Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1172: Two Devouring Powers

Chapter 1172: Two Devouring Powers


Chapter 1172: Two Devouring Powers

“What is going on…”

Seated within the darkness, Lin Dong’s expression changed rapidly. Devouring Power was something unique to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the symbol was sitting obediently within his body. However, another stream of Devouring Power had suddenly popped out. Hence, what was going on?

Moreover, Lin Dong sensed that the other stream of Devouring Power was behaving intelligently. Clearly, that stream of Devouring Power was not a passive object. Rather, it was being controlled by someone.

“There are only the three of us here. Moreover, there are no ripples at where Jiu Feng is located. Hence, that Devouring Power does not belong to him…”

The expression in Lin Dong’s eyes was changing rapidly. A moment later, he slowly turned towards another part of the darkness and it was where Kun Ling was located. Since that Devouring Power did not belong to Jiu Feng, there was only one answer left.

That Devouring Power originated from Kun Ling!

This thought lingered continuously in Lin Dong’s mind. It was a long while later before he managed to gradually suppress the shock in his heart. Furthermore, he knew that now was not the time to be thinking about this. There was hardly any energy here and if he wanted sufficient energy to protect himself, he would have to hurry.

Lin Dong quickly refocused his mind when he thought of this. Following which, Devouring Power erupted from within his body. At this moment, his body seemed to have turned into a black hole as overbearing power spread from him and sucked the surrounding energy in a domineering fashion.


While Lin Dong was forcefully sucking the surrounding energy, a faint exclamation was suddenly emitted at a short distance away. That delicate voice was also filled with shock. Clearly, she had also discovered that competing stream of Devouring Power.

A long silence followed the exclamation and no one knew what she was thinking. However, soon after, she increasing her rate of absorption. Clearly, she wanted to compete with Lin Dong for the energy here and she had no intentions of giving in.


Lin Dong curled his lips after he detected her actions. Although the both of them had cooperated for a moment previously, it was obvious that they had once again became competitors. Due to the unique environment, Jiu Feng, who posed a great threat previously, had ended up becoming inconsequential. Instead, the two of them were now each other’s greatest competitor.

“I do not know why you possess Devouring Power, but how dare you try to compete with me in terms of devourment when I possess the genuine Devouring Ancestral Symbol!”

Lin Dong quietly said in his heart. Soon after, a thought passed through his mind. Then, a circular black hole directly appeared behind him. That black hole rotated before the surrounding energy swarmed over. Moreover, his Devouring Power was so powerful that even Kun Ling could not stop him.

Buzz buzz.

The natural energy rapidly surged towards Lin Dong and entered his body. Then, those energy turned into Yuan Power, which circulated within his body.


Seated within the darkness, Kun Ling was trying her best to manipulate her Devouring Power in an attempt to stop Lin Dong from snatching all the energy. Although her hinderance did pay off, most of the energy here were still rushing towards Lin Dong. This caused her to involuntarily clench her teeth.

It was completely silent within the darkness. However, the both of them were using everything they had to compete for the energy.

This matter was also fairly comical. Typically, neither of them would bother about this amount of energy. However, as of now, it was just like water in a desert, a critical resource that one needed. Hence, the both of them were now competing intensely with each other over this little amount of energy.

Nonetheless, since there was a limited amount of energy within the darkness, the energy rapidly disappeared as the both of them fought over it. However, most of them were snatched by Lin Dong and used to replenish the energy which had disappeared from his body.


A lady’s bright eyes suddenly widened in the darkness as the energy diminished. Then, she stared angrily at the direction where Lin Dong was located. A thought passed through her mind before silver-white Mental Energy gathered. Following which, they transformed into countless silver flower petals, before they shot towards Lin Dong from all directions.

From the looks of it, she became furious from embarrassment because she lost out to Lin Dong in the competition for the surrounding energy.

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this. However, he did not move. Instead, lightning flashed in front of him before his majestic Mental Energy formed a lightning barrier. After which, those silver-white flower petals were all annihilated when they collided with it.

“That random attack has likely depleted much of your energy, which you only managed to obtain after much difficulties.” Lin Dong smiled as he said.

“How do you know…”

Kun Ling stared at Lin Dong’s direction and involuntarily asked. However, she quickly stopped and gently bit her red lips when she recalled that Jiu Feng was also around. After all, it was extremely easy for her to expose her own secrets if she asked such questions.

“All the energy here has been snatched up. Next, it will be determined by who can endure for a longer time.” Lin Dong smilingly said.

Kun Ling snorted softly. “Completely snatched up? I don’t think so.”

“Huh?” Lin Dong was startled. He was just about to speak up when he detected another stream of Devouring Power whistling forward. Moreover, it was actually targeting Jiu Feng, who was at a short distance away. It turns out Kun Ling was actually targeting Jiu Feng.

“Heh, what a smart little lass.”

Lin Dong quietly rejoiced. Kun Ling was a quick thinker. Since the surrounding energy had been completely snatched up, she decided to directly grab the energy from within Jiu Feng’s body. After all, the latter was unable to activate the strength within his body since he did not possess Devouring Power. In other words, he was a helpless person who was at their mercy.

Kun Ling’s Devouring Power rapidly entwined around Jiu Feng. After which, the latter’s expression changed drastically. It was most likely because he realized that the energy within his body was diminishing rapidly.

“What an unlucky old dog.”

