Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1202: Display of Might

Chapter 1202: Display of Might


Chapter 1202: Display of Might


An indescribable energy shockwave swiftly rippled across the sky. In the face of this shock wave, a strong distorted feeling emerged in the area.

Countless pairs of eyes stared intently at the source of the spreading energy wave. The Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples tightly clenched their perspiration filled hands.

Ling Qingzhu’s eyes were similarly focused on the sky. A moment later, they suddenly concentrated. One could see a ray of light dash out from the origin of the energy shock wave and suddenly shoot upwards. The huge devil fist was completely smashed apart by the assault of the ray of light!


The devil fist disintegrated wherever the ray of light passed. The surrounding space distorted as the ray of light shot straight towards the huge devil figure in the sky.


The devil figure clearly sensed the power of the ray of light headed its way. A furious roar immediately sounded. One could only watch as monstrous demonic Qi gathered in front of it, turning into a massive demonic Qi light array. The light array was overflowing with wicked demonic Qi.

However, the ray of light remained as quick as ever even in the face of such a formidable defence. Lin Dong appeared in front of the light array in an instant. His black lightning liquid like hand was just like a sharp sword that could split the sky. It ferociously whipped forward and heavily smashed onto the demonic Qi light array.

A low and deep sound reverberated across the sky when the two forces collided. Countless black lightning bolts poured out from Lin Dong’s hand and frantically blasted the demonic Qi light array.

“Lin Dong, is this all you have? You actually plan to seek revenge on our Yuan Gate’s three sect masters with such pathetic ability? You really do not know your limits!” The devil figure roared towards the sky while the two were stuck in a deadlock. Lu Feng’s loud and mocking laughter spread from within the roar.

“It is too early for you to be happy.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he gazed upon the roaring devil figure. His liquid like hand abruptly clenched and two ancient symbols slowly surfaced. After which, they entwined with each other and dazzling black lightning exploded from Lin Dong’s arm.


Lin Dong slowly withdrew his hand, before sending it smashing forward again an instant later. It heavily slammed into the devil Qi light array.


This time, the frightening defence of the demonic aura light array was ineffective. Lin Dong’s liquid like arm directly pierced the light array and ripped it apart.


With his defence destroyed, Lu Feng involuntarily cried out. There was some shock in his voice. He had poured all of his power into this defence. However, it was actually still unable to block Lin Dong.


Lin Dong did not give Lu Feng any opportunity to catch his breath. Lin Dong’s body moved and he directly appeared in front of the devil figure. A punch flew forward as a liquid like black lightning beam suddenly shot out from his fist.

The black lightning beam was just like a shooting star as it streaked across the sky and smashed into the huge devil figure. After which, a miserable screech suddenly sounded. The black lightning beam had penetrated through the demonic figure.

Demonic Qi seemed to cover the sky and land as it crazily spread from within the devil figure. After which, the devil figure swiftly paled and Lu Feng’s body once again appeared in everyone’s sights. However, there was now a deep bloody hole on his chest. His originally dark and sinister face had become deathly white, while those cold eyes of his were filled with fear.


Lu Feng’s complexion was waxy as he stared at Lin Dong, who had revealed himself in the sky nearby. Lu Feng had never imagined that even at full power, he would be so quickly defeated at Lin Dong’s hands.

“How is this possible!”

Lu Feng mumbled. He was a strong individual who had come into contact with Reincarnation. Unless it was those Reincarnation stage peak experts, it would be difficult for anyone else to beat him. Yet, the fight had barely started before he was utterly defeated. How could he accept this?

“Big brother Lin Dong has won!”

Su Rou and the others behind could not help but cry out joyously when they saw this scene. Their eyes were similarly filled with surprise. They had personally witnessed Lu Feng’s strength earlier, and even the palace master of their Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace had been defeated by him. It was unexpected that even such a strong individual was no match for Lin Dong. It seemed that the danger faced by Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace would finally be resolved today.

Ling Qingzhu’s tightly clenched hands also stealthily relaxed at this moment. Her palm appeared a little moist.

“First elder, are you alright?” Three figures shot out from the Yuan Gate camp and swiftly arrived beside Lu Feng. Shock colored their eyes as they gazed upon the latter’s injuries and hurriedly asked.

Lu Feng clenched his teeth and shook his head. He quickly waved his hand and roared, “All Yuan Gate disciples listen up! Wash Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace in blood!”

“You three, follow me and stop this little brat!”

Lu Feng glanced at the three remaining elders beside him. After his previous loss, it was obvious that he did not dare to take on Lin Dong alone.


The countless Yuan Gate disciples roared in unison upon hearing this as evil black light surged in their eyes. After which, an intense murderous aura erupted once again as they surged towards the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples like a flood.

A frosty look flashed across Ling Qingzhu’s eyes when she saw the Yuan Gate charging towards them again. She was about to intervene when Lin Dong in the distant sky above faintly smiled. He gently waved his hand and an indifferent voice slowly spread across the sky.

