Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1196: Crisis at Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace

Chapter 1196: Crisis at Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace


Chapter 1196: Crisis at Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace

Blue sky and green land. Majestic mountains extended to the ends of one’s sight like giant dragons. This vast land was a paradise.


However, now that the fires of war had spread across the Eastern Xuan Region, even this paradise had not been spared. Its peace and tranquility did not last for long, before a miserable cry suddenly tore apart the heavens.

If one looked towards the origin of the cry, one would see the surging black clouds in the distant sky. These black clouds gave off an endless aura of evilness.

Within these black clouds, one could see an incomparably enormous light screen. Countless enormous islands floated in the sky inside this light screen. Mists lingered on the islands while cranes spread their wings. It was peaceful, however, such peace appeared exceptionally fragile within the thick evilness that wrapped around it.

Countless screams continuously emerged from the evil aura. If one took a closer look, one would see figures that seemingly blotted the sky within the black clouds. These figures all wore the same clothes. Moreover, there was a black and white symbol on their chests. This was the mark of the Yuan Gate, and these people were all Yuan Gate disciples.

These Yuan Gate disciples were currently viciously staring at the mountainous islands within the light screen. Evil black lights flitted across the depths of their eyes, a look that appeared rather sinister and terrifying. From the looks of it, the former arrogance of the Yuan Gate disciples was no longer present.

Outside the tremendous light screen, one could see several figures dressed differently from the Yuan Gate disciples. They seemed to be resisting the advance of the black clouds. Boundless Yuan Power erupted, however they would occasionally be enveloped by the frightening attacks that swept out from the black clouds as mournful cries rang out in succession.

Although they were doing their best to resist, it was obvious that their defences had completely crumbled under the overwhelming offensive of the Yuan Gate.

Blade light swept past as fresh blood danced in the air. It was miserable to the extreme.

“Fellow disciples, protect our Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Kill the Yuan Gate dogs!” A figure with scarlet red eyes roared at the heavens. His roar was filled with despair and thick hatred.


The Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples at his side also howled. Waves of attacks flew towards the black clouds, causing miserable screams to emerge.

Their attacks roused the ferocity of even more Yuan Gate disciples. The black aura in their eyes flashed as their attacks grew fiercer. Those Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples were immediately slaughtered as fresh blood seem to dye the sky red.

At the center of the black clouds, several figures watched Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace that was protected within the sect protection formation with detached eyes. This was their final defence. As long as this formation was broken, Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace would be completely exposed to the butcher’s knife of their Yuan Gate.

“Speed up the attacks and destroy the formation.” The figure at the front indifferently said.

“Yes first elder!”

The Yuan Gate experts to the side immediately received his order and loud shouts sounded out. Countless Yuan Power pillars gushed out from the black clouds. Flickering black light could be faintly seen within the Yuan Power.

Thump thump thump!

Powerful attacks blasted the formation, immediately causing ripples to form, while the glowing patterns on the formation dimmed.

“Hehe, don’t worry first elder. From the looks of it, Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace’s formation will not last for long.” An elder behind the first elder laughed and said.

“Yesterday, the master of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity palace was seriously injured by first elder and has likely died. Moreover, the numerous powerful elders have suffered substantial injuries. There are only a few younger generation members left in Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Hence, it will be difficult to stop our Yuan Gate’s attacks.”

The black mists dispersed, revealing first elder’s figure. His had a set of deep set eyes and looked like a skeleton. Thick black light was present within those eyes. He shook his head upon hearing these words and said, “Do not underestimate Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. According to what I know, there is perhaps a great secret hidden within the palace.”


The elders behind him were taken aback. Their expressions were rather doubtful. It was obvious that they had never heard of this so called great secret.

“Hehe, do not ask me about it. Let’s not mention myself, even the three sect masters do not know what it is.” First elder faintly said.

“Since it is so important, why have the three sect masters not personally come?” One of the elders asked in a low voice.

“The three sect elders are currently at the most critical juncture of attacking the Reincarnation stage and cannot be distracted. This old man is enough to deal with such matters.” First elder shook his head and replied.

“First elder is right, with you personally taking action, what can Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace amount to.” Praised and laughter sounded out.

“After dealing with Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, only Dao Sect is left. This most loathsome Dao Sect, the three sect masters have said that they will personally deal with them when they are out. Heh heh, this is truly a blessing for Dao Sect.” First elder laughed sinisterly.

