Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1193: Cooperating To Slay The Devil

Chapter 1193: Cooperating To Slay The Devil


Chapter 1193: Cooperating To Slay The Devil

Demonic aura was entwining the stone tablet. Above the tablet, when that devil heard Lin Dong’s words, he immediately laughed towards the sky. Then, he suddenly stood up and spoke menacingly, “Ignorant fool. Back when I was at the top of the world, you weren’t even born. Yet, you actually dare to act so haughtily in front of me?”

“There is no shame in admitting that you’re scared. Yet, you actually try to hide your fear by putting up a strong front.” Lin Dong laughed softly while the chill in his eyes grew denser.

“I am afraid of you? What a joke!”

A black glint flashed across that devil’s eyes, before he snorted. Then, he suddenly stomped his foot on the ground. Immediately, monstrous demonic aura directly transformed into a ten thousand feet large devil claw, which penetrated the empty space and ruthlessly swiped at Lin Dong.


Ying Huanhuan involuntarily let out a cold snort after she saw this attack. Immediately, the cold aura circling her body swept forth. However, just as she was about to make a move, Lin Dong took the lead and stepped forward. Then, he curled his palm before an endless number of thunderbolts were formed in his palm.


Loud thunderous noises resounded through this dark space. Following which, a tens of thousands of feet large lightning dragon charged forward ferociously, before it clashed head on with that devil claw. After which, countless lightning arcs shot out and vaporized the demonic aura permeating this place.

Finally, a frightening energy assault wave spread. Lin Dong’s and that devil’s bodies all trembled. It turns out that they were pretty evenly matched.

“You are that little brat who came here back then, am I right? How unexpected. A boy, who was merely an ant back then, is actually quite capable now.” That devil stared at Lin Dong with dark and cold eyes. Clearly, he had detected a familiar scent when he exchanged blows with Lin Dong previously.

“This ant has came back to finish you off.” Lin Dong chuckled. Then, he turned towards Ying Huanhuan and said, “I will set up a formation. Hence, I will need you to stall him for awhile. Do not go overboard, withdraw if you cannot handle it.”

“It is difficult to say just who is the one going overboard.”

Ying Huanhuan rolled her eyes at Lin Dong. After which, a frightening cold aura spread from within her body. Lin Dong had barely came into contact with that cold aura, before he felt a stinging sensation on his skin.


An icy blue glow rose on Ying Huanhuan’s delicate figure. After which, her snow dress transformed into an ice armour. At this moment, an icy blue slim armour was appearing on her body. That ice armour covered her exquisite delicate figure, outlining her tempting curves.

At this moment, Ying Huanhuan was emitting a heroic aura together with an iciness. In fact, her dashing demeanor did not lose out to Tang Xinlian, even when the latter was wearing armour.

Ying Huanhuan clenched her hand after the ice armour appeared. Immediately, a long icy blue spear appeared. Then, she lowered her pretty eyes before a frightening aura spread. It seems like she could even match up to those peak experts, who have touched Reincarnation.

“Be careful.” Lin Dong was also startled by the aura that Ying Huanhuan had suddenly unleashed. Immediately, he involuntarily cried out.

“Quit being a nag.”

Ying Huanhuan curled her red lips. Although she said harsh words, a happy and gentle expression appeared within her beautiful eyes on her pretty face, which was covered by cold frost.


However, even before Lin Dong could reply, Ying Huanhuan had already dashed forward. Immediately, monstrous cold aura swept out and prevented the evil demonic aura from approaching her. Meanwhile, accompanied by many afterimages, the ice spear in her hand enveloped that devil.

“Humph, Ice Master, I might still be a little wary of you if we were in the ancient era. However, aren’t you being too arrogant now?”

That devil let out a cold snort when he saw Ying Huanhuan attack. Then, he clenched his large hand before his demonic aura agglomerated into a long black blade. Following which, he swung that blade furiously. Immediately, the empty space cracked before a blade glow filled with demonic aura flew furiously towards Ying Huanhuan, just like a demonic dragon.


Ying Huanhuan’s delicate figure flashed before the icy blue long spear in her hand penetrated the air and heavily struck against that blade filled with demonic aura. Following which, frightening cold aura surged and froze that blade glow directly.

