Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1186: Beat

Chapter 1186: Beat


Chapter 1186: Beat


When Liu Yan saw that young face in front of her, which she knew by heart, tears continuously fell. After which, her hands were trembling as she extended her hand and gently touched Lin Dong’s face. Her careful demeanor was as though she was afraid that the scene in front of her, was merely a hallucination before death.

Lin Dong stood with a smile as he allowed Liu Yan’s somewhat icy cold hand to touch his face. The instant they touched, the blood connection between them caused his heart to tremble gently.

“It really is you… Dong'er, you are alive!”

The warmth which entered her hand, caused Liu Yan to completely recover her senses. Immediately, great joy surged onto her face. After which, she hugged Lin Dong violently before she cried continuously. After all, no one knew how badly her heart ached when she received news that Lin Dong was forced to flee from the Eastern Xuan Region by the Yuan Gate, and that no one knew if he was dead or alive. Fortunately, she subsequently received news that Lin Dong was alive and this helped to turn things around. Nevertheless, her heart still felt like it was being pierced by countless needles, when she thought of the hardships that Lin Dong must be suffering while roaming out in the world all by himself.

Lin Dong hugged Liu Yan tightly as he gently leaned on her shoulder. His dark black eyes, which never revealed the slightest bit of fear when up against any perilous life and death situations, had some tears gathering within them.

“Mother, I am well.”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air before he calmed himself down. Then, he lifted his head to look at Lin Xiao, who was standing beside Liu Yan. Currently, the latter’s typically stern face was also filled with joy. However, he forcefully held back most of his emotions.


Lin Dong smiled at Lin Xiao and said.

“Humph, little brat, to think that you actually remember that you have a father. It has been so many years since you left, yet you never bothered to tell us how you were doing.” Lin Xiao’s face became stern as he coldly chided.

“What nonsense are you saying. Dong'er has suffered tremendously in the outside world. What gives you the right to criticise him?” Liu Yan immediately turned around and chided furiously, when she heard his words.

Though she was typically warm and friendly, she was just like a tigress protecting her cub now.

Lin Xiao laughed dryly. He looked at Lin Dong’s smiling face before his eyes involuntarily reddened. “Little fellow, you are as stubborn as always. Back then, I told you that you can always come back home when you grow tired outside. I might not be as capable as you, however, I will never let you suffer as long as I am around.”

“Father, since when did you become such a sentimental person?” Even with Lin Dong’s character, he still felt his nose twitch when he heard Lin Xiao’s words. Only in front of them, was he once again that tender youth from Qingyang Town, and not some elite top notch expert.

Lin Xiao smilingly chided him. After which, he quickly took a step to the side and said, “Little brat, your grandfather is here. Why aren’t you greeting him?”

“Haha, there is no need to rush. This young fellow has just returned. Let him speak to his mother first.” Lin Zhentian laughed out loud. Previously, he had mostly remained silent. However, as of now, his demeanor had changed completely. In fact, some tears were glimmering in his elderly eyes as he stared at Lin Dong. Meanwhile, his face was filled with pride.

“Grandpa, despite your age, you are as fit as always.” Lin Dong looked at Lin Zhentian and laughed. Back then, this old man was the most authoritative figure in his family and even he, was a little afraid of the latter.

Lin Zhentian laughed out loud. Then, he took a step forward and patted Lin Dong’s shoulders heavily, before he said with some excitement, “Well done. Little fellow, you are the pride of our Lin Family!”

The reason why their Lin Family enjoyed such a high status in Great Yan Empire, and why even the clan head of the main clan had to treat them with utmost respect, was all because of Lin Dong’s efforts.

Everyone on the city walls had gradually recovered their senses at this moment. When they saw the skinny young man standing in front of Lin Xiao, all of them turned to look at each other. After all, many people here knew who Lin Dong was. Several years ago, Lin Dong was merely a youth when he left Great Yan Empire to participate in the Hundred Empire War. However, when he returned, that young man now had the makings of a grandmaster. In fact, he easily blocked the attack from a Samsara stage expert previously. Hence, just how frightening must he be, in order for him to do so?