Lin Dong parted his lips into a smile before he said. “In that case, let me join in as well.”

Lin Dong waved his hand after his voice sounded. Devouring Power surged forth and transformed into a black hole above Jiu Feng’s head. That black hole rotated and it was possible to see vast and mighty Yuan Power continuously surging out from within Jiu Feng’s body and entering the black hole.

This scene was also captured in Kun Ling’s eyes. However, a tinge of shock flashed across her eyes when she realized that her Devouring Power seemed to be involuntarily attracted to Lin Dong’s Devouring Power when they met.

“You two brats are courting death!”

Jiu Feng cried out furiously while Kun Ling’s pretty eyes glimmered. Meanwhile, his face had turned green due to anger. Given his status, even Kun Yuan and first elder Zhu Li did not dare to act disrespectfully towards him. However, these two young fellows had directly attacked him. Moreover, they were using an extremely humiliating method by forcefully snatching the Yuan Power within his body!

“Humph.” Kun Ling snorted softly. Clearly, she did not fear Jiu Feng at all.

Lin Dong laughed strangely upon hearing this. However, he did not show any mercy in his attack. Instead, his devouring speed increased.

Jiu Feng was extremely furious. However, he was unable to retaliate in this peculiar environment. Hence, all he could do was to sit idly while the Yuan Power in his body disappeared. Meanwhile, a pale color rose on his face.

“I will not let the both of you off!”

As he was completely helpless, Jiu Feng could only let out an angry roar. His roar spread within the darkness before it disappeared.

The Lin Dong duo completely ignored him. They shut their eyes and focused their attention on devouring the Yuan Power within Jiu Feng’s body in order to replenish the energy, that was rapidly disappearing from their bodies.

Amidst the darkness, one could only hear Jiu Feng’s angry roars sounding repeatedly. However, this roar became increasingly weak with the passage of time, before it completely disappeared.

Lin Dong slowly opened his tightly shut eyes after Jiu Feng’s roars stopped. Then, he turned to look at Jiu Feng. Right now, the latter’s body seemed to have shrunk. His expression was pale and his aura was extremely feeble.

This time around, Jiu Feng was terribly tortured by the two of them.

The Devouring Power lingering around Jiu Feng’s body also disappeared stealthily. When Lin Dong felt the brimming energy within his body, he smiled with great satisfaction. After which, he slowly stood up. Then, with an unfriendly expression, he slowly walked towards Jiu Feng.

“Little fellow, what are you planning to do?!”

Jiu Feng let out a stern cry when he saw Lin Dong walking over.

“What am I planning to do? Of course, I am going to kill you.” Lin Dong smilingly said while murderous intent gathered in his eyes. Jiu Feng was not a forgiving individual and he would definitely hold a grudge over what Lin Dong did to him today. Hence, if he did not get rid of this problem here, Lin Dong would be in deep trouble once Jiu Feng left the shattered space and regained his Reincarnation stage strength.

Moreover, Lin Dong was someone who did not like to leave potential threats behind.

Jiu Feng clenched his hands upon hearing this. Both his eyes were icy cold as he stared at Lin Dong, who was walking towards him.

Lin Dong frowned when he saw Jiu Feng acting in this manner. He clenched his hand before his Lightning Emperor Scepter appeared. However, a delicate figure blocked him just as he was about to attack.

“What are you doing?” Lin Dong looked at the silver-haired beauty with a graceful figure, who was standing in front of him. Then, he frowned slightly and asked in a faint voice.

“Are you really stupid or are you just pretending to be? Do you really think that it is so easy to kill someone who has stepped into the Reincarnation stage?” Kun Ling glanced at Lin Dong before she said indifferently.

“What should we do then?”

Lin Dong lifted his brows. Were they not going to beat Jiu Feng while he was down?

“You can attack if you want. Let’s see if you can survive his all-out retaliation.” Kun Ling turned around and left. Her silver long hair drifted across Lin Dong before a fragrant scent entered his nostrils.

Lin Dong knitted his brow, before he relaxed the grip over his Lightning Emperor Scepter. However, seated in front of him, Jiu Feng shut his eyes while a vein was pulsing on his pale face.

“That lass is right. It is not so easy to kill a Reincarnation stage expert. If you really push him to the brink, his retaliation just before death would most likely kill you.” Yan’s voice sounded.

“That old dog got lucky.”

Lin Dong could only curl his lips upon hearing Yan’s words. Then, he let out a cold snort in his heart. After which, he turned around and headed towards the deepest part of the darkness. Currently, Jiu Feng had already lost all of his strength and no longer had the ability to compete with them for the Devouring Master’s Inheritance.

Lin Dong quickened his pace. However, after taking a couple of steps, his body collided onto a soft body. This caused him to be momentarily stunned. However, even before he could speak, he felt that delicate figure which he was leaning on, quickly moving away.

“What are you doing?!” Kun Ling’s furious voice spread in the darkness.

Lin Dong rubbed his nose in embarrassment. He secretly thought to himself, what can I possibly do if I can’t see anything in here?

Kun Ling gradually suppressed her anger after she realized that Lin Dong did not reply. She hesitated for a moment before suddenly asking, “Can I ask you something?”

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders while his eyes stared sharply at the darkness in front. After which, his voice slowly sounded.

“Are you going to ask why I possess Devouring Power? What a coincidence. I also wish to ask you the same question.”