Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1180: War

Chapter 1180: War


Chapter 1180: War

Seated on a stone platform, a young man slowly opened his eyes. His pitch-black pupils were as deep as the night sky. Meanwhile, there was faint Reincarnation Will flowing deep within his eyes. At the same time, indescribable ripples were being emitted and they seemingly formed an extremely profound scene at his back.

When he first opened his eyes, he had yet to fully awaken. It was a moment later, before he finally regained clarity in his sight. As he looked at the dust covering his body, he gently smiled. After which, he jerked his body. Immediately, luster flickered over those dust, before they all rose up. They looked just like tens of thousands of glowing spots and it was an extremely dazzling sight.


A somewhat gentle voice was transmitted from beside him. Lin Dong lifted his head before he saw an attractive and delicate figure. Meanwhile, her silver long hair came pouring down like a river, and she looked extremely dazzling.

At this moment, Kun Ling had a calm expression on her pretty face. Meanwhile, ripples were emitted from within her eyes, causing her to appear extremely alluring. Moreover, there was also Reincarnation Will, similar to that of Lin Dong, flowing within her eyes. Clearly, she had gained just as much as Lin Dong did, from this inheritance.

“Thank you for your help, Miss Kun Ling.”

Lin Dong thanked her sincerely. After all, he knew that he was only able to gain the Reincarnation Will because he had Kun Ling’s protection. Otherwise, he would have likely gotten lost in that deep and profound Reincarnation Will, with no means of escape.

“I was also helping myself.”

Kun Ling shook her head gently and spoke in an indifferent tone. Perhaps it was because her strength had soared, but the stifling pressure she felt from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within Lin Dong’s body, had diminished significantly. As of now, her expression returned to the icy cold one that she had, when she first saw Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smiled as he stared at Kun Ling’s pretty face with his black pupils. After which, his eyes shifted towards her alluring red lips. There seemed to be a faint trace of blood over there.

A glint flashed across Kun Ling’s pretty eyes after she detected where Lin Dong was looking at. However, as though she did not want to admit defeat in front of him, she stubbornly lifted her head and stared right back at him.

However, this face off did not last for long. Soon after, she gently clenched her jade like hands. For some unknown reason, even though the stifling pressure she felt from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol had diminished significantly, she was still unable to look for long into the eyes of that man, who was standing in front of her.

Her pretty face appeared to have became slightly hot. Turned her head away, she dodged Lin Dong’s eyes and said, “You promised Ancestor that you would not use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to pressure me.”

Her voice remained indifferent, but it was a little gentler than before.

“I did not use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.” Lin Dong was a little bewildered as he replied.

Things were still fine if he did not said anything. When he uttered those words however, Kun Ling’s face involuntarily reddened further. She gently clenched her teeth before she viciously glared at Lin Dong. After which, she hurriedly changed the topic, “Why are you celebrating now? The inheritance is only half-done.”

“Half-done?” Lin Dong was a little startled.

“We have understood the Reincarnation Will. However, your strength is likely still at the advance Profound Death stage, am I right?” Kun Ling asked.

Lin Dong probed the interior of his body upon hearing this. Following which, he frowned. Indeed, the Yuan Power within his body had hardly made any improvements.

“Understanding the Reincarnation Will should be the first step. We might have accomplished it, but our physical bodies’ cultivation is still miles away from that level.” Kun Ling also frowned and said.

“What should we do next?” Lin Dong asked.

Kun Ling’s pretty eyes were filled with doubts. As she stared at the seemingly endless Reincarnation Ocean, she shook her head and said, “Could it be that we have to train in there?”

With a grave expression on his face, Lin Dong slowly walked to the edge of the stone platform, before he lowered his head to look at that brilliant Reincarnation Ocean. It was a long while later before he muttered, “Since this place contains the Devouring Master’s entire body of work about cultivation, in order to obtain his powers, perhaps…”

His eyes stared at the vast and mighty ocean when he spoke until this point.

“Are you saying that we need to enter this ocean?” A tinge of shock flashed across Kun Ling’s eyes. The Reincarnation Ocean was filled with vast and mighty strength. Previously, the Reincarnation Will that they came into contact with on the outside, were already extremely difficult to deal with. Would they be able to survive if they entered the Reincarnation Ocean?

Lin Dong was quiet for a moment. He smiled faintly and said, “Miss Kun Ling, how can we possibly understand Reincarnation if we allow ourselves to be bogged down by death?”

“You are truly a bold individual.” Kun Ling sighed softly. There was a hint of admiration in her words.

Lin Dong laughed. After which, he extended his hand towards Kun Ling and said, “Miss Kun Ling, may I know if you are willing to accompany me on this treacherous adventure?”

When she saw that extended hand, Kun Ling gently clenched her teeth. Moments later, she extended her hand and grabbed his hand, “You are simply too cunning. It’s obvious that you only want me to follow you in order to protect yourself.”

Lin Dong did not feel the least bit embarrassed after Kun Ling voiced his intentions. As he held her small jade like hand, he inhaled a deep breath of air before his expression gradually became solemn.

“Miss Kun Ling, let’s go.”

Kun Ling nodded gently. After which, the both of them exchanged glances with each other, before they took a step forward simultaneously. With a loud splash, sea water splashed after two figures directly leapt into that vast and endless Reincarnation Ocean.

Buzz buzz.

After they fell into the ocean, the both of them immediately felt mighty and endless energy sweeping towards them from all directions. After which, they charged into their bodies in an extremely overbearing fashion.

