Ying Huanhuan’s head. Her smooth hair was a little icy and it felt extremely comfortable.


However, his actions caused a faint flush to appear on Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face. This lass, who now had a reputation in Dao Sect that was not inferior to Lin Dong, gently acknowledged in an extremely obedient manner. After which, she used a voice that only he could hear before she said, “Don’t worry. Whatever you do, I will support you.”

In the distance, Ling Qingzhu, who was instructing the disciples from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace to clean up the mess and prepare to leave, suddenly saw the two people on the mountain top. Immediately, she gently bit her red lips, while some chaotic ripples were actually stirred in her typically unemotional heart.

“Tsk tsk, senior sister Qingzhu, it seems like you have met a formidable opponent this time around.” A low voice suddenly sounded from her side. It turns out Su Ruo had unknowingly approached her. Meanwhile, the latter’s eyes were also focused on the mountain top as she grinned and said.

Ling Qingzhu glanced indifferently at her and said, “Ying Huanhuan stepped forward back at the Unique Devil City and risked her life to force Ying Xuanzi to appear and rescue him. Her courage to love is something that I cannot hope to match up to.”

“That’s not true. Regardless, the both of you have contrasting personalities, and the way in which the both of you express your love is different. Hehe, I know that you fancy big brother Lin Dong. Otherwise, given your character, why would you make an annual trip to the Great Yan Empire?” Su Ruo said.

“Senior sister Qingzhu, your heart might be wrapped by a layer of ice, but there are raging flames within. However, I’m afraid that big brother Lin Dong is the only man who will be able to enjoy your heated emotions.”

Even with Ling Qingzhu’s lotus like calmness, her pretty face reddened when she heard Su Ruo’s teasing. Then, she said in a somewhat indignant manner, “You lass, who taught you these irritating things. Go and do what is needed and withdraw.”


Su Ruo replied with a smile. Then, she waved her small hand and said, “However, don’t miss out on this opportunity senior sister Qingzhu. After all, there is no medicine for regret in this world.”

Ling Qingzhu looked at Su Ruo, who fled while laughing. Then, she pursed her red lips. Her heart, which had just gradually calmed down, once again began to race. Meanwhile, the ripples stirred grew increasingly intense.

They finally cleaned up the place after half a day. After which, Lin Dong and the rest did not linger on. When they glanced at this place, which was still a majestic site a couple of days ago, all of them sighed softly. Finally, with a wave of his hand, Lin Dong led the group before they turned around and left.


When they saw a large group returning to Dao Sect, it naturally stirred quite a commotion. Those disciples from Dao Sect looked at the gloomy and dispirited disciples from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, before they sighed quietly. This war had affected the entire Eastern Xuan Region. If it was not because their Dao Sect had Ying Huanhuan and Lin Dong’s timely return, it was likely that their fate would be even more miserable than those Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples.

Within the main hall of Dao Sect, Ying Xuanzi released a deep sigh after he heard about what happened to Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. His expression was a gloomy and dispirited one.

“Other than Yuan Gate, only our Dao Sect still stands in the Eastern Xuan Region. I believe that there is no way that they will let us off.” Ying Xuanzi said.

“Sect master, there is no need to be overly worried. Although Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace suffered a great loss this time around, Yuan Gate also paid a hefty price. In fact, many of their elders were killed. Furthermore, even with the Yimo secretly helping them, it is impossible for them to simply brush off such a significant loss.”

Lin Dong shook his head and continued, “Currently, Yuan Gate might have lost the ability to launch an attack. Moreover, those three great heads of Yuan Gate are extremely cunning. Therefore, it is likely that they will not make a move at this moment.”

“So, do you mean?” A glint flashed across Ying Xuanzi’s eyes.

“Take the initiative to attack and obliterate Yuan Gate. Let’s end the chaos in the Eastern Xuan Region once in for all.” A fearsome glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. However, he spoke in an extremely calm voice.

Ying Xuanzi and the various elders of Dao Sect were all startled upon hearing this. Currently, Yuan Gate was extremely powerful and most people would rather hide from them and protect themselves. However, Lin Dong was even more ruthless than them, as he actually wanted to take the initiative to attack Yuan Gate.

“Father, although Yuan Gate is powerful, our Dao Sect is no pushover. There is no telling who will emerge victorious in an actual fight.”

Ying Huanhuan also spoke at this moment, “Moreover, the Yimo are extremely cunning. Hence, there is no telling what could happen if we allow Yuan Gate to drag this on.”

