Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1173: Devouring Master

Chapter 1173: Devouring Master


Chapter 1173: Devouring Master

Lin Dong’s voice spread in the darkness. Although he was unable to see clearly, he could feel the delicate body in front of him tremble slightly.

“Will you tell me why there is Devouring Power in your body?” Lin Dong smiled towards the darkness and asked.

Kun Ling was silent. Evidently, she did not wish to reply Lin Dong’s question.

“Although you possess Devouring Power, it does not appear to be as pure as the Devouring Power in my body.” Lin Dong muttered to himself. After coming into contact with Kun Ling’s Devouring Power earlier, Lin Dong discovered that although the latter’s Devouring Power possessed the ability to devour, its purity was inferior to his own.


Kun Ling’s cold voice clearly sounded within the darkness. Her voice was filled with an unwillingness to admit defeat.

“Heh, we’ll treat it as nonsense if you say so.”

Lin Dong smiled and said. He could not be bothered to argue with her over this. Since Kun Ling was unwilling to disclose the source of her Devouring Power, Lin Dong also choose not to pursue the matter. He lifted his foot and directly headed towards the depths of the darkness.

Kun Ling gently bit her red lips as she listened to Lin Dong’s gradually distant footsteps. She hesitated for a moment, before gritting her teeth and quickly followed.

The darkness here appeared to be never-ending. Moreover, Lin Dong could feel the energy within his body disappear a little at a time as he walked. Although he could somewhat delay this by activating the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, the resistance it provided diminished as he headed deeper into the darkness.

Lin Dong was unaware of how long he had walked within the darkness. He could hear somewhat hurried pants from behind him. It belonged to Kun Ling. The strength within her body seemed to have been completely devoured. However, this lady was extremely stubborn. She clenched her teeth and continued to follow Lin Dong.


However, such determination clearly did not last for long before a moan sounded. After which, the lady behind powerlessly fell to the ground.

Lin Dong’s footsteps paused when he heard this sound and he glanced indifferently at the darkness behind. Some gleaming thing seemed to have dripped down in the darkness.

Lin Dong stood on where he was. Although the entire place was darkness, he could vaguely feel Kun Ling struggling to climb to her feet. However, this appeared to be futile. Instead, it caused this perfectly fine beauty to turn into such a miserable state.

The rate at which the gleaming thing fell in the darkness became even greater as if sensing her own helplessness.

Lin Dong ultimately curled his lips. After which, he turned around and walked back the way he had come from. He was unaware of why he did this. Being soft-hearted was not something that he normally did. However, he felt that he could not simply abandon her for some unknown reason.

It was possible for him to hear a faint sobbing sound when he approached. The darkness here seemed to have caused the originally cold and elegant Kun Ling to become a little weaker.

“Don’t foolishly come here if you don’t have the ability to do so.” Lin Dong stood in the darkness and said in a helpless manner.

“You walk your path and I will walk mine.” Kun Ling was unyielding and her voice suddenly became icy. Nevertheless, this voice contained a slight tremble.

“Give your hand to me.” Lin Dong said.

The figure within the darkness seemed to stiffen. Her stubborn voice soon sounded. “I can walk on my own.”


Lin Dong frowned and said in a low voice. Kun Ling’s delicate figure involuntarily trembled upon hearing his words. For some unknown reason, she was unable to put up any resistance. It was as though the person in front of her had become her master.

Kun Ling was startled when this feeling appeared. She quickly seemed to have realised something, “Is this because of Devouring Power? Why is it like this?”

Kun Ling subconsciously extended her delicate hand while she was feeling startled and gently grasped Lin Dong’s palm. The warmth transmitted from the latter’s hand caused her body to tremble slightly and the furious python like Devouring Power within her body seemed to quietened a little.

A feeling of reliance was emitted from the Devouring Power.

This feeling seeped deep into Kun Ling’s heart, causing her pretty face to reveal an alluring flush within the darkness.

Lin Dong was unaware of these fluctuations within Kun Ling’s heart. He grabbed the soft jade like hand and bent his body slightly. After which, he carried the delicate and soft figure amidst a low exclamation. Next, he turned around and slowly headed towards the depths of the darkness.


Many strong individuals hovered in front of the Devouring Divine Palace. All of them anxiously watched the black palace. However, the stone doors were still tightly shut and there were no signs of any activity.

The Sky Devouring Corpse held a long black blade and stood in front of the stone door without moving. However, no one dared to simply barge in after witnessing the ruthlessness of this thing.

Such a wait continued for half a day. Finally, someone began to feel impatient. After which, a couple of figures exchanged some whispers before turning around to leave. It was likely that they were planning to head somewhere else to see if there were any other treasures.


However, an evil black light curtain suddenly swept out from the void before this group could fly ten thousand feet. They let out a miserable cry upon contact with the black light. In the short span of several breaths, not even their corpse remained…

“What happened?”

This sudden miserable cries immediately broke the silence of this place. Many powerful individuals in front of the Devouring Divine Palace hurriedly turned their bodies. After which, they were shocked to find an evil black Qi billowing over from the horizon.

