Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1183: Returning to the Eastern Xuan Region

Chapter 1183: Returning to the Eastern Xuan Region


Chapter 1183: Returning to the Eastern Xuan Region

The Eastern Xuan Region was slightly to the south.

This was a quiet azure sky and flocks of birds occasionally flew past. The chirps of birds seemed to join together in waves as it spread into the distance.


However, this peace was suddenly broken after a long time and flocks of bird fled one by one. One could see the azure blue sky slowly distort at this moment.


The distortion reached the limit and space was forcefully torn apart. A huge spatial crack slowly appeared.

Following the tearing of space, a baleful aura that could fill the sky swept out.

This baleful aura slowly spread as the temperature of the area gradually dropped. After which, the spatial crack slowly shook and a skinny figure was the first to step out from within it.

Those pitch-black eyes looked towards the land the moment he stepped out from the spatial crack. Soon after, a complicated emotion surged within his indifferent eyes.

It appeared to be reminiscence, excitement, hatred…

“Eastern Xuan Region… I am finally back.” Lin Dong spread his hands. He deeply inhaled a breath of cool air that belonged to this region and muttered.

The space behind Lin Dong shook as a couple of figures walked out. Soon after, the baleful aura suddenly strengthened. Countless figures with ferocious auras seemed to cover the sky and land as they rushed out and gathered behind Lin Dong. Although there were so many of them, not the slightest unusual sound was emitted. Their movement and breathing made them appear like a single entity, a sight that was rather shocking.

“Is this the Eastern Xuan Region? I have never been here before.” Liu Qing observed the area and chuckled.

“Big brother, where are we?” Little Flame looked around before asking. Although he was certain that they had arrived in the Eastern Xuan Region, given how vast it was, no one knew where they had landed.

“We will know when we walk around.”

Lin Dong waved his hand. His eyes looked to his front as his body shot forward. Everyone, including the eight thousand strong Tiger Devouring Army, immediately followed.

They were extremely quick. Within a short ten minutes or so, they had already travelled a thousands of miles. However, the earlier peacefulness no longer existed. All that entered their eyes was a torn and tattered land. It looked as if the land had experienced a terrible war.

“It seems that the war started by Yuan Gate has enveloped the entire Eastern Xuan Region.” Little Marten frowned and said as he watched this scene.

Lin Dong nodded. He had seen many people fleeing along the way. However, most of these were ordinary folk and the strongest amongst them was only within the three creation stages. With such strength, they did not even have the ability to discover any signs of Lin Dong’s group.

“There is a large group heading towards us from in front. Some of them seem to have a little ability.” First elder Zhu Li suddenly looked forward and said.

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy swept forth upon hearing this. He discovered that there were over ten thousand people in this group. Their overall strength was much stronger than the groups they had seen earlier. Moreover, one of them seemed to have reached the initial Profound Death stage. Even in the super sects, such a strength would allow one to have an elder position.

However, these people wore an express of panic and were clearly from a defeated party. The only thing to find out was where they came from.

“Big brother?” Little Flame looked at Lin Dong to get the latter’s opinion.

“No need to waste time.” Lin Dong shook his head. The Eastern Xuan Region was currently extremely chaotic. Most of it was due to the war between the empires under Yuan Gate and those under the other super sects. They did not have the mood to bother with a fight of this level. Once they finished off Yuan Gate, all of the chaos would naturally disappear.

Little Flame nodded upon hearing this. He was just about to wave his hand and give the order when he saw Lin Dong’s expression suddenly freeze.

“Wait.” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and peered into the distance as he said.

“What is it?” Little Flame also looked into the distance and inquired.

“There seems to be an acquaintance…”

Lin Dong smiled faintly. His expression seemed to suggest that he was reminiscing the past. Just how many years had it been?



A somewhat miserable flood of people surged past on the road. They gazed behind them from time to time with eyes filled with anxiety and panic. At the very front of this group was a pale faced middle-aged woman travelling with great speed. She seemed to be seriously injured and was unable to endure such torment. Muffled moans continuously emerged her throat as blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

“Martial aunt Mo, are you alright?”

A cry of alarm came from the side as a lady hurriedly moved closer to her. This lady was wearing a blue dress. Her face was pretty and her slim body was like the willows on the lakeside, giving her an extremely alluring appearance. At this moment, she was looking at the middle-aged woman with a worried expression. Her tone was filled with concern.

“Lan Ying, I’m fine. If they manage to catch up, I will go and stop them. You will immediately lead everyone back to the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. They will be safe only after reaching it!” The middle-aged woman shook her head and said.

