Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1182: Dispatching Troops

Chapter 1182: Dispatching Troops


Chapter 1182: Dispatching Troops

Lin Dong’s command was disseminated. Like a war machine, the Four Titans Palace swiftly started to operate. Countless experts gathered in Deep Lightning Mountain waiting for their dispatch orders.

On a peak within Deep Lightning Mountain, Lin Dong gazed at the distant sky where over a thousand figures hovered. Threads of light shot out from their hands and gradually transformed into the silhouette of an enormous formation in the sky.

Due to the great distance between the Demon Region and the Eastern Xuan Region, and the fact that Lin Dong was commanding a great number of troops, the spatial teleportation formation was extremely vast. Even though there were as many experts as the clouds in the sky who were part of the Four Titans Palace, it would still take several days to construct such a formation.

“Great leader, with us creating such a huge disturbance in making preparations to enter the Eastern Xuan Region, will it make the people of the four great Xuan regions unhappy?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander suddenly said from behind Lin Dong.

The Demon Region and the four great Xuan regions did not have harmonious relations. It was fine for people from the Demon Region to go over from time to time, but with such a huge exodus, it would surely become somewhat troublesome if it drew the combined resistance of the factions from the four great Xuan regions.

Although a the power of a single Eastern Xuan Region could not compare to the Demon Region, the combined might of the four great Xuan regions was not to be underestimated.

“Since the Eastern Xuan Region is already in great chaos, they will no longer be able to unite themselves.” Little Marten shook his head and said.

“However, we have practically mobilized everyone this time, causing the forces at headquarters to be greatly reduced. If other factions take advantage of this opportunity…” The Golden Ape Demon Commander also opened his mouth to speak.

“I have already notified the Dragon tribe and Celestial Demon Marten tribe, after we leave, they will dispatch experts to help defend Four Titans Palace.” Lin Dong said in an indifferent manner.

Upon hearing these words, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest nodded their heads in relief. With the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe’s help, there was likely no faction in Demon Region that would dare to invade the Four Titans Palace.

“Haha, young brother Lin Dong, your Four Titans Palace is so lively today.”

Not long after Lin Dong’s words faded, a slight distortion appeared in the distant sky. Soon after, two figures flew over, flickering as they appeared in front of Lin Dong and the rest.

“First elder Zhu Li? Big brother Liu Qing?”

Lin Dong was immediately taken aback upon seeing this duo. He hastily welcomed them, smiling as he asked, “Why have the two of you come?”

“After hearing that you intend to return to the Eastern Xuan Region, tribe leader sent me over to follow you to the Eastern Xuan Region.”

First elder Zhu Li chuckled and said, “Besides, Ah Diao was once injured by that Yuan Gate. We cannot possibly act as if nothing has happened. It’s been so many years since I’ve fought with those little kids, I’ll make sure to properly entertain them this time.”

“You are our Dragon tribe’s punishment elder, thus our Dragon tribe will naturally aid you.” Liu Qing also nodded and declared.

Lin Dong was somewhat touched when he heard this. First elder Zhu Li and Liu Qing were pinnacle experts who had touched Reincarnation. This aid was extremely great. The Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe clearly intended to take the opportunity to do him a favor.

“Thanks is not needed for such great favours. Lin Dong will remember this.” Lin Dong cupped his fist and earnestly said.

A great battle was unavoidable when they returned to the Eastern Xuan Region. Hence, the stronger his forces were, the more at ease Lin Dong would be. Three years ago, the three brothers had been forced to flee the Eastern Xuan Region like dogs. This time, he would make sure to repay all of these debts!

First elder Zhu Li smiled as he waved his hand. His gaze was somewhat peculiar as it swept across Lin Dong’s body, “Looks like brother Lin Dong has benefited greatly. As expected of the Devouring Master’s inheritance, it has allowed you to directly leapt past the perfect Profound Death stage and advance to the Samsara stage.”

“Hehe, same to you.”

Lin Dong chuckled and said. Given his current power, he could naturally tell that the Reincarnation ripples from within Zhu Li’s and Liu Qing’s bodies had become increasingly powerful. They perhaps only lacked a single step. After taking that final step, they would truly advance to the Reincarnation stage.

This was clearly bestowed upon them by the Devouring Master.

Lin Dong lifted his head and gazed at the enormous spatial teleportation formation in the distant sky. His hands slowly clenched into fists as indescribable feelings surged within his heart.

Unknowingly, he had left the Eastern Xuan Region for almost three years...

When he had left, he was merely a weakling who had yet to even reach the Profound Life stage. Now however, he had as many strong subordinates as the clouds in the sky, and had truly risen to the pinnacle of this world.

It had been three years, yet this difference was akin to the mud on the ground and the clouds in the sky.

“I wonder how the Great Desolate Tablet is doing… I’ve already exceeded our two year appointment from back then.”

Lin Dong softly sighed in his heart. He had promised the Great Desolate Tablet to return to the Eastern Xuan Region and eliminate the sealed Yimo king within two years. Yet, the promised time had now long passed, causing him to feel worried and guilty. However, he had too many burdens to bear. That miserable scene of fleeing from back then was something that he did not want to experience a second time.

“Don’t worry, although things are not looking good for the Great Desolate Tablet, it has not yet been completely corroded by Devil Qi.” Yan’s voice suddenly rang out at this moment.

“How do you know?” Lin Dong was taken aback.

“Both it and I were created by the same master. I am number two on the Divine Object Rankings, while it is number three. There’s nothing strange about being able to sense certain things.”

