Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1199: No One Can Hurt You

Chapter 1199: No One Can Hurt You


Chapter 1199: No One Can Hurt You


The astonishingly evil aura seemed to cause the entire area to become dark and gloomy. Yuan Gate disciples swept forth like locusts, scarlet eyed as they wielded the long swords in their hands and charged towards the stunning beauty that was slowly walking towards them.

However, this intimidating sight did not hinder her at all. Those beautiful limpid autumn water eyes were clear and cold, completely without unnecessary emotion. The thin gauze that covered her face faintly outlined her absolute beauty, causing even the evil aura that filled the area to pause for a moment.

In the face of the flood like attacks of countless Yuan Gate disciples, that beautiful figure was like a tree that stood before the flood. It seemed weak, but had a suppleness that could not be shaken.

Behind her, the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples gazed at the figure of this soul stirring beauty with red eyes. Some of the female disciples could not help but cry.

“Green Lotus Thousand Sword Art!”

Ling Qingzhu finally stopped walking and stood in place as boundless Yuan Power unfurled, transforming into countless green light swords in the sky above. With a gentle wave of her jadelike hand, sharp wind noises immediately sounded in the area. Countless light swords seemed to cover the sky as they shot forth, ferociously smashing into the flood like wave of Yuan Gate disciples.


Miserable shrieks rang out as fresh blood spurted, dyeing the ground red. The flood like offense of Yuan Gate had been forcibly stopped by a single Ling Qingzhu at this moment.

In the sky, the Yuan Gate first elder observed the heavy losses due to the deaths and injuries of the Yuan Gate disciples with detached eyes. Black light surged within his eyes, but he did not feel any regret at such losses. The entire Yuan Gate was clearly very different from before.

“Cheng Pu, Wang Su, Su Li. The three of you will stop her. Be careful, this little one’s attacks are somewhat strange. Do not be as useless as Xu Ling.” However being stopped by Ling Qingzhu was after all something that this Yuan Gate first elder did not wish to see. After pondering in silence for a while, he coldly commanded.


Upon his hearing his words, three sinister looking elders behind responded. Their auras were completely the same as the Xu Ling who had previously been killed by Ling Qingzhu. Evidently, they were also pinnacle experts within Yuan Gate.

The three moved simultaneously. In the next instant, they appeared in front of the Yuan Gate disciples. With cold snorts, they attacked at the same time. The black light in their eyes surged as Yuan Power that covered the sky spread, transforming into layer upon layer of light screens that completely blocked the light swords that were shooting over from all directions.

“Massacre Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace!”

The trio coldly shouted. The eyes of the Yuan Gate disciples, who had been stopped, immediately turned scarlet red as they responded. They immediately charged towards the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples behind Ling Qingzhu.

Upon seeing this, Ling Qingzhu gently gritted her teeth. However, just as she was about to move, the sound of wind was heard, and those three Yuan Gate elders had already surrounded her, sealing her movement.

“Get lost!” A clear voice containing slight rage emerged from behind the thin veil. Ling Qingzhu tightly gripped her long sword as ice-cold killing intent flitted across her beautiful eyes.

“Humph, your many Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace elders have all been defeated by us. What does a youngster like you dare to do?” The three Yuan Gate elders merely sneered. Without giving Ling Qingzhu any time to respond, boundless Yuan Power rushed forth as fingers thrust at the air. Yuan Power transformed into three titanic fingers that powerfully pushed down onto Ling Qingzhu.


The ground within a ten thousand feet radius had already crumbled before the giant fingers landed. Enormous cracks spread outwards like the deep abyss.

Ling Qingzhu silently observed these powerful attacks. In the next moment, her slender jadelike hands suddenly came together as resplendent green light surged out from within her body like floodwaters. A huge green lotus swiftly started to take shape above her head.

The three giant fingers that seemed to be able to raise the sky heavily landed on the green lotus as berserk Yuan Power exploded.


A clear shout abruptly emerged, and the green lotus started to revolve. Petals flickered with incomparably sharp and cold light, and even space itself seemed to be sliced apart. The three titanic fingers were shredded to pieces as the green lotus spun.

Upon seeing this, the three elders’ eyes hardened. Ling Qingzhu’s aura was merely at the Samsara stage, how could her attacks be so powerful?


While they puzzled over this in their hearts, the green lotus had already ripped the three giant fingers to shreds. Next, it transformed into a flash of green light that headed straight for the trio.


“Great Yuan Heaven Slash!”