“Haha, it is actually young brother Lin Dong who has saved all of us. On behalf of my Great Yan Empire, allow me to thank you.” Mo Jingtian quickly stepped forward, cupped his hands together before he smilingly said. His smile even appeared slightly respectful.

After all, strength reigns supreme in this world. In fact, his title as the head of the royal family was likely worthless in the eyes of the current Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smiled back at him. After which, he looked at the young man behind Mo Jingtian and laughed, “Brother Mo Ling, how’s life in Dao Sect?”

Mo Ling had an excited expression as he quickly nodded. Then, his heart churned as he thought of how they had supported each other back when they participated in the Hundred Empire War together.

“You… you are martial senior Lin Dong?”

A timid voice was emitted from behind Mo Ling. Lin Dong lifted his head and saw that it came from a green clothed young lady. This young lady was quite pretty and she had a delicate figure. In fact, she was a little beauty. However, there seemed to be wild heat suring within the latter’s big eyes currently.

“This is Anran. Haha, she is also a disciple of our Desolate Hall and she has always worshiped you. Of course, I’m afraid that there isn’t a single disciple in Dao Sect who does not worship you. In fact, there will likely be a huge uproar if they know that you have returned.” Mo Ling laughed.

When Lin Dong thought of his martial brothers back at the Desolate Hall, warmth rose in his heart. Then, he smiled towards Anran. When she saw his smile, her pretty small face was so excited that it turned red. Entangling her small hands together, she no longer looked as cheeky as she usually did.

“Elder Xia, it has been a while since we met. How are you doing?”

Lin Dong’s attention shifted towards the gray robed blind old man behind. Then, he softly laughed. He had frequently played chess with elder Xia back at Dao Sect and had also received many pointers from him. Hence, Lin Dong was extremely respectful towards him.

“You little fellow…”

Elder Xia’s white eyes looked at Lin Dong, before a pleased smile appeared on his face. That young man back then had unknowingly grown until he reached a level, whereby even he could not hope to touch.

The originally tensed and despairing atmosphere on the city walls had also stealthily disappeared. Instead, their faces were filled with joy as they secretly looked at that skinny young man. Ever since the latter showed up, he did not even bother to glance at his enemy in the distance. Hence, his demeanor caused hope to rise in their hearts, which were previously filled with despair.

“May I know who you are? I am an elder of Yuan Gate, Zhao Kui. I hope that this young friend will not randomly intervene. Otherwise, you may end up creating unnecessary problems for yourself.”

Standing in the distant sky, Zhao Kui’s eyes stared menacingly at that figure, who was on the city walls. His deep cry was like a thunder roar, as it resounded across the sky.

Judging by Lin Dong’s previous attack, Zhao Kui knew that Lin Dong definitely possessed extremely frightening strength. As such, he became wary of the latter and did not dare to randomly attack again.

Countless pairs of eyes on the city walls looked towards Lin Dong after Zhao Kui spoke. The only one who could block Zhao Kui was likely the latter.


Liu Yan tugged Lin Dong’s arm while her face was plastered with anxiety.

Lin Dong smiled towards Liu Yan. However, he paid no attention to Zhao Kui’s arrogant threat. When the crowd saw his actions, they did not dare to speak up as well.

“Could it be that you can’t hear my words?”

Zhao Kui was furious when he saw that Lin Dong had completely ignored him. Immediately, he cried out sternly. After all, their Yuan Gate was different from before. In fact, even if the other party was an ultimate Samsara stage expert, their Yuan Gate would not fear him at all.

“Noisy old dog.”

Lin Dong finally replied, but he did not turn around. Instead, all he did was speak in a faint voice.


Zhao Kui was extremely furious. He clenched his hand before monstrous Yuan Power gathered.


Just as he was about to lose control and attack, the space above the city walls once again became distorted. After which, ten figures suddenly appeared behind Lin Dong.

