Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1194: Disaster

Chapter 1194: Disaster


Chapter 1194: Disaster

Lin Dong did not hesitate once he received the Ice Ancestral Symbol. With a flick of his finger, the Ancestral Symbol turned into a flash of cold light that was directly cast into the enormous Ancient Universe Formation in the sky.


When the Ice Ancestral Symbol was cast into the formation, rays of light immediately exploded from the Ancient Universe Formation as its power levels rapidly multiplied.


With the aid of the third Ancestral Symbol, the body of the devil figure which had swelled to its limits was forcibly compressed. Devil Qi swiftly faded as rays of light shined on its body, while miserable shrieks rang out without end.

“It is not so easy to destroy this king!”

At this moment, that devil figure also felt the threat of death and it immediately howled in anger. Devil Qi crazily surged, forcibly pushing away those countless rays of light.

Lin Dong’s expression was cold. His hand seals suddenly changed as a low voice echoed, “Extreme Trinity Devil Extermination!”


Three rays of light abruptly shot forth from within the Ancient Universe Formation. These three light rays were black, silver and blue. They seemed tiny, but the Ancestral Symbol power contained within them was as pure as it could be.

These three rays of light shot down towards the devil figure from three different directions. Threads of light extended from them, forming an enormous triangle that sealed the devil figure.

Three ancient symbols appeared at the three corners of this light formation as a mighty and ancient power spread outwards.


Once the triangle light formation was formed, endless black light, lightning and an icy aura seemed to fill the sky as they surged forth. The Devil Qi that blotted the sky was swiftly beaten back, while the glowing triangle shrunk at an astonishing speed.

As the light triangle shrunk, the devil figure that was sealed within it also started to be rapidly compressed. Crazed roars of rage continued to emerge.

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold. His gaze was firmly fixed on the swiftly shrinking light formation. In a dozen breaths, the originally ten thousand feet tall devil figure was now merely a foot tall.

“Devil Extermination!”

At this instant, an ominous glint abruptly flashed in Lin Dong’s eyes. The triangle light formation suddenly exploded as the torrential Devil Qi frantically disappeared. A mournful cry of despair quickly followed suit.


An indescribable shock wave unfurled in the air. The dark domain completely crumbled, while the Devil Qi within vanished into nothingness at this moment.


Lin Dong was also hit by the aftershocks. He immediately felt a sweetness in his throat and he spit out a mouthful of fresh blood as his figure shot backwards. Soon after, he felt a soft force on his back as an ice-cold hand pressed against his back and stopped him.

Lin Dong wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth as he tilted his head back to gaze at beautiful face that was mere inches away. Both of them seemed to be able to clearly feel the other’s breaths whiles they looked into each other’s eyes. A faint flush swiftly rose on that pretty face that was as fair as snow.

“Are you alright?” Ying Huanhuan softly said.

Lin Dong nodded, before casting his gaze into the distance. The Devil Qi within the domain had already completely vanished. Pillars of light shot into the dark domain, expelling the darkness.

“Is that fellow dead?” Ying Huanhuan’s beautiful eyes scanned the area. Unable to find the devil figure, she could not help but ask.

“It is still not completely dead. These Yimo are indeed extremely difficult to deal with.” Lin Dong shook his head. Soon after, he beckoned with his hand and a light beam shot out from within the Ancient Universe Formation and landed in his hand.

It was a palm sized triangle crystal. However, there was Devil Qi swirling within it. The Devil Qi seemingly transformed into a black bead the size of a longan.

“What is this?” Upon seeing this, Ying Huanhuan asked in surprise.

“Something good.”

Lin Dong laughed. This bead was the product of compressing the true king to the limit. The true king’s mind had already been erased, and what was left was a power that was berserk to the extreme.

Although such energy could not be absorbed, if one encountered a tough foe in future, this energy could be released. Even Lin Dong felt a little fearful of its power.

With a flip of his land, Lin Dong kept the bead sealed within the triangle crystal. Subsequently, he focused and the Ancient Universe Formation in the sky slowly faded, before transforming into a flash of light that shot into his body.

When the light formation faded, three specks of light rapidly descended and transformed into three ancient Ancestral Symbols.

“Um, your Ice Ancestral Symbol.”

Lin Dong kept the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol into his body, before handing over the Ice Ancestral Symbol to Ying Huanhuan. He took an additional look at the Ice Ancestral Symbol with some curiosity. Amongst the eight great Ancestral Symbols, besides the two Ancestral Symbols in his body, he had only seen the Flame Ancestral Symbol and the Ice Ancestral Symbol.

When Ying Huanhuan saw Lin Dong’s curious gaze, her jadelike hand gently tucked her beautiful ice blue hair behind her ear as she faintly smiled and said, “If you like, I can give it to you.”

“You are very generous huh, do you really think that this is some cheap cabbage?”

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong could not help but chuckle as he shook his head. To be capable of casually giving away something like the Ancestral Symbol, she was likely the only one in this world. However, he naturally could not accept a gift like this. Subsequently, he handed over the Ice Ancestral Symbol and said, “Only you can bring out the full potential of this Ice Ancestral Symbol. Even if you give it to me, whether or not I’ll be able to subdue it will be another issue. Moreover, it is too precious and I cannot accept it.”

