Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1181: Its Time We Charged Back

Chapter 1181: Its Time We Charged Back


Chapter 1181: Its Time We Charged Back

Time was like sand in an hourglass. Another half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

At the extreme north of Demon Region was a wastelands where strong winds blew. Ever since that damaged domain had disappeared, this region had once again regained its previous desolate atmosphere. The bustling scenes from several months before was now nowhere to be seen.

Wind howled. Immense storms were like giant divine pythons that devastated this land. Under such berserk power, even space itself gradually started to twist and distort.

No one knew how long such devastation continued. Suddenly, space slowly started to split open at the deepest part of the wastelands. As it slowly split open, a boundless aura that was could not be described suddenly swept forth.

As the boundless aura spread, two figures slowly stepped out from the now broken space and appeared in the wastelands.

“We’re finally out…”

The two who had walked out gazed upon the familiar scenery before them. Smiles of being relieved of a great burden appeared on their faces. Although the environment here was terrible, it gave them an exceptionally intimate feeling.

These two were naturally Lin Dong and Kun Ling, who had accepted the Devouring Master’s inheritance. After almost three months, they had finally successfully completed the inheritance process and left the Reincarnation Ocean.

At this very moment, this duo had completely withdrawn their auras, and gave off a plain and simple presence. Only those more perceptive individuals would be able to sense the astonishing sharpness hidden under that plain appearance.

In a short three months, the transformation the duo had undergone was practically akin to a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Lin Dong pushed apart his arms and deeply breathed in a mouthful of ice-cold air. Although it had only been three months, he felt as if he was reborn. The current him could feel that vast and endless Yuan Power within his body. Its level had already truly broken through the Profound Death stage and advanced to the Samsara stage.

Most importantly, he was no ordinary Samsara stage practitioner, but one who had touched Reincarnation!

Within the Devouring Master’s inheritance was not only his entire life’s cultivation, but most importantly, his comprehension of Reincarnation. Even though the current Lin Dong was unable to completely understand it, it was enough to give him a head start of sorts in comparison to others at the Samsara stage.

With respect to the comprehension of Reincarnation, Lin Dong believed that even great elder Zhu Li and Liu Qing could not longer compare to himself. Lin Dong was now truly amongst the ranks of the world’s pinnacle experts.

By relying on his Samsara stage power that had touched Reincarnation, his initial Symbol Grandmaster Mental Energy, the two great Ancestor Symbols in his body and his numerous divine objects, Lin Dong believed that it will be difficult for even a true Reincarnation stage expert to hurt him!

Lin Dong’s fists were tightly clenched while his heart seemed to surge. The Samsara stage. He had finally reached this once unreachable realm. For this, he had worked so hard over the years, and fortunately, his efforts had finally been reciprocated.

“Miss Kun Ling, I am planning on returning to the Four Titans Palace. What about you?” Lin Dong tilted his head and gazed at the silver haired lady as he gently smiled and said.

Kun Ling hesitated for a while before replying, “I am returning to Kunpeng tribe. I’ve received ancestor’s inheritance and need to notify them.”

“Since that is so, let us part ways here. I am indebted to you for your protection in the inheritance process. If you have any use for me in future, I will stake my life to repay this debt.” Lin Dong cupped his fist and earnestly declared. He had already forgotten how many times he had brushed against death while accepting the Devouring Master’s inheritance. It was only with Kun Ling’s protection that he was able to successfully complete the process.

Upon hearing this, Kun Ling’s beautiful eyes drooped slightly as if she was a little unhappy. However, she very quickly smiled and nodded her head. With a wave of her jadelike hand, black light flashed and transformed into a shadow grasping a long black blade. It was the unreasonably powerful Sky Devouring Corpse that had guarded the Divine Devouring Palace back then.

“You should recognise this right?” Kun Ling said.

“The Sky Devouring Corpse, I never expected that it had landed in your hands.” Lin Dong nodded his head while he sized the Sky Devouring Corpse. He had personally experienced how formidable it was.

“This is the last Sky Devouring Corpse created by ancestor. It had become so powerful because it had absorbed ancestor’s power.” Kun Ling faintly smiled before she continued, “I am giving it to you. You should need it more than I do.”

“Giving it to me?” Lin Dong was taken aback.

“You should be returning to the Eastern Xuan Region. You have a vengeance to fulfil there, and blood will definitely rain when you return. With it, you will be much safer.” Kun Ling said.

“How do you know about my matters in the Eastern Xuan Region?” Lin Dong’s face was full of astonishment.

“You’ve forgotten? Our mental energy had fused together in the inheritance process, thus, I had a glimpse of your past.” Kun Ling blinked and said in a sly manner.

Lin Dong’s face reddened. Would that not mean that Kun Ling had peeked at all of his secrets?

“I normally stay within the tribe and am unlikely to encounter any trouble. Therefore, you need this Sky Devouring Corpse more than I do. I believe that a great man like yourself will not reject, no?” Kun Ling said.

“Thank you miss Kun Ling.”

