Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1195: Error In Judgement

Chapter 1195: Error In Judgement


Chapter 1195: Error In Judgement

Lin Dong stood before the spatial crack. He did not know what kind of expression he was showing on his face, but there was a little cold sweat on his forehead. Although he had a sense of foreboding after finding out from Liu Yan that Ying Huanhaun and Ling Qingzhu had unexpectedly visited his parents, he never imagined that the two of them had actually met.

How should he explain?

While Lin Dong was having a mini breakdown, the one who had been staring at him with a pair beautiful yet frosty and piercing eyes, Ying Huanhuan, faintly smiled as she gave him a meaningful look before leaping past him. Subsequently, her slender figure disappeared into the spatial crack. Upon seeing this, Lin Dong helplessly shook his head before following.

Outside the Great Desolate Tablet. Two figures shot out from the tablet and appeared in the sky. Currently, layers of Yuan Power light spread over its exterior. Ying Xuanzi, Little Marten, first elder Zhu Li and the others were solemnly waiting with grave expressions.

Anxiety surfaced in their eyes when they saw the two figures exit. Only after clearly identifying the two figures did they finally sigh in relief.

“What is the situation?”

Ying Xuanzi could not resist asking. After all, he was aware of just how terrifying the Yimo suppressed within the Great Desolate Table was. If it managed to escape, it would bring about a calamity onto Dao Sect.

“We have finished it off.”

Lin Dong smiled. Ying Xuanzi finally heaved a sigh of relief after hearing this. Soon after, the various defences in the sky also disappeared.

Lin Dong turned his head. He looked at the ancient Great Desolate Tablet below and beckoned with his hand. Many rays of light shot out from within the Great Desolate Tablet. After which, the stone table rapidly shrunk. Finally, it became as big as a palm and landed into Lin Dong’s hand.

He fiddled with the stone tablet in his hand. After having resolved the problem of the Yimo, Lin Dong could vaguely detect the mighty aura emanating from within the Great Desolate Tablet.

The Great Desolate Tablet was ranked a high third on the Ancient Divine Object Rankings. The Symbol Ancestor had created it back then with the purpose of suppressing and killing Yimo. Countless Yimo kings had died under the stone tablet during that ancient era. If it was not because the Great Desolate Tablet was subsequently badly damaged, it was likely that the true king, whose strength had reached the level of two Reincarnation Tribulations, would have difficulty creating such a dire situation for the tablet.

Now that the Great Desolate Tablet was in Lin Dong’s hands, it was undoubtedly akin to adding wings to a ferocious a tiger. Lin Dong could be considered a true devil slayer. He possessed many treasures that were able to suppress the Yimo.

Chen Zhen smacked his lips regretfully after seeing that the Great Desolate Tablet had been kept by Lin Dong. Their Desolate Hall was most proud of their Great Desolate Scripture. Although it was extremely rare for someone to have the qualifications to practice this martial art, it could still be considered the main treasure of the hall. Now that it had been taken away, the Desolate Hall would lose its frightening reputation.

Lin Dong involuntarily smiled when he saw this expression. He clenched his hand and Mental Energy gathered within. It directly transformed into a palm sized stone tablet in his hand. After which, this stone tablet was tossed to Chen Zhen.

“Martial uncle Chen Zhen, this is the cultivation method for the Great Desolate Scripture. However, this martial art is far too deep and profound. Unless one possesses the necessary talent, not only will one be incapable of learning it, but attempting to do so will also bring harm to the individual. Therefore, those who wish to try and comprehend it must undergo various selections.” Lin Dong said.

If someone with overwhelming talent was to comprehend this martial art in future, it might end up creating an expert of great importance to Dao Sect. Naturally, Lin Dong could not be selfish. Without Dao Sect, it was likely that he would have also been unable to obtain the Great Desolate Scripture.

