Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1178: Three Reincarnation Tribulations

Chapter 1178: Three Reincarnation Tribulations


Chapter 1178: Three Reincarnation Tribulations

In the Devouring Divine Palace, black light flickered before Lin Dong’s figure appeared. After which, a black light shot out from within his body, allowing Lin Dong to once again regain control of his body.

The first reaction Lin Dong had upon regaining control of his body, was to stare in shock at the Devouring Master seated in front of him. Although the Devouring Master was the one controlling his body previously, Lin Dong was still able to see the entire fight with his own eyes.

Moreover, he never expected the Devouring Master to be this terrifyingly powerful. After all, two Yimo kings, which were equivalent to Reincarnation stage experts, were eliminated by him within less than ten breaths’ time.

In fact, he was several times more capable than elder Qing Zhi!

Was this the strength of the eight Ancient Masters? Truly terrifying…

“Why? You seem to be startled?” The Devouring Master looked at Lin Dong and smilingly said.

“Compared to fellow Reincarnation stage experts, why are you so much stronger?” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before asking.

“Reincarnation stage experts are also ranked accordingly. However, most ordinary experts are unaware of this fact.” The Devouring Master spoke in a faint voice. “Those who had just stepped into the Reincarnation stage are only considered as ordinary Reincarnation stage experts. For example, the two Yimo kings whom I killed previously, belonged to that stage.”

“Although Reincarnation stage experts are extremely powerful, they are all fearful of one event.”

“Reincarnation Tribulation?” Lin Dong softly asked. He knew a little about this subject.


The Devouring Master nodded and said, “Within the Reincarnation stage, there are a total of three Reincarnation Tribulations. Moreover, one’s strength would be vastly different each time one passes through a tribulation. Of course, the Reincarnation Tribulations are extremely frightening and most Reincarnation stage experts die attempting them.”

“In fact, many Reincarnation stage experts do not dare to attempt it even if they are qualified to do so. That is because there is a real possibility that they could end up perishing if they took that step.”

Lin Dong had a grave expression. Since it could strike such fear into the hearts of powerful Reincarnation stage experts, this so called Reincarnation Tribulation must be exceedingly frightening.

“To obtain strength, you will always have to take risks. This is a principle that has never changed since the ancient times.” The Devouring Master smiled and said. “Since the ancient times, there were hardly any individuals who have successfully passed all three Reincarnation Tribulations.”

“Elder should have passed all three Reincarnation Tribulations, am I right?” Lin Dong smilingly asked.

“All eight Ancient Masters have passed those three tribulations. However, the strongest one amongst us is junior martial sister.” The Devouring Master said.

“Ice Master huh?”

“Junior martial sister is the last disciple that teacher accepted. However, she was the most talented as well. In fact, after she advanced to the Reincarnation stage, within less than a year, she began to undergo the Reincarnation Tribulations. Moreover…”

Even with the Devouring Master’s temperament, a tinge of admiration flashed across his face when he mentioned this point. “She passed all three tribulations simultaneously.”

“Passed all three tribulations simultaneously?” Lin Dong was startled before shock involuntarily surged into his eyes. The Ice Master had actually passed all three Reincarnation Tribulations simultaneously?

“That’s right. The Reincarnation Tribulations are extremely terrifying and it is no mean feat to even pass one of them. Passing all three tribulations simultaneously is even more terrifying. Therefore, even I cannot match up to junior martial sister’s guts and abilities.” The Devouring Master sighed softly.

Lin Dong nodded. It’s no wonder the Ice Master was so highly regarded by the Symbol Ancestor. Such talent and courage were truly rare.

“What cultivation level was the Symbol Ancestor at?” Lin Dong asked out of curiosity. An expert who had successfully passed three Reincarnation Tribulations stood at the peak of this world. However, the Symbol Ancestor had clearly exceeded this level.

“After the Reincarnation stage, is the Ancestor stage.” The Devouring Master was wearing a grave expression. In fact, when he mentioned the last two words, his eyes became exceptionally solemn.

“Ancestor stage?”

The Devouring Master nodded and replied, “Since the beginning of time, teacher is the only person who has ever reached that stage. I have tried to analyse how to reach that stage for many millenniums, but I am still at a loss.”

With this in mind, the Devouring Master smiled and continued, “Of course, if that one step was so easy to comprehend, where would those Yimo find the courage to attack us?”

“Amongst the Yimo, it’s likely that only their emperor, the Yimo Emperor, can match up to teacher.”

“Yimo Emperor? Did a Yimo Emperor appear during the ancient world war?” Lin Dong pursed his lips before he asked.

The Devouring Master nodded solemnly. He gently rubbed his hand over his chest before he said, “Back then, I was nearly killed by that Yimo Emperor. Fortunately, teacher showed up and saved me.”

Lin Dong was somewhat in a trance. After all, he simply could not imagine just how shocking it must have been, when those two clashed.

“Ancestor, what happened next?”

Standing beside them, Kun Ling, who had been secretly eavesdropping on their conversation, also involuntarily opened her mouth and softly asked.

“After that…”

The Devouring Master sighed softly, “Teacher ignited his Reincarnation during that decisive battle with the Yimo Emperor, seriously wounding that Yimo Emperor, sealing him and expelling him through the crack between the planes. Finally, he completely sealed that crack and stopped the invasion of the Yimo tribe. Only then, did we manage to scrap a victory.”

