Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1171: Within The Darkness

Chapter 1171: Within The Darkness


Chapter 1171: Within The Darkness


The thick stone door was slowly pushed open and it was accompanied by the sound of grinding stones. An ancient and musky smell, which was accumulated after being locked away for a long time, came pouncing forth. In that instant, one felt as though one had returned to the ancient times.

Behind the stone door was complete darkness and there was no light. That darkness caused one’s heart to shudder.

Behind them, many powerful individuals were staring at those stone doors with burning desire in their eyes. However, that burning desire involuntarily disappeared after their eyes drifted towards the black figure standing in front of the palace, with a black blade in his hand. After which, disappointment and unhappiness replaced it.

They were only a couple of thousand feet away from the Devouring Divine Palace and given their speed, they could easily cover this distance in the blink of an eye. However, this short distance felt like an endlessly long gully.

Even someone as powerful as Kun Yuan had to sacrifice one of his arms in order to stop the Sky Devouring Corpse for a moment. Although someone at his level could regrow their limbs, this was still quite a severe injury.

“Big brother, we will be waiting for you outside.” Little Flame cried out loud.

Lin Dong nodded towards them. Then, he took a glance at Jiu Feng and the silver-haired lady called Kun Ling. Without further hesitation, he took the lead and walked through the door.

Jiu Feng and Kun Ling hesitated upon seeing this. After which, they opened their strides and entered as well. At this juncture, they had to give it a go regardless of how dangerous it might be.


The thick and heavy stone doors suddenly slammed shut after the three of them entered the palace. Dust slowly rose and those on the outside were no longer able to see what was going on.

“Looks like we can only wait and see…” When Little Marten saw the tightly shut stone doors, he helplessly shook his head. It was indeed a difficult feat to enter the Devouring Divine Palace.

“Haha, since young brother Lin Dong possesses the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he should stand a good chance of obtaining the inheritance of the Devouring Master.” First elder Zhu Li used a voice, which only the few of them could hear, before he said.

“That lucky brat.”

Liu Qing curled his lips before he directly sat down. His demeanor was a casual and suave one. Since he had no affinity with the Devouring Master’s inheritance, he decided to forget about it.

The crowd beside him also smiled before they sat down.

Many people standing in the sky helplessly shook their heads. However, they did not leave. Instead, they waited here with unwillingness in their hearts, as they wanted to see if there was still an opportunity.

The atmosphere on the lonely mountain peak became a quiet one. Meanwhile, there seemed to be black Qi gradually seeping over from the distant horizon. A gentle breeze blew over before the black Qi disappeared mysteriously.


First elder Zhu Li suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes. He frowned as he looked afar. Meanwhile, there was some doubt in his eyes. After which, he shook his head before he once again shut his eyes.


After stepping past the stone doors, the darkness was just like floodwaters as they drowned their sight. However, Lin Dong could still hear two faint breaths behind him. Clearly, Jiu Feng and Kun Ling were following closely behind.

“Why is there nothing?”

Lin Dong once again took a few steps carefully. As per usual, this place was completely dark and no light appeared. This caused him to involuntarily furrow his brows.

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Mental Energy scattered after a thought passed through his mind. Then, he attempted to use this to probe his surroundings.

However, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had only just begun to spread when his expression suddenly changed. That was because he realized that they were actually disappearing a little at a time. In fact, it felt as though they were being devoured by something hidden within the darkness.

“Huh?” A low exclamation suddenly sounded from behind. It was Kun Ling’s voice. Meanwhile, her voice was also filled with surprise.

“Has she realized it as well?”

Lin Dong quietly said in his heart. Just like him, it seems like Kun Ling had also attempted to probe with her Mental Energy, only to discover that her Mental Energy was devoured in a peculiar fashion.

“Both of you young fellows should back away. Let me take control of this place.” Jiu Feng’s icy voice suddenly sounded, while this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind.

Lin Dong frowned but he ignored Jiu Feng. However, Kun Ling pressed her brows together upon hearing this. Her voice was cold as she said, “Elder Jiu Feng, you are a top Reincarnation stage expert. I think that this inheritance should be of little use to you, am I right? Why don’t you turn around and return to the path that belongs to you?”

Kun Ling’s voice was cold. However, the ridicule in her tone was startling obvious. This caused Lin Dong to smile and he felt quite joyous.

“Little lass, it is not your place to lecture me!”

Jiu Feng’s icy cold furious voice sounded. Promptly, he waved his sleeve before a bright light suddenly erupted. Then, it ruthlessly swept towards the right corner of the darkness.


Hidden within the darkness, Kun Ling cried out furiously after she saw that Jiu Feng had actually disregarded his status and attacked her. Her delicate body flew backwards before majestic Mental Energy swept forth and transformed into a silver lotus.


A bright pillar ruthlessly smashed against the silver-white flower. Subsequently, a frightening assault wave was emitted. After which, Jiu Feng remained still while Kun Ling released a faint groan.

Jiu Feng was ultimately a top-tier Reincarnation stage expert. If it was not because he was in this shattered space, Kun Ling would never be able to hold a candle to him. Nonetheless, even though his strength was suppressed, Jiu Feng was still extremely powerful. Hence, Kun Ling was naturally no match for him in a head on confrontation.

“That old fellow really has no regards for his reputation.”

Lin Dong involuntarily cursed secretly after he realized what was going on. Jiu Feng was much more senior than Kun Ling. Yet, he still attacked her. That was indeed shameful of him.

“Little fellow, you too. Stop right now!”

While Lin Dong secretly cursed in his heart, Jiu Feng’s cold cry was transmitted from behind. Following which, a sharp and majestic Yuan Power followed his cry.

