Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1188: Meeting Ying Huanhuan Again

Chapter 1188: Meeting Ying Huanhuan Again


Chapter 1188: Meeting Ying Huanhuan Again

The entire capital erupted into a sea of cheers. Not long ago, all of them were in complete despair. After all, once their city was overrun, the Great Yan Empire would be history. Following which, every citizen of the empire would lose their homes and be forced to leave their homeland. Furthermore, they had witnessed this miserable fate far too many times over the last two years.

However, at their most desperate moment, hope arrived in the form of a young man, who could make the world tremble at his feet.

With just a smile, every powerful expert from Yuan Gate was wiped out. Meanwhile, a single sentence from him, caused millions of allied soldiers to flee miserably.

Only at this moment, did they finally believe that there were indeed legends in this world, who could dictate the weather with their words. However, throughout the history of their Great Yan Empire, such a being had never appeared. Until now…


The army on the city walls had all went back into the city and only those essential guards were left behind. After all, with that monstrous tiger army standing guard outside of the city, there was no need for them to stay.

There was a huge manor in the capital and it was where the Lin Clan was located. Due to the war, the Lin Clan had shifted all of their resources to this manor.

At this moment, this manor was boiling with excitement and countless members of the clan were flooding in. After which, many pairs of excited eyes looked into the spacious living room from outside. Finally, all their attention focused on a skinny young figure within.

“Is that big brother Lin Dong? Quick, let me have a look.”

“Big brother Lin Dong is someone from our Lin Clan. All of you did not see what happened previously, but that elder from Yuan Gate was killed by big brother Lin Dong instantly. Meanwhile, those armies from various empires withdrew in panic because of a single sentence from him.”

“Big brother Lin Dong is really good-looking!”

“... Hey, can you don’t be so boy-crazy.”

“Hehe, I am of the same generation as big brother Lin Dong. Back then, I also took part in the clan gathering. However, big brother Lin Dong was not so powerful back then.”


Seated in the living room, Lin Dong was holding a teacup in his hand before he gently took a sip. Although those private whispers outside were extremely soft, he still managed to hear all of them. Immediately, a faint smile was lifted on the corner of his lips.

This was a rather pleasant sensation.

In the living room, the clan head of the Lin Clan, Lin Fan, and many elders were seated below.

As of now, the top seat was occupied by a helpless looking Lin Zhentian. Originally, that seat was supposed to be occupied by Lin Dong. However, that little brat ended up pushing his grandpa onto it instead.

Below Lin Dong sat Little Marten, Little Flame, first elder Zhu Li, Liu Qing and the rest. Lin Dong had introduced all of them previously. After Lin Fan and the elders of the Lin Clan learnt that they were all ultimate experts who had advanced to the Samsara stage, even the servant serving them tea began to tremble. After all, although the Lin Clan was much stronger compared to before, they were hardly worthy of the attention from so many ultimate experts.

However, they all secretly sighed in relief when they realized that these ultimate experts, who must be treated with extreme respect even by sect masters of various super sects in the Eastern Xuan Region, were not arrogant individuals. Instead, all of them returned their greetings with a smile. Though they knew that this was likely because of their relationship with Lin Dong, Lin Fan and the elders still felt joy and excitement in their hearts.

“Haha, Lin Dong ah.”

Lin Fan’s face was full of smiles. Moreover, even though he was the clan head, there wasn’t a tinge of pride on his face. Instead, all he did was grin when he looked at Lin Dong. The latter found his smile a little comical. After all, back then, the clan head of the Lin Clan seemed like a rather prestigious role to his eyes.

“It’s all thanks to you that our Lin Clan is able to develop until such an extent. Previously, the Elder Council was having a discussion. I am already so old, the position of clan head…”

“Clan head Lin Fan, I’m afraid that I am not interested.” Lin Dong smiled faintly. This old fellow was quite cunning. Was he planning to use this to tie him up?

Lin Fan smiled awkwardly when he heard Lin Dong’s rejection. Given Lin Dong’s current strength, if he was to become the clan head, notwithstanding the Great Yan Empire, it was likely that their Lin Clan would become extremely well known across the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

With this in mind, Lin Fan involuntarily turned to look at Lin Zhentian for help. Over all these years, he had managed to build a good relationship with Lin Zhentian.

When Lin Zhentian saw this sight, he quickly turned his head away. He was not an old fool. Since Lin Dong was unwilling to do so, there was no way he would force the latter to comply. After all, Lin Dong was no longer a child like he was before.

Lin Fan could only helplessly shake his head when he saw Lin Zhentian acting in this manner.

Lin Dong saw through their actions. Finally, he laughed softly before he placed the teacup in his hands down. Then, with a faint smile he said, “Give it to my father.”