Chen Zhen hastily received the stone tablet as joy involuntarily surged on his elderly face. He hurriedly nodded and said, “You can be rest assured that there will definitely be someone amongst the younger generation of the Desolate Hall who will be able to comprehend it in future.”

Lin Dong smiled. He looked at the empty ground and heaved a big sigh of relief in his heart. He had finally resolved the problem of the Great Desolate Tablet. In this way, there was only one problem left…

“Yuan Gate… since you wish to invade Dao Sect, I shall wait for you here.” Lin Dong lifted his head. His eyes gradually became cold as he looked towards the south-west direction. Overflowing murderous desire rose within his eyes.


In the next two days, Lin Dong personally stood guard in Dao Sect. With a strong pillar like him, the atmosphere of the entire Dao Sect was completely transformed. If Dao Sect was described as being filled with anxiety in the past, they were now filled with readiness to fight. Even if Yuan Gate was to launch a full invasion, it was unlikely that they would feel no fear.

The source of this courage was the skinny figure who stood atop a mountain each day. That figure was not tall and bulky, but was akin to a source of faith.

Every disciple within Dao Sect believed that as long as the figure remained standing, their Dao Sect would shine forever like the sun in the sky.

During the two days, all the disciples would turn their eyes towards the tallest peak in Dao Sect after completing their daily training. Their eyes were filled with fervor and respect. The eyes of some young ladies would even contain admiration and bashfulness. After all, that figure, which had a demeanor that even Ying Xuanzi could not match, did indeed possess substantial destructive force on some ignorant young ladies,

Of course, none of them dwelled too deeply on such thoughts. This was because there would be an equally outstanding figure beside Lin Dong every day. She possessed a pretty face and ice blue long hair which glittered beautifully under the setting sun. Although there was a frightening chillness constantly present around her, everyone could sense that her eyes would become extremely gentle when they shifted towards the young man. It was to the extent that it could melt even a metal heart.

Lin Dong likewise used these two days to completely refine and control the Great Desolate Tablet. This proceeded extremely smoothly. After all, the Great Desolate Tablet was without an owner and Lin Dong had gained its acceptance. Hence, this refinement process did not encounter any hindrance.

Lin Dong could feel just how powerful the Great Desolate Tablet was after having refined it. It was different from the Ancestral Stone, which was a divine object that gently purified demonic Qi. The Great Desolate Tablet was made with the purpose of suppressing and killing Yimo. Hence, it possessed an incomparable offensive power. Such power caused even Lin Dong to praise in his heart. With the Great Desolate Tablet in his hands, he would undoubtedly possess another powerful technique when dealing with Yimo in future.

Two days quietly passed by while Lin Dong refined the Great Desolate Tablet. However, Lin Dong felt a little uncertain when the anticipated scene of Yuan Gate launching a huge invasion did not occur. The powerful army that was solemnly waiting did not discover any traces of Yuan Gate.

Of course, despite such uncertainty, the entire Dao Sect retained the necessary caution. The only difference was that Lin Dong was gradually increasing the size of the territory being searched by Dao Sect and began to gather various information about the Eastern Xuan Region.

In the past, Dao Sect seldom did such a thing. This was because they had been forced by Yuan Gate to the point of only being able to protect the sect. They did not possess the additional strength to bother about other matters.

Another two days once again passed by amidst this strange silence…

Lin Dong stood with his hands behind his back on the mountain. His eyes leaped over the bustling scene in Dao Sect and peered into the distance. The sky was blue, while a flock of birds flew past. It appeared extremely leisurely.

“Is there still no activity?” Lin Dong frowned and muttered.

“Base on the information we have received, no traces of Yuan Gate have been found within a thousand mile radius of Dao Sect.” Behind him, Ying Huanhuan replied after hearing his mutter.

