Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1176: Terrifying Devouring Master

Chapter 1176: Terrifying Devouring Master


Chapter 1176: Terrifying Devouring Master

A clear sound rang out across the land as a black light figure slowly appeared in front of first elder Zhu Li, Little Marten and the rest. He smiled as he looked towards the devil bead that contained terrifying energies, and reached out with his hand. Devouring Power burst out and the devil bead immediately turned sluggish and was easily caught in his hand.


The black light figure tightened his grip a little, and the devil bead that even first elder Zhu Li and numerous powerful practitioners were unable to withstand, was easily shattered like brittle glass.

“After so many years, is this all you have? Although you Yimo are supposedly superior by nature, such superiority is merely so.”

The black light figure softly chuckled. His ordinary tone was filled with disdain and overbearingness. From his appearance, it seemed as though even these strange and extraordinary Yimo were below his notice.

“Lin Dong?”

At this moment, first elder Zhu Li and rest also regained their wits. They gazed at the somewhat familiar figure before them and involuntarily cried out in astonishment. Only a short span of half a day had passed, how could Lin Dong’s strength have reached such a frightening level?

“Heh, although this body is Lin Dong’s, the current him has still not reached this level.” The figure turned his head. The face that originally belonged to Lin Dong currently wore a smile, a tyrannical smile that filled with disdain.

“You are… the Devouring Master?”

First elder Zhu Li and the rest were stunned, but they abruptly regained their wits as the shock in their eyes intensified even further. The legendary pinnacle expert had actually appeared before them today?

“I have temporarily borrowed Lin Dong’s body to exterminate some of this scourge.” The Devouring Master waved his hand. Without further ado, he turned around as his indifferent gaze locked onto the five figures in the sky above.

“Devouring Master… legends never truly die. You had clearly fallen, yet you still crawl back up from your grave to cause mischief.”

In the sky, the black figure originally seated on the black cloud throne also stood up as black fog gathered, transforming into a sinister face. His eyes were firmly glued to the figure below. Within them was an intense hatred and a slight trace of fear that had been deeply hidden to the extreme.

“Hehe, you were the losers of the great world war back then. I imagine that your days of sneaking around have not passed very pleasantly, right?” The Devouring Master softly chuckled as he replied.

Cold light flickered in the Tenth Seat King’s eyes. Moments later, he sinisterly laughed and replied, “The only reason you were barely able to clinch victory back then was because Symbol Ancestor ignited his Reincarnation to seal the tear between the planes, causing our Yimo race to be unable to muster our full forces. However, no matter how strong the seal is, there will eventually come a time when it will weaken. At that time, will there be a second Symbol Ancestor amongst you willing to sacrifice his life to save all of you?”

“Faith will never be extinguished. There will naturally be a second Symbol Ancestor.” The Devouring Master slowly lifted his hands. He was a little silent as he looked at these slender hands that did not belong to himself, before he replied.

“Is that so?”

The Tenth Seat King sneered. Soon after, his eyes abruptly turned icy, “However, I’m afraid that you won’t have the chance to see that day!”

“Hear my orders four kings, kill this prey!”


Upon hearing this, the four Yimo kings responded in a stern manner. As they uniformly took a step forward, the previously somewhat disdainful expression on Zhu Li and the rest had already become incomparably grave and even nervous.

The cause of their nervousness was the skinny figure below. The absolute god of death who had once beheaded numerous Yimo kings in ancient times!

“Devil Nothingness Finger!”

Two fingers of the four Yimo kings jutted out as demonic energy that blotted the sky poured into their fingertips, causing their fingertips to darken and give off a feeling of deepness. As their fingers trembled, the surrounding space was forcibly torn apart.


Four black light beams that were as thick as an arm abruptly shot out from their fingertips. As the black light beams swept forth, one could see four giant scars being ripped open in the sky, while extremely terrifying destructive power rippled outwards.

“Hehe, four normal Yimo kings that have not even passed any Reincarnation Tribulations dare to attack me? What a joke.”

The Devouring Master merely chuckled softly when he saw the the four Yimo kings’ ferocious attacks. His hands hung slightly at his side and he showed no signs of defending. He merely waited for the four black light beams to pierce through the void and arrive.

Plop plop plop!

When the four black light beams that gave off astonishing destructive energies were a dozen feet from the Devouring Master’s body, black holes suddenly emerged from nothingness. As the black holes revolved, they gobbled up the four black light beams.

The black holes quickly disappeared, and the four astonishing attacks were easily dealt with. This caused Zhu Li and the rest, who were behind, to be somewhat stupefied. Was this the power of the Devouring Master?

In the sky, the expressions of the four Yimo kings also changed as great alarm flitted across their eyes.

The Devouring Master faintly smiled. Soon after, he extended his hand and gently clenched it, “Black Hole Extermination.”

Unease rose within the four Yimo kings’ hearts the moment his voice faded and their bodies rapidly retreated. However, the instant they moved, black light erupted around them. They watched in horror as four black holes appeared in a bizarre manner around each of them.