That cold aura spread. Ying Huanhuan’s toes pressed against that frozen blade glow, before the latter shattered. After which, her body had appeared above that devil. Meanwhile, her hand seals were changing rapidly. Following which, cold aura gathered before they transformed into a ten thousand feet large ice lotus. Finally, that ice lotus heavily slammed down on that devil!


Streams of frightening cold aura, which could even freeze demonic aura, came sweeping forth. Promptly, that devil roared towards the sky. Immediately, his body began to swell crazily. Meanwhile, his monstrous demonic aura raged across the entire space.


That devil roared out loud, before he used his ten thousand feet large body to throw a punch forward. The monstrous demonic aura was like countless soaring demonic dragons. With a single punch, it blew the descending ice lotus apart.

Ice fragments danced in the sky while Ying Huanhuan hovered in the air. Meanwhile, her pretty icy blue eyes contained an increasingly bright blue glint, while her long icy blue hair was also displaying an icy cold luster.

“That true king is quite powerful indeed.”

When Lin Dong saw the fight between the two of them, he involuntarily nodded. Although that true king had yet to recover his full strength, he was still able to thwart Ying Huanhuan, who possessed the Ice Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, he was indeed quite frightening.

“Set up the formation quickly. The strength of that true king is rising rapidly. If you do not hurry, even Ying Huanhuan will no longer be able to stop him.” Yan’s voice swiftly sounded at this moment.

Lin Dong nodded, before the expression in his eyes gradually became stern. He flipped his palm before an incomparably mysterious light formation surfaced.

There were countless symbols entwined around each other within that light formation, and they were obscure and deep. It was the Ancient Universe Formation within Lin Dong’s body. After his strength surged, the might of the Ancient Universe Formation now far exceed what it was before.


That light formation rushed out from Lin Dong’s hand and swelled with the wind. Within a short moment, it became tens of thousands of feet in size, covering the entire dark space in the process.

The Ancient Universe Formation floated high above in the sky. Meanwhile, it looked as though the space was contorting as it rotated.

Lin Dong shut his eyes before mighty Mental Energy and Yuan Power swept forth simultaneously. After which, they poured into the Ancient Universe Formation. Then, those two powers began to slowly merge as that formation rotated. Meanwhile, an exceptionally frightening ripple was vaguely emitted.

The frightening ripple emitted from that formation was also detected by that devil. Immediately, a cold glint flashed across his eyes. With a cold snort, he placed his devil claws together. Following which, an extremely concentrated beam of demonic light penetrated the space and rushed straight towards that formation.

However, that demonic light had only just shot forth when a huge ice lotus suddenly appeared in front of it. Then, that ice lotus rotated before it blocked that demonic light.

“I am your opponent. Do not disturb him.” A huge ice lotus slowly rose from a short distance away. Meanwhile, Ying Huanhuan’s alluring figure was standing within. Her faint voice was filled with an icy chill.

That devil stared at Ying Huanhuan, who was in his way, before a ferocious glint gathered in his eyes. Then, he suddenly released a low roar. Immediately, many strange seals appeared on his hands, before the monstrous demonic aura also began to gather crazily.

“Heaven Devil Burial Sky Seal!”

A roar resounded before countless demonic aura gathered and rapidly transformed into a ten thousand feet large black devil seal. Meanwhile, countless sharp howls were emitted from that devil seal and it was a frightening sight to behold.

“Swoosh!” After that devil seal was formed, it tore through the empty space before it charged towards Ying Huanhuan.

A grave expression flashed across Ying Huanhuan’s pretty face when she saw this attack. She gently waved her hand before cold aura agglomerated and transformed into an icy blue zither.

“Four Divine Beasts Devil Suppressing Sound.”


The zither strings vibrated before vast and mighty ripples surged. After which, one could see a cold glow gathering around Ying Huanhuan. Within a couple of breaths’ time, that sonic wave transformed into the four divine beasts. A green dragon, white tiger, black tortoise and vermillion bird were all made out of ice. Then, they roared towards the sky in unison before they whizzed forward and heavily collided against that huge devil seal.


