Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1203: The Eighth Ancestral Symbol

Chapter 1203: The Eighth Ancestral Symbol


Chapter 1203: The Eighth Ancestral Symbol

The large silver hand penetrated through space and blasted apart the many layers of ice walls. After which, it grabbed at Lu Feng’s group. From the looks of it, it was clearly planning to rescue Lu Feng’s group before Lin Dong could kill them.

Lin Dong stood in the air. His black eyes were frosty as he looked at the large silver hand. There was not much surprise in his eyes. A thought passed through his mind and the Great Desolate Tablet once again expanded. After which, it turned and ruthlessly smashed towards the large silver hand.


As if sensing Lin Dong’s actions, a cold snort seemed to emerge from the shattered space. The large silver hand turned and met Lin Dong’s attack, powerfully colliding against the Great Desolate Tablet which was smashing towards it.


The powerful clash immediately shattered the surrounding space as an incomparably wild and violent energy wave spread. Lu Feng’s group, which was closest, involuntarily spat out a mouthful of blood.

Buzz buzz!

The Great Desolate Tablet shook violently as ancient ripples continued to be emitted in a circular fashion. However, the large silver hand was also extremely frightening, and actually resisted the suppression of the Great Desolate Tablet. Although the large silver hand trembled continuously, it did not allow the Great Desolate Tablet to fully suppress it.

“Ice Phoenix Devil Suppressing Lock!”

An ice-cold cry sounded from nearby while Lin Dong was locked in battle with the large silver hand. Soon after, snow that permeated the sky formed ten huge ice phoenixes. After which, the ice phoenixes shot forward and surrounded the large silver hand. They circled around it as their phoenix feathers turned into enormous ice-cold chains that tightly entwined around the large silver hand.

An astonishingly cold aura rose from the chains, immediately causing dense white fog to rise from the huge silver hand. Layers of ice quickly spread on the large silver hand.

The cold aura also caused the strength of the large silver hand to fall. Subsequently, the Great Desolate Tablet descended and suppressed it.


However, the silver light on the large silver hand blossomed the moment Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan had forced it into a disadvantageous position. Space distorted and the large silver hand disappeared.


The Great Desolate Tablet came crashing down, but it missed its target, causing the land below to collapse due to its power.

Lin Dong frowned upon seeing this. The disappearance of the large silver hand was far too bizarre. Moreover, the weirdest thing was that he was unable to sense just how the large silver hand had disappeared.

First elder Zhu Li and the rest in the distance were closely observing the fight at Lin Dong’s side. They also frowned when the large silver hand disappeared as grave expressions flashed across their eyes.


Ying Huanhuan’s cry suddenly transmitted into Lin Dong’s ear while he was frowning. Soon after, he felt a cold aura suddenly sweep towards him, rapidly forming a huge ice wall behind him.

Space suddenly split apart the moment the ice wall took shape, and a large silver hand viciously swung towards Lin Dong. It shattered the ice wall with a punch. However, Lin Dong took this split second opportunity to swiftly recover and pull back, dodging the strange attack of the large silver hand in the process.

The large silver hand did not linger after its attack missed. Silver light flashed and it strangely disappeared again.

Lin Dong’s pupils contracted a little when he saw this bizarre scene. In that split second moment earlier, he had detected a mysterious power…

“What is going on?’ Ying Huanhuan moved and appeared beside Lin Dong. Her eyes also contained some confusion. This large silver hand was far too unpredictable.

Lin Dong lightly shook his head. His eyes flashed and he laughed coldly, “Let me see just how long you can keep up this phantom like act. Huanhuan, I will attack and finish off those few fellows. Watch my surroundings.”

Since the large silver hand was far too bizarre, Lin Dong would force it to reveal itself.

Lin Dong’s body directly turned into a ray of light, which shot towards Lu Feng’s group, as a frighteningly murderous aura dashed into the sky.

Lu Feng’s group was horrified when they saw Lin Dong charging towards them with a face full of ferocity. They hurriedly retreated. However, Lin Dong did not give them any opportunity to resist. His hand opened and a warm white light seemed to cover the sky and land as it surged out, wrapping around the four of them in the process.

Lu Feng’s group was appalled to find that the demonic aura within their bodies was gradually vanishing under this warm white light. This was especially the case for Lu Feng. He was already injured to begin with, and this only made things worse. His expression grew increasingly pale.

Lin Dong did not show any mercy to them. With a wave of his sleeve, the Great Desolate Tablet once again swept forward. A vast and powerful ancient light gathered under the tablet.

The Great Desolate Tablet was accompanied by a shadow as it fell towards Lu Feng’s group. However, the space nearby once again distorted just as the Great Desolate Tablet was about to land.


A cold glint surged in Lin Dong’s eyes when the moment the distortion appeared. His body shot forward like a bolt of lightning and appeared on the Great Desolate Tablet. Bright purplish gold light erupted from his body. Immediately, countless purplish gold dragon tattoos coiled around Lin Dong’s body as a pure dragon aura engulfed the land.