“But martial aunt, you…”

“No more nonsense. These are all that is left of your Celestial Empire’s imperial family. Do you wish for your entire clan to be wiped out?” The middle-aged woman’s eyes turned stern as she said.

Lan Ying bit her red lips tightly upon seeing this and fresh blood came flowing out.

The middle-aged woman called martial aunt Mo also sighed softly in despair. She was about to speak when her expression changed drastically. She hurriedly lifted her head and looked to her front. “Stop!”

The large group immediately slowed in a miserable fashion as many pairs of eyes looked to their front. Their expressions changed. After which, thousands of spear wielding troops rushed forward, guarding the group from the front. Their eyes were filled with caution.

At this moment, a large black army stood in the sky to their front. The baleful aura that seeped out from the bodies of these people was extremely dense, and caused even the air itself to solidify.

Martial aunt Mo looked at the quiet and unmoving army before her eyes, as intense shock suddenly rose within them. This sight caused her to have difficulty breathing.

Moreover, this mysterious army was not the one which caused her heart to shudder. Instead, it was the ten figures at the front of the group that did so. Every single one of them caused her heart to tremble.

Although she could be considered a top tier expert within the Eastern Xuan Region with her initial Profound Death stage strength, she felt as weak as a baby in front of these people.

“Martial aunt Mo, they do not appear to be from Yuan Gate.” Lan Ying’s pretty face initially paled. However, she quickly opened her mouth and said. This was because she did not feel any hostility from this mysterious army.

Martial aunt Mo finally awoke from her daze after hearing these words. She hurriedly got down from her horse and respectfully said, “Elders, may I know who you are? This junior is Mo Yun, an elder of the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. I hope that elders will forgive us if we have offended you in any way.”

Lan Ying and the others were startled when they saw her acting in such a manner. They were well aware of the strength and arrogance of martial aunt Mo. Yet…

“Quick, everyone dismount. Do not be rude. These few elders are not weaker than palace master! We must not offend them!” Martial aunt Mo hurriedly said after that everyone seemed to be in a daze.

“Not weaker than the palace master?”

The expressions of Lan Ying’s group changed upon hearing these words. They hurriedly dismounted. Their faces were filled with respect.

The black torrent in the distant sky gradually approached after their group came to a stop. With their approach, the frightening baleful aura caused the faces of Lan Ying’s group to pale. Their hearts were filled with uncertainty. Just what faction did this mysterious group in front of them belong to? Such a lineup was something that even their Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace could not produce.

Lan Ying and the rest secretly lifted their eyes as they bowed in respect. After which, they saw the few figures at the front of this group slowly descend towards them.

“Miss Lan Ying, it has been many years since we last met. How are you?”

Martial aunt Mo hurriedly bowed when she saw these people descend. However, a warm laughter was suddenly transmitted from the front. This caused her to be startled. These elders were actually acquainted with Lan Ying?

Lan Ying was also taken aback. She exchanged a glance with martial aunt Mo. After which, she carefully lifted her head and saw a few people standing in front of her. At the very front was a skinny young man.

The young man was of similar age to her. His youthful face gave her a familiar feeling.

“Elder, are you acquainted with Lan Ying?” Martial aunt Mo carefully asked. She was not careless just because this person looked young. The pressure from the latter’s body caused her to be unable to even circulate the Yuan Power within her body.

“You… you… you are Lin Dong?!”

Martial aunt Mo’s voice had only just sounded when Lan Ying, who was thinking hard by the side, suddenly let out a cry. Shock and disbelief covered her pretty face.

“You… you are still alive?”

Lan Ying exclaimed after her previous words sounded.

“Lin Dong? Which Lin Dong?” Elder Mo looked at Lan Ying with a lost expression. She thought for a long time but was unable to recall such a peak level individual within the Eastern Xuan Region.

“He is that Lin Dong from Dao Sect! The same Lin Dong who was forced to leave the Eastern Xuan Region by the three great heads of Yuan Gate three years ago! He came out together with myself from the Hundred Empire War back then!” Lan Ying hurriedly replied.

“The Dao Sect’s Lin Dong?”

Elder Mo was once again stunned. She suddenly recalled something and shock quickly surged on her face. Her eyes looked as though she was seeing a ghost when she looked to the smiling young man in front of her again.

“Ha ha, it seems that miss Lan Ying still remembers me.”

Lin Dong smiled. He looked at the familiar pretty face of Lan Ying and felt somewhat emotional. Everything had changed now that they had met again so many years later. Lin Dong had quite a good impression of this Lan Ying in the Hundred Empire War. At the very least, the latter did not look down on him just because he was from a low rank empire.

