Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1201: Payback Begins

Chapter 1201: Payback Begins


Chapter 1201: Payback Begins

Amidst tensed stares from countless Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples, as well as mocking stares from various Yuan Gate experts, Lin Dong slowly stepped forward. Finally, he slowly stopped on that cracked ground before he lifted his head to look at Lu Feng. Immediately, he parted his lips and formed a smile. However, his smile was filled with endless murderous desire.

“Who are you? How dare you interfere in my Yuan Gate’s matters?” Lu Feng stared at Lin Dong in a gloomy and menacing manner, before he asked indifferently.

“I am here to beat you Yuan Gate dogs.” Lin Dong shook his head as he smiled.

A cold glint flashed across Lu Feng’s eyes. He was just about to speak, when a couple of Yuan Gate elders rushed to his side and said, “First elder, that man seems to be Lin Dong from Dao Sect!”


Lu Feng was slightly startled. Then, he carefully sized Lin Dong before he ridiculed, “I was still wondering who you are. It turns out that you are actually that homeless stray who was chased out of the Eastern Xuan Region by our Yuan Gate. Why? Did you secretly return after roaming outside for three years?”

“I swore back then that I will obliterate your Yuan Gate.” Lin Dong laughed.

“Just you alone?” Lu Feng chuckled.

“Those three old dogs are still alive, am I right?” The smile on Lin Dong’s face gradually disappeared. Meanwhile, his black eyes stared coldly at Lu Feng as he asked in a faint voice.

“Brat, are you courting death?!”

An elder of Yuan Gate was outraged as murderous intent flashed across his eyes. In the next instant, he had already rushed forward. Immediately, mighty Yuan Power swept across the place, creating an alarming sight. After which, a ruthless all-out punch ripped through the air and mercilessly smashed towards Lin Dong.

After throwing his punch forward, even the ground beneath cracked, leaving a huge crack line.

However, up against that ferocious attack from that elder, Lin Dong continue to stare right at Lu Feng. Finally, just as that elder’s attack was about to hit his body, he lifted his hand and gently extended it.


That fist, which was powerful enough to destroy a mountain, heavily smashed onto Lin Dong’s palm. However, just as everyone was waiting for a frightening assault wave to spread, they were stunned when they realized that Lin Dong’s body did not budge at all. Meanwhile, the latter’s palm was gently wrapped around that Yuan Gate elder’s fist. Moreover, his seemingly long hand appeared like a bottomless pit, as it directly swallowed that incomparably violent attack and directly devoured it.


Upon witnessing this scene, that elder from Yuan Gate had a drastic change in his expression. Meanwhile, uneasiness surged into his heart. However, he was just about to withdraw when Lin Dong’s indifferent eyes finally turned and focused on him.


Lin Dong took half a step forward. His long hand seemingly penetrated through space as it directly landed on the head of that Yuan Gate elder. After which, a ferocious glint flashed across his black eyes, before a force burst out from his palm. Then, he suddenly pressed his palm downwards.

All of a sudden, that Yuan Gate elder’s body began to swell. In the next instant, it was blasted into a bloody fog with a loud ‘bang’. After which, a black light flashed before a miserable cry sounded. That elder was just about to flee, when a long hand penetrated the black fog and directly grabbed him. Following which, with no mercy at all, Lin Dong clenched his hand and forcefully shattered his Yuan Spirit.

Within a couple of breaths’ time, an ultimate Samsara stage expert was obliterated. Evidently, compared to Ling Qingzhu, Lin Dong was several times more ruthless and decisive.


Some of the disciples from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, who were observing the fight from behind, widened their eyes at this moment. Meanwhile, shock covered their faces. In fact, they stared at that skinny figure as if he was a ghost. After all, Ling Qingzhu was able to accomplish such a feat because she had received the inheritance from the palace master. Yet, after missing for three years, Lin Dong had actually became this terrifying?

“Big brother Lin Dong is really powerful.” Su Ruo held Ling Qingzhu’s delicate arm and said. Meanwhile, her pretty face was filled with excitement.

With a complicated emotion in her eyes, Ling Qingzhu looked at that young man’s back, who had easily finished off a Samsara stage expert. Following which, she gently sighed in her heart. After so many years, he was finally ahead of her…

However, what kind of bitter training must he have gone through in order to reach this level within three years?

Since the day you left, I have always believed that the Eastern Xuan Region will no longer catch your eye after you return.

Ling Qingzhu seemingly gave a gentle smile. That momentary smile caused Su Ruo to be stunned.

“Is there anyone else?”

With a smile, Lin Dong patted his hands. After which, he looked at those elders from Yuan Gate before he asked, “Those three old dogs didn't come along, huh?”

Lu Feng stared menacingly at Lin Dong. Meanwhile, the derision within his eyes had gradually disappeared. After all, even he could not finish off a Samsara stage expert so quickly. Therefore, it was clear that the person standing in front of him, was no longer the same Dao Sect disciple who was once pushed into a corner by them.

“It seems like you have become much stronger after three years. However, with your current strength, I’m afraid that you are a little naive if you believe that you can obliterate our Yuan Gate.” Lu Feng said with a dark expression.

“I know. You bastards have a relationship with the Yimo. However, it doesn’t matter. I will erase everything, be it Yuan Gate or the Yimo.” Lin Dong said with a faint smile.

