Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1190: Returning to the Sect

Chapter 1190: Returning to the Sect


Chapter 1190: Returning to the Sect

“Strengthen our Dao Sect!”

Low and thunderous roars gathered together, before they boomed across the entire mountain range. At this moment, it looked as though the mountains were trembling.

Lin Dong’s eyes were red as he gazed at the black sea of people in front of him. Each and every one of their faces had became flushed thanks to the emotions within their hearts. However, the gazes that were cast towards him, were filed with a near fanatical trust and hope.

Over the past year, Yuan Gate had waged a war. Hence, the flames of war had surrounded the entire Eastern Xuan Region. Moreover, Dao Sect was the first to be hit and Yuan Gate had attacked them many times. If it was not because Ying Huanhuan’s strength had soared, it was likely that Dao Sect would have been reduced into rubble, while countless Dao Sect disciples would have perished along with the sect…

Nonetheless, even though they were in a precarious situation, none of them gave up. That was because there was still hope in their hearts. Back at the Unique Devil Region, the disciples of Dao Sect were also being butchered miserably. However, that figure eventually showed up and turned things around.

Though the situation that they were currently in was several times more dangerous compared to before, that figure had already gotten hold of their hearts. Unknowingly, he had almost became a religion.

In fact, they believed that as long as he returned, they would be able to tackle any situation, regardless of how hopeless it may seem.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes were red as she stared at this scene. Then, she involuntarily wiped off the tears rolling down her face. It was the first time over the last year, whereby she saw the Dao Sect disciples acting in such an excited fashion.

“Lin Dong, come back. All your martial brothers from Dao Sect really need you.” Ying Xiaoxiao softly said.

Ying Huanhuan’s pretty eyes stared at Lin Dong, whose eyes were currently red and whose body was trembling gently. Promptly, she realized that the emotions with the latter’s heart must also be churning like waves.

“Lin Dong, come back.” Chen Zhen sighed softly before he said.

“Martial senior Lin Dong, we’ve been waiting for you to return and to lead us to attack Yuan Gate!”

Countless Dao Sect disciples cried out in unison. Their eyes were all filled with great hope and anticipation.


Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of icy cool air, as he suppressed the churning waves in his heart. As he looked at the countless glimmering pairs of eyes, it was a long while later before a smile finally surfaced on the corner of his lips.

“Sect master, may I know if Dao Sect will still accept an unruly disciple like me?” Lin Dong looked at Ying Xuanzi, before he asked in a slow and hoarse voice.

Immediately, wild joy crazily surged out from the eyes of every Dao Sect disciple. Soon after, hot tears rolled down from many of their eyes. Martial brother Lin Dong has returned!

“Yes! Yes! As long as you do not bear a grudge against me.”

At this moment, despite Ying Xuanzi’s status and his mental fortitude, his elderly eyes began to redden. Then, he hurried cried out in a hoarse voice. Once Lin Dong returned to his Dao Sect, it would undoubtedly rejuvenate their entire sect.

“Martial senior Lin Dong!”

Countless disciples from Dao Sect erupted in celebrations after Ying Xuanzi’s voice sounded. After which, they swarmed over and lifted Lin Dong into the air. Subsequently, many incomparably joyous cheers sounded as Lin Dong was tossed around in the air.

At a short distance away, when Ying Yuanzi saw this scene, he sighed and said, “All of a sudden, I truly regret my decision back then.”

Suddenly, it looked as though he had aged significantly. All these years, he tried to carefully protect Dao Sect and guard his countless little disciples, whom he regarded as his children. As such, he had sacrificed far too much for them. However, on hindsight, it seems like he should not have acted so cautiously.

“Father, you are not at fault. None of us blame you.” Ying Xiaoxiao felt a heartache when she saw his conduct. Immediately, she gently tugged his elderly palm before she softly comforted him.

Beside him, another long jade like hand hesitated for a moment. After which, that hand extended and held Ying Xuanzi’s other hand. This caused Ying Xuanzi to be startled. He turned his head and saw Ying Huanhuan gently biting her red lips. Although she continued to remain silent, her face, which had only shown an icy cold expression towards him for three years, once again regained a little warmth.

At this moment, tears finally rolled down Ying Xuanzi’s face. His youngest daughter had finally forgiven him...


On a mountain peak outside of Dao Sect, a mirror forged from Yuan Power was reflecting what was happening within Dao Sect. In fact, it seemed as though the cheers within the sect could be heard here as well.

First elder Zhu Li, Liu Qing and the rest were staring at the scene reflected by the mirror. Although they did not know the exact relationship between Lin Dong and that faction, the heartfelt emotions emitted from everyone could still be detected by them. As such, everyone ended up sighing emotionally.

Little Marten looked at the mirror before he sighed softly in his heart. He knew how Lin Dong felt about Dao Sect. After all, that sect was indeed worthy of Lin Dong’s concern.

“How much longer are you going to cry for?”

Little Marten shook his head somewhat helplessly. Then, he looked at the red eyed Anran, who was crying continuously as she stared at the mirror. In fact, even her sleeves were wet.

“It’s none of your business.”

Anran’s nose was slightly red. Meanwhile, she was still sobbing as she spoke, “Martial senior Lin Dong has returned. Our martial brothers in Dao Sect have all been waiting for him. We have always believed that he will eventually return.”

“Although it’s good to have faith, you shouldn’t place all your hopes on others. If you do not work hard and train, no one can save you.” Little Marten said in a faint voice.

Anran widened her big eyes furiously when she heard Little Marten’s words, which completely ruined the mood. Gritting her teeth, she retorted, “Nonsense. Every Dao Sect disciple has been training hard and working our assess off. No one was slacking off!”

