Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1187: Legend

Chapter 1187: Legend


Chapter 1187: Legend

A voice, which was accompanied by a faint laughter, was slowly transmitted into Zhao Kui’s ears. From within that laughter, Zhao Kui detected a rich murderous intent, which caused his heart to shudder.

“You… who are you?!”

Fear finally climbed on Zhao Kui’s face a little at a time. Previously, the few people who attacked him had completely surpassed him in terms of strength. Moreover, the most terrifying aspect was that he could detect an extremely frightening ripple from their bodies and it had the scent of Reincarnation!

These people, who had appeared out of nowhere, were actually all experts who had touched Reincarnation!

In fact, even the current Yuan Gate would have difficulty producing such a lineup!

“You guys came all the way here to capture my family. Yet, you ask who I am?” Lin Dong smilingly said.

“Your family?”

Zhao Kui was startled. Great shock and disbelief suddenly surged in his eyes a moment later. He struggled as he said in a hoarse voice, “You… you are Lin Dong? You are indeed still alive!”

“Impossible! How did you become so powerful?!”

However, soon after, Zhao Kui cried out with a flushed face. After all, back when Lin Dong was still at the Eastern Xuan Region, Zhao Kui was already an elder of Yuan Gate. At that time, Lin Dong was merely a younger generation member. However, right now, the person standing in front of him, was undoubtedly even more terrifying than those who had attacked him previously!

How was it possible for Lin Dong to become this powerful within three short years?

Lin Dong glanced indifferently at him and said, “Like I said, the day when I return to the Eastern Xuan Region shall be the day that your Yuan Gate is destroyed. Those three old dogs in Yuan Gate are still alive, am I right?”

“Humph, our three great sect masters are also completely different from before. So what if you have returned? Since our Yuan Gate once forced you to flee, we can do so again!” Zhao Kui seemed to have regained a lot more confidence when he mentioned the three great sect masters, as he immediately chuckled.

“Is that so?”

Lin Dong smiled faintly. However, there was an endless chill seeping out from his smile.

“It isn’t going to be so easy to restrain me!”

When Zhao Kui saw Lin Dong’s smile, he felt uneasy immediately. Promptly, he cried out loud before the vast and mighty Yuan Power within his body swept out without restraint. Following which, the space around him also became distorted because of his Yuan Power assault.


Zhao Kui’s arms suddenly exploded at this moment before blood fog spluttered out. Meanwhile, the Yuan Power assault also became increasingly wild and violent, and Zhao Kui was actually able to escape from Lin Dong’s grip. After which, his body moved before both of his legs also exploded into a bloody fog. Finally, his body transformed into a blood ray of light, before he fled with extreme speed.

“Haha, Lin Dong, just you wait. There is no way our Yuan Gate will let any of you off!”

By blowing his limbs apart, Zhao Kui managed to escape. After which, his sharp roar, which was filled with rich murderous intent, resounded across the sky.

Standing behind him, Little Marten snorted when he saw that Zhao Kui was trying to flee. He was just about to intervene when he was stopped by Lin Dong. Currently, Lin Dong was staring at the direction where Zhao Kui was fleeing with an indifferent expression. Meanwhile, a black glow surged within his dark black eyes.


The area around that blood ray of light, which was trying to flee, suddenly froze. After which, four black hole swirls appeared out of nowhere. Those four black hole swirls surrounded and trapped that blood ray of light, just like a prison cell.

With an indifferent expression on his face, Lin Dong extended his arm before he gently clenched his hand.

Immediately, those four black hole swirls shrunk. Following which, pressure from those terrifying black holes quickly crushed that blood ray of light. Soon after, Zhao Kui’s incomparably sharp and miserable cry resounded across the place.


A ray of light shot out just after Zhao Kui’s body was crushed. It was Zhao Kui’s Yuan Spirit. At this moment, his face was filled with fear. Meanwhile, his body moved as he attempted to flee.


However, a huge black hole appeared above him just as his Yuan Spirit was about to flee. After which, terrifying Devouring Power spread before they directly pulled him towards it.

“Ahh, please don’t. Let me go. I can tell you many secrets about Yuan Gate.” That suction force completely terrified Zhao Kui. After all, he knew that if his Yuan Spirit was destroyed, he would perish from this world.

“The current you isn’t even qualified to beg for mercy.”

Lin Dong spoke in an indifferent tone before he waved his sleeve. Following which, that black hole began to rotate rapidly before Zhao Kui’s Yuan Spirit was directly sucked in. Then, a sharp miserable cry immediately buzzed and reverberated across this part of the world.

The black hole in the sky slowly disappeared. However, the entire place remained completely silent. In fact, even though there were countless individuals outside the city walls, not a single soul dared to speak.

In the distant sky, those experts from Yuan Gate were staring at this scene with ashen faces. Meanwhile, their bodies trembled violently. An elder, who had reached the Samsara stage, was actually killed in this fashion?

He was an ultimate Samsara stage expert!

In the past, such a person was a powerful being who could become the leader of a super sect!

However, he was actually destroyed by Lin Dong in less than ten minutes?

“Lin Dong… It’s Lin Dong from Dao Sect. He is back for revenge!” Some powerful Yuan Gate experts recalled Zhao Kui’s miserable last words. Immediately, they turned to look at that skinny young figure standing on the city walls, before dense fear surged into their eyes.