The Lin Family was ultimately an offshoot of the Lin Clan. Moreover, Lin Zhentian had a strong clan mentality and he put in a great deal of effort back then, in order for his family to return to the main clan. Therefore, it was impossible for Lin Dong to completely differentiate between the two. In that case, it was best to allow his family to reap more benefits.

Lin Fan was startled. He quickly rejoiced and nodded continuously. Lin Xiao was Lin Dong’s father. Therefore, it didn’t matter whether the son or the father became the clan head. After all, if any problems occur, there was no way Lin Dong would abandon his father.

“You little brat.”

Beside him, Lin Xiao was about to reprimand Lin Dong after hearing those words. However, Lin Fan quickly laughed and said, “Lin Xiao, please do not reject this. All of us have witnessed your abilities. You will be the clan head of the Lin Clan in the future. It’s already decided.”

He hurriedly left without waiting for Lin Xiao’s reply. His actions caused Lin Xiao to be stunned. Since when did anyone willing forsake the position of clan head in such a simple and straightforward fashion?

“Since Dong’er has said so, you should accept it first.” Beside him, Liu Yan softly said. Upon hearing her words, Lin Xiao could only stare angrily at Lin Dong. However, he did not speak up anymore.

“Dong’er, come over. There is something that I want to tell you.” Liu Yan suddenly beckoned Lin Dong over before she smilingly said.

Lin Dong was startled. After he walked over, Liu Yan began to gently straighten his clothes. Then, with a smile of anticipation, she said, “Do you know? In the past three years since you left, there would be two ladies who will visit us every year.”

Lin Dong was startled and he was at a loss. Ladies? Visiting his parents?

“Cough.” Lin Xiao coughed and said, “Both ladies are pretty decent. Little brat, you got good eyesight.”

Lin Dong felt even more confused. Then, he helplessly asked, “Who are you guys referring to?”

“One of them is called Ling Qingzhu. The other is called Ying Huanhuan…” Lin Xiao grinned before he said.

This time around, even with Lin Dong’s mental fortitude, he was involuntarily stunned. Things had truly exceeded his expectations. After all, Ling Qingzhu was a prideful person and he had never expected her to take the initiative to visit Lin Xiao and Liu Yan. On the other hand, Ying Huanhuan was just like a little princess whom others treasured and took care of. Therefore, since when did she become so mature?

“Both ladies are pretty decent. I like them both very much. When are you going to bring them home…” Liu Yan asked joyously. These two ladies were both extremely talented and it was impossible to find anyone more outstanding than them in the entire Great Yan Empire. Hence, Liu Yan was extremely satisfied with the both of them.

Lin Dong could only laugh dryly. Even though he currently possessed the ability to kill a Samsara stage expert with the flip of his palm, when dealing with matters of the heart, he still felt cold sweat appearing all over his forehead.

“Oh, that’s right. Father, mother, I will not be able to stay here for long this time around. The Eastern Xuan Region is far too chaotic and Dao Sect is in deep trouble. Hence, I will have to make a trip back.” Lin Dong hurriedly changed the topic and said.

“Are you planning to leave again?” Liu Yan hurriedly asked after she heard those words. Meanwhile, she no longer pestered him about the previous topic.

“Dao Sect has groomed Dong’er. Now that Dao Sect is in trouble, he will naturally have to return and help them. Moreover, our Lin Clan has received much benefits from Dao Sect over all these years. Therefore, this is something that he must do.” Lin Xiao said in a deep voice.

Lin Dong nodded. After which, he looked at the Golden Ape Demon Commander and said, “Golden Ape, you will lead two thousand soldiers from the Tiger Devouring Army and protect this place. Send a message to me if anything happens.”

“Understood.” The Golden Ape Demon Commander nodded and replied.

“When will you be leaving?” Lin Zhentian opened his mouth and asked.

Initially, Lin Dong wanted to leave immediately. However, after he saw Liu Yan’s expression, he smiled and said, “Tomorrow.”

Tomorrow morning. Lin Dong left immediately after bidding Liu Yan and the rest goodbye. He led many troops before he rushed towards Dao Sect.

As Lin Dong was not familiar with the way to Dao Sect, he brought along some of the Dao Sect disciples who were at the capital. This caused them to be exceptionally excited. This was especially the case for that young lady called Anran. In fact, her pretty face remained flushed ever since they left the city together.

Along the way, they did not run into much obstacles. Given the speed of Lin Dong’s group, a journey which typically took the Dao Sect disciples over a dozen days, was cut to half a day. After which, they gradually entered the territory of Dao Sect.

