Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1175: Borrowing His Body to Slay Devils

Chapter 1175: Borrowing His Body to Slay Devils


Chapter 1175: Borrowing His Body to Slay Devils

“This… I think that I should be able to handle it.” When Lin Dong saw Kun Ling turning her head away, he laughed dryly before he braced himself and said.

“Whether you can survive or not, that is something that I know better than you.” The Devouring Master smiled faintly and said, “Unless there is a more than fifty percent chance of success, I do not want to put my succession at risk.”

“With someone protecting me, there is only a fifty percent chance of success?” Lin Dong felt some cold sweat appearing on his forehead. Wasn’t the chance of success a little too low?

“Do you think that my inheritance will be the run-of-the-mill variety?” The Devouring Master lifted his brows while disapproval seeped out from him. Even in the ancient times, he was only weaker than the Symbol Ancestor and the Ice Master. Moreover, it was nigh impossible to count the number of Yimo that perished in his hands. Therefore, his accomplishments were nearly peerless.

Lin Dong laughed bitterly and became quiet. Although he really wanted to obtain the Devouring Master’s inheritance, he refused to beg Kun Ling to protect him. After all, he knew that he had done everything that he ought to do for her. If the latter was still unwilling to help him, he would not resort to begging her.

Beside him, when Kun Ling saw that Lin Dong had descended into silence, as well as the stubborn look on his face, she suddenly recalled the warm hand that extended from within the darkness previously, as well as the human flesh cushioning her body when she fell on the ground. Subsequently, the anger on her face slowly disappeared. Soon after, her lips moved before a faint voice was emitted, “Ancestor, I am willing… to protect him just this once.”

“Oh? You are willing to?”

The Devouring Master looked at Kun Ling with some interest and smilingly said.

“Although he is somewhat repulsive, Kun Ling clearly distinguishes between friend and foe. He has helped me previously and I shall return the favour.” Kun Ling’s pretty face reddened as she nodded and said.

Lin Dong was a little surprised. He lifted his head to glance at Kun Ling. After which, he cupped his hands together and said, “I will definitely remember Miss Kun Ling’s favour. If you require my assistance in the future, I will definitely do my best to assist you.”

“I’ll be fine as long as you don’t use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to bully me.” Kun Ling turned her head away and said.

Lin Dong nodded. Then, he solemnly said, “Miss Ling’er, you can be rest assured that I will stay away from you in the future. Hence, this will prevent me from negatively affecting you.”

Lin Dong had just finished speaking when he suddenly saw Kun Ling frowning and turning her head. Clenching her hands, she proceeded to glare at him. Her faint anger caused Lin Dong to be at a loss.

The Devouring Master looked at the both of them with a smile, but he did not speak up. He merely waved his hand before he said, “In that case, I shall leave my inheritance to the both of you.”

“Thank you elder.” Lin Dong rejoiced. He cupped his hands together and said.

The Devouring Master shook his head and said in a faint voice. “However, before handing over my inheritance, I would like to borrow your body for awhile.”

“Borrow my body?” Lin Dong was stunned. He did not understand what the Devouring Master was implying.

“Some insolent creatures have entered this realm. I will have to go and do some cleaning up. However, I will need to borrow your body in order to unleash my powers.” The Devouring Master said.

“Insolent creatures?” A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes before he exclaimed, “Yimo?”

“Haha, four Yimo kings and someone that I defeated before.” The Devouring Master laughed. His tone was calm and it looked as though he was talking about a couple of insignificant ants.

“Four Yimo kings?!”

Though the Devouring Master could remain calm, Lin Dong’s expression underwent a sudden and drastic change. A Yimo king was equivalent to a top-tier Reincarnation stage expert. Moreover, four of them were actually dispatched this time around. Hence, this lineup was worthy of the word, terrifying. After all, only one Yimo king appeared back at the Flame Divine Hall.

“I thought that a Reincarnation stage expert cannot enter this shattered space?” Beside him, Kun Ling voiced her doubts.

“That is generally the case. However, there are always loopholes. Since Jiu Feng is able to suppress his strength and enter this space, even less need to be said for those mysterious Yimo.” The Devouring Master said.

“Oh no, Little Marten and the rest are still outside!” Lin Dong had an anxious expression. He was worried about what would happen to Little Marten and the rest, after the Yimo invaded this realm.

“Relax. With me around, the Yimo won’t be able to act as they please. This is true even though I am already dead!” The Devouring Master said faintly. However, his voice contained the pride and overbearing aura that belonged to an expert, who once towered over the world.

“In that case, please help us elder!” Lin Dong said in a deep voice.

The Devouring Master nodded gently. His body subsequently transformed into a black ray of light before it shot towards Lin Dong’s chest. Immediately, the latter’s body stiffened before an indescribable monstrous aura, that once belonged to an overlord of the world, slowly awakened.

The aura swept across the sky before the Devouring Master’s low and deep voice was emitted from within Lin Dong’s body.

“Lin Dong. Next, I will allow you to witness the true strength of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Remember to pay attention!”


Dense demonic clouds swept over and occupied this entire realm. Only the area within a ten thousand feet radius of the lone mountain peak, had yet to be invaded by this sea of demonic aura.

First elder Zhu Li, Liu Qing, Little Marten and many powerful individuals currently had gloomy expressions as they stared at the scene in front of them. Meanwhile, their bodies continuously retreated. In fact, even the Yuan Power circulation within their bodies had slowed down owing to the pressure from the four terrifying auras up in the demonic clouds.