The entire place instantly turned to dusk while gloomy and cold wild winds whistled continuously.

“What is going on?” Everyone’s expression changed drastically upon witnessing this strange occurrence.

“This ripple…”

First elder Zhu Li hurriedly got up. His expression was slightly alarmed as he gazed upon the black Qi that was sweeping over. Both of his hands suddenly clenched tightly. “It’s the Yimo!”


The pupils of Liu Qing, Little Marten and the others by the side shrunk upon hearing this.

An evil demonic aura spread across the sky. Finally, it enveloped the entire place. Only the area within ten thousand feet of the Devouring Divine Palace was not touched.

The demonic aura churned. One could see a black ghost like figure slowly surface within the clouds. He looked at the many top experts gathered in front of the Devouring Divine Palace and involuntarily smiled. “So everyone is actually here. This saves me quite a lot of effort.”

“Hunph, so it is actually you dirty evil things. You people are like rats hiding in the darkness of this world, yet, you actually dare to show yourselves?” The expression of first elder Kun Yuan suddenly became dark and chilly upon seeing this scene as he spoke in a stern voice.

“Ha ha, us Yimo have been hiding because we have important matters to attend to. How can you ignorant fools possibly understand this? If it was not because of Symbol Ancestor back then, this plane of yours would have already fallen into the hands of us Yimo!” The black shadow loudly laughed towards the sky and replied.

“Let’s not waste our breath with him. Everyone, attack together and kill this devil!”

First elder Zhu Li said in an a deep voice. Everyone present had extraordinary strength and were also extremely experienced. All of them had at least heard a little about these Yimo. These things were the common enemy of all living creatures on this plane.

“Kill me? I’m afraid that you will not be able to do so today.”

The black figure smiled faintly. Soon after, he waved his sleeve. Black clouds churned and four figures slowly appeared. Four incomparably strong auras swept across the area when they


“Yimo king?!”

Paleness surfaced on the faces of first elder Zhu Li and the others when they saw the four figures. All four were Yimo kings. In other words, they were four Reincarnation stage top experts.

Adding in the Yimo who had yet to reveal his strength, this lineup was enough to terrify them.

“Is this where the Devouring Master died? Ha ha, what a pity. An old adversary had actually fallen to such a state. I’m afraid that your inheritance will not be passed down in this world.”

The black figure atop the black clouds looked at the Devouring Divine Palace on the lone peak as a cruel expression flashed on his face.

Sha sha.

Muffled footsteps sounded within the darkness. Lin Dong involuntarily curled the corner of his lips. He did not know how long he had walked within this darkness. He could only feel that the strength within his body seemed to have completely disappeared.

His footsteps were now as heavy as rocks. Perspiration dripped down along his face from his forehead and his breathing had also become a lot heavier.


The soft figure in his embrace seemed to move gently. She could similarly feel that Lin Dong was exhausted as she softly said, “Put me down…”

“Why are you saying so much nonsense?” Lin Dong frowned.


Kun Ling was angered. She enjoyed an extremely high status within the Kunpeng tribe. Adding her beauty into the mix, no one dared to speak to her in such a matter before. However, she was currently unable to feel much fury. This caused her to involuntarily feel bitter in her heart. This ridiculous Devouring Power was really going to be the death of her.

Lin Dong walked for some distance while carrying her. Finally, the energy within him completely disappeared. His body became feeble and violently collapsed onto the ground. However, the moment his body was about land, he suddenly twisted his body and his back slammed onto the ground. The low thud caused his brows to tightly furrow.

Kun Ling also felt her body jerk. However, she did not feel any pain from landing on the ground. She was momentarily startled before she quickly understood the situation and promptly pulled Lin Dong’s clothes as she asked in a low voice, “Are you alright?”

“It’s fine, this won’t kill me.”

Lin Dong heavily panted. Soon after, he helplessly lay on the ground and said, “There is no other choice. It appears that we cannot leave. The Devouring Master has made such a strange test for no reason. How baffling.”

“You are really far too naive if you believe that it is so easy to obtain the inheritance of the Devouring Master.” Kun Ling said.

“That’s right. Had I known earlier, I would have simply ignored you and left you behind.” Lin Dong curled his lips and said.

Kun Ling snorted coldly before becoming quiet.

Lin Dong was helpless and could not be bothered with her. He was just about to shut his eyes and recuperate when a faint laughter was suddenly emitted from within the darkness.

“If you had really ignored her and left her behind, I’m afraid that it will be extremely difficult for you to obtain this inheritance…”

This sudden voice stunned Lin Dong. Soon after, he abruptly lifted his head, only to find that light had appeared at the deepest part of the darkness. A figure sat there while the light wrapped around his body. If one was to look carefully, one would discover that there was not even the slightest light present within an inch of this figure. From a distance, he appeared just like the most mysterious black hole within the starry universe.

Devouring everything.

It was… the Devouring Master.