Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 1169: Overcoming the Challenge

Chapter 1169: Overcoming the Challenge


Chapter 1169: Overcoming the Challenge

“Sky Devouring Corpse?”

Standing beside him, Liu Qing and first elder Zhu Li were startled when they heard Lin Dong’s words. Immediately, there were at a slight loss. Clearly, they did not know what this so called Sky Devouring Corpse was.

When Lin Dong saw this sight, he was not surprised. The Sky Devouring Corpse was something that only the Devouring Master had. Moreover, even with the latter’s abilities, the number of Sky Devouring Corpse that he created did not exceed the number of fingers on one’s hand. Moreover, most of them were destroyed during the ancient world war. In fact, even though Lin Dong currently had one in his possession, it was severely broken. Though his Sky Devouring Corpse was subsequently repaired by the Nine-tail Fox, it was still far from its peak strength.

Based on what Lin Dong was aware of, a perfect Sky Devouring Corpse could match up to a Reincarnation stage expert. Meanwhile, that black figure, which had appeared in front of the Devouring Divine Palace, was likely a Sky Devouring Corpse in perfect condition.

Lin Dong involuntarily became envious when he saw this. Since he also possessed a Sky Devouring Corpse, he naturally knew just how powerful these items were. Moreover, the most terrifying aspect of a Sky Devouring Corpse was not its offence, but rather its defence.

A Sky Devouring Corpse in perfect condition might only be on par with a Reincarnation stage expert in terms of offence. However, by relying on its terrifying defence, even if two Reincarnation stage experts joined forces, they will have difficulties destroying it.

Being in possession of this item was akin to owning the strongest defensive equipment.

“It is an object that is unique to the Devouring Master. I’m afraid that the Sky Devouring Corpse standing in front of us is comparable to a Reincarnation stage expert.” Lin Dong gave a rough explanation before softly commenting.

“Reincarnation stage?!”

The expressions of Liu Qing’s group changed when these words sounded. This was truly an extremely thorny situation to deal with. Although they were powerful individuals who had touched Reincarnation, they had yet to truly comprehend it. Hence, there was still a massive gap between them and a Reincarnation stage expert.

Additionally, this shattered space was extremely strange and it was exceedingly difficult for a Reincarnation stage expert to enter. Therefore, since that Sky Devouring Corpse possessed strength similar to a Reincarnation stage expert, this was a truly troubling matter.

“What should we do now?” Little Flame asked. The Devouring Divine Palace was right in front of them. Clearly, if they couldn’t even pass the first test, they should just forget about obtaining the inheritance of the Devouring Master.

“There is no need to rush. Let’s wait and see.” Lin Dong smiled. The Sky Devouring Corpse standing in front of them was indeed formidable. However, there were many powerful individuals here. Therefore, there would definitely be an opening once a fight breaks out.

Everyone nodded upon hearing this as they suppressed the anxiety in their hearts.

Standing in the sky, elder Mu Di fled back to his Nine Phoenix tribe members in a miserable fashion. His face was pale while a hideous and bloody wound stretched from his shoulder to his abdomen. Blood continuously gushed forth and it was clear that he was badly wounded.

“First elder, are you alright?” Luo Tong and the other powerful individuals from the Nine Phoenix tribe were all a little startled. After all, they were well aware of Mu Di’s strength. However, he still landed in such a miserable state. What on earth was that mysterious black figure?

First elder Mu Di had a gloomy and pale expression. Gently shaking his head, he glanced at the person at his back. At the moment, the latter seemed to have fallen into deep thought and he did not say anything even after he saw Mu Di’s action.

With Mu Di as an example, the sky immediately become much quieter. Many powerful individuals simply stared at the black statue like figure, who was standing in front of the Devouring Divine Palace. However, no one dared to randomly barge in.

However, this silence evidently would not last for long. After all, there were very few people who could remain calm while being tempted by the inheritance of the Devouring Master. Therefore, after pondering for a while, some powerful individuals clenched their teeth and stepped forth.

However, these powerful individuals had evidently wised up and they did not charge forward recklessly. Instead, they slowly approached the Devouring Divine Palace. After probing a few times, they finally understood that the black figure would only intervene and expel anyone who was within a thousand feet radius of the Devouring Divine Palace.

With this discovery, some powerful practitioners immediately heaved a sigh of relief. It turns out this being ultimately followed certain rules.

Hovering in the sky, the members of the Kunpeng tribe were bunched up together. Kun Yuan was staring at the black figure while his eyes glimmered. Clearly, he was thinking of a solution.

“First elder Zhu Li, first elder Mu Di, brother Liu Qing, young friend Lin Dong, none of us are able to handle this situation on our own. How about we join forces and subdue this black figure together? What do you guys say?” Kun Yuan mused for a moment before he suddenly cried out loud.

Mu Di pondered for a moment after hearing this. Then, his eyes glanced towards his back. Finally, he nodded. He had personally witnessed how formidable this mysterious black figure was. Therefore, he knew that it was extremely difficult for him to get through this challenge on his own.

