Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1170: Jiu Feng

Chapter 1170: Jiu Feng


Chapter 1170: Jiu Feng

This unexpected turn of events had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even Lin Dong, first elder Zhu Li and the others had a drastic change in expression. That figure was far too quick. All they could see was a faint scar flash across the sky.


A black scar swept past in the air and appeared in front of the Sky Devouring Corpse. However, he was just about to dodge when the black light on the Sky Devouring Corpse suddenly flashed as the black blade in the latter’s hand slashed forward. Overbearing Devouring Power swept out from the blade.


The black blade glow slashed with lightning speed. The black scar trembled as the sound clothes being torn apart was heard. With the help of the Sky Devouring Corpse, the figure that had suddenly appeared was finally exposed.

This figure was a tall man who appeared quite young. His hair had a gorgeous luster to it. Those eyes of his were also brilliantly colorful, an appearance that was relatively pretty. However, his face was as cold as ice and seemed to be void of emotion.

At this moment, dense multi color light surged as this man extended his palm, blocking the black blade glow which was about to cut his throat. However, his hand trembled slightly as he blocked this attack.

“Grand elder?”

Those from the Nine Phoenix tribe behind were stunned when they saw this man and involuntarily cried out.

Lin Dong’s eyes hardened. This mysterious man before him was actually the grand elder of the Nine Phoenix tribe. Could it be that this fellow had been hiding amongst the members of the Nine Phoenix tribe?

“Grand elder Jiu Feng of the Nine Phoenix tribe?”

Nearby, Liu Qing, first elder Zhu Li and the others looked at this man with startled expressions. The emotion in their eyes changed rapidly. “To have even dispatched its grand elder. It is unexpected that the Nine Phoenix tribe is so generous.”

“How strange. Is it not the case that a Reincarnation stage expert cannot enter this realm?” Kun Yuan remarked in a low voice.

“Reincarnation stage?” Lin Dong’s heart shook slightly upon hearing these words. The person in front of him was actually a Reincarnation stage top expert?

“Ha ha, a Reincarnation stage expert is indeed unable to come into this place. However, all one needs to do is to suppress one’s strength to the Samsara stage to enter.” Grand elder Jiu Feng smiled faintly and replied after hearing Kun Yuan’s words.

“Suppress to the Samsara stage?”

First elder Zhu Li frowned and said, “One can suppress one’s strength, but the unique Reincarnation ripple of a Reincarnation stage expert cannot be hidden…”

“Coincidentally, my tribe possess a unique treasure that can perfectly hide my aura.” Jiu Feng said.

“Your Nine Phoenix tribe is really thick-skinned. The Reincarnation stage experts of our tribe have all obeyed the rules and did not intervene. Yet, a shameless person like yourself has actually exploited such a loophole. Don’t tell me that you are also aiming for the inheritance of the Devouring Master?” Liu Qing curled his lips and coldly mocked.

“It is not my business that the experts within your tribe are all so inflexible.” Jiu Feng laughed faintly and said. “Moreover, your tribes do not possess a treasure to hide their Reincarnation ripple. Otherwise, I’m sure that they will also interfere.”

Liu Qing snorted coldly. He clearly felt a great disdain towards the Nine Phoenix tribe’s methods.

“Grand elder Jiu Feng, since you have suppressed your strength, you are at the very most on par with us. Hehe, it is no easy task to get pass this thing before our eyes.” First elder Zhu Li laughed.

“That may not be true.”

Jiu Feng narrowed his eyes. In the next moment, a brilliant light erupted from within his body. One could only watch as Jiu Feng’s body grew more incorporeal as the light surged. In the end, the light gathered together and formed three avatars beside him.

These three avatars were completely the same as the original body. Even their auras and bodies were exactly the same. This scene caused many to be stunned.

“Nine Phoenix Splitting Skill?” The eyes of Liu Qing’s group immediately shrunk when they saw this strange scene.

