Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1184: State of the Eastern Xuan Region

Chapter 1184: State of the Eastern Xuan Region


Chapter 1184: State of the Eastern Xuan Region

An alarmingly baleful aura blasted apart the clouds. In an instant, it felt as though the surrounding temperature had plummeted. Lan Ying and the rest who were closest to Lin Dong were unable to endure such a terrifying aura. Their eyes were filled with horror as they hastily backed away with pale faces.

“Big brother.” Little Flame immediately spoke up when he saw this situation.

The baleful aura vanished little by little, while the sinister look on Lin Dong’s face also gradually faded. However, the coldness in those pitch-black eyes of his was like never-melting-ice, so cold that it could freeze one’s soul.

“Miss Lan Ying, could I trouble you to show us the way? We must immediately return to the Great Yan Empire.” Lin Dong looked towards Lan Ying and said.

“Okay.” Lan Ying took a look at the Celestial Empire’s royal clan members behind her, before she nodded her head.

“Don’t worry miss Lan Ying, I will send men to escort these clan members to a safe place.” Lin Dong immediately declared. He was after all aware of Lan Ying’s apprehensions.

“Then I’ll have to thank you.”

Only then did Lan Ying sigh in relief, before she gratefully thanked him. Given Lin Dong’s current status and power, these words of his would definitely ensure the safety of her clan members in the Eastern Xuan Region.

“Martial aunt Mo, I will follow Lin Dong to the Great Yan Empire. My clan members will be in your hands.” Lan Ying tilted her head and looked at martial aunt Mo as she spoke.

Martial aunt Mo nodded. She had no objections. Lin Dong’s group was far too terrifying, and even their Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace could not afford to offend them. The fact that Lan Ying was able to take advantage of this opportunity to create some relations with such a group was already greatly beneficial for them.

Lin Dong gently beckoned with his hand. A Tiger Devouring Army captain quickly walked forward and respectfully said, “Great leader.”

“You will lead two hundred Tiger Devouring Army troops and escort them to a safe place.”

“Understood.” The captain immediately responded.

“Miss Lan Ying, let us be on our way.” Lin Dong looked towards Lan Ying and said.

Martial aunt Mo took a look at the captain, and admiration involuntarily filled her eyes. She could sense that that latter’s strength had almost reached the peak of the advance Profound Death stage. Moreover, the auras of the so-called Tiger Devouring Army behind him were all rather powerful. They were just like a group of wolves and tigers.

“I never imagined that in a short period of less than three years, the Dao Sect disciple from back then would actually become this powerful. If the Tian Yuanzi trio find out that the ant in their eyes had grown to such an extent, I wonder if they will feel regret in their hearts?”

Martial aunt Mo felt somewhat sorrowful but was soon after greatly delighted. Yuan Gate had started a war, causing the Eastern Xuan Region to fall into chaos. Now, someone had finally come to cure this scourge. Lin Dong was absolutely an intimidating star of misfortune for Yuan Gate.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong was done with his orders. Without further ado, a thought passed through his mind and boundless Mental Energy directly grabbed hold of Lan Ying. Next, his figure moved, and when it appeared once again, it was already a ten thousand feet away.

Swish swish!

Upon seeing Lin Dong move, Little Marten, Little Flame and the rest also swiftly followed. The Tiger Devouring Army that was akin to a single body rose into the air. Like a black cloud, an intimidating and ferocious aura rumbled around them as they also followed.

As martial aunt Mo gazed at this line-up, she could not help but sigh once again. It was likely that not a single super sect in the Eastern Xuan Region would be able to take out such a terrifying line-up right?

The fact that such a monstrous disciple had come from Dao Sect truly made it impossible to not be crazily envious.


“Miss Lan Ying, could you explain to me the current situation in the Eastern Xuan Region?”

Light figures flickered. Lin Dong and the rest had pushed their speed to the limit, and Lan Ying was only able to keep up without any effort because she fully depended on Lin Dong’s Mental Energy to carry her. Currently, Lin Dong’s head was tilted, and was taking the opportunity to inquire about the current state of the Eastern Xuan Region.

“Besides Yuan Gate, only Dao Sect and Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace still exist amongst the former eight super sects of the Eastern Xuan Region. The other super sects have either surrendered and aligned themselves with Yuan Gate, or were wiped out by them.” Lan Ying softly sighed as she spoke.

“Yuan Gate should not be this powerful right?” Lin Dong frowned a little. Although it was previously known that Yuan Gate was the strongest super sect, they definitely did not have the capability to start war with so many super sects at once.”

“Logically speaking, that should be the case. However, not long after the war started, Yuan Gate suddenly displayed an extremely terrifying strength, and ordinary super sects were no longer a match for them at all. They had truly concealed themselves too deeply.”

Lin Dong’s eyes faintly narrowed. Odds were that it was not that Yuan Gate had concealed themselves too deeply, but they had some kind of aid. Moreover, such aid was extremely likely to have come from the Yimo...

From the Devil Seeds on the Huo Yuan trio’s bodies, Lin Dong knew that there was definitely something going on between Yuan Gate and the Yimo. It was not impossible for those Yimo to use some kind of method to raise the Yuan Gate disciples’ strength. To think that these bastards had allied themselves to the Yimo.

“Miss Lan Ying, is Dao Sect okay?” Lin Dong softly asked. He had an exceptionally complicated expression in his eyes when he said these two words. Although he had only stayed in Dao Sect for a year, if the Lin Family was Lin Dong’s first home, then the Dao Sect would be his second. He would never forget the numerous people he met and the memories he made there.