“You… I heard that you were forced to leave the Eastern Xuan Region by the three great heads of Yuan Gate… I never imagined that you are still alive… Do you know? Martial junior Su Rou frequently thinks about you. And martial senior Qingzhu. She also mentioned you. They will definitely be extremely happy to learn that you are still alive.” Lan Ying’s pretty face became a little flushed from her excitement. Even her voice had become a lot more hurried.

“Su Rou…”

Lin Dong’s eyes seemed to become a little gentle as he recalled the timid young lady. Soon after, however, a complicated emotion rose within his heart.

Ling Qingzhu.

The once cold and proud fairy was the only lady whom he had looked up to and chased. It was precisely because of her that Lin Dong had left the small Great Yan Empire. Regardless of what had changed, Lin Dong knew that he would never forget the only lady whom he had performed intimate acts with. He wondered how she fared over the years.


Martial aunt Mo looked at Lan Ying, whose face was flushed with excitement and urgently coughed. The present Lin Dong was clearly no longer that tender Dao Sect disciple from back then. Based on the order in which this group of people in front of them stood, it was obvious that Lin Dong was the leader. Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that the strength of these people were not weaker than the palace master of their Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace…

She was really unable to imagine how a Dao Sect disciple could become so frightening within a short three years.

Lan Ying quickly recovered after hearing martial aunt Mo cough softly. She immediately let loose a cry and hurriedly took a step back.

Lin Dong smiled. He was about to speak when the expression in his eyes hardened. Those indifferent eyes looked into the distant where a large group of people were rushing towards them. Some strong individuals were also hurrying over in the air. These people had extraordinary auras.

Martial aunt Mo and Lan Ying also detected the activity from behind and anxious expressions flashed across their eyes.

“Great leader.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander looked at Lin Dong.

“They are from Yuan Gate.” Little Marten smiled faintly. A frosty look flashed across his handsome face.

“Kill all of them.” Lin Dong withdrew his eyes and said in an indifferent voice.


The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander smiled and nodded. His body moved and disappeared. A short while later, a miserable cry was suddenly transmitted from behind. Lan Ying and the others hurriedly turned their heads. Next, they saw the strong individuals from Yuan Gate, whom even martial aunt Mo could not beat, being killed in an instant. Moreover, they did not even have the power to retaliate.


It was not even a minute later when the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander once again appeared behind Lin Dong. There were not traces of blood on his body. However, the powerful intimidating aura caused those behind Lan Ying to tremble as they tightly sealed their mouths.

Martial aunt Mo and Lan Ying swallowed a mouthful of saliva. They were well aware that there were three initial Profound Death stage experts amongst the experts from Yuan Gate…

Compared to those from Yuan Gate, it was obvious that these people in front of them were truly gods of death. However, their fear turned into joy after they recalled just how many of their clan members had been killed by Yuan Gate.

“Lin Dong, thank you for rescuing us.” Lan Ying clenched her hand tightly. Her face had turned a little red because she had escaped the danger. She quickly thanked him with gratitude.

Lin Dong smiled and shook his head. He said, “Miss Lan Ying, do you know which part of the Eastern Xuan Region we are in?”

“This is the southern part of the Eastern Xuan Region. It is the border between the Celestial Empire and the North Mountain Empire. However, the Celestial Empire no longer exist.” Lan Ying sadly said.

Lin Dong nodded. The Celestial Empire was under Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Since Yuan Gate had declared war on Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, it would naturally not let off these subordinate empires.

“Is the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace still okay?” Lin Dong hesitated before asking.

“We are not sure. All of us have been fleeing from Yuan Gate during this period of time. It has been a long time since we have received information from the palace. However, I believe that there should not be any problems since palace master is stationed there.” Lan Ying thought for a moment before speaking.

“That’s right…”

Lan Ying suddenly recalled something as her pretty eyes widened, “Lin Dong, I recall that you are from the Lin Clan of the Great Yan Empire, right?”


Lin Dong nodded. Unease surged in his heart as he observed Lan Ying’s appearance, “What has happened to the Great Yan Empire and the Lin Clan?”

“You need to quickly return. The Great Yan Empire has been attacked by the surrounding empires loyal to Yuan Gate for three months and have suffered a series of continuous defeats. They have even been forced back to the capital. All the members of the great clans within the empire have gathered in the capital. If the city falls, I’m afraid that they will not be able to escape a bloodbath!” Lan Ying hurriedly said.

Her voice had only just sounded when she suddenly felt the entire place turning ice-cold. The somewhat warm looking face of Lin Dong from earlier had become exceptionally twisted.