When they saw this, the trio’s eyes turned cold. Each furiously chopped downwards with one hand. Boundless Yuan Power surged, transforming into three giant blades that ripped through space and viciously landed on the green lotus.

The green lotus was unable to bear the destructive forces from the trio and ultimately exploded. However, when the green lotus exploded, a flash of green light abruptly swept out from within it. In the blink of an eye, it had already appeared in front of the three Yuan Gate elders like a ghost.

“Not good!”

As green light was reflected in the three elder’s eyes, an extremely intense feeling of danger immediately rose in their hearts. Beast like roars emerged from their throats as the evil black light in their eyes abruptly surged.

The trio attacked in fear and anger, while their hands turned completely pitch-black. Devil Qi swirled around their hands which were quick as lightning as they furiously swatted at the green



Green light flickered, revealing an absolutely gorgeous figure. Primal chaos seemed to flit across her autumn water like eyes at this moment as three sword lights swept out with a jerk of her jadelike hand.

Ch ch!

The lovely green light figure brushed past the three Yuan Gate elders, before slowly returning her long sword into its sheath. A line of blood appeared on each of the trio’s throats and fresh blood immediately spurted out as their heads flew into the air.


As heads flew, three Yuan Spirits flew out in terror, intending to escape. However, Ling Qingzhu was prepared this time. Her eyes turned cold as three incomparably formidable sword strikes pierced the three Yuan Spirits, destroying them.

In a flash, another three Samsara stage super experts had been defeated at Ling Qingzhu’s hands. Moreover, she was even more ruthless this time, and had even destroyed her opponent’s Yuan Spirits. There was no mercy at all.


However, when Ling Qingzhu finished off the trio, a soft and muffled groan emerged from under the thin veil. Three black hand shaped marks had appeared on her shoulder, and bright red blood had dyed the veil red.

Ling Qingzhu ignored the blood at the corner of her mouth. She merely slowly lifted her head as she firmly stared at the Yuan Gate first elder watching her with indifferent eyes from atop the black clouds. Amongst these Yuan Gate experts, he was the only person who gave her a feeling of extreme danger.

“To have reached this level at such an age, your are likely the only one who deserves the title of the number one younger generation member in the Eastern Xuan Region. Compared to you, the so called three little kings of our Yuan Gate are truly a joke.” The Yuan Gate first elder emotionlessly said.

“Number one younger generation member…”

Upon hearing this title, Ling Qingzhu’s usually cool and cold eyes finally turned a little absent-minded for a moment as scenes from three years ago flashed past in her mind.

In that Unique Devil Region, a youngster drenched in blood held a long spear as he proudly faced the three great Yuan Gate sect masters. That battle had shocked the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

“You are wrong. I’m afraid I will never have a chance to be number one. I might die here today, however…”

An absolutely beautiful smile seemed to appear under Ling Qingzhu’s veil, “I believe that in future, there will similarly be someone who will annihilate your Yuan Gate!”

“Is that so?” The Yuan Gate first elder smiled in a mocking manner. Soon after, he said, “This old one is called Lu Feng. The current you has the qualifications to know this name.”

“Although I know that many young people in the Eastern Xuan Region have been captivated by you, you have no appeal in this old man’s eyes. Do not naively believe that I will show mercy when I attack.”

Lu Feng finally slowly stepped out from the black clouds. Black light frantically gathered in the depths of this pupils, while Devil Qi that could fill the sky gathered behind him. It covered the sky, concealing even the sun.

Evidently, this Yuan Gate first elder finally could not help but personally take action.

As she felt the astonishing pressure from Lu Feng’s body, Ling Qingzhu’s slender and lovely figure slightly trembled. Soon after, she looked back at the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples that were slowly being pushed back as they fought. Her jadelike hands slowly clenched tightly as the long sword in her hand was pointed at Lu Feng.

What she needed to do now was to stall this Yuan Gate first elder. Or else, not a single one of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples would be able to leave.

“Don’t worry, I will not let a single one of your Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples escape.”

As if he knew of Ling Qingzhu’s thoughts, Lu Feng faintly smiled. His smile looked exceptionally sinister and brutal. These Yuan Gate elders, who normally looked somewhat respectable and holy, had now become the most cruel demons.

Ling Qingzhu did not reply. Her figure turned into a streak of green as an unrivalled sword glint pierced towards Lu Feng like lightning.