Up against that overbearing assault, despite Lin Dong’s sturdy physical body, he still found it difficult to endure. His body tensed up, while the veins on his body pulsed. Meanwhile, traces of blood climbed into his eyes, while the medians across his body swelled to their limits. It looked as though they were about to burst apart.

However, in contrast to Lin Dong’s pained expression, the expression on Kun Ling’s face was an exceptionally calm one. In fact, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of pain. Instead, it seemed as if she was revelling in that sensation.

A moan filled with extreme pain, was quietly transmitted into Kun Ling’s ears. Only then, did she finally open her tightly shut eyes. After which, she saw that Lin Dong had curled up into a ball due to the overwhelming pain.

Kun Ling was unable to speak in the water. However, a look of anxiety flashed across her pretty face. A moment later, she finally sighed helplessly before she used her fingernails to slit her smooth jade like wrist. Immediately, bright red blood began to spread.

Those fresh blood entwined around the both of them. Upon closer inspection, one would be able to spot traces of faint black glowing lines within the blood.

Kun Ling extended her arms and hugged that man, who had curled up. Meanwhile, blood continuously flowed from her wrist, causing her face to become slightly pale.

Viscous blood began to gather. Finally, they transformed into a ten feet long blood cocoon, which wrapped around the both of them.

That blood cocoon gradually headed towards the deepest part of the Reincarnation Ocean. Surrounding them, were waves of incomparably powerful energy light pillars. However, all of them were sucked into that blood cocoon, just like a whale sucking in water.

The entire Reincarnation Ocean began to churn at this moment.

The two auras within the blood cocoon became increasingly powerful as energy continuously poured in. After which, the various hindrances were easily broken through.


Time passed by stealthily. Unknowingly, they had already been in the shattered space for more than two months. Meanwhile, over this period of time, the Demon Region had also erupted into an uproar because of an incident that occured here.

The source of the commotion originated from the Yimo, who had showed up back then. Four Yimo kings and a Tenth Seat King, who was even stronger than an ordinary Yimo King. This lineup was sufficient to astound any faction in the Demon Region.

There were many powerful individuals hidden in the Demon Region. Besides a few well-known factions, some of the other factions, which deliberately kept a low profile, could not be underestimated as well. After all, they had a long history and a solid foundation. In fact, some of them had even existed since the ancient times. Therefore, they also had some understanding of the Yimo.

In the past, the Yimo remained in hiding and very few people were able to obtain any information about them. However, such a terrifying Yimo lineup had appeared this time around and this caused many factions to be alarmed. After all, everyone knew about the frightening consequences caused by the ancient world war.

Just how many lives would be lost if it happened again?

With these thoughts in mind, the Demon Region erupted into an uproar on the surface. However, many large factions began to secretly dispatch spies in order to hunt for any clues left by the Yimo. For awhile, many undercurrents were flowing in this place.

Beast War Region, Four Titans Palace.

Currently, the Four Titans Palace’s reputation in the Demon Region was growing day after day. Ever since the day where the Yimo appeared in the shattered space, the relationship between the Celestial Demon Marten tribe, Dragon tribe and the Four Titans Palace was clearly established. Moreover, there was also some information from an unknown source that stated that the First Commander of the Four Titans Palace had obtained the inheritance of the Devouring Master. Therefore, this caused the Four Titans Palace to become a rising star in the Demon Region, which could not be underestimated. Subsequently, many experts began to flock to them, further bolstering the Four Titans Palace.

There were many people seated in the old Deep Lightning Mountain palace, now called the Four Titans Palace. Amongst all the seated figures, their leader was currently Little Marten. During this period of time, Little Flame went into a seclusion in an attempt to advance to the Samsara stage. Hence, Little Marten decided to stay behind in the Four Titans Palace. Owing to his relationship with Lin Dong and his actual status, no one objected the decision to temporarily hand control of the Four Titans Palace over to him. In fact, even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio and the rest did not object.

In the palace, seated below Little Marten, were the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, Golden Ape Demon Commander, Zhou Yi and the rest. Their auras seemed completely different compared to two months ago. In fact, their surging auras vaguely contained a faint ripple of Reincarnation. Although, it was a faint ripple that could hardly be felt, it still meant that they had touched Reincarnation.

Just this slight improvement made a vast difference.

Meanwhile, there were actually some new faces seated behind them and these people had exceptionally powerful auras as well. Hence, in terms of size or strength, the old Four Titans Palace could hardly hold a candle to its present self.

Little Marten was seated right at the front. As he listened to the information delivered to him by various individuals, he gently nodded his head. After all, he was the tribe leader successor of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Therefore, he was a lot more adept at handling these matters compared to Lin Dong. Hence, no one doubted his abilities.

“Second Commander, is there still no news about the First Commander?”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander suddenly asked after they finished reporting these matters. There had been no news about Lin Dong for more than two months, and they did not know how he was doing.

Little Marten shook his head and said in a faint voice, “Everyone, there is no need to worry. Although the Devouring Master’s inheritance is powerful, Lin Dong is no ordinary individual. He’ll definitely be fine.”

“That’s right. Second Commander, the First Commander previously instructed us to check up on the Eastern Xuan Region. We have finally received some news now.” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander suddenly said.


Little Marten suddenly stood up. Immediately, his handsome face turned stern as he said, “Speak.”

“It seems like a war has broken out in the Eastern Xuan Region and only three out of the seven great super sects remain standing. Moreover, the one who started the war, is also the faction that was once mentioned by great leader… Yuan Gate!”