A dragon roar resounded as a total of three thousand purplish gold dragon tattoos rose towards the sky. They gathered together and transformed into a ten thousand feet large purplish gold dragon claw. With a swing of the dragon claw, space itself was brutally torn apart. After which, purplish gold light flashed in Lin Dong’s eyes as the dragon claw ruthlessly collided against the large silver hand that had mysteriously appeared.


The clash in the sky was incomparably violent. Thunderous rumbling spread, and it was possible to clearly hear the noise even from a hundred miles away.

The large silver hand was finally forced back this time. Its silver glow had also dimmed slightly. It was obvious that the large silver hand had suffered at the hands of Lin Dong’s prepared attack,

“Which one of the three old dogs of Yuan Gate are you?” Lin Dong grinned. His gaze was fixed on the large silver hand as he slowly said, “Do you really think that I am still the same person from three years ago? Do you really believe you can save anyone from me without even showing your true body?”

“You are indeed a troublesome brat. I already knew that you will be trouble back then. However, I never expected how true this would become.” A faint voice was emitted as light flickered on the large silver hand.

“Since you do not dare to show your true body, allow me to destroy this toy of yours!” Lin Dong’s eyes became cold. He charged forward as the purplish gold dragon claw ruthlessly smashed towards the large silver hand.

Ying Huanhuan moved the moment Lin Dong attacked the large silver hand. She directly appeared in front of Lu Feng’s group. With a clench of her hand, ice spread across the sky and turned into many ice chains. The ends of these ice chains were akin to vipers as they snaked through the air at lightning speed. In the end, they pierced the bodies of Lu Feng’s group.

Crack crack!

Layers of ice rapidly grew on the bodies of the four of them as the ice chains penetrated their bodies. Before they could even resist, a layer of ice had already encapsulated them. An ancient symbol faintly flickered on the surface of the ice, sealing the four individuals inside.

Ying Huanhuan and Lin Dong had the same thoughts in mind. They currently did not know which of the three hidden Yuan Gate behemoths Lin Dong had unleashed his full might against. Hence, she acted decisively and captured Lu Feng’s group, preventing the elusive large silver hand from rescuing them.

Swoosh swoosh.

First elder Zhu Li, Little Marten and the others had also hurried over from some distance away. They watched Lin Dong exchange blows with the large silver hand in the sky as grave expressions flashed across their eyes. From how the person in hiding could fight Lin Dong in such a manner despite transmitting his power from across a great distance, the strength of this person was definitely rather terrifying. He might well have reached the Reincarnation stage.

“Bang bang!”

The purplish gold dragon claw and the large silver hand clashed ferociously in the sky. Each clash would stir waves of gales as deafening explosions spread far into the distance.

“Old dog of Yuan Gate, I have said before that you must show your true body if you wish to deal with me. Using such means is far too laughable.” Lin Dong managed to decipher some of the large silver hand’s patterns after several exchanges. A cold glint flashed in his eyes as he sneered.

However, no one replied Lin Dong’s sneer, but the attacks of the large silver hand grew increasingly sharp.

“Stubborn old dog.”

Cold light surged within Lin Dong’s eyes. Finally, he ceased holding back. His body moved and directly appeared above the large silver hand.

Cackle cackle.

Black light and a lightning glow suddenly spread from Lin Dong’s palm like a spiderweb. In a short few moments, it enveloped the large silver hand. Devouring Power and violent lightning energy surged, completely destroying the mysterious power hidden within the large silver hand.


Lin Dong suddenly stomped his foot, and cracks immediately began to appear on the large silver hand. Soon after, light spluttered and the large silver hand turned into countless specks of light that rapidly disappeared into nothingness.

The space in front of Lin Dong distorted when the large silver hand was destroyed. He could vaguely see the blurry figure seated within.

Although Lin Dong was unable to clearly see the figure, he was aware that this person was definitely one of the three behemoths of Yuan Gate!

“Lin Dong, you now have some ability. The homeless stray from back then is indeed completely different now. You plan to seek revenge on the three of us right? Ha ha. Come to Yuan Gate. The three of us await your arrival. We will see whether or not you are really qualified to destroy our Yuan Gate!”

The space distorted and quickly vanished, while the figure also mysteriously disappeared. There was not even slightest energy fluctuations.

Lin Dong’s eyes were ice-cold as he watched the figure within the distorted space disappear. Soon after, he slowly clenched both of his hands as an intense desire to kill flashed across his pitch-black eyes.

“You felt it?”

Ying Huanhuan appeared at Lin Dong’s side. She glanced at the distorted space where the figure had vanished and suddenly asked.

Lin Dong nodded as he said in a faint voice, “I felt it… that fellow used the power of the Ancestral Symbol earlier. Yuan Gate is likely in control of an Ancestral Symbol.”

Ying Huanhuan knitted her brows as she softly replied, “If my guess is correct, the Ancestral Symbol in the hands of Yuan Gate should be the most unfathomable amongst the eight great Ancestral Symbols… the Spatial Ancestral Symbol.”

“Spatial Ancestral Symbol huh…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. It seemed that Yuan Gate had really hidden their strength well for the past few years. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that even the least known Spatial Ancestral Symbol had landed in their hands…