First elder Zhu Li exchanged glances with Liu Qing. After which, they turned to look at Lin Dong. That was because the latter was the only one who had some understanding of that mysterious black figure. Hence, it was best to listen to his opinion.

“Even if we join forces, it’s likely that we will be no match for that Sky Devouring Corpse.” Lin Dong smiled. Although they had the advantage in terms of numbers, it was not going to be an easy task to deal with that Sky Devouring Corpse, which was comparable to a Reincarnation stage expert.


Lin Dong stopped when he mentioned this point. Then, he softly continued, “Although we are unable to defeat the Sky Devouring Corpse even if we cooperate, it should create openings and we can take advantage of them to dash through. This Sky Devouring Corpse should be a checkpoint. Therefore, once we enter the Devouring Divine Palace, we should have passed.”

The Liu Qing duo nodded. Clearly, Lin Dong was planning to take advantage of the others to spot an opening and dash into the Devouring Divine Palace.

“All of them likely have similar intentions. At that time, it will be decided by who has better eyesight.” First elder Zhu Li said.

Lin Dong nodded. Kun Yuan and Mu Di were all old willy foxes. Therefore, how could they have missed this? In summary, they were all using each other.

“Haha, we can give first elder Kun Yuan’s suggestion a go.” First elder Zhu Li smiled towards Mu Di and said, after he saw that Lin Dong had a plan.

The eyes of the top experts in the surrounding sky flickered when they saw that these few large factions were planning to cooperate. Although Mu Di did not invite them, no one would be concerned about this at this moment. At that time, they would act once they found an opening. After all, if they could enter the Devouring Divine Palace and obtain the Devouring Master’s inheritance, it was likely that even the four overlord tribes would become wary of them.

“In that case, let’s all attack together.”

Kun Yuan laughed before he took a stride forward. Following which, vast and mighty ocean like Yuan Power surged around him. The Yuan Power permeated across the place, before startling ripples, that caused one’s heart to shudder, were emitted.

First elder Mu Di, first elder Zhu Li and Liu Qing also stepped forward upon seeing this. The auras of three top experts, who had touched Reincarnation, instantly gushed forth. Immediately, it seemed as though the space itself had trembled slightly.

Lin Dong smiled faintly upon seeing this. He lifted his feet and followed behind. His Yuan Power cultivation was merely at the advance Profound Death stage. This was considered ordinary in a place like this. However, no one here had the guts to underestimate him. After all, news of how Lin Dong managed to defeat the Luo Lie duo from the Dark Abyss Tiger tribe in a one on two fight, had already spread.

This lineup could cause anyone’s expression to turn grave. Four top-tier experts who had touched Reincarnation together with an initial Symbol Grandmaster. It was likely that they would even be able to match up to a genuine Reincarnation stage expert.

Nonetheless, even when up against such a lineup, the black figure standing in front of the Devouring Divine Palace was just like a rock, as he did not budge at all.


Hovering in the sky, the five of them were staring intently at that black figure. In the next moment, all of them shot forth one after another. Their bodies flashed before they split into five different locations. Following which, sharp attacks mercilessly rained down on that black figure.


Monstrous Yuan Power swept forth. However, just as their attacks were about to land on that black figure, the latter suddenly took a step forward. Promptly, the black blade in his hand was accompanied by a cold glint as it penetrated the space. After which, a blade glow slashed across the place.

Their frightening attacks collapsed almost immediately. The attacks, which stemmed from Lin Dong’s group, were completely destroyed.

However, this was within their expectations. Immediately, Mu Di and the other four cried out in unison before they gripped their palms. Then, pillars of lights whisted shot forth and they were all filled with Reincarnation ripples.


Four light pillars heavily smashed against that black blade. After the four of them joined forces, they were actually able to block the attack from that Sky Devouring Corpse. However, the price paid was that groans were emitted from their throats, while their arms trembled continuously.

“Ancient Lightning Symbol!”

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. A thought passed through his mind before thunder clouds gathered quickly in the sky. Suddenly, a huge lightning symbol exploded downwards and ruthlessly smashed onto the black figure.


However, right after the lightning symbol touched the black figure, a black glow emerged and flowed on his body. Immediately, that black glow directly devoured and neutralized that attack.

When he saw this scene, Lin Dong was not shocked. After all, he also had a Sky Devouring Corpse. Hence, he naturally knew that this item also possessed Devouring Power and it could devour various attacks.

Swoosh swoosh!

Lin Dong’s attack was about to lose its effect when some rushing wind sound appeared from behind. Turning his head, he saw that many experts were swarming over in a locust like fashion. It turns out that the many experts behind him were no longer able to restrain themselves.

Instantly, more than a hundred men charged to the front of the Devouring Divine Palace. Following which, there seemed to be a dense black glow appearing deep within that Sky Devouring Corpse’s eyes.

As Lin Dong was quite close to the Sky Devouring Corpse, he managed to detect the change in the latter’s eyes. Immediately, a tinge of shock flashed across his eyes before he quickly flipped his palm. Then, the Mysterious Divine Palace appeared in a flash.