“The members of Yuan Gate have been corrupted by demonic Qi. Kill them all…”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared from far away as Lin Dong’s voice sounded. Subsequently, a couple of figures appeared in the sky above the many Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples.

“A group of degenerates. To have actually colluded with the Yimo. Die for your sins!”

Monstrous auras unfurled the moment the figures appeared. Boundless Yuan Power transformed into numerous light curtains as they waved their sleeves. The light curtains protected the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples within them.

“What powerful auras… are all of these people Dao Sect experts?” Su Rou was astonished as she looked at the figures that had suddenly appeared in the sky. She could feel that every one of these auras was not weaker than their palace master’s.

“Some of them look very unfamiliar. They should not be experts from the Eastern Xuan Region. Perhaps… they are experts that Lin Dong has brought back.” Ling Qingzhu frowned slightly. Soon after, she shook her head and replied.

“Experts brought back by big brother Lin Dong?” Su Rou was startled. These peak level experts would have high status no matter where they were put. To think that big brother Lin Dong was actually able to invite them here.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The ones who had appeared were naturally Little Marten, first elder Zhu Li and the others who had followed Lin Dong. Their eyes drifted towards the Yuan Gate disciples the moment they emerged. Majestic Yuan Power surged as they threw a palm forward. Powerful attacks crushed the Yuan Gate disciples, causing them to no longer be capable of advancing any further.


The expressions of Lu Feng and gang finally changed drastically when they saw this. Astonishment flashed in their eyes as they gazed upon the experts with frightening auras behind Lin Dong.

“First elder, Lin Dong has actually brought back so many strong individuals…” A Yuan Gate elder said in a shocked voice. He could detect an intense dangerous feeling from those people.

“What should we do now?” Another elder hurriedly asked. They had already completely lost any advantage they had with the appearance of Lin Dong’s group.

The expression in Lu Feng’s eyes changed rapidly. He clenched his teeth and said, “Withdraw!”

“Lin Dong, just you wait. Once my Yuan Gate three sect masters come out of their retreat, your Dao Sect will definitely be destroyed!” Lu Feng roared furiously. After which, he directly turned around and retreated. That manner suggested that he could not be bothered with those disciples of the Yuan Gate.

“Why are you leaving now that you are here?’ Lin Dong looked at Lu Feng’s group, which was prepared to return, and said with a faint smile.

Lu Feng completely ignored this. He turned around and left, acting in an unusually decisive manner.

However, they felt the sky suddenly became icy cold when they had only travelled ten thousand feet. Snow drifted downwards and covered the place.

“This is bad!”

Lu Feng had a change in expression upon seeing this. He hurriedly lifted his head. Subsequently, they saw a delicate figure lazily seated on a pine tree, which stood on a mountain a short distance away. Her icy-blue long hair was scattered. Her icy-blue pretty eyes contained an even greater chill than the snow.

“It’s the Dao Sect’s Ying Huanhuan!”

Lu Feng’s group consisted of the top experts from Yuan Gate. After a year of crossing swords with Dao Sect, they had naturally heard of this extremely strong individual who had practically appeared out of nowhere. Hence, he immediately recognized her.

Atop the pine tree, Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes glanced at them. She slowly stood up and stepped on the air as ice lotuses formed below her one by one. After which, she pressed her long finger on the empty air.

“Ice Seal Wall!”

Snowflakes crazily gathered at this moment. After which, they turned into four ice walls that stretched towards the sky around Lu Feng’s four men group, sealing off all paths of retreat.

Bang bang!

Lu Feng’s group hurriedly unleashed numerous attacks upon seeing this. However, they were unable to break the ice wall.

Lin Dong’s body flashed and appeared above the ice wall. He looked at the group of four that had been trapped inside. His expression remained indifferent as he clenched his hand and a miniature stone tablet appeared within it. It was the Great Desolate Tablet that Lin Dong had refined.

“Relax, those three old dogs will accompany all of you soon.”

Lin Dong said in a faint voice. Soon after, he waved his hand. The Great Desolate Tablet whizzed out and expanded, growing to a size of ten thousand feet. An endless ancient ripple spread from under the tablet. Under this pressure, the demonic Qi within the bodies of Liu Feng’s group was dispersed at an alarming speed.

A crunching and creaking noises erupted from the entire area as if it was unable to handle the heavy weight as the tremendous stone tablet descended.

“Sect master, save us!”

The stone tablet pressed downward as fear finally surged within Lu Feng’s eyes. After which, he cried out in a hoarse voice.

The entire sky seemed to have suddenly rapidly distorted the moment his howl rang out as a giant silver hand directly reached out from within. After which, a fist broke the many layers of ice walls and grabbed at Lu Feng’s group.

“Old dog of Yuan Gate, Are you finally going to intervene?”

A steely look rose within Lin Dong’s eyes the instant the giant hand appeared, while an icy voice resounded across the sky.