The edge of her sword swept forth. However, just as it was about to touch Lu Feng, two withered fingers covered by black demonic patterns stopped it. Sparks erupted in all directions, but the sharp sword was unable to cause even the smallest injury.


The corners of Lu Feng’s mouth lifted, revealing a malicious smile. His other hand formed a tightly clenched fist as layers of demonic patterns appeared on it. An extremely astonishing evil aura spread outwards.

Ling Qingzhu’s eyes turned ice-cold. She gazed at Lu Feng’s violent punch as she gritted her teeth, while a wondrous turbid light rapidly gushed out from the depths of her pupils.


The demonic fist pierced through space and arrived. The vast and mighty Yuan Power on Ling Qingzhu’s longsword suddenly completely disappeared, however, a peculiar lustre swept across the edge of the blade. The blade was inclined and ferociously thrust forward.


Lu Feng’s two fingers were instantly blow away as the longsword flew. Fresh blood spurted out as the sword charged towards his heart without stopping.

However, just as the longsword was about to pierce Lu Feng’s heart, the berserk without equal demonic fist had already landed on Ling Qingzhu’s body. Devil Qi seemed to cover the sky as it swept forth and even space itself started to shatter.


A mouthful of fresh blood was vomited from Ling Qingzhu’s mouth, while the tip of the sword which had pierced Lu Feng’s chest was no longer able to move forward. Sadness flitted across her beautiful eyes as her figure catapulted backwards under the horrified gazes of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples behind. Blood blossomed, a sight that caused one grief.

“Senior sister Qingzhu!”

The numerous Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples that were originally retreating immediately screamed loudly. They stopped retreating and instead desperately charged towards Ling Qingzhu as if they were mad.


Lu Feng glanced at the stumps that remained of his two chopped off fingers, before looking at the sword wound on his chest as an evil look involuntarily flashed within his eyes. With a grasp of his hand, Devil Qi surged forth, transforming into a ten thousand feet long devil knife. He waved his sleeve and the devil knife pierced through space, quick as lightning as it shot towards the injured Ling Qingzhu.

Ling Qingzhu bit down hard on her red lips as she watched the devil knife swiftly approach. Helplessness and despair flashed in those clear eyes hers. In the end, she had been defeated.

Was their Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace going to disappear like this under the butcher knife of Yuan Gate...

“Senior sister!”

Su Rou could only watch the beautiful lady, who seemed so fragile and about to wilt in the face of the approaching demonic knife, as tears involuntarily rolled down from her eyes. After which, she howled. Her voice was no longer as clear as it had been before, it was instead filled with matchless despair and sadness.

As her howl echoed in the sky, an incomparably hurried wind sound immediately rang out in the area. Astonished gazes lifted one by one, only to see the a certain spot in the distance distort as a figure flickered and swept out.


At this moment, the demonic knife fell with a boom. The ground instantly crumbled as giant cracks spread outwards like a spiderweb.

Countless horrified gazes looked towards the dusty area as the eyes of numerous Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples instantly dimmed as if they had lost their final hope.

“Senior sister.”

Su Rou slowly fell to her knees as she blankly stared at that far off spot. However, in her dazed state, she watched as the dust started to scatter, only to see a completely undamaged area on the broken ground. Moreover, Ling Qingzhu lay there unscathed!


A cry of surprise was suddenly heard. Su Rou hastily lifted her head, only to find a thin figure quietly standing some distance in front of Ling Qingzhu. The figure did not look big and strong, however, it had completely withstood everything that had been thrown at it.

“That’s… Lin… big brother Lin Dong?!”

Su Rou blankly gazed at the vaguely familiar figure. In the next instant, she suddenly stood up as disbelief and indescribable joy gushed out on her pretty face.

Gasps successively sounded out behind her, causing Ling Qingzhu to slowly open her tightly shut eyes. She looked at the figure that had unknowingly appeared in front of her as she firmly bit her red lips. Blood flowed down from the corner of her mouth, but she forcibly endured the ripples in her heart and forced her gaze to slowly shift away from the figure’s back.

In front of her, the figure was silent for quite some time. In the end, he slightly tilted his head back as he looked at the speechless figure behind him with a complicated gaze. Soon after, gentleness stealthily surged in his pitch-black eyes.

“Don’t worry. With me around, no one can hurt you.”

Upon hearing this somewhat hoarse and soft voice, even with Ling Qingzhu’s cool and cold character, an unstoppable feeling of sourness rushed to the tip of her nose at this moment, while water started to gather in her eyes.