Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1191: Performance

Chapter 1191: Performance


Chapter 1191: Performance

On the cliff, Lin Dong introduced first elder Zhu Li and the rest. As for Little Marten and Little Flame, Ying Xuanzi and the rest already knew of them and their relationship with Lin Dong.

First elder Zhu Li and the rest were rather courteous towards Ying Xuanzi. Although it was mostly because of their relationship with Lin Dong, Ying Xuanzi was also rather powerful, making him a worthy individual in their eyes.

“Sect master, tell us about Yuan Gate. We have recently returned from Demon Region and do not clearly understand Yuan Gate’s situation.” When he mentioned Yuan Gate, a chilling light surged in Lin Dong’s black pupils.

“Yuan Gate started the war a year ago, however, they only attacked other super sects back then, and even found some justification. Although the other super sects were somewhat unhappy with Yuan Gate’s domineering actions, they did not wish to offend Yuan Gate because of matters that were not their own.”

Ying Xuanzi laughed bitterly and continued, “Who would have guessed that the increasingly savage Yuan Gate will directly declare war against all of the super sects a short while after. Moreover, the most astonishing thing was that Yuan Gate’s power had soared to a rather terrifying level. Their Samsara stage super experts had rapidly rose in number. The other super sects were completely incapable of resisting. In the end, they were gradually defeated one by one. Now, besides those how have surrendered and allied themselves with Yuan Gate, only our Dao Sect and Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace remain amongst the Eastern Xuan Region’s super sects.”

“Half a year ago, Yuan Gate dispatched a huge number of troops to attack Dao Sect. Amongst them, there was a total of five Samsara stage experts. It was fortunate that Huanhuan managed to stop three of them. Although we stopped them in the end, Huahuan was also injured.” Ying Xuanzi said.

“There should be one known as Zhao Kui amongst the three right? He has already been killed by me.” Lin Dong faintly smiled and said.

“If I encounter those three again, they will not be my match.” Ying Huanhuan glanced at Lin Dong as her red lips raised slightly. Although she had said such words, the cold aura from her body seemed to weaken a little at this moment.

“However, some of these Yuan Gate Samsara stage experts do not have stable auras. They do not seem to have steadily grown to this level, but were instead artificially strengthened by someone.” Lin Dong chuckled. Soon after, he remarked in a low voice.

“Yes.” Ying Xuanzi nodded. Moments later, he bitterly smiled and said,” However this is already very frightening. In the past, the power of the Samsara stage was enough for one to become to leader of a sect.”

“They have likely borrowed the power of the Yimo.” Lin Dong slowly said.

“Yimo?” Upon hearing this, Ying Xuanzi’s expression changed slightly. At his level, he naturally knew of some information related to the Yumo and understood how terrifying they were.

Ying Huanhuan’s shapely eyebrows faintly wrinkled. A strange light flitted across her ice blue pupils.

“When I was in the Chaotic Demon Sea, I met the previous generation of three little kings. I discovered the existence of the devil seed within their bodies. Moreover, the people who were dispatched by Yuan Gate to kill me later on all had the power of the Yimo.” Lin Dong softly said.

“This Yuan Gate is truly too much, they still dare to dispatch men to kill you after chasing you away.” Ying Xuanzi was furious upon hearing this. Although Lin Dong had made it seem as if it was no big deal, everyone knew that it would have definitely been a terrible battle.

“Hehe, it is no issue. Everyone they sent died in the end after all.” Lin Dong shook his head. After pondering for some time, he continued, “What about those three old dogs? How powerful are they now?”

Ying Xuanzi was stunned. Soon after, he secretly chuckled. Turns out that Lin Dong was referring to the Yuan Gate’s three titans, “Ever since the war started, the Tian Yuanzi trio have practically never showed their faces.”

“Never showed their faces?” It was now Lin Dong’s turn to be stunned.

“Yes.” Ying Xuanzi nodded his head with a grave expression. Clearly shown terror was not the thing that made one worry, it was the unknown that truly caused one to feel fear. The situation in the Eastern Xuan Region had already developed to such a state, yet the three Yuan Gate sect masters were completely silent. This instead caused one to feel uneasy.

“In addition, according to some information that we obtained, Yuan Gate seems to be up to something big recently. My senses tell me that they are targeting our Dao Sect. After all, Yuan Gate hates our Dao Sect to the core, yet we’ve been able to survive all this time. This time, they will surely have a method to annihilate our Dao Sect.” Ying Xuanzi slowly said.

“However, Lin Dong’s return should not be known by time for the time being. Given our Dao Sect’s current strength, we are not afraid of them.” Ying Xiaoxiao interjected. With the support of Lin Dong’s huge force, Dao Sect no longer needed to be constantly on the edge like before.

“Something big huh?”

Lin Dong coldy chuckled, “Since that is so, we’ll have to properly receive them.”

Ying Xuanzi nodded his head. The current Lin Dong was clearly no longer the little Dao Sect disciple from three years ago. His boldness and strength had already surpassed a sect master like Ying Xuanzi. With Lin Dong around, even Ying Xuanzi felt a little more confident.

“Good. As long as Yuan Gate dares to come again, our Dao Sect will definitely settle all of our debts!”


After chatting with Lin Dong for a while, Ying Xuanzi and the rest started to leave. Little Marten, first elder Zhu Li and the rest also followed suit. No one knew if it was intentional, but they left Lin Dong and Ying Huahuan alone, and no one would bother them for some time.

As the crowd dispersed, the atmosphere between the two became much more silent.

