Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1174: Secret of the Inheritance

Chapter 1174: Secret of the Inheritance


Chapter 1174: Secret of the Inheritance

Light suddenly spread within the darkness, expelling the darkness a little at a time. Meanwhile, there was a tall figure seated quietly in the middle of that light. He appeared like a rock and it seemed like he had been sitting there since the ancient times.

Lin Dong was startled as he stared at the figure, who had surfaced from within the darkness. He was completely bewildered. Meanwhile, beside him, Kun Ling was also staring at her front with shock in her pretty eyes.

“Devouring… Master?”

Lin Dong gulped in a violent fashion as he muttered with some disbelief.

As if he heard his voice, that figure within the light slowly lifted his head. Following which, a handsome face was revealed under the light. Meanwhile, there was a mysterious smile on his warm jade-like face. His black pupils were exceptionally deep and there was an overbearing aura between his brows.

What an interesting man.

“The new owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. After so many years, you have finally arrived.” His eyes were indifferent as he looked at Lin Dong. After which, he smiled and said.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

Kun Ling was immediately startled upon hearing these words. Then, she stared at Lin Dong with shock in her eyes. This fellow actually possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. It’s no wonder…

“Elder, since we have met you, I believe that we should have successfully passed the test, am I right?” The shock in Lin Dong’s heart began to scatter. After which, he smiled at the Devouring Master and asked.

The Devouring Master smiled as he looked at Lin Dong. Promptly, he gently lifted his brows before he said, “I am able to detect many familiar scents on your body. Let’s see… Flame Master, Chaos Master, Darkness Master… and…”

The Devouring Master’s pupils suddenly hardened while he was staring at Lin Dong. His eyes, which hardly held any emotions, finally had some fluctuations. Then, he softly sighed and it seemed as though he was relieved of a great burden when he did so.

“Ice Master. Did she succeed? She did not let our master down, who fought to the death to protect her. Ugh, I still lose out to her…”

Lin Dong gently clenched his hand. The Devouring Master was indeed extraordinary. Even though this was not his true form, he was still able to immediately tell which powerful auras Lin Dong had came into contact with.

“You should have directly or indirectly came into contact with the four of them. I am able to tell by the scent right away.”

The Devouring Master laughed. Soon after, he said in a faint voice, “Yan, it has been tens of thousands of years since we last met. Aren’t you coming out to meet an old friend?”

A warm light shot out from within Lin Dong’s body after the voice of the Devouring Master sounded. After which, it turned into a light figure. Meanwhile, there was a complicated expression in his eyes, “I didn’t expect that the next time we met, the once talented and dazzling genius had become like this.”

“Did I have any other choice at that time?” The Devouring Master softly said.

Yan was quiet. At that time, all eight Masters were severely injured. Meanwhile, his owner had used his remaining strength to protect the Ice Master through her Reincarnation. Hence, the remaining seven masters were all powerless. If the Devouring Master did not sacrifice himself, it was likely that at least half of the seven masters would have died.

“He is the new owner of the Ancestor Stone.” Yan did not continue on with this topic. Instead, he looked at Lin Dong and said.

“Owner?” The eyes of the Devouring Master flashed. Meanwhile, there was a playful tinge in his voice.

Lin Dong did not say anything. Back in the Devil Suppressing Prison, the Darkness Master had a huge reaction when she heard this. Therefore, Lin Dong clearly knew what his status as the owner of the Ancestor Stone represented.

“Little fellow, you are really interesting. However, it is still too early to decide if you are truly worthy of being the Ancestor Stone’s owner.” The Devouring Master shook his head and said.

“Not only does he possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he also possess the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.” Yan said.

“I realized that as well.” The Devouring Master nodded. Then, he turned to look at Yan before he slowly said, “However, it still isn’t enough.”

Yan was quiet for a moment. After which, he said, “You should be aware that the war back then has not ended. There are still Yimo hiding in this world and no one knows how much strength they possess.”

“Moreover, all of you do not know this, but my owner left me with one final instruction before incinerating his Reincarnation.”

“Oh?” The Devouring Master lifted his head and looked at Yan.

“Master said that if it was possible, to look for another Symbol Ancestor…”

“Isn’t that going to be junior martial sister? Although I do not wish to admit it, she is indeed much stronger than me. Hence, the person who stands the highest chance of attaining master’s cultivation level should be junior martial sister.” The Devouring Master said in a faint voice.

“Indeed, the Ice Master is the ideal candidate and even my master thought so. However, it is always good to have another candidate, don’t you agree?” Yan nodded and replied.

“Haha, I am already a dead person and it is pointless trying to convince me. You should convince the seven of them instead. However, given my understanding of them, asking them to trust him instead of junior martial sister is likely impossible.” The Devouring Master laughed.

Yan laughed bitterly. It was indeed somewhat impossible.

“Is junior martial sister doing well?” The Devouring Master suddenly looked at Lin Dong. He could detect the aura of the Ice Master from his body. Therefore, the two of them must have interacted for a long period of time.

Lin Dong was quiet for a moment. Finally, he sighed softly, “I am only acquainted with Ying Huanhuan and not the Ice Master.”