Little Marten glanced at her but did not speak. His lazy demeanor caused Anran to grit her teeth furiously. “Argh argh argh, why are you so repulsive. Why is it that someone as awesome as martial senior Lin Dong, has such a repulsive brother!”


Little Marten was startled. In his heart, he wanted to laugh. However, soon after, his handsome face suddenly turned vicious before he said, “Who are you talking about? Do you really believe that I do not dare to kill you?”


Anran screamed in fear after she saw the fearsome expression on Little Marten’s face. Immediately, she scurried and fled to the back of elder Xia. After which, she stuck her little head out before she glared at Little Marten.

Little Marten involuntarily laughed when he saw this. At the same time, standing beside him, Little Flame leaned closer before he grinned and said, “Second brother, it seems like you enjoy fooling around with this little girl?”

Little Marten was startled. He immediately coughed softly before he gave a kick forward, “Foolish tiger, what nonsense are you sprouting?”

Little Flame laughed. There was an unknown emotion within his laughter.

The cheers and celebrations within Dao Sect continued for a long time, before they finally started to die down. The various hall chiefs also smilingly dismissed everyone and instructed those reluctant little fellows to go back to their training.

When Lin Dong saw his tattered clothes, he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. These guys were simply a little too excited. Nonetheless, it has been many years since he felt such a heartwarming sensation.

“Are you alright?”

A gentle voice sounded in front of Lin Dong. However, that voice seemed to contain a faint trace of cold air, which could never be erased. Lin Dong lifted his head and saw Ying Huanhuan standing in front of him. When he saw her icy blue long hair, his heart began to ache gently. However, he still maintained a smile before he nodded.

“Lin Dong ah. Since you have returned to Dao Sect, why don’t you become an elder?” After Ying Xuanzi recovered his spirits, he led a crowd over before he asked with a laugh. Given his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that Lin Dong was completely different from before. In fact, what Ying Huanhuan said previously was indeed true. As of now, Lin Dong was more powerful than him, the sect master.

“It’s fine. Just let me be a disciple of the Desolate Hall. I quite fancy that position.” Lin Dong shook his head. He was not really interested in an elder position. However, he did miss the days when he was training at the Desolate Hall.

“Haha, in that case, my Desolate Hall will definitely be the number one hall. I want to see who dares to fight with us for that position.” Wu Dao glanced at the three other hall chiefs in a pleased manner and laughed.

The remaining three hall chiefs shook their heads helplessly. How could someone skirt the rules like this.

“It’s fine. I am a disciple of the Sky Hall. Therefore, even if he goes to Desolate Hall, our Sky Hall has no reason to fear.” Ying Huanhuan laughed. That rare smile gave off a cold refreshing sensation, which was similar to the sensation one felt the instant an ice mountain melted. It caused one to be involuntarily drawn to her.

Although this girl was becoming increasingly beautiful and now looked more elegant than before, the pride drilled deep within her bones was exactly the same as that three years ago.

“That’s right, sect master. I still have some friends and subordinates outside. Can you open the formation and let them in?” When Lin Dong recalled that Little Marten and the rest were still waiting outside, he quickly asked.


Ying Xuanzi nodded without hesitation. He waved his sleeve before the sect guarding formation covering Dao Sect shook. Then, it gradually disappeared.

Moments after the formation disappeared, many rushing wind sounds appeared from a short distance away. Following which, a black cloud rushed over. Their frightening and ferocious aura surged towards the sky.

This ferocious aura which had suddenly showed up, immediately caused the faces of countless Dao Sect disciples to turn pale. Initially, they thought that Yuan Gate had invaded them once again. However, their anxiety quickly died down after Ying Xuanzi dispatched some people to calm them down. Only after they realized that it was a group of men brought back by martial senior Lin Dong, did their anxiety turn into curiosity.

A black cloud swept over. After which, they landed on a spacious training platform in Dao Sect. Thousands of black armoured Tiger Devouring Army soldiers stood like statues, and they did not move at all. Meanwhile, their breathing were in complete unison. In fact, their auras and brutality even caused Ying Xuanzi’s expression to change. After all, although his Dao Sect disciples have experienced many bitter fights over the last year, they were still greatly lacking compared to this Tiger Devouring Army, whose soldiers have all climbed up from piles of corpses.

After the Tiger Devouring Army showed up, a couple of figures leapt towards the mountain cliff where Lin Dong was located. After which, all of them revealed themselves.

Even with Ying Xuanzi’s mental fortitude, shock still surged into his eyes when Little Marten, first elder Zhu Li, Liu Qing and the rest appeared. To begin with, he was an ultimate Samsara stage expert. Moreover, his strength had also surged over the past three years and he even vaguely comprehended Reincarnation Will. However, the ripples being emitted by the seven of them were much stronger than him!

In other words, other than Little Flame, all seven of them were Samsara stage experts who had touched Reincarnation!

Beside him, a tinge of shock also flashed across Ying Huanhuan’s icy blue eyes when she saw Little Marten and the rest.

Ying Xuanzi and the rest turned to face each other. Though they were shocked, immense joy also surged into their hearts. Clearly, Lin Dong had returned well-prepared.

This fellow… In merely three years, not only did his strength soar, but he was no longer alone. Beside him, stood a terrifying lineup which could even flip the entire Eastern Xuan Region upside down!

At this moment, Ying Xuanzi and the rest slowly calmed themselves down. Then, they looked at Lin Dong with a complicated expression in their eyes. It seems like the disciples of Dao Sects were not mistaken. No problem is too big to handle once martial senior Lin Dong returns.

It was exactly the same as before. Back at the Unique Devil Region, that man had shown up at the very last moment, before he reversed the situation.