These figures who had suddenly showed up, caused Mo Jingtian, Lin Fan and the rest to be startled. Immediately, cold sweat began to appear on their foreheads when they sensed the terrifying pressure being emitted from their bodies.

“First Commander?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander glanced at the noisy Zhao Kui, before a cold glint flashed across his eyes. After which, he turned to Lin Dong and asked. An ordinary Samsara stage expert actually dared to act so arrogantly in front of them?

Beside him, Mo Jingtian and the rest were all startled when they saw how respectful the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was, when he spoke to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong ignored their startled expressions. He merely waved his hand gently before an indifferent voice was emitted, “Beat him!”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander immediately laughed ferociously upon hearing those words. Then, his body moved before he immediately vanished. The next time he appeared, he was already standing in front of Zhao Kui.

“Old dog with an unstable aura, how dare you act so arrogantly here! You are truly courting death!”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander chuckled towards Zhao Kui, before he threw his fist forward. Immediately, monstrous Yuan Power gathered before a dragon roar resounded. In fact, there was a faint Reincarnation ripple within his mighty Yuan Power.

Zhao Kui hurriedly circulated his Yuan Power when he saw this. Then, he used his full strength to throw a counterpunch.


A terrifying energy assault wave swept apart when their fists collided. After which, everyone heard Zhao Kui screech, before his body flew backwards by tens of thousands of feet in a miserable fashion. It turns out Zhao Kui was actually unable to receive even a single punch from that powerful mysterious individual.

“Haha, I will also give it a go.”

The Golden Ape Demon Commander laughed out loud towards the sky when he saw this. Then, his body moved before he appeared behind Zhao Kui, who was now flying backwards. After which, his body paused before a flying kick, which contained a faint Reincarnation ripple, swung towards the latter’s body.

Zhao Kui immediately spat out a mouthful of blood. In fact, even before he could stabilize his body, he was sent flying in another direction. Meanwhile, his internal organs were greatly shaken.


The Zhou Yi brothers also laughed out loud. Then, one of them stepped forward, before he delivered a punch and sent Zhao Kui flying once again.

Bang bang bang!

A couple of figures were standing in the sky while punches flew. After which, everyone gasped in shock when they saw that Zhao Kui, who previously looked down on them and regarded them as mere ants, was being randomly kicked around like a sandbag. This scene clearly indicated that Zhao Kui didn’t even possess the slightest ability to retaliate.

At a distance away, the surrounding armies who were about to attack them, also began to tremble in shock. Meanwhile, Mo Jingtian and the rest, who were standing on the city walls, were staring at this scene with ashen faces. After all, that was an ultimate Samsara stage expert...

They secretly took a peek at Lin Dong, who was still speaking with Liu Yan and did not even bother to turn his head around. Immediately, a chill involuntarily surged through their bodies. Furthermore, they still remembered how that person addressed Lin Dong previously.

First Commander.

Evidently, Lin Dong was the leader of this terrifying group. Although they had yet to see Lin Dong in an actual fight, they understood that this young man, who had been wearing a smile all along, was likely the most terrifying individual...

Lin Xiao and Lin Zhentian exchanged glances with each other. After which, they smiled bitterly and felt somewhat helpless. However, there was also an incredulous pride on their faces. They wondered just what that little brat had to endure over all these years, in order to become so terrifyingly powerful.

The various ‘bang’ sounds continued for a long time. Finally, Lin Dong smiled at Liu Yan and said, “Mother, let me go and resolve this situation.”

Lin Dong slowly turned around after speaking. Then, his gently smiling face slowly turned icy cold. He extended his hand, before a black hole surged forth on his palm. Then, a suction force spluttered forth. After which, that miserable figure, who was being beaten in the distance, flew backwards before he hovered in front of Lin Dong. Currently, blood and horror covered Zhao Kui’s face.

Lin Dong smiled at him, while his hand gently grabbed his throat. However, to Zhao Kui’s eyes, his smile appeared to be like that of the devil’s.

“Are you the one who wanted to kill my parents previously?”