“Yuan Gate has a deep-seated hatred for our Dao Sect. Amongst the super sects in the Eastern Xuan Region, Dao Sect is the one that they wish to eliminate the most. Normally speaking, they should be unable to endure the fact that our Dao Sect is still standing. Yet, why is it that they have become quiet during this period of time?” Lin Dong softly said.

Ying Huanhuan shook her head and asked, “Has there been any activity in the Great Yan Empire?”

“Nothing. I have set up a spatial imprint in the Great Yan Empire. I should be able to detect any activity and hurry over immediately.” Lin Dong shook his head. His parents were in the Great Yan Empire. Hence, the defence there must naturally be perfect.

Ying Huanhuan also frowned. This strange peacefulness had instead caused one to feel uneasy.

Both of them stood on the mountain. It was a long time later before they shook their heads. They were about to leave when Lin Dong suddenly turned his head. A figure was swiftly rushing towards them from the direction of Dao Sect. It soon appeared in their sights.

“Senior brother Lin Dong, little senior sister Huanhuan!”

That figure rapidly approached and a somewhat anxious exclamation entered their ears.

“Anran? What is it?” Lin Dong looked at the young lady, who had anxiously hurried over, before he asked in a slightly startled manner.

“Bad news.” Anran’s small face was a little flushed as she urgently spoke. “Sect master has asked me to inform the both of you that Yuan Gate has finally made a move.”


Lin Dong was slightly startled. He hurriedly said, “Yuan Gate has attacked?”

“No.” Anran panted a couple of times. Her small face slightly altered as she said, “Yuan Gate did not attack our Dao Sect, but instead went to attack Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Base on the information we have obtained, Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace has suffered a series of continuous defeats. They are about to lose their sect!”

“ Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace?”

Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan were startled upon hearing this. The former’s expression suddenly changed drastically.

“Senior brother Lin Dong, sect master has sent me to ask you what should we do? Do we go and help Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace or do we guard Dao Sect?” Anran asked.

Lin Dong clenched his fists tightly as his eyes flashed anxiously. If they were to head to Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, they would definitely end up splitting their forces. What would they do if they fell for Yuan Gate’s trick to divert their forces away and Yuan Gate ended up taking the opportunity to attack Dao Sect? However, if they did not go… Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace would definitely be destroyed. At that time… Ling Qingzhu would likely be unable to escape this calamity.

Lin Dong was clearly unable to sit idly and do nothing when he thought about the prideful lady, whom he could not forget.

“Amongst the super sects in the Eastern Xuan Region, only our Dao Sect and Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace are left. Our enemy is Yuan Gate. Therefore, we can be said to each makeup half of an alliance. It would not benefit our Dao Sect if they were destroyed.” A faint voice was transmitted from behind as Lin Dong’s eyes flashed.


Lin Dong turned his head and looked at Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face. The latter glanced at him before immediately turning her head away and said, “I can place a spatial imprint in Dao Sect. We can immediately tear open space and hurry back if any unexpected changes occur. There should be enough time to do so.”

Lin Dong briefly hesitated. However, he was not an indecisive person. He quickly weighed the situation and nodded. “Anran, inform sect master that we will leave and reinforce Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace!”


Anran hurriedly replied, before she swiftly turned around and left. Soon after, an urgent bell resounded across the entire Dao Sect.

Lin Dong looked at Dao Sect, which had fallen into an uproar. He let out a deep breath and looked at Ying Huanhuan. After a little hesitation, he said, “Why don’t you remain behind and guard Dao Sect?”

Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes looked at him. Her eyes caused Lin Dong to laugh dryly in an uneasy manner. Soon after, she finally extended her icy hand and gently grabbed Lin Dong’s arm. An unusually pretty smile was suddenly revealed on her frosty and pretty face. However, before Lin Dong could become intoxicated by this brilliant smile, her drawn out voice reached his ears, causing his head to be immediately covered in perspiration.

“I also wish to go. Additionally… I want to meet that girl call Ling Qingzhu. Back then, I only saw her from afar and did not manage to get a clear look…”