Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1177: Blessing

Chapter 1177: Blessing


Chapter 1177: Blessing

The mysterious eye was pitch-black like a black hole. It split open between the brows of the Devouring Master. An endless black hole seemed to be rotating deep within it, while a mysterious and unfathomable feeling spread outwards.

“Eye of the Ancestral Symbol?”

The Tenth Seat King’s expression drastically changed when he saw this scene and cried out sharply, “You no longer possess a physical body, yet you are still able to use the Ancestral Symbol Eye?”

The Devouring Master gave a mysterious smile. However, he did not reply. His mysterious eye merely blinked lightly, and all the light in the area instantly turned into darkness. Even the Yuan Power permeating this place wildly rushed towards the mysterious eye between his brows.


Within a short several breaths, there was no longer any energy in the area, while the mysterious eye between the Devouring Master’s brow grew increasingly abstruse and dangerous.

“Ancestral Symbol Eye, Devour Light.”

A soft voice was slowly emitted from the Devouring Master and the mysterious eye between his brows suddenly narrowed. In the next moment, a thumb sized thick black light ray shot out.

The black light ray swept forth, while everyone watched as space crumbled an inch at a time. It looked as if shattered glass was continuously falling.

The speed of this light ray was indescribably fast. Even the Tenth Seat King only saw a flash of black light. Soon after, his body involuntarily shuddered. Countless Yimo kings had been killed by this death god like light, and even he had once smelt death from it.

He never imagined that this feeling would still cause him to shiver even after tens of thousands of years.

The eyes of the Tenth Seat King suddenly widened at this moment as a ferocious expression flashed across his face. Monstrous demonic Qi swept outwards as a roar resounded over the sky.

“Sky Devil Life Gate!”


Demonic Qi seemingly covered the sky and land as it gathered over and quickly turned into a hundred thousand feet large darkness gate in front of him. The gate was covered with countless demonic patterns, while an extremely evil ripple pulsed from it.


The inconspicuous black ray of light arrived at this moment. After which, it slammed directly into the darkness gate.

No loud sound appeared when the two forces collided, and there was also an absence of any frightening energy ripples. Everyone simply looked at the quietly standing black gate in a dazed fashion. Their pupils abruptly shrunk a moment later.

Numerous cracks stealthily spread on the gate. Finally, the huge gate shattered with a bang.


A mournful cry sounded behind the gate the moment it was shattered as the monstrous demonic Qi became chaotic. One could only watch as the body of the Tenth Seat King exploded.

“Tenth Seat King!”

The expressions of the remaining two Yimo kings changed drastically when they saw this. Intense horror was present in their eyes. No one understood the Tenth Seat King’s strength better than them. Yet, even he was no match for the Devouring Master. It seemed that only those top three lords could face the Devouring Master in a head on clash.

Wild joy surged into the eyes of first elder Zhu Li’s group when they saw this scene.

The Devouring Master frowned slightly upon seeing the chaotic demonic Qi in the sky. Soon after, he sighed softly. There was a some regret present in his voice.

“Devouring Master!”

The chaotic demonic Qi suddenly squirmed as a roar filled with resentful killing intent suddenly resounded across the place. After which, the demonic Qi once again gathered and a demonic figure appeared. It was the Tenth Seat King. However, his face was currently deathly pale. It was obvious that he had suffered an extremely serious injury.

The Devouring Master had an indifferent expression as he stared at the Tenth Seat King that had once again appeared. Black light once again flashed in the mysterious eye between his brows.

“Devouring Master, this will likely be the final time you appear. Just you wait. This world will definitely end up being controlled by us Yimo. At that time, all the creatures in this world will become our slaves. Ha ha!”

The Tenth Seat King howled. He looked at the flickering light between the brows of the Devouring Master and finally let out a cold snort. With a wave of his sleeve, monstrous demonic fog spread, wrapping around the two Yimo kings as it cut open space and left.

The Devouring Master watched the three fleeing individuals and the mysterious eye between his brows slowly disappeared.

“Lord Devouring Master, why did you let them leave?” First elder Zhu Li hesitated for a moment after seeing this. Finally, he could not help but inquire. The Tenth Seat King clearly had a relatively high position amongst the Yimo. Letting him leave was equivalent to allowing a great threat to continue existing.

“I am after all a dead person. It isn’t so easy to kill him.” The Devouring Master shook his head and said regretfully. He was also aware that there was no telling just how many powerful individuals would end up dying because he had let the Tenth Seat King off today. However, he did not have the strength to carry out what he wished to do. It was already not easy to force them back today.

First elder Zhu Li, Liu Qing and the others sighed quietly. It was indeed a pity.

“This realm is about to shatter. All of you should leave.” The Devouring Master said in a faint voice.


Everyone hurriedly replied in a respectful manner after hearing these words.