An earth shaking ripple spread and many cracks were ripped on that originally distorted space. Meanwhile, both the cold aura and demonic aura suffered a heavy blow.

The icy blue zither in front of Ying Huanhuan shattered along with that sound. Meanwhile, cracks began to appear on her ice armour. At the same time, that monstrous devil in the distance was sent flying by over ten thousand feet. Meanwhile, the demonic aura surrounding him had also diminished.

Clearly, both parties were injured in this head on collision.

However, the missing demonic aura around that devil was quickly replenished at a frightening rate. Clearly, this was because the seal placed on him was gradually weakening. In fact, once that seal disappears, he would return to his peak condition.

“Haha, the both of you are too slow. I am becoming more and more powerful. What can you guys do to me?” That devil had naturally detected his advantage. Immediately, his wild laughter was just like thunder as it resounded through this dark space.

“It is too early for you to be celebrating!”

A cold chuckle was suddenly transmitted from the sky. After which, one saw Lin Dong standing in the sky. Meanwhile, his Ancient Universe Formation had began to rotate. Soon after, he twirled his hands before black light swirled around one hand, while lightning glow crackled on the other. Faintly, two ancient symbols were visible.

“With two Ancestral Symbols as the eye of the formation, I refuse to believe that I cannot finish you off!”

Two ancient symbols suddenly shot out from Lin Dong’s hands. After which, they flew directly into the Ancient Universe Formation, which was hovering in the sky. Immediately, black light and lightning glow shone down from the Ancient Universe Formation in all directions.

“Ancient Universe Formation, Slay The Devil!”

Lin Dong’s hand seals changed rapidly before a low cry was suddenly emitted from his mouth.


After his cry, the Ancient Universe Formation began to rotate violently. Immediately, countless rays of light crisscrossed before they directly sealed that devil. Following which, a frightening strength was emitted and it swiftly purified the demonic aura around that devil.

“Sizzle sizzle.”

Dense white fog spread from within that devil’s body. The latter was startled upon seeing this. He hurriedly circulated his demonic aura and ruthlessly attacked the light curtain prison, which was formed by those rays of light.

However, despite using his full strength, he was only able to create a few ripples on that light curtain and it showed no signs of collapsing.

“Do you really think that you can destroy me with this? In your dreams!”

At this moment, a ferocious glint flickered within that devil’s eyes. Suddenly, his humongous body emitted waves of low and deep explosive noises, before his already massive body swelled even further. Meanwhile, waves of extremely terrifying ripples were swiftly formed.

“Tsk tsk, little fellow. You came a little too late. Right now, the Great Desolate Tablet’s seal has hardly any impact on me. Once I escape and regain my full strength, all of you shall be squashed like ants!”

A loud arrogant laughter sounded. The body of that devil swelled to its limit, and even with two great Ancestral Symbols, the Ancient Universe Formation was unable to completely suppress him.

Moreover, once he broke free from the formation’s restrain, he would be able to escape from the Great Desolate Tablet. At that time, the Great Desolate Tablet’s seal would become completely useless.

“Lin Dong, we must not allow him to escape from the Great Desolate Tablet!” Yan’s somewhat anxious voice sounded.

Lin Dong clenched his teeth, before he pushed the Ancient Universe Formation to its limit.

“No way, he is recovering far too quickly. Even two Ancestral Symbols cannot suppress him!”

“Well, then add another one!” Yan swiftly replied.

“Add another one?”

Lin Dong was startled. However, he quickly came to a comprehension. Then, he hurriedly cried out, “Huanhuan, lend me your Ice Ancestral Symbol!”

Ying Huanhuan nodded immediately upon hearing Lin Dong’s cry. She beckoned with her hand, before an ancient icy cold symbol shot out from her hand without hesitation. Finally, it headed straight towards Lin Dong.

The Ice Ancestral Symbol hovered in front of Lin Dong. He involuntarily took a glance at this Ancestral Symbol, which could freeze the entire world. After which, his eyes turned towards that devil, which had swelled to its limit, before a grin surfaced on the corner of his lips.

“Trying to escape? I’m afraid that it isn’t going to be so easy!”