Ying Huanhuan was silent. When she saw that Lin Dong had no intentions of keeping it, she reached out to receive it. Her fingertip gently touched it and the Ice Ancestral Symbol disappeared into her hand.

“The Devil Qi has already faded, the Great Desolate Tablet should recover right?”

Lin Dong’s turned his gaze downwards. The originally bare land there was now decorated by lush green vegetation, while faint life energy started to spread in this domain.

At the center of the land, the evil blackness on the Great Desolate Tablet also started to recede at a shocking speed. In its place, was an ancient aura.

“Since you’ve already awoken, why are you still pretending to be asleep? Great Desolate Tablet, you are not honest at all.” Ying Huanhuan indifferently glanced at the recovered Great Desolate Tablet and suddenly said.

“Hehe, as expected of the Ice Master’s reincarnation…” As Ying Huanhuan’s words faded, an old laughter emerged from the Great Desolate Tablet. It sounded a little embarrassed.

Ying Huanhuan’s previous identity was even more senior than this Great Desolate Tablet. Hence, even an ancient and monstrous existence like itself was unable to play its senior card.

Light gathered on the Great Desolate Tablet and an old figure slowly appeared. This elder had a head full of white hair and a gentle smile filled his face. He smiled at Lin Dong and said, “Many thanks little friend.”

“Elder is too courteous. I naturally have to fulfill the promise I made. Moreover, I have already received elder’s reward back then.” Lin Dong smiled as he replied. The reward he spoke of was naturally the Great Desolation Scripture. Although he rarely used the Great Desolation Scripture in the past three years, it had helped Lin Dong get through dangerous situations time and time again. Thus, he was rather thankful towards this Great Desolate Tablet.

“Hehe, is the old fellow within your body not coming out to meet an old friend? When I sensed it back then, it was in a dire state. However, I believe that it has recovered substantially.” The Great Desolate Tablet chuckled as he spoke.

As his words faded, a gentle white light shot out from within Lin Dong’s body. Yan appeared and gazed at the Great Desolate Tablet as a smile surfaced on his face, “You’re really tenacious huh old fellow, even this was unable to kill you.”

“Haha, since even you have yet to die, how can I possibly dare to leave first.”

Lin Dong chuckled as he heard the conversation between the two. Although they seemed to be at odds with each other, he could sense the deep feelings between them. These two were the two most powerful great divine objects created by the Symbol Ancestor, and were naturally on extremely good terms.

“Since you have already recovered, it is pointless to stay here. What are you plans? Why not leave with one of them?” While Yan was chatting with the Great Desolate Tablet, his eyes flashed as he suddenly asked.

The Great Desolate Tablet and Yan clearly had a great understanding of each other. After seeing the flash in the latter’s eyes, he was first a little stunned, before he quickly smiled and said, “In your opinion, which choice will be better?”

Yan laughed dryly but did not reply.

Lin Dong felt a little awkward. He naturally understood what Yan wanted to say. This fellow wanted him to accept the Great Desolate Tablet. However, finishing off that true king from before was not his merit alone. Moreover, he was not willing to take advantage of Ying Huanhuan.

Of course, he could faintly sense the deeper underlying intention. However, it was too far away and he did not want to think about it.

For a time, the atmosphere was a little silent and strange. After all, with Ying Huanhuan here, Yan did not dare to be too obvious...

In their silence, Ying Huanhuan looked at Yan with a smile that did not seem to be a smile on her face. Upon seeing this, Yan could only release a hollow laugh.

“You should follow him. Having both of your support will be good.” Ying Huanhuan turned her gaze towards the Great Desolate Tablet as she faintly smiled and declared.

“Hehe, since the Ice Master says so, this old one can only listen. Young brother Lin Dong, are you willing to allow this old one to follow you?” The Great Desolate Tablet smiled and asked.

Lin Dong did not reply. He tilted his head and stared at Ying Huanhuan. The latter used her clear ice blue eyes to meet his gaze. He did not know what was contained in the depths of those beautiful eyes.

This lasted for a moment, before Lin Dong softly sighed in his heart. Soon after, he nodded at the Great Desolate Tablet.

“Heh heh.”

Yan chuckled, but did not linger in this strange atmosphere. His figure moved and transformed into a flash of light that tunnelled into Lin Dong’s body, while the Great Desolate Tablet also hastily returned to the tablet.

“Let’s go.”

After the long silence, Lin Dong shook his head and turned around. With a wave of his sleeve, the space in front of him split open. Just as he was about to leave, he felt a tug at the corner of his clothes. Slightly stunned, he immediately turned his head. Ying Huanhuan stared at him as her teeth bit into her red lips, while a strange look was present in her beautiful eyes.

“While you were away for three years, I would go to the Great Yan Empire to visit your parents every year.”

Lin Dong forced a smile. He already knew about this matter from Liu Yan.

“There was this one time that I met someone else. She belongs to Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, and she seems to be called… Ling Qingzhu right?”

Lin Dong looked at Ying Huanhuan’s icy and penetrating eyes. For a time, cold sweat appeared on his forehead. This was a disaster...