Lin Dong gazed at the slender and soft body of the girl beside him, and once again looked at her long ice blue hair. A faint chilling aura enveloped her body, causing him to softly sigh, “You’ve used too much of the power that does not belong to you.”

Within his voice was a little reproach. However the regret within was even greater.

Upon hearing his words, Ying Huanhuan glared at him. Soon after, she gritted her pearly white teeth as she replied, “What else could I do? Since you were no longer around, I needed to protect Dao Sect, moreover… if I could only powerlessly watch you almost die like three years ago, I would rather become an emotionless ice mountain.”

Towards the end, even her voice had become much softer. A faint crimson red flush seemed to flash across her cold face.

“Then I will better protect you in future, so please utilise that power less.” Lin Dong’s heart warmed a little as he smiled.

Ying Huanhuan’s beautiful eyes stared at Lin Dong. Her crescent moon shaped eyebrows seemed to arch in joy, but she turned her head away as she spoke, “I will not believe someone who knocked me unconscious at the important juncture.”

This lass still held a grudge.

Lin Dong helplessly smiled. I was going to risk it all back then. Knocking you unconscious was better than letting you helplessly watch me die.

“Can your hair turn back?” Lin Dong asked as he looked at Ying Huanhuan’s long ice blue hair and sighed in his heart.

“Why? You think it doesn’t look good?!” Ying Huanhuan suddenly turned her head and glared at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong dryly laughed as he rapidly shook his head. He knew that Ying Huanhuan should be aware of certain things, but it was because of such awareness that she was so sensitive.

Ying Huanhuan slightly lowered her head. Moments later, she lifted it up again as she softly said to Lin Dong, “It’s been a long time since you’ve returned to Dao Sect. I’ll take you on a stroll.”

She had already walked forward while she spoke. Lin Dong’s eyes had a rather complicated expression as he slowly followed.

The two wandered within Dao Sect. Pills rivers hung in the sky, while rumbling noises echoed into the distance. Huge groups of Dao Sect disciples would walk past from time to time, however, those ambiguous gazes would pause on the duo, while giggles could be heard from far away.

Lin Dong felt a little helpless due to these gazes, but Ying Huanhuan who was walking half a step ahead rather enjoyed them. So much so that a faint smile hung on her usually frosty face. It was an extremely moving sight.

However… a smile also surfaced on Lin Dong’s face as he watched that lovely figure. Her long ice blue hair shimmered under the sunlight. Such a feeling was not bad at all.

“Do you know what that is?” At the front, Ying Huanhuan’s footsteps suddenly stopped. She tilted her head back slightly, as her slender jadelike finger pointed to the front. Her beautiful face had become extremely gentle.

Lin Dong lifted his head, only to see a horizontal pill river. The towering giant tree within the pill river covered a radius of no less than a thousand feet. Astonishing energy undulations spread out from the giant tree, while numerous fist sized fruits hung from it. These fruits were ripe with abundant energy.

“This is… the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree?” Lin Dong gazed at this ancient tree in amazement. Soon after, he joyfully asked.


Ying Huanhuan smiled, spellbound as she looked upon the ancient tree. In that moment, the cold aura around her body had completely vanished. She was just like the charming and lively girl from back then.

Lin Dong’s eyes also held complicated feelings and nostalgia. To obtain this Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree seed back then, the young girl had remained behind to stop their formidable enemies. However, he had hastily rushed back to save her.

In a way, this Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree was something they had worked together to protect.

The two wore gentle expressions as they stood under the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree in silence. Unknowingly, the sun began to set.

Lin Dong gradually recovered from his daze. He gently patted Ying Huanhuan’s shoulders as he smiled and said, “How long do you plan on standing here?”

When she saw that this block head had broken the mood, Ying Huanhaun could not help but roll her eyes at him. Such a mannerism was a little flirtatious.

“Let’s go to the Desolate Hall.” Lin Dong stretched his waist as he continued, “It’s already been so long, I have to fulfill my promise after all.”

“Promise?” Ying Huanhuan was taken aback. Soon after, she was rather amused as she said, “You mean the Great Desolate Tablet? Fancy you remembering. Your two year promise has long since passed, if it was not for me, the Great Desolate Tablet would have long died due to being swindled by you.”

Lin Dong felt somewhat awkward. It was indeed his fault, and it was fortunate that Ying Huanhuan was here to help, or else...

“The Great Desolate Tablet said that the power of two Ancestral Symbols are needed to deal with the Yimo king sealed under it. I should be able to settle things now.” Lin Dong said.

“Ancestral Symbol huh… I also have one.”

Ying Huanhuan softly said. She extended a slender snow white hand as snowflakes gathered at the center of her palm. An ancient symbol suffused with ice patterns slowly appeared within it.

“This is…”

Lin Dong gazed at the ancient symbol in Ying Huanhuan’s hand as his pupils involuntarily tightened a little.

“The Ice Ancestral Symbol?”

“Let’s go and deal with that troublesome thing.” Ying Huanhuan flipped her jadelike hand as the Ice Ancestral Symbol faded. Without looking at Lin Dong, she turned and left.


Lin Dong suddenly spoke up. Ying Huanhuan tilted her head back and looked at him with her beautiful eyes.


Lin Dong gazed into her ice blue eyes, but his hands could not help but slowly clench into fists, “You… will always be Ying Huanhuan, right?”

Ying Huanhuan did not reply. She deeply looked at Lin Dong. A long while later, the corners of her mouth curled as she lightly skipped forward with her hands behind her back. Soon after, her lovely voice was heard.

“That will depend on your performance.”