Four Yimo kings. This was not something that they could deal with.

“Let’s get rid of them first. After that, we will destroy the Devouring Divine Palace.”

In the middle of the demonic clouds, a black figure was seated on a throne made up of black clouds. When he looked down and saw the many powerful individuals below, cold indifference filled his eyes. Subsequently, he waved his hand before his indifferent voice spread.

The four Yimo kings nodded upon hearing this. Without further ado, they flicked one finger each, before four demonic lights directly shot out from their fingertips.


Demonic lights whistled and penetrated the empty space almost instantly. After which, dozens of powerful individuals didn’t even have the time to dodge, before their bodies exploded into a cluster of bloody fog with a loud bang. In fact, even their demonic spirits failed to escape in time as they were destroyed immediately.


First elder Zhu Li and the rest clenched their fists upon seeing this.

A brutal glint flashed across the four Yimo kings’ eyes. With a chuckle, they flung their sleeves before another four demonic lights rushed forward immediately.

“Liu Qing, Kun Yuan, Mu Di, let’s fight back!” First elder Zhu Li clenched his teeth and cried out loud upon seeing this. As of now, they were the only ones here who were still barely able to oppose the four Yimo kings. Meanwhile, the rest would simply perish upon contact.

When the three of them heard this, Liu Qing and Kun Yuan quickly nodded without hesitation. On the other hand, Mu Di hesitated for a moment. However, he eventually clenched his teeth and nodded. After all, if they were to fight amongst themselves now, they would most likely end up dead.

The four of them rushed forward almost simultaneously. Following which, vast and mighty Yuan Power surged. Meanwhile, the scent of Reincarnation spread from within their Yuan Power. Clearly, the four of them had unleashed their strengths to their limits.

The demonic lights penetrated the sky. In the next instant, they exploded right in front of the four of them. After which, terrifying demonic energy shock waves continuously swept forth. Immediately, the space shattered before the four of them shot backwards in a miserable fashion.

Zhu Li and the other three forcefully stabilized their bodies. Meanwhile, groans were emitted from their throats, while blood churned within their bodies. Subsequently, a bitter expression appeared on their faces. Was this the gap between them and genuine Reincarnation stage experts?

“Haha, the four of you have barely touched Reincarnation. Yet, you guys actually dare to fight against the four of us? You guys are truly asking for it.”

The four Yimo kings laughed heartily towards the sky. Meanwhile, their laughters were filled with disdain. In the next instant, a brutal glint flashed across their eyes. After which, the churning demonic clouds immediately transformed into four ten thousand feet large demonic palms, that came smashing towards the lone mountain peak from all directions.

Those four demonic palms actually occupied the entire sky. When everyone lifted their heads, all they could see were four demonic palms headed their way. Moreover, that frightening strength even caused them to lose the desire to put up a resistance.

“Everyone, let’s attack together!”

Even though first elder Zhu Li and the other three had pale expressions, they were not ordinary individuals. Immediately, all of them cried out explosively. Following which, Yuan Power whistled out from within their bodies and transformed into a light curtain, which covered the sky above the mountain peak.

Swoosh swoosh!

The remaining powerful individuals were also awakened by their cries. Driven to desperation, a ruthlessness surged from within them. After which, furious cries sounded before thousands of majestic Yuan Power whistled forward and poured into the light curtain in the sky.

Buzz buzz!

After such a vast amount of Yuan Power flowed in, the light curtain also began to gradually solidify. Meanwhile, the colours undulated on it were extremely brilliant and dazzling.


The demonic palms swiftly descended and ruthlessly slammed against the solid light curtain. Resplendent light was emitted immediately and it looked as though a couple of suns had risen simultaneously.

Waves of frightening energy ripples swept out in a crazy fashion. Although the light curtain looked fragile, it was nonetheless forged from the Yuan Power of thousands of powerful individuals. Hence, the four Yimo kings’ attacks were unable to break it immediately.


Seated in the sky, the black figure seated on the demonic cloud throne released a cold snort. Immediately, the expressions of the four Yimo kings became quite ugly.

“You guys can’t even handle a bunch of ants. How disappointing.”

The black figure said in a cold voice before standing up. Then, he gently stomped his foot. Immediately, the demonic clouds that permeated the sky began to gather in front of him in a crazy fashion. Within a short period of time, they transformed into a palm sized black devil bead.


That black figure chuckled before he flicked his finger. Immediately, that black devil bead tore through the sky before it finally collided gently against the light curtain.

The two of them only made contact for an extremely brief moment. After which, the light barrier, which was forged by gathering the Yuan Power from thousands of individuals, was actually blown apart. After which, countless people below immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Could it be that all of us are fated to die right here?”

First elder Zhu Li’s group looked at the black devil bead, which continued to fly towards them with the same speed even after penetrating the light barrier. Meanwhile, they could sense an annihilation-like energy on it.

That energy caused even their hearts to shudder.


A soft sigh of desperation sounded in everyone’s hearts. Just as all of them shut their eyes and prepared to die, they suddenly saw a black light erupting from the Devouring Divine Palace like a black lightning.

A clear laughter resounded across this part of the world after that black light appeared.

“Haha, trying to act as you please in front of my Devouring Divine Palace. Tenth Seat King, since when did a loser like you, who only knows how to flee upon seeing me, gain the courage?”