“First elder, I’ve heard that the Dao Sect’s Lin Dong has returned and seems to be rather powerful. Even Zhao Kui has been killed by him.”

“Oh? The ant that was driven out of the Eastern Xuan Region like a homeless dog by our Dao Sect? Powerful? Hehe, Zhao Kui was only able to advance to the Samsara stage after using numerous methods. With such weak and superficial strength, this old man could have easily annihilated him. It’s good that he has been finished off by Lin Dong. This will allow Yuan Gate to stop losing face.”

At this point, a sinister smile suddenly surfaced on first elder’s face, “As for that Lin Dong, this old man will make him understand; three years ago, our Yuan Gate was able to beat him like a stray dog. Three years later, we can similarly make him beg for forgiveness like a dog!”

“Haha, first elder is right.”

The crowd of Yuan Gate elders all burst in laughter, laughter that was filled with a twisted killing intent.


On a majestic floating island within the enormous formation, countless Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples nervously watched the continuously shuddering formation. The gazes that looked outside the formation were filled with hatred.

“All disciples set up your arrays. If the great sect protecting formation is broken, immediately activate the arrays and receive our enemies!”

A clear voice wrapped by boundless Yuan Power echoed in the sky above the island, transmitting to the entire Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.


Countless Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples replied in unison. Soon after, they looked towards the sky where a thin and beautiful figure stood. She wore a green dress and her fine black hair swayed gently as a breeze blew past. Her thin figure seemed as if it would be blown away with the wind.

As one looked towards her face, one would discover that it was exceedingly familiar. That exquisite and pretty face belonged to the young lady who had followed Lin Dong and the rest as they charged out from the Hundred Empire War, Su Rou.

However, on the pretty face of the girl that was once so weak that even her words were rather timid, was a toughness and determination that she had not possessed back then.

The young girl from back then finally had the ability to shoulder great responsibility!

“Little sister disciple Su Rou.”

A figure descended and appeared at Su Rou’s side. She watched the endlessly trembling great formation with worry and said, “If this continues, we will not last for long.”

Su Rou’s small hands tightly clenched as she gritted her teeth and replied, “No matter what, we must endure until senior sister Qingzhu completes the inheritance process! Else the efforts of palace master and the rest will be completely wasted!”


That Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciple nodded. Soon after, she looked towards the ancient temple at the center of the island and softly said, “But even if senior sister Qingzhu completes the inheritance process… even palace master and the elders were completely defeated by Yuan Gate.”

“Senior sister.”

Su Rou gently glanced at the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciple and said, “No matter the outcome, our Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace swears to fight to the last person!”


When she saw the determination on Su Rou’s face, that senior sister’s eyes reddened as she gritted her teeth and nodded. She swiftly descended to command the numerous Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples.

Su Rou gazed at her back and softly sighed in her heart as tiredness was revealed in her eyes. In a short few days, the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace master and elders had all been defeated by the enemy and sustained severe injuries. The entire sect was being managed by some extremely popular disciples, and for them, the pressure was rather great.

Su Rou pursed her lips. Soon after, she tightly clenched her tiny fists with all her might, completely suppressing the weakness in her heart. She still remembered that there was once a person back then in the Hundred Empire War, a person from a low rank empire who had overcome all the obstacles in his way, and finally became the most dazzling existence in the Hundred Empire War. He had taught her how to bravely advance without the fear of death for the sake of protecting something.

“Big brother Lin Dong, the current me is no longer afraid of anything. To protect Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, I will not fear any foe!” Su Rou smiled a little, before she slowly lifted her head. Under the glow of the setting sun, her small pretty face appeared exceptionally divine.


The trembling of the formation in the sky became increasingly violent, and even cracks had stealthily started to appear.

The countless Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples below tightly gripped the weapons in their hands at this moment, while the Yuan Power within their bodies started to surge like floodwaters.


Reflected in countless eyes, Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace final protection formation finally completely shattered as black clouds that covered the sky swept forth.

“Senior sister and brother disciples. Our bodies may die, but the palace gates can never fall!”


Su Ruo watched the incoming black clouds that blotted the sky. Tears rolled down from her large eyes, but her somewhat hoarse shout resounded across the entire area.

Scarlet red rose in the eyes of countless Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples, before they swept forth like a flood.

“Our bodies may die but the palace gates can never fall!”

Fighting noises filled the sky as the sun set. A scene that was extremely bitter.

At a place even further away, several shooting stars had already pushed their speeds to the limit as they frantically hurried towards Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.