When he mentioned this point, his mind suddenly flashbacked to the day when he was about to die. As he reminisced over that beautiful figure who had penetrated through space and entered deep within his mind, his heart ached slightly when he thought of her blue long hair.

Yan laughed and said, “He is acquainted with the Ice Master after her Reincarnation.”

The Devouring Master was startled. He looked at Yan’s and Lin Dong’s expression before he managed to uncover some clues. After which, he fondled his chin and spoke solemnly, “It is indeed difficult to handle junior martial sister. In the past, I was powerful and handsome, but she did not even take a glance at me.”

“Lin Dong, I have high expectations for you. Good luck. Conquer that ice fortress.”

Lin Dong was speechless as he looked at the Devouring Master, who seemed to have suddenly changed into a different person. He involuntarily smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Beside him, Kun Ling glanced at Lin Dong, who seemed to be in a bad mood. Then, her red lips curled slightly. However, she did not say anything. All she did, was to turn her pretty head to one side.

“Little girl…” The Devouring Master suddenly turned towards Kun Ling before he smiled. Meanwhile, the expression in his eyes became much gentler, “You are someone from the Kunpeng tribe, am I right?”

“Kun Ling from the Kunpeng tribe greets elder.” Kun Ling hurriedly replied in a respectful manner after hearing this.

“How is Kun Qing Er related to you?” The Devouring Master asked. Some warmth rose on his handsome face when he mentioned this name.

“She is my ancestor.”

The Devouring Master nodded. He sighed and said, “In that case, you should know who I am, am I right?”

“You… you are the husband of my ancestor.” Kun Ling’s face reddened as she respectfully replied.

Standing beside her, Lin Dong was startled. Kun Ling actually had such a relationship with the Devouring Master. It’s no wonder the Devouring Master said that he could forget about obtaining his inheritance if he had abandoned Kun Ling and left her behind.

However, since the Devouring Master was married to that Kun Qing Er, why was it that he had such a murky relationship with that bewitching Nine-tail fox? It seems like this fellow was quite a player.

“This girl can be considered as the direct descendant of the Devouring Master. Otherwise, it is impossible for her to possess Devouring Power.” Beside him, Yan softly said.

“His descendants can actually enjoy such blessings?” Lin Dong was a little startled. Since the Devouring Master possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it was justifiable for him to possess Devouring Power. However, how was it possible for his descendants to enjoy it as well?

“Once your cultivation reach the level of the Devouring Master and you achieve a perfect merger with the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, you will naturally possess such abilities as well. However, this is also an extremely rare occurrence. In fact, over the last tens of thousands of years, only a handful of his descendants possessed Devouring Power.” Yan explained.

Lin Dong sighed in relief after hearing this. So, there was only a small possibility. Things were still alright in that case. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be as though everyone in the Kunpeng tribe was in possession of a Devouring Ancestral Symbol?

“Little fellow, don’t tell me that you believe that I said those words previously merely because Kun Ling is my descendant?” The Devouring Master turned his attention and asked, while Lin Dong was softly speaking to Yan.

Lin Dong coughed dryly. He hurriedly laughed, “What is elder saying? How can I abandon lady Kun Ling in a place like this?”

“Is that so?”

Kun Ling rolled her eyes. Previously, this fellow even wanted to make an attempt on Jiu Feng’s life. Hence, he was clearly no kind hearted individual.

“Hey, I helped you out previously. Can you please not add insult to injury?” Lin Dong glared at Kun Ling and said.

Kun Ling took a step back when she saw Lin Dong’s expression. However, she quickly recovered before she violently stomped her foot. This darned Devouring Power. Why does it cause me to lose my temper everytime I see him.

“Cough. Lin Dong, you should not bully Ling'er. Although my descendants are able to gain some Devouring Power because of me, it is also precisely because of this that they will be suppressed when standing in front of the owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.” The Devouring Master coughed softly and said.

Lin Dong was stunned. He quickly turned to look at Kun Ling, who had grown angry because of embarrassment. Only then, did he come to a sudden comprehension. It’s no wonder this ice queen, who had only looked at him in an icy and indifferent manner on the outside, was suppressed by him upon entering this place.

However, in that case, it was truly difficult to tell if it was a blessing or a curse for them to be in possession of Devouring Power.

“It is true that Ling'er is my descendant, but that is only part of the reason.”

The Devouring Master smiled faintly and said, “Most of my inheritance is regarding my understanding of Reincarnation. Given your strength, if you accept it on your own, you will likely be stuck in Reincarnation and fail to break free. Therefore, you will need someone to protect you while receiving my inheritance.”

“Protect?’ Lin Dong was startled as he looked at Kun Ling.

“Ling'er is my descendant and she possess my bloodline. Therefore, she can remain conscious during the inheritance.”

A playful tinge surfaced on the corner of the Devouring Master’s mouth. He looked at the stunned Lin Dong and said, “Ling'er’s protection is extremely critical if you wish to obtain my inheritance. Now, do you finally understand?”

Lin Dong laughed dryly. After which, he glanced at Kun Ling, only to see her rolling her eyes. Immediately, he began to fret. Since this lady was upset at him, would she be willing to protect him?