Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1179: Reincarnation Ocean

Chapter 1179: Reincarnation Ocean


Chapter 1179: Reincarnation Ocean

Lin Dong’s slightly shut eyes slowly opened after the darkness receded from them. He was immediately a little dazed. The magnificent brilliance reflected from his front caused a bright arc of light to appear on his face.

“This is…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself as he surveyed his surroundings. An endless brilliant ocean entered his eyes. The multi-colored sea water gleamed due to the reflection of light. It was so beautiful that it left one mesmerised.

“This is the Reincarnation Ocean.”

A faint but clear voice was transmitted from the side. Lin Dong turned his head to find Kun Ling quietly seated a dozen feet away. Her posture was like a willow, and her clothes outlined her slim figure, causing her to appear unusually alluring.

“Reincarnation Ocean?” Lin Dong lifted his brow. Some confusion was present in his eyes.

“After one advances to the Reincarnation stage, one’s Dantian will turn into a Reincarnation Ocean. It is vast, unfathomable and contains all of one’s cultivation. This is ancestor’s Reincarnation Ocean.”

Kun Ling’s pretty eyes watched the brilliant ocean as she spoke, “Of course, the most precious thing here is ancestor’s understanding of Reincarnation. That is the most critical thing to advance into the Reincarnation stage.”

Lin Dong lifted his eyes and looked over as he focused. He could feel that this sea was filled with an extremely mysterious aura. That fluctuation was as mesmerising as the deep starry sky.

It was the most mysterious feeling of Reincarnation.

Lin Dong blankly stared at the beautiful ocean as a searing heat rose within those black eyes.

“Lin Dong!”

An anxious cry suddenly sounded like thunder exploding beside his ear just as this heat flashed across his eyes and he abruptly recovered. There was a stupefied expression in his eyes as he looked at the anxious expression on Kun Ling’s pretty face.

“Look under your feet!” Kun Ling hurriedly said when she saw Lin Dong recover.

Only then did Lin Dong tilt his head and his pupils abruptly shrunk as cold sweat surfaced on his body. He had actually unknowingly arrived at the edge of the stone platform floating on the Reincarnation Ocean. If he took another step, he would fall into the ocean.

“This is the will of Reincarnation. It has an extremely strong temptation towards those who have not stepped into the Reincarnation stage like yourself. If there is any opening in your heart, you will sink inside, never to escape.” Kun Ling said in a solemn manner.

Lin Dong hurriedly took two steps back. He arrived beside Kun Ling before coming to a stop. He wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and looked at Kun Ling with great gratitude. “Thank you.”

He was aware that if it was not because Kun Ling had alerted him at such a critical moment, it was likely that he would have really fallen into the Reincarnation Ocean. Only now did he completely understand why the Devouring Master had insisted that Kun Ling followed him…

“Your performance is already so lacklustre before you even make contact with the true will of Reincarnation. From what I can see, you will likely have a great difficulty obtaining this inheritance.” Kun Ling said in a faint voice.

“I was indeed careless this time.”

Lin Dong’s face reddened. He did not expect that the will of Reincarnation was so powerful. He had almost lost his way after merely trying to feel.

Kun Ling sighed softly and said, “Prepare yourself. We are about to begin.”

Lin Dong nodded. After which, he sat down in front of Kun Ling. The latter hesitated upon seeing this, before her delicate jade like hand extended. With a red face, she said, “You should grab onto my hand. Only through this will I be able to feel if you have fallen into trouble.”

“Many thanks.”

Lin Dong nodded sincerely. He extended his large hand and grabbed that soft, delicate and small hand. It felt as though he was holding a warm jade. This feeling was the best.

However, Lin Dong was not in the mood to care about such things at this moment. He deeply inhaled a breath of air and slowly shut his eyes. “Let’s begin.”

The both of them shut their eyes together. Soon after, Mental Energy slowly spread. Initially, the Mental Energy of the two existed independently. However, they discovered that it was impossible for their Mental Energy to spread out of the storm platform in this way. After a long period of hesitation, the two Mental Energies gradually mixed together.

Kun Ling’s cold and pretty face suddenly flushed after their Mental Energy entwined together.

The Mental Energy of the two gathered and finally broke free of the restraints of the stone platform and drifted outwards. As this happened, it was possible to see a faint but brilliant fog rise from the Reincarnation Ocean. Light rippled within the fog. There were an endless number of figures flashing within it. It was as if there was a world within the fog itself.

A kind of mysterious ripple slowly spread.

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy involuntarily approached the Reincarnation Will that lingered over the Reincarnation Ocean. After which, he gradually relaxed as his Mental Energy truly connected with the Reincarnation Will.

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy shook violently upon contact. An endless number of images seemed to flash before his eyes.