Lin Dong was quiet. Even though he had never experienced such a huge battle, he could still vaguely deduce how terrifying it must have been. Although they eventually emerged victorious in that war, they still had to pay an extremely hefty price.

“The Yimo tribes are exceptional since birth. Moreover, they come from another plane and are indeed much stronger than us.” The Devouring Master slowly said.

“Elder, there is no need to beat yourself down. Though those Yimo have their unique advantages, we are also no pushovers. Though they can give rise to a Yimo Emperor, we similarly have a Symbol Ancestor. Hence, we will not lose out to them.” Lin Dong said seriously.

The Devouring Master was startled before he quickly smiled. Following which, his arrogant and domineering aura once again surged out from his brows. “You are right indeed. In fact, I even dared to attack their Yimo Emperor back then. Hence, why should we fear them? However, it isn’t going to be so easy to reach teacher’s cultivation level.”

“I do not believe that they can easily give birth to a Yimo Emperor as well.” Lin Dong laughed.

The Devouring Master smiled and nodded. “That Yimo Emperor from back then was seriously injured and sealed by teacher. Hence, he might have already died. Strictly speaking, we do not need to be afraid of those Yimo.”

“Though there are Yimo hiding in this world and waiting for the opportunity to strike, junior martial sister and the rest have undergone Reincarnation. Hence, after they awaken, those Yimo would not dare to do anything.”

A complicated expression flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes after he heard those words. If the Ice Master was to awaken, would that mean that… Ying Huanhuan’s consciousness would be replaced?

Was that lively young lady with a long black ponytail, who brought warmth to his heart when she played the zither, going to disappear?

Lin Dong involuntarily clenched his fist tightly when he thought of this. Meanwhile, his heart was gently aching.

The Devouring Master glanced at Lin Dong, who had suddenly became silent. Immediately, he seemed to have came to a comprehension as he sighed softly. “There is no need to be overly concerned. Typically speaking, those who had undergone Reincarnation would be controlled by their present self…”

Lin Dong smiled bitterly. He could naturally tell that the Devouring Master was trying to comfort him. However, when it came to the Ice Master, what was considered as typical? In fact, even the Devouring Master willingly admitted that she was stronger than him. Therefore, after she had undergone Reincarnation, it would be difficult to say just who would be in control of the body.

“It is pointless to think about it for now. You should focus on what you can do.”

The Devouring Master spoke quizzically, “Only after you possess true strength, will you be able to change the world.”

“This junior understands.”

Lin Dong replied in a deep voice. Indeed, it was pointless for him to worry about it now. Instead, it was better for him to boost his strength. After all, he had never admitted defeat before. Therefore, even though his opponent this time around was the Ice Master, the strongest of the eight Ancient Masters, and someone whom even the Devouring Master admitted he was inferior to, he did not feel the slightest bit of fear.

Regardless of how slim his chances were, he would definitely not give up! He must snatch Ying Huanhuan over from her hands!

Lin Dong clenched both of his fists tightly while a determined glint flashed across his dark black eyes.

“My time is almost up…”

The Devouring Master smiled gently and nodded. He surveyed his surroundings with nostalgia, before his eyes paused on Lin Dong and Kun Ling. “I will leave my inheritance to the both of you. However, the both of you must be cautious. Receiving my inheritance involves great dangers. I am giving the both of you all my thoughts on Reincarnation. Since Kun Ling possess my bloodline, it might be possible for her to remain conscious. However, it will be extremely easy for Lin Dong to get lost within. Moreover, once you are lost, you will never be able to find your way back.”

The Devouring Master wore an extremely grave expression as he spoke. Beside him, Lin Dong nodded solemnly. He was hardly surprised by the dangers involved. After all, one always had to pay a price in order to obtain strength. This was the natural order of the world.

“Therefore, Ling’er, you must do your best to protect Lin Dong and ensure that he remains conscious during the inheritance. Both of you will be closely connected during the inheritance. Remember that the stem is connected to the vine, and the vine to the fruit. Hence, the other party will be affected if something untoward happens to either one of you.”

“Ancestor, what are you saying?”

Lin Dong hardly reacted, but beside him, Kun Ling’s pretty face reddened. Following which, she snorted in embarrassment. Only then, did Lin Dong finally understand why using such a metaphor was a little too cheeky. It seems like the Devouring Master was indeed a womanizer in the past. It’s no wonder he had such a murky relationship with the Nine-tail fox.


The Devouring Master laughed. After which, he changed the topic. “The both of you should get ready. I am about to begin. Whether the both of you succeed or fail, will depend entirely on the both of you.”

The Lin Dong duo nodded before their expressions gradually turned grave. Following which, the both of them sat down and began to calm their minds.

The Devouring Master spread his hands upon seeing this. As he once again immersed himself in this world, a dense look of nostalgia appeared on his face. A long while later, his body began to contort. After which, black light seeped forth before his body actually transformed into a huge black hole.

That black hole rotated slowly. After which, it expanded before devouring Lin Dong and Kun Ling’s body, just like a huge dark mouth.

“Everything else will depend on the both of you. Hopefully, my inheritance will not disappear from this world…”

As the black hole rotated, only the voice of the Devouring Master quietly resounded. Finally, it vanished completely. This peak level expert, which once towered over the world, had finally vanished.