Lin Dong’s lips moved, but in the end, he sighed. Although things were very different now, the Yuan Gate also seemed to be a little strange. If his guess was not wrong, the Yuan Gate was connected to the Yimo. If he intended to return to the Eastern Xuan Region for revenge, having a little more power in his hands would definitely be a greater insurance.

“We’ve after all overcome trials and tribulations together, must you really address me in such a distant manner?” Kun Ling glanced at Lin Dong and softly said.

Lin Dong was stunned. After some hesitation, he smiled and replied, “Then I’ll have to pray that you do not find offence when I call you Ling’er.”

Kun Ling’s pretty face slightly reddened. Her initial cool and elegant manner was now gone. Her red lips moved as she said, “Then I’ll be leaving first, I hope that… we will still be able to meet in future.”

Her words faded, and she did not linger for a moment longer. With a wave of her jadelike hand, the space around her distorted. Soon after, she stepped into the distorted space. However, the sharp tips of her lovely ears appeared a little red when she entered.

Lin Dong appeared disappointed and frustrated as he gazed at the distorted space. It was a long while later before he shook his head and suppressed the feelings in his heart. With a wave of his sleeve, he kept the Sky Devouring Corpse.

“It’s time to go.”

He looked once again at the depths of the wastelands before heartily laughing at the sky. His figure moved and directly transformed into a flash of light that charged against the incomparably berserk wind storms in an extremely barbaric manner.

This time, the powerful wind storms that had once caused Lin Dong much misery were now not the least bit of a hindrance to him. He cut through them like a hot knife through butter and in a short dozen minutes, he appeared outside the wastelands. After getting his bearings, his figure once again disappeared.


After Lin Dong left the extreme north region, he tirelessly travelled towards Beast War Region. As his strength soared, his speed was naturally incomparable to before. Thus, after half a day of scenery, he had already reached Beast War Region’s border. Subsequently, Deep Lightning Mountain entered his sights a dozen minutes later.

“We respectfully welcome the great leader!”

Lin Dong did not conceal his presence when he entered Deep Lightning Mountain. Hence, such a disturbance was immediately detected by numerous Four Titans Palace experts. Waves of whooshing wind noises could be heard as numerous figures appeared in a flash, before they respectful greeted in unison.

Lin Dong appeared from the sky and gazed upon these Four Titans Palace experts as he smiled a little and nodded. Soon after, he lifted his gaze and saw the figures of Little Marten and the rest in front of the great hall on the main mountain. Immediately, his figure moved and he appeared before the great hall.

“Congratulations great leader.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, Golden Ape Demon Commander and the rest were startled when they saw Lin Dong appear. They could sense an astonishing pressure from the current Lin Dong’s body as they hastily greeted him in a respectful manner and welcomed him.

“Looks like everyone has benefited this time.”

Lin Dong’s gaze turned, seeing the faint Reincarnation ripples from the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest’s bodies. Evidently, the gift bestowed onto them by the Devouring Master had greatly benefited them.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest chuckled. The joy within their eyes could not be concealed.

“You’ve returned at last.”

Little Marten’s eyes also paused on Lin Dong’s body. Soon after, he laughed and said, “As expected of the Devouring Master’s inheritance. From what I can see, just your Yuan Power cultivation alone is not weaker than my own.”

Lin Dong chuckled. He glanced at Little Marten and was similarly amazed. The Reincarnation ripples from the current Little Martens’ body were several times greater than the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest. Such a level was already comparable to the previous great elder Zhu Li.

“Where’s Little Flame?” Lin Dong’s gaze swept around but was unable to find Little Flame’s figure.

“He went into seclusion cultivation ever since he returned and is now attacking the Samsara stage. It should be about time…” Little Marten explained.

Lin Dong nodded slightly, feeling rather gratified. The three brothers had unknowingly grown so much.

“Right, there’s good news and bad news from the Eastern Xuan Region.” A grave look flitted across Little Marten’s eyes as he looked at Lin Dong and said in a soft voice.

As Little Marten’s words rang out, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander and the rest watched the smile on Lin Dong’s face slowly recede. In its place, was a chilling solemness.

“The bad news is that Yuan Gate started a war.”

Little Marten slowly said, “Besides Yuan Gate, only two of the seven Eastern Xuan Region super sects remain.”


Killing intent that blotted the sky exploded from Lin Dong’s body like a storm, forcibly tearing apart the clouds in the sky. The temperature of the entire Deep Lightning Mountain gradually lowered as countless Four Titans Palace experts all lifted their gazes and looked in the direction of the great hall.

“Which two are left?”

Lin Dong’s voice was a little rough and sinister. The killing intent within his eyes gradually showed signs of turning into madness.

“The good news is that the remaining two super sects are Dao Sect and Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. However, their situation is not very encouraging.”

Lin Dong silently nodded. He closed his eyes and deeply breathed in, before slowly lifting his head. It was a long time later before that indifferent and low voice slowly echoed.

“Gather the troops and set up the spatial teleportation formation. We… are going back!”