A figure appeared in front of Lin Dong as the images flashed past. He could see that it was a middle-aged man. His body was somewhat frail and his forehead looked somewhat similar to Lin Dong’s, while his face appeared a little stern. Beside him was a graceful and pretty middle-aged woman. She currently wore a gentle and doting expression as she looked at Lin Dong.

“Father, mother…”

Lin Dong blankly looked at the two people in front of him. A great sorrow suddenly attacked his heart, causing his eyes to become a little red. He had been away from home for so many years and experienced many hardships. Wasn’t all of this for the sake of becoming stronger to protect those whom he wished to protect?

“Dong’er, it is time to come home.”

The pretty woman gently beckoned at Lin Dong. That gentle and familiar voice caused Lin Dong to tremble despite his current mental fortitude. He was already tired after clenching his teeth and persevering for so many years. He really wanted to return to that little Qingyang Town. Although that place was inconspicuous, it gave endless peace to his heart.

In his daze, Lin Dong reached out, wanting to grab the pretty woman’s hand.


On the stone platform, Kun Ling’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. She anxiously looked at Lin Dong, who had his eyes shut. A rare gentleness had appeared on his face. This fellow had been as tough as a rock since the moment they met, and even dared to have killing intent towards someone like Jiu Feng, who had stepped into the Reincarnation stage. Yet, his expression was just like a child at this moment.

“Ah, you fool. How can we complete the inheritance if you do this.”

Kun Ling sighed softly. She possessed the protection of the Devouring Master’s bloodline and would not get lost in this Reincarnation Will. However, the Reincarnation Will would stir the greatest desire deep within one’s heart for anyone else. At that time, even the strongest person would become unbelievably weak.

Kun Ling’s hand gently gripped Lin Dong’s hand. However, the latter did not react, causing her to involuntarily bunched her brows together. After hesitating for a moment, she finally clenched her teeth. They bit into her red lips and fresh blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth. It appeared like a gorgeous blood red rose.

Kun Ling leaned her lovely body forward as the blood seeped out and her jade like arms gently wrapped around Lin Dong’s throat. After which, her somewhat ice-cold lips reached out and pressed onto Lin Dong’s lips.

Fresh blood moved along her lips and entered Lin Dong’s mouth. Finally, it began to spread.

A faint black ripple was emitted from within Kun Ling’s body at this moment. After which, it enveloped Lin Dong. The black ripple became increasingly dense. In the end, it turned into a black cocoon that wrapped around the both of them.

A ripple was emitted from Lin Dong’s palm just as his hand touched the hand of the pretty woman. All he saw was the two figures suddenly distort. After which, they gradually became illusionary.

Even though her body had disappeared, the pretty woman’s eyes were still filled with a doting and gentle expression as they looked at Lin Dong. The stern man by the side also nodded. His face contained an expression of praise.

“Father, mother…” Lin Dong mumbled to himself. The tip of his nose felt sour.

“If your performance continues to be so terrible, I will not be able to save you.” A faint voice suddenly echoed within Lin Dong’s heart. It was Kun Ling.

Lin Dong slightly nodded. Soon after, he took a deep breath and a smile surfaced on his face. His previous determination had emerged again.

“Father, mother, both of you can be at ease. I am fine. Wait for me. I will soon be back…”

Lin Dong clenched his hand tightly. The originally lost expression in his eyes had once again returned to the determination of the past. He quickly sat down. In order to truly return, he must take control of the power here.

“Miss Ling’er, thank you. This will be the last time.”

Lin Dong’s voice spread within his heart. Soon after, he slowly spread his hands. Mental Energy extended without holding back. Finally, it collided heavily against the mysterious Reincarnation Will.

Swoosh swoosh.

Countless light figures continued to flash past in Lin Dong’s mind as if he was cycling through memories. However, he no longer got lost in them. Those glittering eyes were as calm as a rock. It was as though some outsider was quietly watching a flower bloom and wither, or the clouds gather and disperse.

Reincarnation rotated like a wheel. It endlessly cycled again and again.

The endless river of time quietly flowed. The light cocoon enveloping the two people on the stone platform had unknowingly disappeared. The two figures were quietly seated. At some unknown time, they seemed to have been covered by a layer of thick dust which faintly glittered.

The bright Reincarnation Ocean rippled. Many radiant lights containing the will of Reincarnation rose from the ocean and stealthily slipped into their bodies.

This rock like stillness and bitter training continued for an unknown amount of time. Perhaps it was a year, perhaps it was ten…

However, there would ultimately be an end regardless of how long it took. Without realising it, the skinny figure on the stone platform gently shivered. After which, his tightly shut eyes slowly opened.

It was the same pair of pitch-black eyes. However, there was now an indescribable feeling within the pitch-blackness. It was as though there was an extremely faint Reincarnation ripple spread from them.