Yan lazily said, “Moreover, have you forgotten? There is still your little girlfriend in Dao Sect. She should be slowly awakening and gradually recovering the Ice Master’s powers. Others might not be able to sense the Great Desolate Tablet, but she can. Hence, she will absolutely not idly watch the Great Desolate Tablet be corroded by Devil Qi.”

“The one that the Great Desolate Tablet is suppressing is likely not an ordinary Yimo king right?” Lin Dong suddenly softly asked. He had not known much about the Yimo previously. At that time, every Yimo was an unparallelled existence in his eyes. However, as his strength rose, even the Yimo kings that once caused him to be overwhelmed with horror now no longer gave him any fear. Hence, when he thought about it again, he could sense that something seemed to be amiss.

The Great Desolate Tablet was a powerful item that was number three on the Divine Object Rankings. How could a mere ordinary Yimo king be capable of invading it? After all, even the tenth place Mysterious Divine Palace was only corroded because it had sealed numerous Yimo kings. The Great Desolate Tablet could not be inferior to the Mysterious Divine Palace right?


Yan nodded as it softly sighed, “King level Yimo can similarly be classified by their strength. From a certain point of view, ordinary Yimo kings can only be called false kings.”

“False kings?” Lin Dong’s brows faintly furrowed. It was evident that normal people would never have heard of such a classification.

“Yes. The true kings are similar to the Tenth Seat King in strength.”

Yan continued, “The one who was sealed and suppressed under the Great Desolate Tablet is a true king. Its strength is comparable to a peak expert who has passed two Reincarnation Tribulations.”

“Two Reincarnation Tribulations…”

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened. No wonder it was able to corrode the Great Desolate Tablet to such a degree. It turns out that the king level Yimos were not so simple after all.

“Looks like I’ll have to quickly deal with that fellow when we return to the Eastern Xuan Region.” Lin Dong softly stated. If a Yimo king with such power was released, it would likely be a disaster.

“Yes. With your current strength and the power of the two Ancestral Symbols, killing a sealed true Yimo king will not be impossible.” Yan replied.

Lin Dong nodded. Soon after, he gently exhaled as he muttered, “Now, we will wait for the formation to be complete and for Little Flame to be done…”


Under the combined efforts of numerous Four Titans Palace experts, the enormous spatial teleportation formation was successfully constructed five days later. The spatial undulations it gave off could be clearly felt even a thousand miles away.

On the third day after the spatial teleportation formation was complete, some activity finally appeared in the mountains at the back of the Four Titans Palace.

Mountains violently shook as black and white light that seemingly covered the sky surged from one of the mountains into the heavens like a wave. Subsequently, it transformed into a titanic black and white tiger of light that was several tens of thousands of feet large in the sky under the watching gazes of countless experts.

Black and white alternated on the light tiger as it lay there, while an ancient and imposing aura spread outwards. Immediately, the experts who had the bloodline of the tiger clan within a ten thousand feet radius could not resist and were forced to their knees by this aura.


The black white light tiger roared at the heavens. The roar shook the mountain forests, and the Yuan Power in the area frantically gathered over at this moment.


The mountain peak was finally unable to bear the powerful force. With a final bang, it completely exploded. Shattered rocks filled the sky, and a black white light figure rapidly rose into the sky.

A tiger’s roar brought with it extremely astonishing undulations as it echoed into the distance. The titanic black white light tiger in the sky transformed into a ray of light at this moment, before being swallowed into the body of that black white light figure.

Black and white light emerged from the figure. From a distance, it looked like a black and white sun with dreadful power.

“Has he succeeded…”

Lin Dong gazed at the black white light figure while a smile of being relieved from a great burden appeared on his face. Looks like the Darkness Saint Tiger’s bloodline had already been successfully refined by Little Flame.

The latter had borrowed this power to truly advance to the Samsara stage!

“Big Brother!”

A powerful voice echoed in the sky as a light figure swiftly flew over. Like a metal tower, it landed at Lin Dong’s side. When his feet touched the ground, the entire mountain range violently shook for a moment.


Lin Dong patted Little Flame’s shoulders. Soon after, he faintly smiled and pointed at the enormous spatial teleportation formation in the sky behind them as he softly said, “Know what we are going to do?”

“I do.”

Little Flame gazed at the spatial teleportation formation, as sinister looking veins immediately crawled out in his eyes. Quickly after, he grinned evilly and replied.

Lin Dong turned around and looked to his front, where eight thousand Tiger Devouring Army troops were silently seated on the plaza. As they breathed, they looked like a giant tiger.

Behind Lin Dong were Little Marten, Little Flame, great elder Zhu Li, Liu Qing and the rest. A total of nine Samsara stage super experts stood shoulder to shoulder. Their imposingness seemed to fill the sky.

Their gazes were locked onto Lin Dong’s body as they waited for him to speak.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong lifted his head and deeply breathed in a mouthful of fiery hot air. Soon after, cold light exploded from his pitch-black pupils.

As his ice-cold voice faded, he had already taken the lead and rushed forward. Behind him, Little Marten and the rest followed, while the nearby eight thousand strong Tiger Devouring Army roared at the heavens. Like a mass of black clouds, they swarmed towards the spatial teleportation formation.

“Activate the formation!”

Lin Dong’s cold voice rang out. Resplendent and dazzling light exploded from the enormous spatial teleportation formation at this moment and blasted straight into the clouds.

Within the dazzling light, Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent while flames seemed to dance within those pitch-black eyes.

Old dogs of Yuan Gate, do you still remember those words I said three years ago?