“You know about the Yimo?!” Lu Feng’s eyes shrunk as he said.

“The reason why your Yuan Gate’s strength has soared is undoubtedly because the Yimo has been secretly helping you out. Otherwise, you guys can only dream about flattening the Eastern Xuan Region.” Lin Dong ridiculed and shook his head. Then, he stared at Lu Feng and said, “Even your body is filled with demonic aura. It seems like it is only a matter of time before you are corroded by the demonic aura. Your Yuan Gate is truly a bunch of scoundrels. To think that you guys would actually get involved with the Yimo…”

“Brat, I cannot allow you to live!”

“Great Yuan Sky Cutter!”

Black light was flickering within Lu Feng's eyes, while a frightening murderous aura spread. After which, a monstrous mixture of demonic aura and Yuan Power gathered behind him like a surging ocean before he threw his palm forward. Immediately, that monstrous demonic aura transformed into a ten thousand feet large glowing blade that hacked downwards furiously.

Lu Feng’s attack clearly demonstrated that his strength far surpassed that of the other elders. Immediately, those disciples from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace were greatly startled. After which, all of them began to feel anxious.

The blade glow fell rapidly and even the empty space was split apart. However, Lin Dong continued to wear an indifferent expression. Suddenly, a huge black hole appeared above his head, just as the blade glow was about to land.


The blade glow hacked against the black hole. Following which, a muffled sound appeared, before it was silent once again. The black hole was still rotating, but that blade glow had vanished. It was an extremely mysterious sight.

“What?” Lu Feng was also slightly startled. Soon after, he stared intently at Lin Dong. His voice was dark and deep as he said, “Is that Devouring Power? You actually possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

Lin Dong smiled indifferently. Instead, he slowly extended his hand, before he aimed at Lu Feng from afar. Finally, he clenched his hand.


Lu Feng’s expression changed the instant Lin Dong clenched his hand. His body suddenly transformed into many afterimages as he quickly retreated. However, right after he moved, his surrounding space became distorted. After which, four black holes appeared out of nowhere and surrounded him, before four streams of Devouring Power erupted. Then, a frightening tearing force directly tore the surrounding space into pieces!


The black holes rotated violently. Suddenly, a moan was emitted from within. Soon after, waves of frightening Yuan Power erupted, before the prison formed by those black holes was brutally smashed apart. Then, Lu Feng staggered out. Although this black hole distortion technique that Lin Dong had learnt from the Devouring Master was very powerful, Lu Feng was no ordinary individual. As such, even though he suffered injuries, he was not killed by Lin Dong in a single strike.

“You indeed possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol!” At this moment, Lu Feng was finally certain of this fact. After all, there was nothing in this world that could mimic the unique Devouring Power.

Lin Dong smiled, but he did not refute the allegations. Unlike before, there was no longer a need for him to conceal the fact that he owned an Ancestral Symbol. After all, his formidable strength ensured that he had the ability to protect himself.

“So what if you possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol? Do you think that I am afraid of you?”

Lu Feng had an extremely twisted expression. Meanwhile, the black glow in his eyes grew increasingly intense, while brutal evilness covered his face. Suddenly, he took a step forward before demonic aura rose and transformed into a ten thousand feet large devil figure behind him.

“Heaven Yuan Devil Fist!”

A low roar was released from Lu Feng’s throat. Currently, it was obvious that he had unleashed his strength to the limit. After all, he detected the rich scent of danger from Lin Dong’s body.

Lu Feng’s body withdrew before he directly leapt into that huge devil figure. Subsequently, two scarlet red lights erupted. Then, that devil figure swung its huge hand before a fist, which contained a terrifying force that could destroy the world, swung furiously towards Lin Dong.

Bang bang!

Before the attack landed on the ground, the frightening fist wind had already shook the space until it became distorted. In fact, the floating island that they were on, trembled until it began to collapse. As it was falling rapidly, everyone was greatly startled when they saw this scene.

Lin Dong lifted his head. His pupils were reflecting that huge devil fist, which was approaching rapidly. Then, he slowly extended his right arm. Immediately, black light and lightning glow flashed. Soon after, his right arm actually began to liquefy. Meanwhile, black light and lightning arcs continuously danced on his arm, and one could vaguely spot two ancient symbols floating within his liquidized arm.

In the past, Lin Dong was only able to use the two Ancestral Symbols to liquify his fingers. However, after his strength increased, he was now able to turn his entire arm into that state. Of course, this meant that his attack was far more lethal than before.

“I will begin to settle the score with Yuan Gate starting from you, old dog…”

Lin Dong’s feet suddenly stomped on the ground. Then, his body directly transformed into a ray of light. It turns out that he was actually charging head on towards that devil fist and he showed no signs of dodging. From the looks of it, he was clearly planning to fight head on with Lu Feng!

Those disciples from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace quickly pressed their lips tightly together in a startled manner. In fact, even Su Ruo was worried. Instead, only Ling Qingzhu remained visibly calm. However, she had involuntary clenched her hand.

Two frightening rays of light streaked across the sky. In the next moment, they suddenly collided in front of countless pairs of eyes!

At this moment, it was as though the entire world had trembled.