However, Lin Dong suddenly waved his hand and stopped on a cliff just as they were about to reach the mountain range, where Dao Sect was located. Then, he looked into the distance. For some unknown reason, he felt some perspiration seeping out from his palm. It was as though he was returning home with mixed emotions.

At that place, he would meet many people whom he had fond memories of...

“Martial senior Lin Dong, why did you stop? We are about to reach Dao Sect.” Anran asked somewhat uncertainly after she saw Lin Dong stopping.

Beside him, Little Marten looked at Lin Dong, who had a complicated emotion in his eyes. Then, as though he understood what Lin Dong was experiencing, he waved his hand towards Anran and said, “Little girl, be quiet.”

Anran widened her big eyes after hearing this. However, when she recalled Little Marten’s frightening strength, she shrinked her head and muttered to herself, “So what if you are good-looking?”

Although her voice was soft, it was still transmitted into Little Marten’s ear. Immediately, his handsome face twitched slightly. He inhaled a deep breath of air before he forcefully suppressed the urge to toss that little lass.

“I want all of you to stay behind first. Let me enter Dao Sect by myself.” Lin Dong sighed softly and said.

“Aye. Send the signal if you run into any problems and we will hurry over.” Little Marten nodded. After which, he grabbed that young lady, who was about to speak, and dragged her away forcefully.

Lin Dong moved, transforming into a ray of light before he shot forward. Within a couple of minutes, a familiar mountain range appeared in front of his eyes. Meanwhile, an extremely large sect guarding formation was fully activated and it enveloped the entire mountain range. At the same time, countless Dao Sect disciples were patrolling on the inside.

Lin Dong appeared in front of the sect guarding formation. Then, black light flowed over the tip of his finger before he tore a small hole in the formation. After which, he dashed in like a phantom and did not attract anyone’s attention.

Lin Dong’s figure shuttled through the vast Dao Sect. There were many Pill Rivers flowing within the sect and they caused rumbling noises to spread. Even further in the distance, were countless disciples from Dao Sect who were currently undergoing the daily compulsory training.

These scenes remained as familiar as ever. After all, they were deeply engraved in his heart and could never be removed.

Lin Dong stood on a mountain cliff. As he looked at the vaguely visible training platform hidden within the clouds, he descended into silence for a long period of time.

While Lin Dong was immersed in this sight, a melodious zither music was suddenly transmitted from the distance. The zither music flowed continuously, causing one to involuntarily revel in it.

Lin Dong’s body shook slightly upon hearing that zither music. With a complicated emotion in his eyes, he lifted his head. After which, he saw that there was a lovely figure seated on a pine tree, that was protruding from a distant cliff. Meanwhile, there was a zither placed in front of her and her blue long hair was scattered down like an icy waterfall.


Lin Dong looked at that delicate pretty figure, before his hands trembled involuntarily. However, he firmly suppressed his aura and did not allow himself to be exposed. Although he would frequently dream about her beautiful face, for some unknown reason, he felt a little fearful when he was finally able to meet her. After all, he was afraid that things may have changed over time.

That melodious music spread. After which, every disciple on the training platform also came to a temporarily halt. Then, countless pairs of eyes looked at that pretty figure seated on the cliff. Meanwhile, their eyes were all filled with respect and admiration.

Over the past three years, Ying Huanhuan’s reputation within Dao Sect had soared after she repeatedly blocked the attacks from Yuan Gate time after time. In fact, her reputation had almost surpassed Ying Xuanzi...

The zither music gradually came to an end. Lin Dong involuntarily sighed softly after he detected the loneliness in her music. At that instant, his perfectly hidden aura gave off a slight fluctuation.


That zither music, which was about to end, suddenly turned sharp and it was as though the zither strings had snapped. Promptly, countless Dao Sect disciples lifted their heads in shock. After which, they saw that the alluring figure seated on a pine tree, had suddenly stood up.

That alluring figure moved before she directly appeared in the sky. She lifted her eyes to survey her surroundings. Her familiar looking face no longer seemed as immature as before. In its place, was beauty that could mesmerise the world. However, that beauty was accompanied by a trace of iciness.

However, there was currently crystal tears rolling down this beautiful face, which was typically covered by an icy frost.

Countless Dao Sect disciples stared at her in bewilderment. Clearly, they did not understand why this little senior sister, who typically acted in a cool and indifferent manner, would end up in such a state.

Her pretty eyes ignored the countless pairs of stunned eyes as she surveyed the mountain range. Finally, she bit her red lips. Then, her voice contained some fury as it resounded across the sky.

“Lin Dong! You dare to return, yet you do not dare to come and see me?!”

Her voice resounded across the entire Dao Sect. Soon after, an uproar erupted across the entire Dao Sect.