After unleashing this technique, Jiu Feng waved his sleeve and the four figures mixed together. It was difficult to identify the real one. Light flashed and the four of them directly rushed towards the Devouring Divine Palace.

Black light flashed within the eyes of the Sky Devouring Corpse as the four rays of light charged forth. With a flip of his hand, a blade penetrated the void. Black lights flashed past and a ray of light was directly severed into two.

The Sky Devouring Corpse moved like a ghost after finishing off one avatar with a slash. His body drifted backwards as many sharp blade glows appeared from the black blade in his hand. As the blade glows sliced past, space itself was cut.


Another avatar was slashed into two. It had only been a short distance of ten steps and yet half of Jiu Feng’s bodies had already been lost. The strength of this Sky Devouring Corpse had far exceeded their expectations.


Another black blade glow whistled past and the third ray of light disintegrated. At this moment, Jiu Feng’s true body was revealed. He was still a dozen steps away from the stone stairs.


A glint flashed within Jiu Feng’s eyes as he felt the ruthlessness of the Sky Devouring Corpse. He let out a cold snort but did not show any signs of dodging. A dozen steps was something that could be covered in an instant.

With one stride, the stone stairs was now within reach.

A sharp black glow seemed to penetrate the void just as Jiu Feng was about to take his final step. Next, a blade mercilessly pierced through Jiu Feng’s back.


Luo Tong and the others were greatly horrified upon seeing this. Could it be that even grand elder was not able to beat this damned thing?

First elder Mu Di’s hand was also trembling. However, relief surfaced within his eyes.

The black blade glow had penetrated through Jiu Feng’s back. However, there was strangely no blood spluttering out from it. Instead, a magnificent brilliant surged. After which, everyone watched as a ray of light shot out from within Jiu Feng’s body. The light gathered and turned into a figure with Jiu Feng’s appearance. Finally, he took a step forward and steadily landed on the stone stairs.


A huge uproar rose from the surroundings. The faces of many people were filled with amazement. Jiu Feng was indeed worthy of being the grand elder of the Nine Phoenix tribe. Even though his strength was suppressed at the level of only having touched the Reincarnation stage, his techniques were still unfathomable.

“Grand elder Jiu Feng’s Nine Phoenix Splitting Skill has actually reached such a level. How impressive.” First elder Zhu Li’s eyes hardened as he said with a faint smile.

Jiu Feng, who had stepped on the stone stairs, smiled faintly. His expression was completely void of any emotion. However, Lin Dong could clearly see bright red blood dripping down from the hand hidden under the former’s sleeve. It was obvious that he had been injured during that short exchange with the Sky Devouring Corpse earlier.

“This Sky Devouring Corpse seems to be a little too strong…”

Lin Dong waved his sleeve and kept the Sky Devouring Corpse he had thrown out earlier as he felt some indignation in his heart. Compared to this black blade wielding Sky Devouring Corpse, the one in his hands was basically broken goods.

“This Sky Devouring Corpse is a little extraordinary.” Yan’s voice suddenly sounded in Lin Dong’s heart while Lin Dong was feeling some indignation.

“Oh? Why do you say so?” Lin Dong was taken aback.

“Although the few Sky Devouring Corpses that the Devouring Master refined back then could fight against a Reincarnation stage expert, they were not this powerful…” Yan mused.

“Then what is going on?” Lin Dong asked with uncertainty. He also felt that this Sky Devouring Corpse was a little too ridiculous. Even someone as strong as grand elder Jiu Feng had barely managed to pass it by relying on a unique techniques. Moreover, he had ended up suffering some injuries.

“I am temporarily uncertain.” Yan shook his head. He did not have an answer at the moment.

“Are you that Lin Dong?” An indifferent voice was suddenly transmitted from beside Lin Dong while various thoughts flashed in his mind. Jiu Feng was coldly staring at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong slowly backed away after sensing the unfriendliness in Jiu Feng’s tone as he laughed and replied, “So grand elder Jiu Feng has actually heard of a little fellow like myself.”