Ying Huanhuan, Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan, Wu Dao, Ying Xuanzi, and all of the Desolate Hall’s brother disciples...

Lin Dong had experienced too much over the years, and only that year in Dao Sect allowed him to truly feel warmth. Such a feeling had not been felt even after he had established Four Titans Palace.

Lan Ying took a look at Lin Dong. She had naturally heard of the Unique Devil Region event from three years ago. Because he had been afraid of implicating Dao Sect, Lin Dong announced his withdrawal in front of everyone...

“Dao Sect is still okay. Although Yuan Gate had invaded several times, Dao Sect had warded them off in the end. An extremely amazing person has appeared in the current Dao Sect, and I believe that you should know her.”


Lin Dong faintly laughed, but his hands involuntarily tightened into fists, while his usually calm heart started to ripple at this moment.

“She is called Ying Huanhuan, and is the Dao Sect master’s daughter. She is now extremely famous in the Eastern Xuan Region. When Yuan Gate dispatched three Samsara stage practitioners to attack Dao Sect, they were all intercepted by Ying Huanhuan. Although she suffered some injuries in the end, those three Samsara stage super experts were all seriously injured.” Lan Ying’s tone involuntarily became a little excited, while a look of worship flickered in her pretty eyes. The current Ying Huanhuan was undoubtedly a legend in the Eastern Xuan Region.

“She was injured?”

Lin Dong’s expression turned cold, as the signs of the terrible aura that Lan Ying had previously been unable to bear started to appear.

“It was half a year ago. I have no idea how Ying Huanhuan cultivates as her strength grows day by day. It is due to her that Yuan Gate’s attacks on Dao Sect have been stopped time and time again. However, even though a formidable individual like her has appeared in Dao Sect, Yuan Gate’s hidden strength is simply too terrifying. Hence, Dao Sect has been forced to hide within their great sect protection formation and are in an extremely passive state.” Lan Ying was unable to withstand the terrible aura, thus she spoke quickly.

“These Yuan Gate trash.”

Lin Dong slightly gnashed his teeth as the killing intent within his heart surged. He naturally knew why Ying Huanhuan’s strength had soared so rapidly. It was surely because the Ice Master’s power was returning. Once the Ice Master’s power completely awakened, even Lin Dong would not know whether she was Ying Huanhuan or the Ice Master.

These Yuan Gate bastards had actually used such a method to force Ying Huanhuan into a state that Lin Dong did not wish to see the most. Moreover, when he thought about the wretched situation Dao Sect was in and the numerous burdens that Ying Huanhuan had to bear, how could his killing intent not intensify.

He was truly somewhat unable to imagine; how those delicate shoulders of the lovable, charming and lively little princess from back then, the same little princess that every single Dao Sect disciple held dear in their hearts, could shoulder such an immense burden.

“Dao Sect should be able to hold on for some time. After you’ve solved the predicament the Great Yan Empire is in, you can go help them.”

Lan Ying said. Subsequently, as if she wanted to disperse Lin Dong’s terrible aura, she hastily added in, “The current Great Yan Empire cannot compare to before. Their power is likely not weaker than other super empires.”

Lin Dong was immediately a little stunned. When he had left back then, the Great Yan Empire was merely a tiny low rank empire. How could they now possess a power that was comparable to super empires?

“Isn’t this mostly thanks to you? Even since you were forced to leave, Dao Sect would send a tremendous amount of natural treasures to the Great Yan Empire every year. Of course, most of these were given to the Lin Clan. Additionally, Dao Sect was worried that something might happen to your parents, hence they dispatched several experts to the Great Yan Empire. This was also why the Great Yan Empire was able to endure for so long in the current chaos.” Lan Ying explained.

Lin Dong slightly nodded his head. His expression was complicated. Dao Sect was not unkind to him, and he knew that this was perhaps a kind of compensation from Ying Xuanzi. However, Lin Dong had never blamed Ying Xuanzi for what had happened in Unique Devil Region back then. As the sect master of an entire sect, the burdens he carried was not limited to his personal honour. He needed to be responsible for each and every one of the over ten thousand disciples of Dao Sect.

Hence, his actions could never be swayed by his feelings like Ying Huanhuan. Moreover, Lin Dong had witnessed how he had acted to help later on. Even though Lin Dong’s strength and status were vastly different from three years ago, he had always felt respect towards this Dao Sect master.

“There are a total of three super empires that have encircled and are attacking the Great Yan Empire. They are all subordinate to Yuan Gate, and have some prior conflicts with the Great Yan Empire. Therefore, they have taken advantage of this opportunity. However, the current Great Yan Empire is not weak and have managed to maintain a deadlock with them until recently, when the Yuan Gant dispatched some experts over. This has resulted in the Great Yan Empire being steadily pushed back in retreat, before finally being forced into critical situation of being entrenched in their capital city.”

Lin Dong nodded his head. Chilling anger swirled within his black pupils. He did not care if these super empires were being used. If his parents or relatives had suffered even the slightest injury, he would make them know what a price paid in blood meant.

In addition… the main cause of this disaster, Yuan Gate. I will let you know how terrible of calamity the actions of those three old dogs from back then have brought upon you!

Lan Ying spoke no further when she saw Lin Dong’s appearance, and would only give directions occasionally, Although the Celestial Empire was extremely far from the Great Yan Empire, with the speed of Lin Dong’s group, they passed by numerous empires in merely half a day, and the war torn borders of the Great Yan Empire started to appear in Lin Dong’s sights...