That Sky Devouring Corpse released a low roar. Then, jerking his arm, the long black blade in his hand whistled forward. Immediately, the space behind him seemingly collapsed before a large black light swept forth.

Bang bang bang!

The black light seemingly tore through the space as it swept the entire place. Immediately, the defences of the many top experts who were charging over, were broken before blood spluttered across the sky. After which, many figures shot backwards in a miserable fashion while terrible cries sounded continuously.

Moreover, they were not the only ones affected. In fact, even first elder Zhu Li and the other three, which were the ones closest to the Sky Devouring Corpse, were forced back by over a thousand feet. Meanwhile, blood covered their hands.


Lin Dong had a sharp wit and quick reflexes. When that black light came sweeping over, the Mysterious Divine Palace expanded and protected him. However, the Mysterious Divine Palace shrunk rapidly after the black light swept past, before it transformed into a slightly dimmed light ray and shot back into Lin Dong’s body. Clearly, it had taken some damage.

When the Mysterious Divine Palace returned into Lin Dong’s body, he did not have the luxury of time to be upset. Surveying his surroundings, he quickly realized that the black glow undulated on the Sky Devouring Corpse had dimmed. Clearly, the previous attack had also exhausted a significant amount of its strength.

“Now is the time.”

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes before he took a step forward. Then, his body shot forth like a lightning bolt as he rushed straight towards the Devouring Divine Palace.

However, the black glow undulated on the Sky Devouring Corpse surged right after Lin Dong charged past it. Surprisingly, the Sky Devouring Corpse did not turn around. Instead, he flipped his blade and hacked towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyes were glimmering. Meanwhile, the space behind him was shattering as that blade glow flew towards him, causing the hair over his entire body to stand. Suddenly, he waved his hand.


A black glow flashed before a black figure appeared behind Lin Dong. Its appearance was exactly the same as that of the black figure. Clearly, that was the Sky Devouring Corpse in Lin Dong’s possession.

The terrifying blade glow came slashing downwards. However, a black glow flashed from deep within the eyes of the black figure just as the blade was about to hit the Sky Devouring Corpse that belonged to Lin Dong. After which, that blade glow suddenly changed direction and slid past the Sky Devouring Corpse from its right. After which, with a flash, that black figure headed straight towards Lin Dong.

The instant he used his Sky Devouring Corpse as an obstruction, Lin Dong had already dashed towards the Devouring Divine Palace. Promptly, he glanced with his peripheral vision and realized that the black figure was already behind him. After which, his frightening glowing blade was mercilessly slashing towards him.

There was nowhere to hide at this moment!

Lin Dong’s eyes were glimmering. Suddenly, he viciously clenched his teeth before he completely ignored that Sky Devouring Corpse. Stomping his foot violently on the ground, he shattered the rock surface before his body used the resulting momentum to charge forward.

Just a little bit more!

Lin Dong was staring at the Devouring Divine Palace’s stone stairs, which were now in close proximity to him. Then, with a low roar, his body shot forward before he directly stepped onto the flight of stairs.

A cold glint cut Lin Dong’s scalp the instant his foot touched the stone stairs. However, that cold glint suddenly froze right after it touched his body.

The entire place was completely silent.

The current scene was extremely peculiar. Lin Dong’s foot had just landed on the edge of the stone stairs and he was using his toes to support his body. Meanwhile, the black figure behind him was holding onto a black blade and the sharp glow from that blade had already touched Lin Dong’s scalp. As long as he swung his blade down, it was likely that Lin Dong’s body would be split into two.

However, that figure did not swing his blade down. Instead, he merely maintained this stance. Finally, he slowly withdrew his blade, while cold sweat drenched the bodies of Little Marten’s group. Then, the figure completely ignored Lin Dong, who had managed to touch the stone stairs.

“He actually managed to charge through.”

Little Marten’s group rejoiced upon seeing this scene. It seemed like as long as one stepped onto the stone stairs, it would be considered that one had passed this challenge. After which, that black figure would also proceed to ignore you.

“How close.” Little Marten wiped the cold sweat off on his body. If Lin Dong was any slower, it was likely that the current situation would be completely different.

“This fellow…”

Liu Qing and first elder Zhu Li smiled upon seeing this. They did not expect Lin Dong to be one step ahead of them.

While the both of them smiled, first elder Mu Di’s expression was furiously green. Standing beside him, first elder Kun Yuan could only shake his head helplessly.

“Haha, I’ll be making a move first.”

Suppressing the anxiety in his heart, Lin Dong turned around and addressed the crowd before he headed into the Devouring Divine Palace.


However, a soft snort resounded across the place right after Lin Dong was about to step forward. Suddenly, a figure from within the Nine Phoenix tribe’s group shot forth. His speed was incredibly frightening and it could not be described with words. In fact, the crowd could only see a ray of light flash by. Moreover, it was as though the space itself had became slightly distorted. After which, that figure had already appeared in front of the black figure.

That mysterious powerful individual in the Nine Phoenix tribe was finally about to make a move.