“Lord Devouring Master, may I know where grand elder Jiu Feng from my tribe is?” First elder Mu Di from the Nine Phoenix tribe hesitated for a moment before asking.

The Devouring Master glanced at him. Soon after, he waved his sleeve and a flash of black light rushed out from within the Devouring Divine Palace and turned into a human figure. It was a pale looking Jiu Feng.

Jiu Feng saw Lin Dong’s familiar figure when he appeared and immediately became furious as he roared, “Mu Di, capture this little fellow!”


The Devouring Master let out a cold snort. Jiu Feng’s body violently jerked as great horror rose within his eyes. At this moment, he could feel a terrifying pressure envelope him.

“Grand elder Jiu Feng, this is the Devouring Master.” Mu Di hurriedly said in a soft voice. His head was covered in cold sweat. Although Jiu Feng had an extremely high status in the tribe, this person in front of them was a fierce individual who had destroyed two Yimo kings with a flip of his hand. Their Nine Phoenix tribe could not afford to offend him.

Green and white interchanged on Jiu Feng’s face. A moment later, he finally laughed dryly and lowered his head. His palms were drenched in cold sweat.

“Lin Dong will be my successor in future. Do not blame me if you come to regret it after causing trouble for him again.” The Devouring Master glanced at Jiu Feng before speaking in a faint voice.

Jiu Feng’s expression paled. No matter how arrogant he was, he would not dare to display it in front of the Devouring Master. All he could do was nod bitterly. With these words from the Devouring Master, he must weigh his options properly in the future. Moreover, Lin Dong, who would have obtained the inheritance of the Devouring Master by then, was likely not someone whom he could afford to offend.

“The Yimo continue to hide. Ultimately, there will be a great war in this world. Do you think that anyone can survive unscathed when the time comes?”

The Devouring Master sighed softly. His eyes looked towards Zhu Li, Liu Qing, Mu Di and Kun Yuan. “The four of you have already touched Reincarnation. Being able to meet here is a form of fate. I shall give all of you something.”

Zhu Li and the rest were initially startled upon hearing this. Great joy quickly surged in their eyes.

The Devouring Master flicked his finger and four rays of light shot into their bodies. “This is some of the comprehension I have towards Reincarnation. Hopefully, all of you will be able to understand it and truly step into that level.”

Zhu Li and the rest shut their eyes. Their faces were in a stupor as they fell into deep thought. It was a long time later before they excitedly and respectfully bowed towards the Devouring Master.

“The few of you should have some relation with Lin Dong. On the account of you having helped my successor, I shall also lend all of you a hand.”

The Devouring Master once again looked towards Little Marten, Little Flame and the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group. With a wave of his hand, many mysterious rays of light shot out and entered their bodies.

Faint black light lingered over the bodies of Little Marten’s group. Soon after, the light disappeared and completely entered their bodies.

“Thank you very much, lord Devouring Master.”

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group shook from excitement. Little Marten and Little Flame were a little better. However, they still respectfully cupped their hands together towards the Devouring Master.

“Hopefully, the things that I have done will once again contribute some strength to the world war. However, master will not be around this time. You will have to rely on yourselves in order to protect the lives of this world.”

The Devouring Master sighed softly. He did not say anything else. His body moved, turning into a black ray of light that shot into the Devouring Divine Palace. A huge black light circle slowly appeared after his body entered the palace and enveloped all the powerful individuals within it.

The many strong individuals gazed upon the black light circle. There seemed to be a kind of mysterious and indescribable thing slowly entering their bodies from it. Although this mysterious thing could not be compared to what the Devouring Master had given Zhu Li, Little Marten and the others, it could be considered a primer of sorts. If these powerful individuals were lucky, it might be possible for them to progress further.

This gift was more precious than any treasure to those strong individuals present.

“We respectfully send off the great one.”

The strong individuals present were filled with great gratitude after obtaining such a big gift. They knelt with one knee on the ground as a united cry spread far and wide in the damaged space.

“We should also take our leave.” First elder Zhu Li looked at the circle of light that was gradually disappearing from around the Devouring Divine Palace and sighed softly, “Lin Dong is really blessed to have such a fateful encounter. However, I believe that he would need quite a long time to obtain this inheritance.”

Little Marten nodded. All they could do now was to first return to the Four Titans Palace and wait.

“Let’s go.”

Little Marten and the rest did not delay any longer. They took another deep look at the Devouring Divine Palace. After which, their bodies rose and they swiftly headed into the distance. Their gazes involuntarily turned around again to look at the black palace on the lone peak just before they left the damaged space.

They had a feeling that when Lin Dong appeared again, his strength would definitely reach a rather astonishing level. When that time came...

“The day you come out will be the day we return to the Eastern Xuan Region!”

A cold expression flashed across Little Marten’s eyes. Both of his hands suddenly clenched tightly.

Old dogs of the Yuan Gate. Us three brothers are finally going to take revenge for what happened back then!