The four black holes were like a prison that trapped the four of them. In the next moment, the four black holes started to crazily rotate as Devouring Power that was frightening enough to rip apart space itself gushed out from all directions.


Devouring Power swarmed from all directions, and in the span of a single breath, their bodies were directly twisted and ripped to pieces by the berserk Devouring Power as miserable cries rang across the sky.

These four Yimo kings were completely powerless in the Devouring Master’s hands!


As their bodies were torn to pieces, four flashes of black light suddenly shot out. However, just as they were about to escape the black holes, another enormous black hole appeared in the sky above. Devouring Power surged out. It was akin to the giant mouth of a strange beast that intended to swallow the four Yimo kings’ devil spirits.

“Tenth Seat King, save us!”

At this moment, the four Yimo kings finally cried out in terror. They could sense that if they were sucked into the black hole, no matter how tenacious they were, they would surely die!

The Devouring Master was indeed not an existence they could match.


The Tenth Seat King coldy snorted upon seeing the crushing defeat of the four Yimo kings. Quickly after, his figure moved and directly appeared in front of two of the Yimo kings. Both his palms swatted forth, and an astonishing strength instantly pushed the two out of the range of the black hole in the sky. However, he had evidently used his true power as the two Yimo kings immediately released muffled groans.

“Since when does a defeated foe like you dare to save someone from my hands?”

The Devouring Master faintly smiled. Soon after, his hand abruptly clenched and Devouring Power maniacally gushed out from the black hole. Before the remaining two Yimo kings could be saved by the Tenth Seat King, there were sucked into the black hole amidst their miserable shrieks.

“Bang bang!”

After the two were sucked into the black hole, extremely terrifying explosion sounds suddenly echoed from within it. Subsequently, the black hole slowly dispersed, and the two Yimo kings were completely annihilated.

First elder Zhu Li and the rest gasped saw this scene. There was unconcealable horror in their eyes. Destroying two Yimo kings in a single move, was this the power of the eight ancient masters?

“Devouring Master!”

The Tenth Seat King’s expression was extremely grim. His gaze was glued to the Devouring Master as frightening Devil Qi emerged from within his body and covered the entire sky. It completely enveloped an area of a sixteen thousand feet.

“Why? Finally unable to resist?” The Devouring Master laughed. His figure appeared exceptionally tiny before the Devil Qi that covered the heavens. However, it was this tiny figure that caused the tightly clenched fists of the Tenth Seat King to faintly tremble.

That figure was as domineering as it had been in the far past. Even though he had already fallen, he was still a former absolute pinnacle expert of this world!

“Devil Spirit Body!”

The Tenth Seat King’s expression was malevolent as he howled in a deep voice. His voice was akin to thunder as it boomed across the land.

The seemingly omnipresent Devil Qi started to gather, transforming into a hundred thousand feet large figure of darkness behind the Tenth Seat King. The black figure stood on the land while its head touched the clouds. It gave off a dreadful aura.

“Still the same old methods, truly subpar.”

The Devouring Master merely smiled as he gazed upon the Tenth Seat King’s astonishing aura. There was unconcealed mockery in his smile. Soon after, his hands gently met each other as his eyes slowly closed.

When the Devouring Master’s eyes closed, the starry sky above suddenly turned completely pitch-black. Darkness without end spread at an alarming speed, until the entire area was completely covered.

Zhu Li and the rest’s hearts trembled as they looked at the omnipresent darkness. At this moment, they could feel that this entire place had already become the Devouring World.

Anyone here would be unable to escape from this Devouring Power.

Their gazes turned towards the figure in front of them. This figure was not imposing, but he was the true ruler of this Devouring World.

“Devour the Heavens.”

Darkness covered the land while the Devouring Master’s dull and emotionless voice spread at this moment, before resounding across the entirety of this vast domain.


As the Devouring Master’s voice faded, the entire land began to tremble intensely. The land crumbled as countless boulders shot out and flew into the devouring curtain of darkness.

Meanwhile, the hundred thousand feet devil figure behind the Tenth Seat King furiously roared. Torrential Devil Qi seemed to transform into pillars of light as it was forcibly sucked into the curtain of darkness.

The devil figure’s power was being devoured.

The hundred thousand feet figure began to disappear at an astonishing speed. In the short span of a dozen breaths, it had shrunk to the size of a thousand feet. Meanwhile, the Tenth Seat King’s complexion had turned exceptionally ashen. His body trembled uncontrollably, before he suddenly howled at the heavens. Frightening Devil Qi spouted forth as the now thousand feet devil figure started to swell once again at an astonishing speed!

“You are still not my match. This time, you shall be completely exterminated.”

The Devouring Master looked indifferently at the struggling Tenth Seat King as a frosty look suddenly flashed within his pitch-black eyes. After his voice sounded. One could only see a black line surface in between his brows. Subsequently, the black line gradually split open. An eye that looked like a black hole gave off a rather enigmatic aura as it slowly appeared.

Intense fear finally appeared on the face of the Tenth Seat King when this black hole like eye appeared.