Jiu Feng suddenly took a step forward while staring at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s expression suddenly became icy upon seeing this and vast and mighty Mental Energy swept out. His eyes were as cold as the edge of a blade as he stared at Jiu Feng. Although the latter was a Reincarnation stage expert, his strength was suppressed to the Samsara stage due to this damaged space. Lin Dong was unafraid of Jiu Feng if they were to fight.

“Grand elder Jiu Feng, you have reached the stone stairs after much difficulty. If you end up moving away from this stone stairs in a fight, I’m afraid that it will not be so easy to return.” Lin Dong clenched his hand and the Lightning Emperor Scepter appeared. Lightning flashed as Lin Dong spoke in a cold voice.

“Are you threatening me?” Jiu Feng laughed coldly.

“I am merely stating facts.” Lin Dong replied in an indifferent tone. His eyes stared at Jiu Feng without giving in.

“Ha ha, Grand elder Jiu Feng, Lin Dong is our Dragon tribe’s Punishment Elder. You should not make things difficult for him. Otherwise, I’m afraid that we will need to have a friendly spar.” Liu Qing’s eyes became cold as he looked at the two people standing opposite each other on the stone stairs. His lips parted into a grin as he spoke.

Jiu Feng might be a Reincarnation stage expert, but it was obvious that the current Liu Qing did not fear him.

“That’s right. I hope that grand elder Jiu Feng can compete fairly.” First elder Zhu Li also smilingly said. His tone clearly indicated that he was on Lin Dong’s side.

A cold glint flashed across Jiu Feng’s eyes. He stared at Lin Dong and faintly smiled. “Since the Dragon tribe and the Celestial Demon Marten tribe has spoken for him, I will let him off for now.”

Lin Dong’s lips slightly curled. This Nine Phoenix tribe was indeed not a bunch of nice birds.

The Sky Devouring Corpse once again stood quietly in front of the Devouring Divine Palace while Lin Dong and Jiu Feng faced off against each other. Kun Yuan’s eyes flashed upon seeing this and he suddenly rushed forward. Both of his hands were clenched. The space between his hands became viscous as a Reincarnation ripple spread from it.

It did not matter who the charging person was. The Sky Devouring Corpse mercilessly attacked. Black light flashed and a blade glow swept forth. However, the blade was trapped by the viscous energy when it came into contact with Kun Yuan’s hands.

“Creak creak.”

Piercing sounds were continuously emitted as Kun Yuan’s expression rapidly paled. Evidently, he was using all his power to block this Sky Devouring Corpse.


Kun Yuan suddenly let out a sharp cry.

A pretty silver hair lady rushed out from the many experts of the Kunpeng tribe behind like a beautiful bird. In a flash, she appeared beside Kun Yuan.

“First elder.” She hurriedly said upon seeing Kun Yuan’s pale expression.

“Enter. You have some connection with the Devouring Master. It might be possible for you to obtain his inheritance!” Kun Yuan’s soft voice urged.


Kun Ling still wanted to say something. However, she suddenly saw Kun Yuan become angry. All she could do was grit her teeth, rush forward and ascended the stone stairs.


A muffled sound appeared when she stepped onto the stone stairs. She turned around and saw Kun Yuan’s arm fly as his body shot backwards in a miserable fashion. Her eyes immediately reddened.

Kun Yuan had sacrificed an arm in order to send her in.

“Young friend Lin Dong, it looks like none of us has any affinity with this Devouring Divine Palace. Looks like you will have have to rely on yourself.” First elder Zhu Li involuntarily shook his head upon seeing this. This Sky Devouring Corpse was far too powerful. Even an army of ten thousand would not be a match for it.

Lin Dong gently nodded and looked towards the two people on the stone stairs. After which, he turned around and slowly pushed open the doors of the Devouring Divine Palace.