Above the city walls, it was completely silent. After Lin Dong took care of Zhao Kui, he slowly took a step forward before he glanced indifferently at those powerful experts from Yuan Gate.

“Quick, let’s flee!”

When they saw Lin Dong turning his attention towards them, as well as his eyes which looked like that of a war god, those powerful experts from Yuan Gate felt their scalps turn numb. Soon after, a miserable cry sounded before all of them turned and fled. In fact, they had lost the courage to fight.

“Like I said, no one from Yuan Gate will be spared.”

Lin Dong looked at those powerful experts from Yuan Gate, who were trying to escape, before a brutal aura suddenly surged within his dark black eyes. Then, lightning flashed within his eyes. Following which, everyone saw thunder clouds swiftly converging in the distant sky, before the sky turned dark at a frightening speed.


Countless thunderbolts, which resembled lightning dragons, came raining down from all directions. Those powerful experts from Yuan Gate, who were trying to escape, were all swept by those lightning dragons. Following which, miserable cries resounded across the place before many charred figures fell continuously from the sky.

It was like the display of God’s might.

When many onlookers saw this doomsday-esque scene, all of them were scared out of their wits. Could such strength actually be possessed by a human?

Standing on the city walls, Mo Jingtian and the rest stared at the skinny figure, who had now lowered his hands, before they inhaled a deep breath of air. How on earth did he train? Previously, he was able to kill Zhao Kui, a Samsara stage expert, with the flip of his palm. Now, he could easily summon lightning as well. His abilities were truly divine and unfathomable.

“Martial senior Lin Dong is truly incredible.”

The young lady called Anran stared at the back of that figure with an excited expression in her big eyes. Meanwhile, her pretty small face had became flushed due to excitement. Although Dao Sect was able to block Yuan Gate’s attacks over the past year thanks to little senior sister Ying Huanhuan, they were unable to do so in such an overbearing fashion like Lin Dong.

This martial senior Lin Dong, who left a huge mark on Dao Sect back then, and whose fame even surpassed that of senior Zhou Tong, was actually… this incredible.

“You did not see the fight back at the Unique Devil City. At that time, Lin Dong was merely at the Nirvana stage, yet he actually dared to challenge the three great heads of Yuan Gate.” Mo Ling laughed softly.

Anran nodded solemnly. After which, her small hands were rubbing her boiling hot pretty face as she said “This is bad, this is very bad. It seems like I have fallen for martial senior Lin Dong. Oh no, martial senior Mo Ling, what should I do? Does that mean I have to compete with little senior sister Huanhuan? Ahh? This is far too much pressure.”

Mo Ling involuntarily smiled upon hearing this. Why was this lass so adorable?


The thunderbolts rained down from all directions and left the invading armies in utter confusion and chaos. Fortunately, Lin Dong did not focus his killing intent on them. Otherwise, this place would have definitely been reduced into a river of blood.

Thunderbolts came raining down for a couple of minutes. Finally, they began to die down. Nonetheless, those powerful experts from Yuan Gate were all completely burnt and none of them managed to escape.

The generals leading the armies from various empires shuddered when they saw this scene. In fact, some of the weaker ones even cried out involuntarily.

Lin Dong looked at the armies from the various allied empires. With an indifferent expression, he gently waved his hand.


An earth shaking tiger roar sounded from afar after Lin Dong waved his hand. After which, everyone was stunned when they saw a black cloud sweeping over from afar. Meanwhile, a terrifying dark and brutal aura spread, causing the surrounding temperature to fall.


A blade came slashing out from within the black cloud as it approached. Immediately, monstrous aura swept out from it. Then, a ten thousand feet large black blade shot forth and split the ground, leaving a hundred thousand feet large deep gully.


That black torrent streaked across the sky before they landed in front of the city walls. The land trembled violently at that instant.

After they landed, all of them knelt down with one knee on the ground and faced the city wall. Their every action, including their breathing, was in complete unison. Meanwhile, their dense dark auras gathered in the sky and seemingly formed a hundred thousand feet large tiger.

“After one hour, kill any enemy soldier remaining in the Great Yan Empire!” Lin Dong’s cold and indifferent voice spread.


A low and deep cry resounded across the entire place. Meanwhile, hovering in the sky, that hundred thousand feet large fearsome tiger, which was formed by their auras, slowly crouched on the ground. Its monstrous aura was extremely terrifying.

“What a terrifying army…”

Mo Jingtian and the rest looked at the Tiger Devouring Army, which was seemingly a single entity, before their eyes were filled with dense shock. Could it be that this mysterious powerful army was also under Lin Dong’s command?

They looked at each other, before they saw that the reverence in each other’s eyes had grown. Not only did the present Lin Dong possess formidable strength, but he also had a monstrous faction under his command, which could shake the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

The young man from back then had truly became an overlord!

The morale of the alliance army in the distance was already in shambles. Therefore, even before their commanding generals gave their orders, all of them turned around and fled. A sea of troops were fleeing on the mountain range, and it created a spectacular sight.

The people on the city walls, who were originally in despair, were momentarily stunned when they saw that the alliance army was retreating. Moments later, an earth shaking cheer finally erupted.

Amidst the earth shaking cheers, countless pairs of eyes were staring reverently at that young man standing on the city walls. Meanwhile, a heated expression also surged into many of their eyes.

They knew that a legend was born in Great Yan Empire today. Moreover, the name of that legend was … Lin Dong.

Back then, he was just a weak young man when he left home. However, the world trembled under his feet when he returned.