Lin Dong nodded. It was likely that “Devil Prison” were the ones supporting Yuan Gate. Moreover, it was clear that they were plotting to pull off a massive scheme. Therefore, they did not dare to show themselves and decided to use Yuan Gate as a proxy. Hence, if they did not destroy Yuan Gate as soon as possible, it might be difficult for them to nip the problem in the bud.

“Elder Ying Xuanzi. Yuan Gate might no longer be the strongest faction in the Eastern Xuan Region after this defeat…” Ling Qingzhu, who was quietly listening, suddenly remarked in a soft voice.

“Oh?” Ying Xuanzi was startled. Then, he turned to look at Ling Qingzhu.

“The war that Yuan Gate started affected the entire Eastern Xuan Region, and many super sects were destroyed. However, although those super sects were destroyed, not everyone within was killed. In fact, many powerful individuals managed to escape. Therefore, if Dao Sect takes the initiative and pledge to exterminate Yuan Gate, I believe that countless powerful hidden individuals would swarm over. At that time, the situation would be reversed and Yuan Gate will end up falling into a disadvantage.” Ling Qingzhu’s cool voice resounded through the hall, causing the eyes of many to brighten abruptly.

Lin Dong also glanced at Ling Qingzhu in surprise. What she proposed was indeed quite ruthless and it directly addressed the heart of the problem. By taking advantage of the hatred that Yuan Gate had created, they would be able to gather all the hidden experts and band them together to fight against Yuan Gate. After which, Yuan Gate would be forced to fight a life and death battle with the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

“Lin Dong, what do you think?” A glint flashed across Ying Xuanzi’s eyes. Meanwhile, there was an unconcealable excited glow on his face.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded.


Ying Xuanzi suddenly stood up. Currently, he looked somewhat agitated. After all, over the last year, his Dao Sect was pushed by Yuan Gate until they could barely catch their breath. However, was the situation finally about to reverse?

“Spread the news and invite all the powerful practitioners within the Eastern Xuan Region to form a Yuan Destruction Alliance. Three days later, we will band together and fight to the death with Yuan Gate!”

News regarding the Yuan Destruction Alliance quickly spread across the entire Eastern Xuan Region. Although there was little activity initially, the entire region quickly boiled after the news was confirmed. Following which, countless experts hidden in different parts of the Eastern Xuan Region rose and hurried towards Dao Sect. Meanwhile, these powerful practitioners all had the same expression, that was hatred towards Yuan Gate…

The sky of the Eastern Xuan Region became incomparably lively within a short two to three days. Countless figures streaked across the sky and headed straight for Dao Sect. A vengeful aura stealthily enveloped the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

Yuan Gate.

Currently, this sect no longer had the grand and majestic aura that it had before. Instead, black demonic aura enveloped the interior of the sect, while dark chilly winds blew continuously. Those Yuan Gate disciples shuttling within the sect absorbed the demonic aura and they had intoxicated and fearsome expressions.

This sect looked just like a demonic region.

In the deepest part of Yuan Gate, three figures were standing above a deep mountain stream with their hands behind their back. Meanwhile, an extremely frightening aura slowly spread from within their bodies.

“I heard that Dao Sect is organising a ‘Yuan Destruction Alliance’ to fight with us to the death …” One of the three figures suddenly laughed softly before he said.

“In that case, let’s wait for them to come. Once we destroy that alliance, no one in the Eastern Xuan Region will be able to oppose us. At that time, our Yuan Gate shall become the only overlord.” Standing in the middle, a white robed man said. His eyes were black and white in colour, and it looked as though Yin and Yang were suspended in them, giving him an incomparably mysterious look. This person was precisely Tian Yuanzi.

“I exchanged blows with Lin Dong before. I never expected him to become so powerful after three years. How interesting.” Beside him, a silver haired Ren Yuanzi smiled indifferently and said.

“We were able to kill him easily three years ago. It will be the same three years later. The final result will not change.” Tian Yuanzi said in a faint voice.

Ren Yuanzi smiled and nodded. Then, he waved his sleeve before a silver light shot out from his hand and headed into the deep mountain stream below. “I am still unable to fully utilize this Ancestral Symbol. After all, it doesn’t belong to me. How unfortunate…”

That silver light shot into the deep stream. Meanwhile, black fog was drifting at the deepest part of the stream, and there seemed to be a blurry figure seated like a statue at that spot. That silver light flashed before it shot into that figure’s body.

Tian Yuanzi looked at the blurry figure at the deepest part of the mountain stream. With a strange expression, he muttered, “Yuan Destruction Alliance. Haha, come, come… Dao Sect, I will give all of you a present that you guys would have never imagined…”