“Old fellow, despite your age, you are more like a dog.”

Lin Dong’s expression completely turned icy cold after he saw that this old fellow actually dared to attack him. He moved and pulled back, before he dodged the attack. Then, a cold merciless laughter was emitted from his lips.


A soft chuckle from a lady seemed to sound in the darkness a short distance away. Her delicate laughter contained some joy.

“Brat, you are courting death!”

Jiu Feng’s face became dark and gloomy. He stared venomously at Lin Dong before he said, “Do not think that there is nothing I can do to you just because the Dragon tribe and Celestial Demon Marten tribe are backing you!”

“Why don’t you come and give it a try?!” Lin Dong chuckled. As long as this old fellow could not use the strength that exclusively belongs to a Reincarnation stage expert, Lin Dong had no reason to fear him.


A cold glint was flowing within Jiu Feng’s eyes. He let out a cold snort before his body shot forward in a ghost like fashion. His hands were just like the claws of an eagle. Sharp brilliant light gathered and there seemed to be a vague Reincarnation ripple within. It seems like grand elder Jiu Feng was actually planning to kill him.

“Bloody old dog!”

Lin Dong gritted his teeth. A thought passed through his mind before silver-white Mental Energy came whistling forward like floodwaters. Meanwhile, lightning crackled within the Mental Energy. Then, they transformed into a thunderbolt, before it roared and ruthlessly smashed towards Jiu Feng.


However, that elder Jiu Feng did not retreat. Instead, he extended his hand before he directly crushed that lightning dragon.


After the lightning dragon exploded, lightning crackled before a scepter containing a lightning arc shot forward. Then, it ruthlessly targeted Jiu Feng’s throat in a tricky angle.


Jiu Feng chuckled. He flicked his finger and directly jabbed the tip of the Lightning Emperor Scepter. Immediately, dazzling light surged and stopped Lin Dong’s attack from advancing.

“Little fellow, you are quite capable. Your Yuan Power might be hardly noteworthy, but your Mental Energy is truly impressive. However, I’m afraid that you are still unable to stop me!” Jiu Feng said.

Swoosh swoosh!

However, right after Jiu Feng spoke, he detected sharp winds sweeping over from his back. He let out a cold snort before he flung his sleeve. Then, he turned around and clenched his fist, before dazzling bright light transformed into a shield.

Bang bang!

Many silver-white lotus petals ruthlessly collided onto the bright light shield. However, they failed to break it. Nevertheless, this caused Jiu Feng to be distracted and Lin Dong took this opportunity to retreat. At the same time, he glanced at the darkness a short distance away. The one who had attacked previously was obviously the silver-haired lady called Kun Ling. It seems like she was quite intelligent. Currently, only the three of them were here. Hence, if Lin Dong was killed by Jiu Feng, it was likely that she would not be able to escape. After all, in a one-on-one fight, neither of them were Jiu Feng’s match. As such, she did not wish for Lin Dong to be killed by the latter.

“You two younglings, do you really think that the both of you can match up to me if you cooperate?” Jiu Feng narrowed his eyes. Even in the darkness, it was still possible to imagine how dark and gloomy his face must be.

However, Jiu Feng’s expression suddenly changed just as his gloomy self was about to attack. After which, he no longer dared to move.

His strange action also caused Lin Dong to be momentarily stunned. He was just about to speak when Yan’s grave voice suddenly sounded in his heart, “Be careful, the Yuan Power and Mental Energy in your body has vanished!”


Lin Dong was greatly startled when he heard these words. Then, a thought passed through his mind before he realized that the Yuan Power in his body as well as the Mental Energy in his Niwan Palace have disappeared out of the blue.

“What’s going on?”

Anxiety flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. If he lost his Mental Energy and Yuan Power in a situation like this, it was likely that Jiu Feng would be able to slaughter him with a single strike.

“There is no need to worry. It is the same for all of them. Once you enter this place, your strength will be gradually devoured.” Yan said.

“What should I do? Once my strength is completely devoured…Then ” Lin Dong asked in a deep voice.

Yan descended into silence. Previously, he had tried to stop Lin Dong’s Yuan Power and Mental Energy from vanishing. However, it was to no avail.

Lin Dong frowned tightly while various thoughts flashed across his mind. A moment later, he clenched his teeth and sat down, “This darned palace is devouring all my strength. Hence, I must devour all of them back!”

A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind after he sat down. Then, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his body began to vibrate rapidly. In fact, if one was to look at Lin Dong now, one would realize that there were many black tattoos spreading across his skin. Meanwhile, Devouring Power spread from him.


As Lin Dong circulated his Devouring Power, he was surprised when he realized that the energy scattered within the darkness, was actually slowly flowing back into his body.

Although the speed at which the energy surged into his body was much slower compared to the outside world, it still brought joy to Lin Dong. At the very least, he now had the strength to protect himself.

“That old dog doesn’t possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Hence, he cannot regain his strength in a place like this and his strength shall gradually disappear. Just wait and see how I will deal with him once the Yuan Power in his body vanishes!”

Lin Dong glanced at a certain spot in the darkness before he gritted his teeth. Meanwhile, a fierce glint flashed across his eyes.

“Huh? Something’s amiss!”

Lin Dong’s expression suddenly changed as this thought flashed across his mind. That was because he realized that there was another stream of Devouring Power appearing amidst this darkness. Meanwhile, that power was fighting with him for what little energy was present here.

“How is this possible?!”

This discovery caused Lin Dong’s mind to tremble violently. Other than him, there was actually someone else in this world who possessed Devouring Power?!